Using Smartphones in the class will no longer be considered as a punishable offence. Thankfully, smartphone technology has evolved enough to approve the use of phones and tablets in the classroom to turn the boring lecture into an exciting learning system by means of educational mobile apps for teachers and educators.

From expanding the horizon of learning environment to creating lessons, preparing lecture subjects, and enhancing student engagement, the learning-oriented mobile apps can help maintain learning even outside the classrooms.

By having a right set of teaching software, teachers and educators can streamline their activities like keeping attendance, recording behaviour, engaging students inside and outside the classroom with effective communication.

Moreover, with covid situations, today’s learning arena has evolved into a digital space where teachers and students communicate virtually and learn from the comfort of their homes and these apps are in high demand than ever before.

We have compiled a list of top 30 best apps for teachers and educators to enhance digitally interactive learning.


Quizizz Pocket Kahoot TED
edX Tick Tick Duolingo Noon Academy
Trello StudyBlue Flashcard Epic Diskha
Remind Slack Forms App Dropbox
ClassDojo LiveBoard Mindmap Evernote
Extramarks Seesaw Zoom Edmodo
Google Classroom Microsoft Teams Schoology Notion


1. Quizizz : Plan to learn

quizizz - apps for teachers and educators

Quizizz is one of the popular apps for learning at home and in classrooms. Quizzes make your study more interesting. There are millions of teacher-created quizzes on the app & children can compete with friends online.

Teachers can make the whole class play together and assign individual homework. This brilliant platform is used by over 20 million people per month across the globe for classroom, home, and office purposes.

App Features

  • Easily setup a free account.
  • Customize games for you.
  • Track & get timely progress reports.
  • Teachers are the quiz masters.
  • Integration with learning management systems.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2. Pocket

pocket - apps for teachers and educators

Pocket is an interactive solution to learn lectures on the go. You can instantly save articles or video content for enhancing your classroom studies.

Teachers can also communicate with students and parents virtually. The latest version provides an offline listening feature where you can hear saved articles without the internet. The app is suitable for long reads with clean layout and customizable display.

App Features

  • Dark & Sepia themes for night reading.
  • Pocket premium unlock advance features
  • Eyes-free learning experience
  • Estimated reading times for selected articles
  • Multilanguage support

Ratings: 4.7/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3. Kahoot

kahoot - apps for teachers and educators

Kahoot is a known app for interactive learning. Kahoot contains thousands of engaging quizzes for teachers, students, and all other learners.

Users can create their quizzes and learn newer things. Teachers can pick out from millions of quiz-based games(kahoots) on any topic. Students can join kahoots live by their favorite teachers. Teachers can make or edit kahoots in minutes and blend various question types to improve engagement.

App Features

  • Plan student-paced challenges
  • Challenge friends with kahoots
  • Progress reports of students
  • Highly intuitive UI
  • Available in multiple languages

Ratings: 4.7/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4. TED

ted - apps for teachers and educators

TED serves as a perfect companion for both teachers & educators. Thousands of intriguing sessions by experts can help students to get knowledge & topics to discuss in classrooms.

New educators can plan innovative teaching strategies from the TED contents. Ted helps teachers to bring out an enriched classroom with active students & prepare unique lecture presentations. They can even set up custom playlists to suit their ideal timeframe.

App Features

  • TED talks videos with subtitles in over 100 languages.
  • TED talks profile to save your favorite sessions.
  • Discover enthralling lectures.
  • Offline playing is possible.
  • Bookmark talks for later reference

Ratings: 4.6/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

5. Edx

edX - apps for teachers and educators

Edx includes lectures taught by educational experts of top universities. Here, you can join a real-time online classroom teaching computer science, mathematics, science & engineering, language, etc. Edx serves as a bonus tool for teachers to improve their knowledge and teaching techniques. Users can use the platform to test their knowledge with quizzes and exams.

App Features

  • Online classes & certificate courses.
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • Choose from more than 2000+ online courses.
  • Versatile & curative video classes.
  • Simple & easy navigations

Ratings: 4.6/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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6. Tick Tick

tick tick - apps for teachers and educators

Tick Tick is a popular to-do list & planner app. Many teachers rely on TickTick for easy scheduling & reminding about individual sessions.

The app allows customizable profiles so that tutors can make teaching easier and create tasks and notes faster using voice or typing. TickTick makes the whole classroom stay organized & conscious of each activity.

App Features

  • Simple UI with intuitive design and personalized features
  • Seamless collaboration with students & parents.
  • Choose reminders to repeat for recurring tasks
  • Make checklists & sort goals by date
  • Easily sync across platforms and devices

Ratings: 4.6/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

7. Duolingo: Learn English Free

duolingo - apps for teachers and educators

Teachers can utilize the brilliant features of the app to teach different languages. Fun mini lessons are the speciality of the app and kids can boost their spoken English learning with utmost comfort. Students can easily improve their vocabulary while practicing speaking, reading, listening, reading, and writing.

App Features

  • Learn different languages like English, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc from one place
  • Track the progress with small achievements
  • Features of app can be accessed for free
  • Opportunity to learn new words daily

Rating: 4.6/5


Download: Android, iOS

8. Noon Academy

noon academy - apps for teachers and educators

Noon academy offers you excellent classes from the world’s best teachers. Students can attend live classes of their teachers & get real-time feedback from them.

Collaborate with your friends like in your classrooms, enjoy doing Homeworks & activities with your friends. Noon academy includes teacher-created contents for grades 4-12 and the university level.

App Features

  • High-quality videos with interactive classrooms
  • Students can live chat with teacher for instant queries
  • Revise lessons through recorded sessions.
  • Join teacher’s groups of various regions
  • Challenge your friends in solving questions.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

9. Trello

trello - apps for teachers and educators

Trello enables educators and teachers to have trouble-free project management through apps. They can make students follow the instructions & mark progress on each project stage.

It can be customized for your needs and reduce tensions regarding every detail of a project. By turning on notifications, you can view the minute fabrics of your projects in an organized manner.

App Features

  • Create & drag cards to follow your project
  • Add notes in Trello digital boards
  • Flexible & faster operations
  • Get notified when cards are assigned, updated, and completed
  • Follow your project from idea to action stage

Ratings: 4.5/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

10. Study Blue Flashcards & quizzes

studyblue - apps for teachers and educators

Teachers can create flashcards, study materials & interactive sessions on StudyBlue.It can store up to 400+ million flashcards for 10+ million students. Students can also create digital flashcards for free with images & audio contents.

You can view study materials on multiple devices anywhere anytime. Get to know about newer flashcard recommendations of your favorite subjects. You can get connected to your schools, share flashcards with your teacher & classmates in real-time.

App Features

  • Stay connected with your friends & teachers.
  • Unlimited access to over 500+ million study materials
  • Quizzes to track your study process.
  • Set reminders on bookmarked contents.

Ratings: 4.4/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download : Android

app cost calculator

11. Epic

epic - apps for teachers and educators

Epic helps your child to engage in immersive reading habits with exclusive features for both teachers and students. They can access over 40,000+ high-quality books & read books of their type. Epic ensures unlimited reading and learning in children from home and at school.

The app is 100% free to teachers & librarians worldwide. They can identify each student’s reading priorities & create customized profiles for them.

Various types of books like audio, video, read along, e-books & read to me books make it unique from its competitors.

App Features

  • Personalized book recommendations based on interests
  • No third-party ads.
  • Hassle-free Subscription plans.
  • Active on multiple devices.
  • Seamlessly track students’ reading progress remotely

Ratings: 4.4/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS



DIKSHA is popular for its enjoyable classroom experience for students, teachers & parents. Teachers can create engaging materials based on the prescribed school curriculum and conduct digital assessments to evaluate students’ understanding of different topics.

Students learn concepts & do activities as directed. Parents can ask doubts along with the following classroom activities. The app provides tutors to join other courses to increase their professional abilities & get certificates.

App Features

  • Provide high-quality materials for students.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Scan QR codes from textbooks and get addition materials on topics.
  • Support multi-languages & multiple content formats.
  • Store and share content offline.

Ratings: 4.4/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android

13. Remind: School communication


Remind is an app assuring better communication among teachers & students. Real-time feedback & comments in school or outside schools make students more lively. Teachers can efficiently manage communication between and within the school community.

App Features

  • Safe & secure communication
  • Translation of messages in about 90 languages
  • Easy to use app on multiple devices
  • Share files, photos & materials from various sites.
  • Keep personal contact information private

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

14. Slack


Slack is the most preferred solution for team communication. Teachers use slack for assigning group projects and have an unlimited exchange of ideas.

You can set a to-do list for assessing each stage of the project & performance of each student. Students get instant feedback & edited documents from teachers.

App Features

  • Easy searching for past documents
  • Faster communication between students & teachers
  • Customised profiles
  • Easily message or call any person or group within team
  • Integrate with various services like dropbox, google drive, etc.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15. FormsApp


This is another important app for teachers and educators that enable them to be productive with their teaching strategies. The app lets teachers to create google forms and edit on the go.

This is a great option for then to create different forms for course evaluation, student assessment, questions form, feedback form or conduct classroom surveys without sparing much time.

App Features

  • Work on forms even offline
  • Share forms and get response through notifications
  • Draft your incomplete Google Forms
  • View responses on the go

Rating: 4.3/5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

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16. Dropbox


Dropbox is very much familiar to us. We have come across this app to backup photos, instantly share large files, etc. It enables tutors to upload files and share them with students in different places.

It can store a great number of files to cloud storage and access files synced with any of your devices. Bye-Bye to paper assignments & dropbox can share your creative work with your teacher and classmates in no time.

App Features

  • Free dropbox trial & paid services after 30 days.
  • Easy sending of large files through link sharing.
  • Auto upload of photos and videos to the cloud.
  • Preview over 175 different file types
  • Scan documents & convert into PDFs.

Ratings: 4.2/5

Installs: 1,000,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

17. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a simple communication app for students, teachers, and parents. One can recreate a beautiful classroom through the app. Children get more activities in their digital portfolios.

Teachers encourage parents’ engagement through announcements & videos. Parents can track the child’s progress and talk with teachers whenever they wish to. Educators can now access their much-needed tools like Group Maker and Noise Meter from a single place.

App Features

  • Encourage students to do activities
  • Free app without ads
  • Safe & handy communication platform
  • Attractive & easy UI
  • Boost a positive classroom culture

Ratings: 4.1/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

18. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App


This is a handy app for teachers and educators to conduct classroom teaching, online teaching or do video tutoring. Teachers can communicate with students despite the time and location in real-time via live messaging or audio chat.

Shared whiteboards keep students engaged throughout the learning and classrooms will be more interactive.

App Features

  • Easily turn your lessons into video presentations
  • Invite external guests with a public link
  • Create different groups for a set of participants
  • Visualize teaching to help students understand & memorize
  • Record the sessions and keep for future reference

Rating: 4.1/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

19. Mind map & note taking tool – MindMeister


This is a brilliant app that enables teachers to generate, organize and prioritize new thoughts and strategies during classroom sessions or video presentations. They can share maps directly from handset and makes it easy to view and edit different links, tasks, notes, and attachments on topics.

App Features

  • Real-time collaboration of mind maps
  • Support for zoom, drag & drop, pan
  • Seamlessly sync folders and maps with online account
  • Basic plan allows up to 3 mind maps
  • Export maps in PDF and PNG format (Personal Plan)

Rating: 4.1/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

20. Evernote


Evernote is a handy notetaking app beneficial for both teachers & students. Teachers can replace those lengthy printed notes with notes in various formats including audio, videos, PDFs, and more.

Students create separate notebooks for organizing each subject. Parents can also view students’ activities. This transparency of Evernote makes it one of the best apps for teachers & educators. Moreover, students can use it as an organizer to keep track of exams, lecture notes, and assignments.

App Features

  • Sync your notes on multiple devices.
  • Keep track of your exams, assignments, deadlines.
  • Easy to use UI
  • Subscription plans for premium features.
  • Filtered searches and results & easy-to-use formatting options

Ratings: 4.0/5

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

21. Extramarks

extramarks - apps for teachers and educators

Extramarks is an exciting study platform for students from KG to 12 of CBSE & ICSE boards. Teachers can conduct thorough checks on your learning journey through SNAAP (Students Needs Analysis & Academic Profile) in Extramarks.

An AI study bot Alex helps each student. It’s all in one feature that makes extra marks into one of the best apps for teachers & educators.

App Features

  • Personalized learning experience
  • Real time doubt resolution and problem solving through Achieve service
  • Monthly subscription packages on study modules.
  • Bite-sized modules for hard topics
  • Visual and interactive learning modules

Ratings: 3.9/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

22. Seesaw

seesaw - apps for teachers and educators

Seesaw is an ideal app for teachers by saving their time for quality teaching and it is no surprise that it is being used in 1 out of 2 schools in the US. Students do their works themselves & you can just browse good homework for them. They start creating impressive digital portfolios for them.

Teachers and educators can translate notes to 50+ languages & integrate with 100s of other apps. Teachers get a chance to assess each student in a more prior way than real classrooms through seesaw.

App Features

  • Always free for teachers
  • Creative tools for engaging students.
  • Real-time digital responses from students.
  • Student-driven portfolio
  • Differentiated support through comments and feedback

Ratings: 3.9/5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

23. ZOOM Cloud Meetings


When the whole world has turned into virtual learning, solutions like Zoom has become one of the most used and loved apps for teachers and educators.

Students and teachers can easily collaborate in a virtual digital space. The instant screen sharing options, cross platform instant messaging along with good audio and video quality has made the app a favourite choice in a short span of time.

The New Meeting in app lets teachers to invite and add up to 100 people to join the video class.

App Features

  • Easily stream audio, video, or both in real time
  • Students can take digital notes for later reference
  • Classes are more interactive through virtual hand raising option
  • Easily collect responses during feedback or discussion through Polls
  • Noise free backgrounds can be enabled using Noise cancellation

Rating: 3.9/5

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

24. Edmodo


Edmodo is a convenient app to have multiple communications. Teachers can speak with their students, parents & other fellow teachers.

Edmodo comprises quality tools for teachers to create exciting study materials, make parents updated about a child’s progress, thus an interactive classroom ambiance. Discover useful content & reach out to individual students.

App Features

  • One place for effective classroom activities.
  • Direct messages to students & parents.
  • Automatically updated planner.
  • Dozens of educational resources.
  • Check in individually or facilitate classroom discussions

Ratings: 3.7/5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

Visit our comprehensive list of the best educational apps for teachers and students, all in one place.Visit Now

25. Google Classroom


Google Classroom App is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the way teachers and students interact in the digital age. This app allows teachers to create virtual classrooms, where they can post assignments, share resources, and communicate with their students in real-time. Students can access the app from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient and accessible.

The Google Classroom App also integrates seamlessly with other Google tools, such as Google Drive and Google Docs, making it easy for students to collaborate and submit assignments. Overall, this app enhances the learning experience by providing a centralized platform for communication and collaboration between teachers and students.

Ratings: 2.3/5

Installs: 1M+

Download: Android, iOS

26. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a diverse range of apps that facilitate collaboration and bring together various workplace tools and services. These apps include a calendar app for efficient collaboration, apps with bots functionality, and task-sharing apps. Unlike traditional software, Microsoft Teams apps are web-based SaaS apps that do not require local deployment or installation. Administrators have the flexibility to set app governance processes to strike a balance between user requirements and organizational IT policies.

microsoft teams

There are different types of apps available in Teams, including default core apps, productivity-enhancing apps developed by Microsoft, rigorously validated third-party apps, and custom apps created within an organization for internal use. Users can discover and install these apps from the Teams app store. Additionally, Microsoft provides app templates for Teams, which serve as functional and production-ready sample apps that showcase best practices and collaboration use cases, enabling developers to create their own custom apps. By utilizing these apps, users can enhance their collaboration experience and boost productivity within Teams.

Ratings: 2.3/5

Installs: 1M+

Download: Android, iOS

27. Schoology

Are you looking for a way to streamline your learning experience? Look no further than Schoology, the innovative learning management system (LMS) that is revolutionizing education for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. With Schoology, all aspects of the learning process are brought together in one user-friendly platform. From assigning and scoring assignments to providing valuable feedback and fostering communication between students and teachers, Schoology does it all. But that’s not all – this LMS offers many additional features and integrations, making it a comprehensive tool for educators.


Whether you’re a teacher or a student, Schoology is designed to meet your needs and enhance your learning journey. And with its personalized experiences, Schoology allows students to access resources and school materials online at any time. Plus, educators can take advantage of the data and analytics provided by Schoology to track student progress and improve their teaching methods. It’s no wonder that Schoology has become a go-to platform for schools across the country. Don’t miss out on the chance to simplify your learning experience with Schoology today!

Ratings: 1.8/5

Installs: 5M+

Download: Android, iOS

28. Notion App

Notion App is an incredible all-in-one workspace that combines project and task management, note-taking, and organization in a single interface. With features like Kanban boards, to-do lists, and customizable layouts, it offers unmatched flexibility and personalization. Notion also serves as a digital brain, allowing users to store and organize files and notes effortlessly while easily sharing them with others. One of the highlights of Notion is its thriving community of early adopters who provide customized templates and support, enhancing the user experience.

The basic version of Notion is free to use, but there is an option to upgrade for additional features. While Notion has areas for improvement, such as adding built-in automations and improving the mobile app experience, it still provides a clean and clutter-free user interface, allowing users to rearrange blocks and access the tool from various devices. Overall, Notion App saves time, increases productivity, and provides a great user experience.

Ratings: 3.4/5

Installs: 10M+

Download: Android, iOS

29. Quizlet

The Quizlet App is a powerful web-based study tool that is designed to help students practice and master their learning. With its interactive tools and games, Quizlet provides an engaging and personalized studying experience. One of the key features of Quizlet is the ability to create study sets, which allows students to organize and review information in a way that suits their learning style. Moreover, Quizlet offers various study modes, such as flashcards and games, making the learning process fun and enjoyable. Another advantage of using Quizlet is its flexibility, as it can be used in any grade level and any type of class. This makes it a versatile tool that can benefit students across different subjects and disciplines. Additionally, Quizlet promotes collaboration and teamwork skills through its interactive features, allowing students to study together and learn from one another.

Quizlet App

By incorporating Quizlet into their classroom activities, teachers can differentiate review for students based on their individual needs and abilities. This helps to ensure that every student gets the support they require to succeed. Moreover, Quizlet can be a valuable resource for test preparation, as it allows students to review and reinforce their knowledge before exams. However, it is important to consider some of the cons of using Quizlet as well.

For example, excessive reliance on Quizlet without actively engaging with the material may hinder deep learning and critical thinking. Nonetheless, the overall benefits of Quizlet as a study tool make it a valuable asset for students and educators alike. With its user-friendly interface and diverse study modes, Quizlet empowers learners to take control of their education and achieve academic success.

Ratings: 4.6/5

Installs: 10M+

Download: Android, iOS

30. BookWidgets

BookWidgets is a powerful app that empowers teachers to create interactive exercises and assignments for their students. With over 35 different question types and various evaluation options, BookWidgets allows educators to motivate students, evaluate their progress, and save time grading. One of the key features of the app is its ability to automatically grade questions, providing immediate feedback for students to learn and improve. Additionally, BookWidgets offers a reporting dashboard that enables teachers to track student progress in real-time.

BookWidgets App

The app also includes features like live games and surveys, adding an element of fun and engagement to the learning process. Teachers have the flexibility to create their own activities from scratch or adapt activities shared by other teachers. They can also contribute their own activities to public groups, fostering collaboration and sharing among educators. BookWidgets is compatible with iPads, iPhones, and other devices, making it easily accessible for students. It can be shared through links or embedded in learning management systems, ensuring seamless integration into existing classroom workflows. The app has received high praise from educators for its effectiveness in improving student engagement and achievement. Overall, BookWidgets is a valuable tool that enhances the teaching and learning experience by providing interactive and personalized activities for students.

Ratings: 2.6/5

Installs: 10K

Download: iOS


As we forge ahead in the era of technology, we can see how the next generation of young demographics interact with the digital resources to make their life better and easier.

app cost calculator

There is no denial that mobile apps are the future and add power to teachers and educators in tomorrow’s economic and social culture.

As we see, with the new norms, these online apps have now more relevance than ever before as most of the world are heavily depending on its possibilities.

These top 30 mobile apps surely follow a quantum leap in existing educational system and help teachers and educators revolutionize their methods of engaging with students.

Education is fundamental to the all-round growth and development of any society. With lots of technological advancements taking place in the sphere of education and learning, it becomes mandatory to bank on technology so that you can make learning more engaging while also providing an equal share of knowledge.

Now is the age of educational apps which can be accessed via your smart phones to help you with your academics. Each educational app comes with a set of features that make it versatile and student-friendly. If you are looking to build one such engaging app that will be ranked high on the prime strength of its educational content, here are 5 pointers that you should keep in mind.

1. An Education App Should Be On Par With Any Material Providing Educational Content

Given the umpteen number of educational apps that are listed on Google Play Store or iTunes, it makes sense to pick and rely on the best out of the lot.

How can you do this?

While most of the education apps primarily concentrate on engaging and motivating students, they can be low on the type of educational content they provide.

This is a major drawback that does not fall in line with the basic principle behind learning. So, for an educational app development to provide best results, you should not only concentrate on student engagement but also ensure that it provides high quality educational content.

  • Every educational app should hence be designed around specific instructional guidelines that will guarantee you positive learning outcomes.
  • You should not be driven by a one-track mind focusing entirely on student-engagement. When you give too much of importance to the fun element in an app that you lose track of the educational content.  Hence it should be your endeavor to provide solid educational content teamed with engaging activities so that students make the most of your educational apps.

2. Audio-Visual Presentations

If you were to answer the question as to what makes educational apps dominate the learning sphere, the first thing that crosses your mind is the presence of videos and live streams. It is through these AV presentations that an educational app will rank high on its popularity. When every lesson is supported by a video, you will be able to better understand the topics.

Bestowing students with the luxury of rewinding and replaying, these educational videos help students to digest the contents of the topic. You can rely on certain educational software that will help you create and upload educational videos that are not only engaging but also informative.

3. The Premise Behind Multi- Language Educational Apps

Every student across the globe now has a smart phone as a “go to” tutor. Students worldwide come from varying cultures and speak different languages.

When global students rely on educational apps for their learning, it is important that you provide educational content in the language that is known to them. Tagged as a concept of localization, it is for this purpose that you should create educational apps in multiple languages.

The success of your educational app is governed by the number of users. If you are looking to build a learning app with a better reach, you should look at targeting multiple language groups. Your app should hence leave a provision for you to add any language at any time. Providing a “translate” option is another way in which your educational app satisfies the learning needs of global users.

4. Spare A Thought About Negative Emotions

While most of the educational apps produce enjoyable emotions, there can be others which result in negative feelings like irritation and frustration.

Check out certain apps which contain excessive amounts of unwanted noise or activities that are not in sync with instructional objectives. Such elements do more harm, distracting students. These distracting elements ultimately disrupt the learning process, impairing the very purpose behind educational apps.

Your app should rank high with ease of use and clarity in educational content. Only then will you help students to make the most of your app. Apps which are created employing clean design elements supported by simple engagement practices will stand ahead of the rest which are not conducive to learning.

5. Apps Should Meet The Specific Needs of Individual Learners

Given the plethora of choices concerning educational apps, it makes sense to pick the best out of the lot. The choice here has to be based on the app which meets the learning needs of students. Each learner comes with a different set of learning needs that should be effectively addressed by educators.

Teachers, in their endeavor to present the best mobile educational content to students can employ an online platform called as Individualized Education Plan (IEP) program; a formative assessment software. Linking their mobile learning platform with the program, educators with the help of a simple click on their smartphones will be able to come up with a long list of educational apps that match the needs of individual students.

Tablets and Chrome books can also help students to benefit from personalized learning presented in the form of learning-friendly apps.

Closing Thoughts

Not all apps that are listed on the smart phones deliver their ordained responsibility of laying a strong educational foundation for students. Hence it is important to steer clear of all such so-called educational apps that fail to offer a clear design through distorted elements of engagement.

All in an attempt to achieve positive and long-lasting learning outcomes, you should take care to incorporate the above-described elements to the T. Once you focus on these five critical elements, your educational app stands a high chance to be the chosen learning platform for students residing in any part of the globe.

E-learning is flourishing now. Students and teachers across the globe love the freedom offered by online resources; especially E-learning apps. As an entrepreneur, it is definitely a lucrative opportunity for you. But, how to create an app like Udemy?

Let’s look at the different aspects or factors which are essential to create an app like Udemy.

Why has Udemy gained a special place in the modern era?


An app like Udemy can help students in their learning process through versatile online courses.

Students can participate in lectures provided by experienced tutors. Business firms can also utilize the features of Udemy to monitor their activities through training courses, tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Initially, the app faced rejections and now, they are part of Massive open online course movement (MOOC), giving rich content on different subjects.

Table of Contents

Features of Udemy

Mr. Erin Bali, CEO of Udemy explains that the thought of Udemy evolved from his mind to make quality education possible for everyone. People can study any subject they wish to.

udemy app features

Udemy includes business, academics, art, language, programming etc.Also, some unique courses like confidence communication Facebook marketing mastery, cryptocurrency course, etc. Below are some of the features of Udemy.

#1. An immense variety of courses

Udemy offers a wide variety of courses comprising Business, design, personal development, IT & Software, etc.

Experts teach without any complaints 24/7. There are about thousands of courses and instructors teaching them in different languages.

#2. Free or low-priced tuitions

Udemy offers both free and paid courses. About 10% of Udemy courses are free and the remaining courses under $200. Rarely, the cost of the course can range up to $1,000.

#3. Immediate and speedy access

Waiting for uninterrupted low-quality classes is now replaced by pre-recorded classes.All the study materials can be downloaded immediately.After the enrollment in Udemy, you can have access to various study materials.

#4. Active on any internet-connected devices

Whether it be a smartphone or a desktop, Udemy enables easy learning. It can load content in any device with a decent internet connection. Courses can be viewed on multiple platforms.

#5. No pre-qualification criterions

No special qualifications are needed for getting any courses. In the case of paid courses, you can start learning and download after the payment. You get to know about whatever subject you desire to.

#6. Courses devoted to business

Business teams like to engage & make employees deploy their maximum effort on the project. Udemy helps you to achieve successful employee engagement with the overall development of your business.

#7. Limitless reviewing is possible

You can review the purchased contents limitlessly. No extra costs are taken for this lifetime access. One can be the master of the preferred material.

#8. Control over the content

Each course has a different duration and type of content. Users can stop, write down or even resume the content after a break. Quizzes conducted in between the classes make students observe & memorize topics.

#9. 30-day money back Guarantee

Udemy refunds the whole fee amount if you wish to discontinue after the initial 30 days. Some simply enjoy the courses and cancel their access. But some pursue their e-learning with Udemy& unlock pro features gradually.

#10. Student reviews and rating

Online services reach netizens via ratings & reviews. Udemy also provides feedbacks and experiences of past students, experts in Udemy. You could begin your courses considering the winning opinions.

#11. Expert instructors

Unlike traditional learning, instructors have practically engaged in the subjects they are teaching about. Instructors tell out lessons in a conversational style. There are courses in 65+ languages. Instructors follow the simplest language so that people could understand.

#12. Certificate on completion

Learning a new thing is always appreciable. Most Udemy courses award certificates at the time of completion. Some rare courses can result in unique job opportunities.

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Steps to Create an App Like Udemy

Below are the major steps to create an e-learning app like Udemy.

#1. Idea validation

Learning things is easier on the internet. The significant step is to take up the best ideas and melding it into a useful solution. This stage determines the outreach of your e-learning app. Moreover, a developer should foresee the needs of the target audience.

#2. Competitor analysis and research

E-learning apps can include a package of diverse contents. You can shortlist the best features considering the current market scenario. Your app shall combine delightful contents understanding the consumer aspects. However, it should help your app to stand out of its competitors.

#3. Formulate a marketing strategy

Timely promotions can help your app to get popular among the target audience. Sometimes it will take form of paid ads, social media promotions & even PR campaigns.

It is a good idea to hire experienced app marketing agencies in this process. The key aspect is the strategy must be both audience-oriented & effective .

#4. Create an MVP and gauge feedbacks

Create a sample of your dream Udemy app & deliver it to the audience. Gauge various opinions & work on the features that lack in your app. This stage could help you to refine the app before the original launch.

#5. Final product and launch

The MVP launch stage determines the amount of work required final product. The UI/UX design, user requirements, assessing technical elements is done at this stage. There are several other elements to be considered before making it live.

Typical Features of an E-Learning App

#1. Inviting and featured homepage

The sole objective of an e-learning app is to make you learn things. A homepage should be attractive and inviting for the users.  Most reviewed and popular courses gain a place on the homepage. Such a homepage could make new users enroll and actively take part in courses.

#2. Sign up

Most of the apps now enable the integration of various apps. It enables login via Facebook or email quickly. Such sign-ups could assure the presence of users in your app.

#3. Profile and account creation

Udemy allows you to be a student or a business employee. An account for reviewing your activities throughout. It has options to control the video quality of your courses.

Privacy concerns are also included here. There is an extra option to become an instructor in the general account information.

#4. Easy catalogs and filters

Filters and catalogs are an unavoidable feature in an e-learning app. As we said earlier, Udemy has about 15 categories and many subcategories under it.

Imagine you scrolling each of them and waiting until your desired page appears among them! Thus, every app tries to give the quick search button for users.

#5. Specific filters on free and premium courses

E-learning apps create filters on free courses, and those paid on a premium basis. Most users desire free content without any quality compromise. Thus, e-learning apps should emphasize every category of courses.

app cost calculator

#6. Toolkits

Experts could update newer content in no time. In this digital society, an expert doesn’t consume any time in sharing their thoughts with colleagues. They can create courses and start generating passive revenue.

#7. Various contents and assignments

It can differ from apps to apps. E-learning solutions include various types of tests, quizzes, and assignments. The marks or stars obtained can unlock new features. Users can watch, listen, and learn things whenever they desire to.

#8. Wishlist or personal library

It’s okay to keep your area of interest in focus. You can go back and review any course you like to. Apps always display the course categories to make users enjoy newer content.

#9. Feedback and rating systems

The rating of your app further determines the reach. Whoever uses your app should feel to record their opinion about the app. It also helps the developers resolve queries and issues faced by users.

#10. Cart facility

The course you like can be added to the cart. Go, buy them whenever you can and start learning. But once you buy them, you can have lifetime access to those content.

#11. Various payment options

As majority courses are paid ones, the users should feel ease in payment. Different payment systems should be integrated within the app.

Those methods should ensure the confidentiality of the payment. Udemy has payment methods including credit/debit card, Net banking, BHIM UPI, etc.

#12. Multilingual courses

Language makes your idea reach the right way to the right audience. The language problems in the traditional form of learning have been replaced by apps like Udemy.

It offers courses in 65+ languages. Some courses are authentic and original content in the language itself. Courses are translated into languages including German, Spanish, etc

#13. Employee- corporate education

Business firms widely use these apps to guarantee their focused workforce. It enables effective communication within the work team. Corporate companies conduct frequent courses to employees & people to widen their presence.

#14. Active performance in all devices

E-learning apps like Udemy assure its presence in every device. A handy educational app is essential now. They should perform actively in smartphones, desktops tablets etc. New developers should make them appear on multiple platforms.

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Types of users in an e-learning app

The most distinctive feature of an e-learning app is the different types of users engaging with it.An educational app has mainly four types of users.


The target audience of an e-learning app. They can study interesting courses by simple sign up. A student can subscribe to single or multiple courses. Notes and assignments are also available. Completing courses give credits for the student.


Some apps lack parent apps to track the learning process of their child. But here, parents can sign up and subscribe to courses for their child.


Teachers can have an account for themselves. They can track their teaching activities and add up new courses. They can upload and also sell their courses. The app lets students &teachers have quick chats.

Super Admin

Manages the users and their activities on the app. Admin can control every function of the app. An admin could add, eliminate, and report users who violate the app’s terms and conditions.


Monetization Strategies of E-Learning Apps

Revenue generation is an essential area of concern in an e-learning app. This stage can help in including more sophisticated features in the app.

Let’s look upon some popular monetization strategies followed by e-learning apps.

#1. Paid courses

Most common among popular e-learning websites. Quality contents are given a price tag and students who wish to study can pay the amount. The major amount of the paid course goes to the instructor and the rest to the developer.

#2. Subscription method

On a monthly or yearly basis, one can have unlimited access over the content. Users can get exciting features through reasonable payment.

#3. Paid certificates

Various organizations&universities get connected with e-learning platforms. The apps give out paid certificates. Be it a professional degree or a specific course, a digital certificate is awarded. This assures constant revenue generation of the website.

#4. Corporate collaboration

Collaboration with business organizations can result in specific courses. These courses are devoted to driving the firm’s concerns and aspects. This strategy can help an organization to bring out effective workforce and training.

#5. Affiliated model

As the name suggests, it is affiliated with other platforms. In case of an e-learning app, it can be linked with other e-commerce apps or online stores. Once the user buys a product, the website gets revenue.

Technology stack of an e-learning app

An awesome e-learning app needs an errorless technology stack.

Front End Elements JavaScript, bootstrap, CSS3, Angular.JS/React.JS
Back End Elements Node.JS
Database MongoDB,MySQL,HBase,Cassandra,Postgress
Payments PayPal, Stripe, Braintree-Wallet
Push Notifications Twilio,
Cloud Environment Cloudflare, AWS
Real Time Analytics Hadoop,Spark,Bigdata,CISCO.

How much does it cost to create an app like Udemy?

Gauging the overall cost of an e-learning app development is an important step. In a competitive era, making your app visible needs better features. It involves monitoring the development cost. An entire team for the development can cost about $7000 to $15000.

The team behind an educational app are tabulated below:

  • Project manager – 1
  • UI/UX designer – 1
  • iOS developers – 1-2
  • Android developers- 1-2
  • QA specialist – 1
  • Sound designer–1

As you know, an app cost can differ according to the features & complexity of the app. Many native speakers and translators are needed for a language learning app.

But a typical educational app can cost up to $40000 or above. In the case of Indian mobile app development, the cost can be around $8000-$25000.

The development cost of e-learning apps (per hour) in various countries are given below

North America Europe Malaysia USA Eastern Europe India
$100-$250 $100-$150 $50-$70 $150-$250 $80-$180 $18-$50

Popular E-Learning Apps

#1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the popular e-learning apps providing online education. They offer 4000+ online courses partnered with top universities and organizations.

The enticing factors of the app include shareable certificates in any platform, courses in 40+ languages,Mobile learning etc.

#2. Khan Academy

Khan academy is known for its mission of free education for every student. It follows a personalized study method. Resources are translated into about 35+ languages. It is a popular non-profit e-learning app where students can study courses anywhere anytime.

#3. Udacity

Udacity emphasizes tech education. Replacing bookish knowledge, one can increase the scope of their career through technology.

Udacity is partners with leading technology companies and translates those technical skills into people. They serve students who could contribute to innovative fields of technology.

#4. Codecademy

Considered as the best place to enliven your codes. It helps you engage in learning the core concepts of coding. Codecademy provide courses on web development, programming languages, data science, etc. Their motto is to build the education the world deserves.

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E-learning App Cost

As the educational approach is evolving day by day, create an e-learning app like Udemy is not at all a bad idea. Foreseeing a future with the least dependence on colleges and schools, online learning platforms are increasingly entrusted for quality education.

Forbes magazine reported that the eLearning industry is estimated to reach a whopping USD 325 billion by 2025. With the success of platforms like Coursera, a lot of entrepreneurs are encouraged to create an elearning app with some really unique concepts, features and functionalities.

Coursera was a combination of a billion dollar idea supported by a reliable and stable platform. Let’s deep dive into the story to create your own elearning app like Coursera and its development cost.

What Is the Background of Coursera?


Prior to benchmarking your eLearning app against an established business, it is important that you are aware of its history and pathway to success.

The story of Coursera began with two Stanford Professors from the Computer Science department way back in 2012. They were inspired by the range of online programs being offered by Stanford.

Incidentally, when they launched the Coursera platform, Stanford was the first university of its stature to offer course content. The platform evolved with the founders offering more specialised content that was aimed at drawing a larger student base.

Since then, the rise has been meteoric and there has been no looking back. Unquestionably, they’ve done something right. Therefore, let’s take a look at what really distinguishes Coursera from its competitors:

  • Its advanced technology provides a world-class learning experience
  • Dynamic and competitive pricing policy for their courses with options of free modules
  • Its rating system is a benchmark to evaluate educator expertise and content quality on an ongoing basis
  • Multi-lingual educational content gives students the opportunity to learn from experts from across the globe
  • A dedicated course creation toolkit that enables the quick formulation of free and premium courses
  • A network of global educators and instructors who are keen to share their knowledge and experience

This information can certainly help in building your platform’s foundation. Draw on the strengths and weaknesses to come up with your own one-of-a-kind idea. But before that, look at Coursera app features, steps to create, and, of course, the development cost that can act as your guide.

Define Your Niche

Think about the courses that you intend to offer even before you have started to create the Coursera app. It is best to concentrate on subject areas that are popular. This can help in quick revenue generate for the platform.

Some common areas that you can focus on are:

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Education
  • Personal Development
  • Computer and Technologies

What Are the Essential Features of an e-Learning Platform?

For any first time venture, experts recommend choosing an MVP model for your app that should be integrated with the core features and functionalities. You can keep adding new features as the platform gains in popularity.

Now, time to take a more detailed look at the eLearning platform features.

coursera app features

#1. User Registration

All eLearning apps must have a user registration process before students can start their learning experience. The common ways that the majority of applications adopt these days is using phone number/email id with a password combination.

Many platforms also choose to integrate quick registrations through social media handles like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

However, the registration system should have all the necessary algorithms in the backend to authenticate the credentials easily. Plus, it should be secure for users to share their personal information.

#2. Profile Management

The platform needs to have dedicated sections for both students and teachers to manage their profiles.

For Student Profile Management, the information that needs to be gathered include:

  • User info
  • Enrolments
  • A list of active and completed courses
  • Information about earned certificates/credits/points
  • History of purchases and transactions
  • Wishlist
  • Profile settings

On the other hand, instructors and teachers who are registered on the eLearning platform should be allowed to build their profiles with similar information such as:

  • Info page (with information about degree or establishment they represent)
  • List of added courses

#3. Search Filters

All eLearning platforms will comprise of a catalogue of courses. For sites like Coursera that hosts hundreds of programs, prospective learners should have access to a tool to look up information that they need.

Common search tools that should be integrated are:

  • Search bars enabled with keywords
  • Filters such as level, price, language, rates, etc.
  • Categories
  • Popular program or recommended courses

#4. Categories and Subcategories

As the number of courses increase, you need to ensure that they are divided into categories and subcategories. This can be done by engineers using special algorithms that can organise the programs in a consistent manner.

Major categories can include:

  • Liberal arts / Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Computational Sciences
  • Languages
  • Business
  • Self-development

Advanced categorisation should be able to match courses to the learner’s interests.

#5. Featured Courses

It can be overwhelming for prospective learners on how to start searching for programs. In fact, many are unsure of what they wish to pursue even after they have landed on the platform.

A Featured Courses section basically highlights a block of trending programs on the site’s main page. This list can help users get started on their search for programs.

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#6. Tag New Courses

Apart from Features Courses, another way to discover new programs is by enabling a tagging system. Students can tag their friends to the relevant fields of courses which makes it easier for the word to get around.

Alternatively, newly launched programs can be made visible to registered students on their respective home pages or on the recommendation list.

#7. Recommendations

Course Recommendations is an innovative feature to help learners discover new programs that they probably did not think of before. The algorithm assesses key information about the user’s views and interests and generates insights to recommend course suggestions based on:

  • Courses based on your recent activity
  • Because you viewed X
  • Most popular in X
  • Most popular courses
  • Most popular certificates
  • Trendy courses

#8. Course Page

The course page highlights the complete outlines of the program in question. Generally, the page captures the following information:

  • Brief description
  • Information about its creator
  • Usage instructions
  • Syllabus
  • The list of topics and materials
  • Start and end dates
  • Ratings, and reviews

The course page also shares information on the kind of activities that the students will be expected to participate and how the course will be delivered. Typically, most courses will have:

  • Pre-recorded videos, podcasts, recordings
  • Subtitles
  • Interactive textbooks
  • Quizzes
  • Tools for peer-reviewed assignments
  • Chatting with classmates and mentors
  • Discussion forums

The information on rewards, grades and the certification system will also be shared on this page.

#9. Course Enrolment

Once the learners have selected the courses, they should be able to access them without any restrictions. The process for this is to register on the site, add the course to the shopping cart and then pay for it.

Select courses come with a free trial period post which the users will have to make a payment to access the remaining content. Clearing payment will enrol the student for the selected programs and add them to their user profile.

#10. Payment Methods

Most eLearning platforms will have paid courses enlisted. Hence, it just makes sense to have a secure payment gateway integrated with the platform. Other than collecting course fees, the instructors would need to be paid too. Therefore, the process is two-way.

Some secure payment methods that are popular on eLearning sites are:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Stripe or Braintree

react native app developer

#11. Dashboard

The platform needs a feature through which both teachers and students can monitor and track their progress during the delivery of the course.

For instance, students can view the number of active and enrolled programs, the status of completion, number of hours spent on the program, and more.

Teachers, on the other hand, can also view the number of programs added to their delivery list, enrolled students per class, ratings, traffic, their earnings, and more. All of this can be done via the dashboard.

#12. Course-making & Editing Page

The course creation and editing features are relevant only to the instructors in the case of eLearning platforms. These tools make it convenient for teachers to build programs by inserting the following:

  • Course structure
  • Add materials
  • Exercises
  • Links to additional resources such as pdfs, videos, audio files, etc.

The editing tool helps teachers make changes to the courses or remove them from the delivery list when necessary.

#13. Advanced Video Player

For learners, video delivery of lectures today is one of the key sources of information. Hence, it makes sense to have the required backend architecture to support the bandwidth of an advanced video player on the platform.

Apart from being intuitive and slick, the player should be able to perform the following:

  • Play and pause video at will
  • Control playback speed
  • View subtitles
  • Control video resolution

The video player should be able to adapt to varying bandwidths of internet connectivity. In fact, the option to change video resolution will help learners to watch the video even if the network is slow.

#14. Implementing Gamification

Coursera has recently started using gamification functionality on the platform to minimise dropout rates. The popular mechanisms that they have tried out are:

  • Introduced community events such as writing competitions and contributor tournaments
  • Build a community thread by uploading useful study materials and responding to queries
  • Learners receive ratings and in turn, allows them to seek assistance from fellow users
  • Dynamic leader boards to capture information on top contributors and active learners
  • Highlighting badges for accomplishing program goals in the community thread
  • Rewards in the form of online money

#15. Rating and Reviews

A credible feedback system is an essential feature of any eLearning platform. It helps build trust among learners. By soliciting user opinion on key parameters that is later formulated into a rating and review structure is a useful strategy to have on board.

This can act as a motivating factor and drive new users to enrol for programs listed on the platform.

#16. Support

When developing an eLearning platform, it is vital to have a support feature in place especially with the number of courses increasing and a higher number of students enrolling for them.

They may have a lot of questions which needs to be attended to or else you are at the risk of leaving them frustrated.

Ideally, using machine learning technologies makes sense here as it has the ability to track student activities to zero in on individuals who require greater support services.

This can be done via a system of automated emails that can resolve problems related to the course. Plus, having chatbots to respond to routine queries can minimise pressure on real-time agents.

#17. Blog

Having a blog on any eLearning platform is a must. This is where students to go learn more about their selected programs, industry news, facts and figures, job possibilities, and more. The blog can also be effectively used as a digital marketing tool to draw in more traffic to the site.

#18. Multilingual Content

By allowing multilingual content on the platform ensures exposure to a greater number of students and teachers. By not restricting course delivery in a single language enables more students from around the globe to reach their learning goals.

To streamline the process, a filter can be added that allows students to look up instructors by the preferred language of communication.

#19. Notifications and Reminders

Push notifications are a great feature to share news, update, events, course ratings, reviews and recommendations with your audience base.

You can also circulate changes to terms and conditions, modifications in the course syllabus, fee structures with the relevant students if needed.

#20. Admin Panel

With all the features sorted out, the last functionality which is a must have for your eLearning platform is the Admin Panel. Be it managing content, users, teachers, courses and programs, the website, generating reports and insights all happens via this single dashboard.

Even marketing activities such as sharing push notifications, newsletters and more take place via the Admin Panel.

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How to Choose The Development Approach?

There are two ways in which you can develop an eLearning platform like Coursera. You can either opt for a ready-made solution from the marketplace or go walk the journey of building it from scratch.

Let’s understand the pros and cons of using these individual approaches.

#1. Ready-made Products

When you create a platform like Coursera app, you want to enter the market as quickly as possible. A number of open source software such as Joomla and Moodle provide readymade solutions that come in-built with basic student management functionalities.

That said, there is a limitation to the number of plugins that you can integrate or personalise the features to suit business needs. Even adding unique or specific functionalities on these open source tools can be difficult to achieve.

#2. Custom Software Development

If budget is not a constraint, then you would probably be inclined to develop custom software for your eLearning platform. This allows you to incorporate a greater number of unique features and functionalities in the application that caters only to the needs of your target audience.

That said, a custom software development, although perfect for a platform like Coursera can be a long drawn process.

What Is the Technology Stack for Creating Platform Like Coursera?

Coursera has been developed using custom designed software. The following technologies have been used to create the same:

#1. Back-end Development

PHP was used initially for the first lines of coding. As the platform evolved and the engineering team became more experienced, the developers went with Python and Go. The final choice rested with Scala in combination with the Play framework that is still in use to this day.

Coursera manages its relational databases using MySQL and Amazon Relational Database Service. Nginx was used as a Web Server and Amazon S3 as the cloud storage option.

#2. Front-end Development

JavaScript, ReactJS, and Bootstrap are some of the client-side technologies that Coursera used to develop the front-end.

#3. Third-party tools and Integrations

Jira, Slack, G Suite are some of the popular collaboration and productivity applications used on the Coursera platform. Amazon CloudSearch and Elastic Search are options to integrate Search and Analytics. Other third-party tools may include Trello, Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.

While this can serve as your basic guideline, it is recommended that you go with the tech stack that caters to your business needs. This can be done in consultation with your development team.

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What Should be The Team Constitution to Create A Coursera App ?

With your planning phase over, it is time to get together a team to develop your eLearning platform. This is not a project that any one individual can execute on their own as different stages will require specialists with a variety of technical knowledge and expertise.

The best option is to hire a team of qualified developers. The team constitution can look something like this:

  • Project manager: 1
  • UI/UX designers: 2 to 3
  • Team leaders: 3 to 4
  • Programmers: 5 to 6
  • Quality analysts: 2 to 3

How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Coursera ?

Keeping in the mind the feature list, tech stack, and team of technical experts discussed, the estimated cost to create an eLearning app like Coursera is estimated to be anywhere between USD 76,500 to USD 1,03,000.

Other factors that can influence the budget are the type of application you wish to develop and how many platforms that you would consider deploying it.

Along with the location of your development team and the number of hours spent on the development process also contribute to it.

The estimated timeline that may be required to build a Coursera clone platform may look somewhat like this:

  • Technical implementation: 40 to 55 hours
  • UI and UX design: 350 hours
  • Front and Back-end process: 450 hours
  • Testing-: 80 hours

The average hourly rates of developers who are specialists in developing eLearning applications are:

  • USA: $100 to $200 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $60 to $150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $80 to $190 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $40 to $100 per hour
  • India: $30 to $55 per hour

Do bear in mind that this is just an estimate and the actual cost will depend on features you plan on adding in the application along with the other parameters already discussed.

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Summing up

No doubt, Coursera is considered one of the world’s leading eLearning service providers. Hence, to create an app like Coursera is a smart business decision.

E-learning App Cost

That said, you have to do more than just create a clone product. Integrate the idea with unique concepts, features and functionalities that will give you an equal chance of success in this extremely competitive industry.

College students can rely on certain apps that are built to help them study better and enhance convenience as they go about living college life. However, Online App stores like Google Play store and iTunes Apps store are flooded with thousands of apps, and downloading them means running out of mobile storage space.

So it is important for college students to download and keep only those apps offering value in terms of productivity, best practices and rich learning.

But how to know which one is worth installing and interacting with for a long time? In this blog post, we have come up with greatest finds in terms of student-friendly apps.

They are highly recommendable and empower many aspects of your student life. You may decide to download them after learning how they can add value.

Let’s take a look at these 15 finest apps for college students listed below:

 Quizlet TED Pocket
WolframAlpha Trello School Planner
Forest StudyBlue Flashcards My Study Life
Google Docs LinkedIn: Jobs Asana
Evernote Dropbox Prezi Viewer


1. Quizlet: Learn Languages & Vocab with Flashcards

quizlet - apps for college students

The app is a great platform that helps to practice and master what you are learning by creating your own flashcards and study sets. You may even choose outstanding ones from millions created by other students.

It is one of the leading education and flashcard apps for college students that make studying languages, science, history and vocabulary simple and effective.

App Features

  • Listen to your material pronounced correctly in 18 languages
  • Race against the clock in a game of Match
  • Put your memory to the test with Write
  • Enhance your studying with custom images and audio
  • Get test-day ready with Learn

Ratings: 4.7

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2. TED

ted - apps for college students

TED Talks app is one of the must have apps for college students, which is designed to feed your curiosity and expand your world.

Students can explore more than 3,000 TED Talks from notable people, by topic from tech and science and boost the knowledge base. The app in fact helps to stay curious, informed and inspired.

App Features

  • Easily browse the entire TED Talks video library, with subtitles in over 100 languages
  • Download video or audio of talks for offline playback
  • Allows you to build a custom playlist, tailored to fit your ideal timeframe
  • Bookmark talks for later and play during free time

Ratings: 4.6

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

pocket - apps for college students

This cool app lets you to save the latest stories, articles, videos, news, sports from any device, publisher or app and curate your own space filled with topics of your interest.

Pocket’s clean layout and customizable display allows room for a relaxing reading and viewing experience.

App Features

  • Its typography and layout keep reading comfortable for longer stretches
  • Its listen feature turns any news story, article, or blog post into a hands-free, eyes-free learning experience
  • New dark and sepia themes helps to reduce visual stimulation while reading before you sleep
  • It surfaces ‘best of web’ content discovered by our users and verified by our curators
  • Premium version features advanced search, unlimited highlights and automatic article backups

Ratings: 4.6

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4. WolframAlpha

wolframalpha - apps for college students

The app has rapidly become the world’s definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation and college students can have this app on the device to learn smarter on the go.

Their vast collection of data and algorithms efficiently compute answers and create reports for you.

App Features

  • Use the power of Wolfram’s computational intelligence to answer your questions
  • Get homework help and complete your projects and assignments on time
  • Calculate units and measurements “Seconds in a nanocentury”
  • Get fitness information “Running calculator”
  • Get trivia answers “Number of tennis balls that can fit in a Boeing 747”

Ratings: 4.5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

5. Trello: Organize anything with anyone, anywhere!

trello - apps for college students

College students can make use of this comprehensive visual tool for organizing their projects and assignments efficiently. The customizable and simple boards, lists, and cards allow tackling to-do lists with ease and minimize the mental load.

App Features

  • Notifications let you stay informed when cards are assigned, updated, and completed
  • App saves data offline and provides later whenever you need it
  • Easily add checklists, labels, and due dates for projects and fuel the speed to complete it before deadline
  • Give a new perspective to projects by adding locations or Power-Ups like a calendar view of your due dates

Ratings: 4.5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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6. School Planner

school planner - apps for college students

This is one of the great handy apps for college students to plan and organize everything and utilize the time efficiently. The app is simple, fast and intuitive and the students can manage the events and activities more easily.

The app comes with a beautiful and modern design that is inspired by Google’s Material Design.

App Features

  • Gives reminders and notifications for homework, assignments, exams
  • Built-in calendar helps to catch up and coordinate daily schedules
  • Automatic calculation of average helps to manage your grades and subjects
  • Lectures can be recorded and organize them automatically
  • Easily sync data with all devices and back up the data on Google Drive

Ratings: 4.5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android

7. Forest: Stay focused

forest - apps for college students

College students can stay focused during their crucial days at the campus with the cutest gamified timer. The app put forwards an interesting way to beat phone addiction, overcome distraction and become more self-motivated. It is also the best cure for procrastination.

App Features

  • Creative options reduce procrastination and make you productive
  • Track your focused moments in a simple and pleasant way
  • Pro version lets you track your daily phone usage and screen time
  • Turn your focused moments into a lovely big forest
  • Earn rewards and unlock new tree species

Ratings: 4.5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8. StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes


The crowd sourced materials library of the app helps students to crush the exams with ease and the platform lets you turn anything and everything into a productive study time.

The materials can be organized with ease and get connected, learn, and conquer the courses together with your classmates.

App Features

  • Students can create, study and share the digital flashcards for free
  • Study materials can be organized with images and audio
  • Effortlessly set study reminders, track your progress and even quiz yourself
  • Allows you to copy and edit flashcards and make your own version
  • Study materials can be accessed seamlessly across devices

Ratings: 4.4

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

9. My Study Life – School Planner

my study life

This is one of the must have apps for college students to manage the study life easily by integrating all areas of your academic life. This free and easy to use application lets you store classes, homework and exams in the cloud which can accessed anytime despite device and location.

App Features

  • Easily track your tasks like homework, assignments, reminders and revision
  • Get reminders for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and classes before they even start
  • View your classes in an instantly identifiable and familiar week view.
  • Manage your classes effortlessly through advanced academic year/term support and day and week rotation timetables

Ratings: 4.4

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

10. Google Docs

google docs

College students can have this handy app on their device to create, edit and collaborate with others on documents on the go. Unlike similar apps, it allows to create anywhere and anytime even when you are offline.

It is especially handy if you are a part of team working on a project and need to connect and share with them.

App Features

  • Easily create new documents or edit existing files
  • Allows to do research, right in Docs with Explore
  • No worries of losing data as everything gets saved automatically
  • Share documents and collaborate in the same document at the same time
  • You can add and respond to comments with ease

Ratings: 4.3

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

react native app developer

11. LinkedIn: Jobs, Business News & Social Networking


College life is the time when students should build their dreams about their career and having this awesome app can be a boost on the go. You can start following the right people, companies and pages to expand your network and land on the right job profile.

LinkedIn learning is another great option which gives you access to thousands of core courses, get certificates and sharpen your skills to enrich your profile.

App Features

  • Connect to the largest social network of professionals from around the globe
  • Build your profile and start looking for your dream job
  • Share articles and write your own posts to enhance your presence
  • Easily connect with top recruiters, professionals and companies
  • Import contacts for a quick and easy way to grow your network

Ratings: 4.3

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

12. Asana: organize team projects


This is one of the best apps for college students that help them to capture tasks, to-dos, reminders and ideas easily and effectively, especially when handling projects.

It is free to download and use and users can view and organize the task list every time you open Asana.

App Features

  • Add due dates, assignees, followers, details, and files to your tasks
  • Complete tasks on the go and notify your team that your work is finished when working in group projects
  • Add tasks, projects, teams, files, and up to 15 people for free
  • Make changes offline and updates will sync in Asana when you are back online
  • Easily search across all of your work to find the information you need quickly

Ratings: 4.3

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13. Evernote – Notes Organizer & Daily Planner


From professionals to young learners, Evernote helps everyone to manage everything on the go. You can use the app to store your big projects, personal diary and special moments and no wonder college students love it.

App Features

  • Easily save online lectures, webinars, event pictures and other contents that you find on internet
  • Input typed notes or scan handwritten notes, add to-dos, photos, images, web pages, or audio
  • Access it anytime and anywhere so you never miss deadlines
  • Create notebooks, organizers, planners and organize them and share with others
  • Use Evernote as a digital notepad, planner and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts

Ratings: 4.2

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

14. Dropbox: Cloud Storage to Backup, Sync, File Share


Having excellent organizational and time management skills are top priorities for efficient learning and this app can be a handy solution. College students can manage, store and access all the documents, photos and video contents from a single online place.

App Features

  • Allows you to upload and transfer files to the cloud, and share them with anyone
  • Preview over 175 file types with no special software required
  • Easily scan documents to cloud photo storage using your camera
  • Sign up for free and get 2 TB (2,000 GB) of storage
  • Easily send large files by copying and pasting a link you can give to anyone, even for non-users

Ratings: 4.2

Installs: 500,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15. Prezi Viewer

prezi viewer

Presentations and seminars are part of college life and this free app lets you view, practice, and present on the go. Enjoy the same smooth rendering you get with your computer and the app makes things easy for you amidst your tight schedules.

App Features

  • Make your messages more engaging and persuasive with visual storytelling
  • Access and view all your presentations online or offline
  • Easily connect your Android or iOS device to present on the big screen
  • Share your presentations via a link over email, messaging, or social media
  • Zoom in on details and pan to reveal the big picture in context

Ratings: 4.1

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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These are the top 15 best iOS and Android apps that we can think of for college students. Students can make their life better and easier using these apps in their mobile device.

app cost calculator

You can try a few of them depending on the purpose it serves and keep those you can’t live the college life without. There are also other handy apps for college students that you may find in online stores.

Being the major audience in the current whirlwind of cyber world, startups are increasingly inspired to build powerful mobile apps for quick organic growth, enhanced customer acquisition and brand marketing just like conspicuous brands.

Technology-enabled innovation is the best way to make business entrepreneurs interact with their customers. Like many other industries, Education is also warming up to get transformed and revolutionized with digital solutions.

There are a few good apps making its way into education industry to enable better learning. However, to build robust and engaging features, the companies of varied scales need a solid, trustworthy mobile app development partner who has in-depth knowledge of latest technologies. To implement innovative ideas, its critical to find a company committed to delivering unbeatable quality.

To make things easy for you, here is the most comprehensive list of top 10 educational app development companies in India who are well-versed in building gamut of mobile apps.

Take a look:

1. Redbytes

Founded in 2009 and situated in Pune, Redbytes dwells on the top of the app development companies that possess sheer, unrivaled capabilities to develop apps across wide industry verticals.

With a talented team of skilled app developers forming the mighty foundation of the company’s soul, the size of the company ranges from 100-250; Redbytes capitalize on years of experience, knowledge and wisdom to face massive challenges.

Sophistication and simplicity is their obsessive motto. From design to development, they cover every smallest of client needs to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. Apart from iOS and Android apps, they are also competent at building IoT-powered solutions, Enterprise mobility and mobile games.

Clients: Tinytapps, Lear Corporation, Trackschoolbus and more

 2. QBurst

Founded in 2004 and located in Trivandrum, QBurst is an excellent mobile app development company in India with pleasant track record of delivering scalable projects. This innovative company has an impressive portfolio that covers services based on modern technology, including Mobility, Cloud, web and Analytics. Its development centers are situated in Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Saisbury (UK), Sunnyvale (USA).

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With enormous employee strength of 500-1000, QBurst boasts of being a top class and trusted company equipped with contemporary resources and polished skills of design veterans, development specialists and QA experts. The company has delivered more than 1000 successful projects across diverse industries.

Clients: Airtel, Network 18, National Geographic, Dell, Allianz

3. OpenXcell

Openxcell is a singular and quite a distinguished name among mobile app development companies in India. Based in Ahmedabad and established in 2008, the company stands out with its innovative software and high-end services in domains of website and mobile app development.

The company’s glory stems from the fact that it was awarded as a “Best Software Development Company in 2014 and 2015 by GESIA. With the size of 100-250, the company has successfully delivered Inventory Management Software, Enterprise Chat for collaboration, e-commerce and web and products based on Blockchain Technology. It has its development center in US as well.

Clients: Google, Motorola, Unilever, UTV, Conagra.

4. Hyperlink Infosystem

Extremely appreciated for its excellent turnaround time, Hyperlink Infosystem is a dynamic app development firm in India located in Ahmedabad. Founded in 2011, The firm possesses explosive technical insight and consistently delivers mobile app solutions of exceptional quality to their clients across the globe.

With extensive relevant experience in the industry, Hyperlink Infosystem can be considerable for educational app development for Android and iOS and Windows platform. Having the size of 150-250, The company has hitherto developed more than 500+ mobile applications and custom software and also dabbled in intelligent projects on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Clients: Cartoon Network, Google, SBS Discovery Media,Disney, Pizza Papa Johns

5. IndiaNICInfotech

Located in Ahmedabad and set up in 1998, IndiaNICInfotech is crowned as one of the oldest-running leaders in mobile application developers in India. Their professional achievements rely greatly on the latest technologies leveraged for developing incredible web, mobile app and games. Their competitive services and business-class products have earned them immense trust from clients across the globe.

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Being a size of 10-250 employees, their major talent lies in the fact that their skilled developers are able to deliver challenging large projects with admirable efficiency. Being obsessed to superior quality is company’s leading motto and their strength is iOS and Android app development.

Clients: Adidas, Gulfstream, NDTV, Vodafone,Tata and more

6. Appinventiv

Located in Noida and founded in 2014, Appinventiv is a successful mobile app development brand in India. Known for delivering high-performance and addictive products to its clients, they have mastered leveraging latest mobile app and web development technologies. Their operating centers are in India, Dubai, US, France and London.

They comprise of a portfolio bolstered with 500+ grand projects deployed across the globe for startups, renowned firms and individuals, including the ones based on Blockchain and VR. Having the team of 350+ talented experts, Appinventiv is ISO certified and influences the market with their passion to help enterprises of all scales dominate their niche through mobile apps.

Clients: nexGTv, Gullak, UCLA and Kmart.

7. The NineHertz

Located in Jaipur and established in 2008, The NineHertz is a prominent, fastest-growing mobile and web development firm that offers clients ways to convert risks into promising opportunities. With a focus on overcoming challenges and creating long-term value for global businesses,

NineHertz boasts of its strength of 200+ employees including top-notch developers, resolute business consultants, talented marketing pros and industrious project managers. Delivering ambitious apps for world’s most credible brands, they have produced over 1000 mobile and web apps for both iOS and Android. Their apps have been among the top 10 most downloaded apps in Apple and Google store.

Clients: RelienceJio, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation, Casio, Samsung.

8. Hidden Brains InfoTech

Based in Ahmedabad and set up in 2003, Hidden Brains leads the arena of iOS and Android mobile app development companies with being the one stop solution for diverse software development. it operates with a size of 100-250 employees.

Offering high-quality products and security assurance, the company delivers competitive and capable mobile apps for enterprises and startups on global scale. Strong with a pool of talented and dynamic young-age software developers, Hidden Brains leverage the best of technology to deliver over 1000 mobile app and web projects.

The company has its development centers in US and Norway and also provides services in Ecommerce, Big Data and chatbot development.

Clients: Raymond, First Bank, Centurus, SmartEbook, Oh TV, The Franklin Mint, Dalzwithit.

9. Code Brew Labs

Founded in 2012, Code Brew Labs is another technically accomplished player in the domain of IT services with more than 100 employees working for its glory and success. From ideation to deployment, Code Brew Labs cover a vast spectrum of services and has elite designers and developers in place to deliver sound expertise and industry-grade insight across various business verticals.

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The company has many long-term clients across the world and has delivered over 300 Live app on both Apple and Google Play store. Their client base encompasses a range of businesses including medium to large scale entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. The company has perfected the art of using complex technologies to deliver simple solutions efficiently.

Clients:Lokatrain, Skoop,BreakMates,Firesonar, Roomvine,MatchTrade,Reminisce

10. KonstantInfosolutions

Located in Jaipur, with development centers in US and UK, Konstant is Infosolutions is a custom software and mobile app development company. Established in 2003, the company has proven expertise in mobile app development for iOS and Android, and believes in delivering exceptional quality to all kinds of business structures from startup to large enterprises.

Being a size of 100-250, the company focuses on creating powerful innovations and each project they complete speak of original creativity and sheer talent. With over 10 years of experience in software development, the firm has also mastered IoT, Cloud and wearable development, successfully delivering over 1000 apps and websites with an impressive repeat business rate.

Clients: Vokswagen, Jasmin TV, Rawbank, Zulo, Taskclone, Findme.

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These are the top 10 App development companies in India that have dazzling capabilities of building Educational apps for iOS and Android platforms in 2018. The preferences we have chosen here are purely based on their performance, success rate, specialties, client testimonials and portfolio strength.

Tomorrow, new companies may emerge and rise to find a spot on the list. We welcome you to put in your valuable suggestions in case you have the best one on your mind.