Sufi Comics are short cartoons that illustrate the eternal spiritual truths in the teachings of Islam. Comics are taken of Islamic teachings , history and traditions (hadith ) .

Sufi Comics comic web is now available in color as an iPad app . Download the app for free to get the latest comics on your iPad.

You can stay strong , no matter what age or level of math you are – be agile with Math ! It is a great brain exercise and helps you learn how to math.Choose your color and solve problems quickly to win prizes and achieve goals while improving your mathematical skills .

Math Be Nimble app makes math a fun activity that allows, players of all levels of practice basic math skills – play a few rounds a day to think faster with math and increase the ability to solve your problem.

This game is difficult, but you can do it!

So what are you waiting for? Download Math be agile today and start improving your math one color at a time!
Ideal for children and adults – it is for everyone ! Playing together and help each other excel in mathematics

Quiz Time is a free game that enlightens and entertains you. Make your free time more fun-filled, interesting and useful through this new quiz game.

Join friends and also play with new people using this app. You will have options to choose 2-players, 3 players, 4 players or to play with more players.


 Consists of 5 quiz categories- Entertainment, science, history, sports and G.K
• Each question consists of 4 options to choose the answer and has time limit as well
• You can invite other players to play the game with you and has options even to leave or quit the game.
• Scores are shown as a graphical representation and listed according to the levels played.
• Includes leader boards which allow you to search for a particular player and see their scores and rank.
• Social media integration of the app allows you to post victories online.

Answerary is an innovative app that helps students post their homework and get it solved anytime. The app is free to download from Android, iOS, and its website.

Students can upload their specific homework questions on the app and it is directed to verified tutors of the subject. Students must link a valid credit card and pay a pre-specified amount after getting his/her homework solutions.


Many students stumble over some questions and end up with many confusions. Answerary is a perfect tool to solve homework of any subjects with exact answers and in very little time. The app allows students & teachers to select from a wide range of subjects known to date.

The app focuses on the satisfaction of both teachers and students by connecting them virtually. Here, they can share their documents and especially exchange their thoughts. The app specifies how much can students pay for their tutors who help them throughout the app journey.


Redbytes gives priority to creating convenient and intuitive UI for every app we create. Answerary being a novice app, the idea was to create a hassle-free system for solving homework for every student. The app is a result of detailed study done on every aspect that is incorporated into the app.

What we did

We created an easy-to-use UI suitable for both students and teachers. Users can register via e-mail or other social media accounts. Users log in as a person who will be answering questions, posting questions, or doing both things.

Once registered, users can practice the trouble-free process of answering or uploading the homework. The app lets users select their area of expertise and use the app in accordance. Answerary covers almost every subject, from languages to science subjects at any level. Users can choose from elementary to post-graduate either to get or give answers.

The student’s personalized account provides options to post inquiries and credit card verification options whereas teachers can check their inquiries and collect commissions by linking their bank accounts. The first tutor who locks the question can continue together with the student by helping them in solving homework.

Key features

  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Choose account type
  • Set basic profile
  • My account
  • Verify credit card
  • View Jobs
  • My Skills
  • My inquiries
  • Post inquiries
  • Get Reviews
  • Terms & conditions
  • About Us
  • FAQs
  • Feedback & support

App Work Flow

Education and progress of your children is paramount . But is busy schedule get in your way ? If so, worry no more . Now follow the progress of your children conveniently from your mobile device with the New India Model School
Parent App ! Have more than one child studying in the same school ? No problem , this application can manage multiple profiles.

• Simple, easy to use interface
• Can be accessed from a single device & not be connected from other devices
• Separate profiles for each child
• The involvement of the track throughout the school year one day after day
• Follow the wise -half results (grades) for all subjects
• Track costs (if there are contributions) details

Teacher and students will use the application with which the teacher will upload their music files and the student will listen and try to learn in terms of music.

The Music App includes user registration. After connecting you will see the demo music libraries , to be retrieved from the server , and the songs under it will be broadcast live . The application also provides the user with paid libraries that are classified as the flute , trumpet , oboe , etc. The user must and download songs to listen . The application shows its own music player by which he can only play songs downloaded into the application. The application also provides the option metronome .

Koan is an Online Assessment Platform. It allows teachers to create tests using the curriculum with aligned question banks. Within this app, digital tests can be done with or without the Internet. It generates intuitive automatic reports & tracks the regular performance of individuals and groups.

Registration: You can create an account in Koan with Google. Also sign in with your school, work or personal Microsoft account.


• Once signed in, you can create different tests with titles for students according to the curriculum.

• Each file contains options such as the title, assigned by, due date and duration.

• Can create five types of questions: Fill in the blank, multi-select, match the following, standard MCQ, sorting.

• Helps to save time and promises quality and standardization.

• Questions banks sorted accordingly by subject name, grade, difficulty level and topics.

• Set a deadline time and control access through passcodes. Students with the passcode can complete the exam even without the Internet.

• The assessment is cloud-based and you can get started instantly.

Are you concerned about how to get prepared for national-level examinations such as UPSC, PSC, etc.? Do you want to get hold of the maximum number of resources to prepare for your D-Day??

Do not worry!!! Our expert team of front-end and back-end developers have created an innovative educational app, Patel Tutorials, to offer you the best support while appearing for your exam.

The app has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it convenient for the users to navigate through the different options provided here. It is easily downloadable for Android as well as iOS devices.

Patel Tutorials contains sections on educational videos and current affairs which are offered for free.

Here are some of the main features offered:

rime Class 

Prime Class allows the users (students) to view the courses upon subscribing for the same by paying a nominal fee which gives them access to a repository of valuable information regarding each subject. The students can choose one or more subjects given under each examination tab and make the payment. Once the payment is completed, they get access to the respective classes and corresponding videos.

Online Test 

Upon choosing this option, the students are directed to a ‘Select Test’ page. There are options like ‘Test Type’ and ‘Language’ given on this page. Those who are aspiring for the national examinations can first choose the ‘Demo Test’ option which is offered absolutely free. This option gives the students an idea about the questions which appear in the actual test. Once they gain confidence by doing the model test paper, they can attempt the actual test by choosing the ‘Prime Test’, which is a paid facility.

Live Class 

Using this option, the students can chat with their teachers and ask any queries regarding the subject they teach. Live class could be accessed by the students once they complete the payment.

Course Offered 

The students can see the complete list of courses offered under this section. They can avail this option and choose the course they want after completing the payment.

Test Series Offered 

Using this option, the students can view the list of tests offered upon subscribing it for a nominal fee.

My Courses  

Here the students can see the courses subscribed by them.

y Results 

Here the students can view their test results for the demo test as well as the actual test.

Additional Features: 

Patel Tutorials offers several features for the users to cater to their requirements:

Syllabus – This feature enables the users to view the syllabus for different examinations, which has been uploaded by the admin

Class Schedule – If any live class has been scheduled for the subscribed users, they can view it on the schedule screen calendar furnished here.

Vacancy – This feature allows the users to see the vacancies posted by the admin, in the institute

Study Materials – Users can view the study materials uploaded by the admin, using this feature

Results – This feature shows the results of the test which has been attempted by the users

Previous Papers – Using this option, the users can see the previous year question papers

Newspapers – Users can view the newspapers uploaded by the admin using this feature

Links – This feature contains links regarding the notifications of various examinations

Queries – Users can post their queries on different subjects and chat with the teachers, using this feature

KPMG India app is free to download and provides an overview of the world to build on the business issues of today.

Easy to use features such as custom playlists and powerful search, you can customize the content to your preferences. Available in over 25 languages.

Best business ideas
The app provides a global perspective on business issues of today. Gaining instant access to articles, industry surveys thought-provoking and in-depth studies to help your organization respond to the dynamic business environment in which you do business.

Thought Leadership With the application, you can:
– Search and sort interactive library of KPMG publications around the world: articles, reports and surveys.
– Best practices and ideas access auditing, tax and consulting in a wide range of industries.
– Select publications in your language.
– Download publications to customized playlists for easy access.
– Save your thoughts and comments through interactive bookmarks by and annotation functions.
– Contact the experts of member firms around the world.

Study.Net app for Android provides easy and convenient access to Study.Net course materials.


– Download and save your important files during Study.Net to the iPad
– Annotate PDF materials and materials play audio / video from the app
– Recorded materials can be access for reading and annotation, even when the device is offline
– Lists show all courses and materials available , clearly identify those who have already downloaded
– Easily Upload multiple materials for several courses
– Print materials downloaded using AirPrint
– Use Other iPad apps to view downloaded Study.Net course material files