Never can you miss any exclusive events with an app like StubHub at your fingertips. Whether it is a new theatre show, games or concerts you will get your tickets on the go.

StubHub like innovative ticket booking apps is gaining extreme popularity today. Creating a similar app with advanced features is not at all a bad idea in the now world.

Let’s take a look at How to create an app like StubHub and its development cost.

Why Is StubHub So Popular?


Entrepreneurs identified the need for an instant solution to ease the physical and mental pain of event goers. Thus, was born the likes of StubHub, a ticket booking platform that takes away the stress of physically and mentally booking tickets.

Founded in 2000 in the city of San Francisco, StubHub is the brainchild of investment bankers and Standard Business School graduates Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr.

In 2011, they launched a new ticketing app that was compatible with iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry 10, and Android that included interactive venue maps and number of seats available.

Plus, the user could plan a day out by locating restaurants, bars, and parking facilities, all from the convenience of the StubHub mobile app.

Not only does using StubHub save valuable time for prospective customers, but it also helps them plan ahead of the events that they would like to go to as well. The entire process is streamlined with a mobile app like StubHub which led to them soon becoming leaders in ticketing on a global scale.

Different types of Ticket Booking Apps

There are two broad category types for online ticket booking apps – the on-demand ticket booking, and in-advance reservation system.

Let us deep dive a little more here.

#1. On-Demand Ticket Booking App

If you are looking to cater to customer requirements in real-time, you would need to create a ticket booking app like StubHub that provides instant service.

This can be achieved by building an on-demand ticket booking app wherein users can opt for a service, place the order via the platform and be able to track its completion through Google maps.

This kind of on-demand facility works for:

  • Online Taxi or Cab Services
  • Dedicated delivery services
  • Home Services
  • Laundry Services

#2. In-Advance Ticket Reservation or Booking Apps

When users need to make appointments in the foreseeable future via their calendars, then an in-advance ticket reservation app or booking platform will be able to meet your business requirements. This type of service is beneficial to several industries and sectors, namely:

  • Hospitality Services
  • Food and Beverages: Easy table booking and meal ordering
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events and Entertainment
  • Beauty and Grooming Services
  • Appointment with the doctors
  • Hotel Booking Services

Beginning Your Development Process for Your StubHub Clone

The project brings with it a high level of complexity. Moreover, there are established players who will compete against newcomers trying to take a bite into this profitable pie.

That said, a carefully planned concept executed by a competent and experienced team of analysts and developers can make this extremely difficult job achievable.

Back this with a well-rounded promotional strategy and you are good to go.

But before you begin your app development journey, ensure that you have done your due diligence.

  • What is the list of research that one should do before developing the app?
  • What is the current market scenario viz a viz user response?
  • What are the different features that it should have?

Your ticket booking app will always remain on the mind of your users when you design a platform that is visually appealing in comparison to your industry rivals.

Then comes the list of features that you must integrate that simplifies the ticket booking process. This should be backed by a seamless payment mechanism.

If every aspect of the process works in cohesion, you’ve got yourself a robust platform to market. Plus, the retention rate of your app is bound to increase.

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Features of the StubHub App

The list of features for your StubHub clone must have can be divided under two primary heads – the User Panel and the Admin Panel.

stubhub app features

User Panel Features

#1. Registration

For any app, registration is a mandatory requirement for usage. By providing the basic information such as a unique mobile number or an email id in combination with a password will help the user to register on the app.

#2. Log-in

A landing page is where you arrive post the registration page. By inserting the details used for registration, you can log-in the app and remain signed in unless you physically sign out.

#3. User Profile

You can navigate to the Profile page and build your account further by answering more personal questions about yourself, your interests, etc. This helps the app build a personalised recommendation list for individual users at the backend.

#4. Choose Location

Depending on your geographical location that is automatically accessed by the app, the user can see a list of events that are scheduled to take place over the next few months. Alternatively, the user can look up events in another city or country by changing the location manually.

#5. Home page

Post inserting the location, the user will be directed to the app’s home page. A list of events along with a snapshot of their details will be highlighted here.

#6. Search

Users can look up specific events, movies and more by entering keywords in the search box.

#7. Filter

Users can streamline the search results further by filtering them with additional parameters like reviews and ratings, location, and more.

#8. Show Listing

This is the features that showcase the events by their name, language, ratings, reviews, location, venue, offers and ticket prices in a list format.

#9. Show Details

User can click on specific events to view details such as the star cast, format like 2D or 3D, date and time, banner image, cast name, language, duration, etc.

#10. Booking Window

Users can book tickets by tapping on their preferred show or event. This opens up an interlinked page that displays essential information like show timings, pick specific seats, or can select a theatre (for a movie) very conveniently.

#11. Book Show

Ticket booking is easy as the user can simply click on the Book Ticket button on the mobile app. If it’s a movie, the user will be taken to the seating page where he or she can select their preferred category and location of seats.

#12. Ticket Category

If the event or movie theatre has a variety ticket or seating categories, this feature helps the users to make their bookings according to their preferred ticket category.

#13. Booking Screen

Prior to proceeding to the payment section, the user is able to view the complete order summary on the Booking Screen. Generally, the details that are highlighted here are show name, date and time, venue name, ticket cost, seat number, price; confirm email id or the phone number.

#14. Payment

Usually the user can choose his or her preferred mode of payment in the Payment section. This typically includes a combination of Net Banking, Debit and Credit cards, eWallets, UPIs, PayPal, etc.

#15. Booking Confirmation

A Booking Confirmation is sent to the user as soon as the payment goes through. This includes the order summary as well as a QR code.

#16. Download Ticket in PDF

This is an essential feature where the user has the option to download the ticket in PDF format and store it in a safe place for future use. This is a handy feature especially if there are two or more people going to the event on the same ticket as the PDF can be shared easily with others.

#17. Print Ticket

Users can print the ticket as an alternative option for producing their smartphone for QR code scanning at the event entry point.

#18. Cancel Ticket

Most ticket booking apps come with a Cancel Ticket feature. Although it may come with specific terms and conditions that may even include a penalty fee.

#19. Loyalty Points

Many ticket booking platforms come with their individual loyalty programs. Whilst booking through them helps in accruing points, users can also choose to redeem them at the point of purchase too. Generally, this requires them to click on the Redeem Loyalty points button.

#20. Coupon Codes

Offers are shared with users through Coupon Codes which is a vital feature of any ticket booking platform. Users can insert the codes to avail a discount on the ticket pricing.

#21. Age Verification

There may be a number of events that are listed for adults only. Therefore, the Age Verification functionality helps ascertain that only those above the age of 18 are able to purchase tickets by sharing some form of approved documentation at the time of booking.

#22. Ticket Verification via QR Code

The QR code is a convenient way to allows users to enter the location at the event. This comes as part of their ticket order summary which comes via message and even on the email.

#23. Ratings & Reviews

Post event completion, users have the option to rate and review the show. This can be in the form of ratings which are usually in numerical value or more exhaustive in the form of a detailed review.

#24. Booking History

Users can have a look at their purchases on the ticketing platform via the Booking History feature. This is also a point of reference that comes in handy if the user goes to recurring events or programs.

#25. Multilingual

Many ticket apps allow users to view the content in the language of their choice. Although the default home page appears typically in English in English speaking countries, the user can manually change it in the app.

#26. Support

The app remains incomplete minus a support function. This can be in the form of a live chat plugin or an in-app call or email feature.

#27. Notifications and Updates

Users can receive notifications and updates via the app’s platform. This feature helps them stay abreast of new events, shows, programs, offers, etc.


Admin Panel Features

#1. Log-in

Just like users, the admins also need to log into the platform by first registering themselves on the mobile app.

#2. Intuitive Dashboards

This gives an overview of the list of current events or shows, upcoming movies and programs, number of ongoing events, bookings received, cancellations, earnings, etc.

#3. Scanning the Ticket

The admin also needs to have the QR code scanner on the app to enable ticket collectors to scan the tickets at the event entry points.

#4. Manage Users

Admins can view the list of active users on the app in real-time. Plus, they can add or remove users with the help of this functionality.

#5. Managing Profiles

User profiles are accessible by admins via the admin panel. Information on individual users can be modified whenever required.

#6. Managing Shows

The admin gets an overview of all the running events, programs, shows, movies listed on the app. They can further filter the information by category, ongoing and upcoming shows, category format, language, time, etc.

#7. Booking Manager

Listed bookings can be managed by the admin through the Booking Manager feature. Information such as venue, location, date, time, category, keyword, etc. via this section.

#8. Managing Venues

Admins can manage information on event venues including date, show time, price range, venue, and cinema; ground, etc. They can also modify, add or delete listings as and when required.

#9. Invoice Management

User invoices on bookings made can be efficiently processed and managed using the Invoice Management module on the app. Payments coming through can also be tracked and monitored via this feature.

#10. Manage Content

The app’s content can be managed by the admin using the Manage Content module on the Admin Panel. This includes adding, deleting and modifying text and images.

#11. Push Notifications

Admins can send out regular updates and notifications via the Push Notifications feature. This helps keep the user base informed on upcoming events, offers, news, etc.

#12. Offers and Discounts

Admins can design unique offers or promote third party discounts or promotions via this functionality on the Admin panel.

#13. Report and Analysis

Every app operates on the basis of insights that are generated via robust and reliable reports and analytics feature on the Admin panel. This helps drive the app’s future in the right direction.

#14. Connect to Customers

Admins can connect with users and answer their queries, offer support and service through this must-have feature.

#15. Advanced Features

Apart from the general features on the user and admin panels, your ticket booking app needs something out of the ordinary. Some of these advanced features can help you stand tall amongst the competition.

#16. Event Feeds

Users can view personalised event recommendations on their home screen as soon as they log in. This should be based on their individual user preferences, interests, past bookings made, etc.

#17. Smart Search

By keeping a track of previous searches made on the app by the user, the Smart Search functionality offers suggestions to make the process more seamless and convenient. Application of additional filters such as language, price, location makes the tool a must-have.

#18. Integrated Calendar

With an integrated calendar built-in, users can keep track of their current bookings and make future plans as per the convenient schedules.

#19. Visual Media

More photos and interesting videos embedded in the app helps it to look more attractive to the user.

#20. Google Map Integration

Google maps help users reach their event destination conveniently. It can show the optimized routes to the event venue on the app’s platform.

#21. Global Currency Support

Apps today prefer catering to a global audience. This makes it necessary to have a global currency support functionality that helps you target an international audience and accept payment in multiple currencies.

#22. Customer Support

The foundation of any successful mobile app is a strong customer support system. While you can have bots manage preliminary queries, but it is the live agents who offer instant solutions that make all the difference.

#23. Cloud Storage Integration

Storing user’s sensitive information and following security norms to ensure that the data is safe and protected can be done via the integration of a cloud-based storage system.

Technology Stack to Create an App Like StubHub

With the feature-list sorted, you need to figure out the technology stack for your ticket booking mobile app. Your development team can help you with this. However, an app like StubHub has used the following:

  • Server: Spring Boot, Swagger, Hibernate, Java
  • UI: BootStrapJS and ReactJS
  • Security: Spring security
  • Database: MYSQL, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress
  • Logging: Log4J
  • Caching: Hazelcast
  • Load Balancer: Nginx
  • Code Repository: Git
  • Deployment: Ansible and Docker
  • Log management: ELK Stack and Logstash
  • Hosting: Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Environment: AWS, Google, Azure
  • Map Navigation: Google Map
  • Content Delivery Network: Cloudfare, Amazon CloudFront
  • Payments integration: PayPal, Stripe, Square
  • Notifications: RabbitMQ, Twilio,, Firebase
  • SMS, Voice and Phone Verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Messaging Queue: AWS Simple Queue System
  • Email: MailChimp
  • Real-time Analytics: Hadoop, Spark, Apache Flink, CISCO, IBM

Team Structure Required to Create an App Like StubHub

A dedicated and experienced team is required to create an app like StubHub. You can either build an in-house team of resources or opt to outsource it to a reliable agency.

Your team must consist of:

  • Project Manager
  • iOS Developer/Android Developer
  • UI designers/ UX designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • QA Testers

What is the Cost to Create an App Like StubHub?

There are several factors that in combination determine the cost to create an app like StubHub. Primarily these include:

Platform Opted

You can choose to create your Stubhub app for either Android or iOS or both. Whichever route you choose to take, both platforms come with individual features plus costs. Most apps are developed simultaneously for both platforms to reach out to a larger audience base.

Features Selected

Basic features are must-haves which make up the backbone of your ticket booking app. However, the integration of advanced features and functionalities will certainly have a cost attached to it.

If your budget is low, then you should stick to basic to medium features. However, if you have the leeway to splurge, incorporating a selection of advanced functionalities can make your app a standout.

Design Aspect

Despite the best features, a badly designed app will find no takers. Therefore, you need a solid user interface design supported by a strong and user-friendly navigation system. This enables the app to be more interactive in appearance.

Developer’s Cost

The development cost will vary on how you choose to go about it. An in-house team of resources hired on a contractual basis will require you to pay out monthly salaries until the app is built and launched. You will still need to keep on a smaller team to keep innovating, testing and maintaining the platform.

Alternatively, you may outsource the entire project to a reliable mobile app development company. The developer cost varies depending on the location of the agency. Here are some figures for your reference:

  • USA: USD 100 to USD 175
  • UK: USD 90 to USD 150
  • Western European Countries: USD 80 to USD 125
  • Eastern European Countries: USD 70 to USD 100
  • India: USD 50 to USD 80

The average cost to create an app like StubHub ranges anywhere between USD 35000 to USD 50000.

What Are the Different Ways to Generate Revenue Off Your Ticket Booking App?

A ticket booking app like StubHub offers multiple roads to revenue generation eventually. Some of the most popular avenues are:

Commission on Tickets

Every ticket booked via the ticket app earns a commission for the service provider. Usually, this cost is absorbed in the ticket price, but many platforms choose to be more transparent and highlight it as a separate ‘Convenience fee’. This is a continuous form of revenue that is generated from launch day.


When the app garners a significant user base, third-party advertisers can opt to buy media space on the platform. The ticket booking app can charge for this in-app advertising space basis the clicks that the ad gets.

Apart from these two methods, there can be other direct and indirect instruments for generating revenue from the platform. This will evolve as the app grows too.

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In Conclusion

The process of ticket booking is as easy as going online, opening an app, entering the location and viewing the available movies released in nearby theatres. The same goes with live sports games or concerts.

ticket booking app cost

With this short guide to help, you are almost ready to create your own ticket booking app like StubHub. To get an instant quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Today there are online apps, literally for everything and OYO is such a successful app with so many users. A perfect online hotel booking platform, OYO has now become popular rapidly and a large number of entrepreneurs have come forward to invest in this latest trend.

People now-a-days are more in to travel as they consider it as their passion. While travelling, they would prefer a budget hotel with comfortable stay. Here comes the role of OYO as it is considered as the biggest platform based budget hotel network.

Let’s start by the concept of why you need to create an app like OYO and development cost.

What made OYO Rooms Successful?

oyo - create an app like oyo

OYO Rooms is not like your standard hotel booking app. It helps budget travellers book accommodation in standalone hotels or guest houses that are managed under the OYO brand.

Being one of the first to launch an app in this space has contributed to its rising popularity over both the iOS and Android platforms in a very short time span.

OYO conveniently lessened the stress of budget conscious travellers without compromising on quality and comfort. This helped it to gain tremendous footing in the hospitality market.

How to create an app like OYO

You need to have an experienced team on board, accompanied by solid monetary investment to compete with established players in the space. Some of the areas that you should focus on when it comes to create your OYO app

  • The core concept and the idea of the app
  • Unique differentiators that set it apart from immediate rivals
  • A SWOT analysis of the market and competition
  • Benefits and features of the platform
  • Business and marketing strategies that should apply

Types of Hotel Booking Apps

There are several types of hotel booking apps that you can consider developing. The primary classification is

#1. Last-Minute Hotel Booking App

If your target audience constitutes of those looking to book holidays at the very last minute, the aggregator app is what you should look at developing.

#2. Before-hand Hotel Booking App

These are traditional hotel booking platforms where you can book your preferred accommodation up to a year in advance.

#3. Hybrid Hotel Booking App

OYO Rooms allows advance and last minute bookings to be made on their app platform. Therefore, it is more of a hybrid model that combines the best of both worlds.

Before you commence with the actual development, it is essential to figure out the model on which your app is going to be built. This lays the foundation and the remaining architecture of the platform can be designed basis this.

Creating A Custom Hotel Booking App

When you embark on your app development journey, you must go through the following stages:

#1. Idea Evaluation and Research

Prior to starting the actual development process you must make sure that your idea has the potential to succeed. Undertake the necessary market research, conduct analysis and evaluations, come up with a project blueprint and get feedback.

#2. UX Strategy

In consultation with your development team, you must formalise a strategy for your user interface. Ensure that it focuses on functionality and ease of usage whilst complying with all necessary best practices.

#3. Concept Validation

Once you have developed the app’s prototype, you need to run it again by your target audience. This helps validate and authenticate the concept once again, plus, helps to get feedback and reviews for you to take any corrective measures and fix bugs.

#4. Design and Development

Design the visual representation of the UI and UX that will help to create your OYO app demo version. This forms the basis of your project converting into a live app.

#5. Product Growth

Thoroughly monitor and track user acknowledgement and their reactions to any changes. This can help you make any app modifications so that the app caters to user needs perfectly.

The Business and Revenue Model of OYO Rooms

You need the app to generate revenue at some point in time. An app like OYO Rooms can work on two different business and revenue models. These include:

#1. Aggregator Business Model

OYO Rooms followed the aggregator model until 2018. This enabled them to connect with a number of properties and guest house owners who were willing to sell their rooms on their platform under the OYO brand name.

The end user does not know the actual property name since the hotel or guest house is under a management contract with OYO.

The aggregator model helps OYO earn an approximate revenue of 22% in profit shares. The property owners who list their hotels and guest houses on the OYO platform generate traction and interest through more frequent traffic which otherwise would not have been possible for standalone hospitality establishments.

#2. Franchise Model

OYO presently operates on the franchise model where 90% of the revenue gains from hotel operations are shared with OYO by the property owners. The properties have to adhere to strict standards of operations where they have to stick to consistent levels of customer service to help grow the business.

Under this business and revenue model, the hotel and place owners became constrained to OYO’s terms and offer room plans accordingly.

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Key Features to Be Integrated into A Hotel Booking App Like OYO

To create a mobile app like OYO Rooms, you must have a list of features ready for incorporation. Take a look at our recommendations:

oyo features - create an app like oyo

#1. Easy Registration and Login

The majority of apps require their customers to register on the platform. The OYO Rooms app is no different. Guests must login using unique email id or mobile number in combination with a password.

Alternatively, to simplify the process, you can also integrate social handles and Google account as a way to register with a single click. Complicated registrations can irate the prospective customers driving them to leave the app mid-way without completing their booking.

#2. Booking Rooms from The App

Users should be able to view the home page upon registration. They can insert the necessary location and travel dates and apply any other filters to generate a search list. The listed properties clearly highlight the type of rooms available, their prices, any inclusions and applicable taxes.

Images accompanying the results help travellers make their decision on which OYO property suits their requirement the most. The app platform makes the booking process effortless with the integration of easy payment options.

After all, the instant nature of these apps to book hotels easily is what gets the users attracted to them in the first place.

#3. Room Availability and Search Functionality

Travellers can check for available rooms in hotels at their preferred travel destination. The general search can be further streamlined with the use of relevant filters such as:

  • Type of accommodation
  • Price range
  • Room type
  • Amenities
  • Meal plans, breakfast and any other inclusion
  • Nearby places

These filters help to make the hotel booking process convenient and hassle-free.

#4. Prices of Different Rooms

Along with the search results, users can also view a range of prices depending on room type and any other inclusions such as breakfast, etc. The app should offer the users to look at the available amenities in order to make the decision process easier for them.

Travellers can select the price as per their preference and budget. This page usually does not include taxes which are highlighted in the final payment page.

#5. Easy Payment

The final payment page displays what the customer needs to pay to confirm the booking. It also shows the various payment options such as:

  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • PayPal
  • eWallets
  • Pay at Hotel

#6. Modifications in Booking

All bookings made on the OYO app can be modified up to a certain extent. Be it room upgrades or adding the option of breakfast and meals, the user can add or remove elements from their booking.

In case of additions, the app will levy applicable charges which may be collected at the property.

#7. Places Nearby

Any hotel booking app stands on the foundation of a solid geolocation feature. Users can view and explore places nearby, such as tourist destinations, restaurants, movie theatres, malls, etc.

#8. Car/Taxi Booking

The prospective rider places a ride request by sharing Pick Up and Drop Locations using the hotel booking application. Drivers near the Pick-Up location receive this request information.

As the driver accepts the ride request, the rider receives a booking confirmation on the app. It also shows the cab’s estimated arrival and the route taken by the driver in real-time.

#9. Booking for Restaurants, etc

Check our proximity of restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment centres or other amenities nearby. Users can make a booking with their preferred eatery or tickets to the cinema, theatre or adventure park directly from the app’s platform.

This makes it super-convenient for the users.

#10. Trip Planner

Travellers can plan their holiday with a hotel booking app like OYO. Select your accommodation, plan your sightseeing trips and even book your cabs right from the app’s platform. Everything gets recorded in a single place minimises a lot of back and forths for the user.

app cost calculator

#11. User Contribution

Prospective travellers can always check on user feedback, reviews and ratings of the hotels listed on the app’s platform. Great reviews and ratings can translate into more revenue for the property.

Plus, customers can leave feedback too on the properties too. Typically, you will the following contributions:

Trip Stories such as travel blogs, vlogs, detailed reviews

  • Travel Tips & Advice
  • Community Portal
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Photo Galleries

#12. Easy Cancellations

The user should be able to cancel their hotel as per the terms and conditions of the booking. This is applicable for even non-refundable bookings where users can cancel by paying a penalty of forfeiting the entire amount.

Refundable booking cancellations are also possible where the user may place a request by a certain date. For these bookings, the customer generally has to give a credit card guarantee.

#13. GPS Functionality

When the traveller arrives at their destination, the app’s in-built GPS functionality helps the user locate the hotel easily. The app enables the user to view the most optimised route depending on the time of his or her arrival.

#14. Trip History

The section that outlines Trip History basically acts as a point of reference for the app’s user. It generally displays information like period of travel, destination travelled, hotel booked, and more.

#15. Booking and Payments History

This is a dedicated section that shows the users the number of trips taken using their profile.

#16. Push Notifications

When there are active customers using your hotel booking app frequently, you need to have a medium of communication in place to alert them of news, updates, changes in terms and conditions, etc. The best way is to have a Push Notification system that automatically shares these updates with every single app user.

Take a look at some common scenarios where push notifications can be useful:

  • Updates on new properties
  • Price drops on properties that you have saved or liked
  • Updates on information on existing properties
  • Deals, sales and offers

#17. In-app Chat or Call Feature

It is essential to have a feature that can connect the traveller with the hotel booking platform seamlessly in case there are any urgent questions or queries.

An in-app call or chat functionality can become the preferred mode of communication between both concerned parties in such situations.

Unique Features on The OYO Room App

The OYO Room app comes with some unique features which help make the platform strong and robust. It also gives it a competitive edge over its immediate industry rivals.

Take a look.

#1. OYO Money and OYO Rupee

The app offers virtual currencies that can be earned by existing customers on referrals to your friends and families who book their hotels using the code.

#2. OYO Wizard

This is OYO’s loyalty program where long time customers are offered special discounts and offers on future bookings on the platform.

#3. OYO Captain

Customers can hire the services of a local representative using the OYO app who is assigned with the responsibility of looking after every aspect of the traveller’s holiday. Generally, the role of the representative involves the following:

  • Reviewing hotel bookings and overseeing that the rooms are as per the requirements of the customer
  • Keeping a check on the amenities and facilities of the hotel accommodation
  • Help in designing itineraries for sightseeing and exploring nearby places, making restaurant bookings, etc.

#4. OYO Assist

This is a self-service facility where customers can use the OYO app to check on the following:

  • Policies related to their hotel bookings
  • Modifying or cancelling hotel bookings
  • Making refund claims
  • Lodging a complaint or grievance


The app comes in-built with an SOS button that is connected to a dedicated call centre. If the travelled feels unsafe or threatened in any way, he or she can immediately press the SOS Button and speak to an agent who is trained to deal with people in such situations.

#6. Deals for You

OYO has a dedicated deal feature that offers exclusive offers and discounts from OYO partners like banks, eWallets, or other service providers. These benefits are passed on to the end customer through this section.

Features on the Admin Panel

The app comes with a robust backend admin panel that includes the following modules of operation:

#1. User Management

The admin gets a complete overview of all user information from the back-end. The Admin can search, filter, edit or delete them and generate necessary reports and insights whenever required.

#2. Hotel Management

This feature allows property owners to add, view, publish, and edit products on the dashboard as well as track product status of rooms being sold effortlessly.

#3. Hotel List Management

Owners can list their available rooms via the Hotel List Management module. Here they can enter basic product details such as description, price, room dimensions, amenities and facilities, room images, inclusions, exclusions, etc.

#4. Payment Transaction Management

Property owners need a dedicated segment on the app to keep track of their earning during the day, week, month, year, and more. They should also be able to monitor the earnings that are being transferred to the bank account by the service provider via this same feature.

#5. Confirm Booking Management

Property owners can monitor the number of confirmed bookings received on their enlisted property via this module on the admin panel.

#6. Transaction History

Every user payment is trackable through the Transaction History section on the Admin Panel. Once payment is received, the admin can view it in real-time.

#7. Discount and Offer Management

Cashbacks, discounts, sales, offers are monitored and tracked via this module. The administrator can create new promotions or update existing ones using this functionality.

#8. Support Request Management

The admin moderates all support requests and shares them with the relevant departments for resolution.

#9. Analytics

Admins can see the whole picture of their reseller business. Real-time analytics enables them to keep track of and monitor vital information on the most viewed properties, total sales/revenue, customer booking patterns, user session times, etc.

OYO Mobile App’s Technology Stack

With a well-defined platform and the list of features out of the way, you need to know on how actually to create an app like OYO.

Here is the recommended technology stack.

  • Framework: Android, iOS, and Cross Platforms
  • Web/App Development Language: Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Xamrin, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, Node.js, and Angular
  • Map: Google Map API
  • Nearby Places: Google Places API
  • Interface: Rest API, Slim Framework
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
  • Cloud Environment: AWS
  • Hotel metasearch data: HotelsCombined Data Feeds and Skyscanner Affiliate API
  • Aggregator APIs: Expedia Affiliate Network API
  • Payment Gateway:Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, eWallets
  • Web Server: Nginx, Apache HTTP Server
  • Real-Time Analytics:Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Traffic Analysis Tools: Google Analytics, Mouseflow
  • Streaming Media System: Helix Universal Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer
  • Weather Forecasts: OpenWeatherMap API

Development Team Structure

You need a team of expert and experienced professional developers to develop and deliver a successful hotel booking app like OYO. Your team should consist of the following experts:

  • UI/UX Designers
  • Android and iOS Developer
  • Front and Back-End Developers
  • QA Expert
  • Database Expert
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Team
  • Delivery Manager

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like OYO ?

With the features, model, tech stack and team structure finalised, you need to arrive at a cost estimate for the development of your hotel booking app. The cost to create an OYO app varies based on different factors. These primarily involve:

  • Project functionality
  • Design
  • The development company and its location
  • The technology used
  • The number of hours that programmers and other professionals work on the project
  • Technical difficulties that may arise

Along with the app size, features and functionalities, the location of your development team also determine the overall app cost.

Developer per hour cost in some major locations are:

Country Average hourly rate
USA $80
UK $70
Western Europe (Germany) $60
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) $30
India $25


Taking into account all of these factors, the average cost of creating an app like OYO with a development team based in India ranges between $60,000-$80,000.

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With the hospitality industry witnessing such dramatic transformations, apps like OYO Rooms are the future of hotel booking. No wonder there is a ton of investment in the space driving new players to come in with their unique ideas and concepts in the domain.

ticket booking app cost

If you are interested to create a Hotel booking app like OYO Rooms, then this is the ideal time to dive into this project. There is greater availability of private equity and bank funding that is helping businesses to come up with more mobile solutions for the future.

To most daily commuters, a taxi booking app like Uber is a godsend. You not only get a cab ride, but the app ensures that drivers abide by all traffic rules and regulations along with offer exemplary customer service.

The overall taxi booking app segment is was estimated to be around USD 183,677 million in valuation in 2019. With a yearly growth rate of 14.8%, the market is projected to hit a valuation of USD 318,765 by 2023.

These figures clearly show a shift in people’s attitude and their acceptance of technology in something as mundane as hailing a taxi.

The success story of Uber has opened the floodgates for more interested players to create their version of a taxi booking mobile app.

Before you kickstart the process, let’s deep dive into how to create an Uber like app and its cost estimation.

How Uber Works

It is vital to understand the inner operations of the Uber app. This will help you in your ideation and fine tuning your taxi booking app concept further.

uber - create an app like uber

#1. Submit a Ride Request

The prospective rider places a ride request by sharing Pick Up and Drop Locations using the app. Drivers near the Pick-Up location receive this request information.

#2. Uber Matches the Rider with the Driver

The algorithm in the app matches the nearest available driver with the rider. However, the driver can opt to accept or cancel the request. The request is then transferred to the next available driver.

#3. Sharing Ride Confirmation

As the driver accepts the ride request, the rider receives a booking confirmation on the app. It also shows the cab’s estimated arrival and the route taken by the driver in real-time.

#4. Making a Payment

The rider can view the fare on the app at the pre-booking phase. The payment is processed on ride completion either via online modes or through cash.

#5. Driver Ratings

Uber shares driver ratings and customer reviews on the allotted driver with the prospective rider. This helps build trust and reliability between the service provider and the rider.

While it is important to study how Uber operates, start-ups can only see any form of success if they can bring some form of innovation and novelty in their version of the taxi booking app. This is where the feature-list comes into play.

What Are The Key Features To Create An App Like Uber?

All taxi booking apps come with 3 sets of features. These include:

  • Rider features
  • Driver features
  • Admin Panel

Let’s take a look at these feature lists in detail.

uber app features - create an app like uber

Rider App Features

#1. Registration & Profile Management

Every taxi booking app requires the user to register with their information on the application to use the platform. Common registration practices include using Gmail ids or social media handles other than using mobile numbers and email ids.

#2. Save Destinations

Having a feature where users are able to save the most frequented destinations with keywords such as Home, Work, Others, can be convenient and time saving. Every time they wish to choose these destinations, they can type the keywords instead of the address.

#3. Multiple Drop-off Points

User may have work at multiple journey points, or perhaps they are sharing rides with family or friends who need to be picked up or dropped off along the route. Users can change or add points whilst travelling too. For this, Uber has introduced multiple drop-offs that have given them an edge over the competition.

#4. Ride Cost Estimate

When the user submits the Pick-Up and Drop Off locations, the app displays a range of products and their individual fares. The app uses a backend algorithm to calculate the fare.

#5. Schedule a Ride in Advance

The functionality to pre-book rides in advance allows users to plan their travel ahead. Uber offers its users to schedule rides anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 days.

#6. Fare Splitting

While not an absolute must on the feature list, having the option to split the fare between friends and family members adds to the appeal of your taxi booking application.

#7. Driver Matching

When riders generate a request, the algorithm in the backend automatically matches it with the nearest available driver taking several factors such as passenger location, the status of the driver, car models, driver ratings, etc. into account.

The allotted driver gets around 15 to 20 seconds to accept the ride request, post which it is transferred to the next available driver automatically.

#8. Geolocation and Routing

Any taxi booking application stands on the foundation of a solid geolocation feature. The GPS works two ways. It identifies the rider’s pick-up and drop-off points and shares it with the driver.

The routing of the journey from the driver location to the pick-up points is chartered on the map. On picking up the rider, and initiating the journey, the GPS again works out the most efficient and quickest possible route to the drop-off points.

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#9. Booking Cancellation

The driver can cancel the ride request on receipt if he or she is unable to fulfil the request at that point of time. The rider, too, can cancel the request within a designated time span before a cancellation fee is charged on the ride.

#10. Panic Button (SOS)

Uber has ensured that all riders feel safe and secure when availing a cab on their platform. The app comes in-built with an SOS or a Panic button that is connected to a dedicated call centre.

If the rider feels unsafe or threatened in any way, he or she can immediately press the Panic Button and speak to an agent who is trained to deal with people in such situations.

#11. In-app Chat Or Call Feature

It is essential to have a feature that connects the driver with the rider seamlessly. To ensure zero leakage of personal information such as the mobile number, an in-app call or chat functionality can become the preferred mode of communication between both concerned parties.

#12. Payment Method Integration

The taxi booking service is no different than any eCommerce platform. It is a transaction between the driver and the rider and Uber, here, acts as the facilitator.

To provide another layer of convenience to the customers, the taxi booking service has integrated online payment options Credit or Debit Card, through which the riders can pay the fare for the completed trip.

A receipt is generated on trip completion which gives the rider the following break-up:

  • Base fare
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per minute
  • Safe rides fee

#13. Rating and Feedback

Users get an alert to rate the ride once the trip is completed. This is a key functionality for any taxi booking service as it helps maintain consistent levels of service.

Drivers with low ratings will automatically get fewer ride requests allotted to them. The ratings can be combined with specific feedback.

This gives more in-depth and elaborate information to the service provider on the driver and the customer’s experience of the trip. Good driver reviews are shared along with their profiles for prospective riders to see.

#14. Trip History

The section that outlines the Trip History basically acts as a point of reference for the app’s user. It generally displays information like date and time of travel, distance covered, driver information and more.

#15. Booking and Payments History

A dedicated section to show user booking and payment history would be very useful for your app users. The information that is generally captured here includes booking details such as the date, time, cost, driver/passenger name, car model, pickup and drop-off locations, rating etc.; and invoice, date, method of payment etc.

#16. Communication and Notifications

When there are active customers using your taxi booking app frequently, you need to have a medium of communication in place to alert them of news, updates, changes in terms and conditions, etc.

The best way is to have a Push Notification system that automatically shares these updates with every single app user.

hire android app developers

Driver App Features

#1. Go Online

Uber does not employ its driver partners but offers them a platform to work at their convenience. They can choose their own working hours simply by activating a feature known as ‘Go Online’.

As soon as the bar is active, the taxi booking app can start sending ride requests to the driver. When the drivers are ready to call it a day, they can simply deactivate the bar and they will no longer get any further ride requests.

#2. Accept A Ride

A rider request comes through and is shared with the nearest available driver partner. The driver may be hunting for trips or maybe on an existing journey already. It is up to the driver to accept or reject the ride request.

#3. Route Optimization

Once the driver accepts the ride request, the map automatically charts out the most efficient route to the pick-up location. This is repeated once the driver starts the ride and the GPS displays the most optimized route to the drop-off point.

#4. Trip Planner

The Trip Planner feature allows driver partners to plan their day more effectively in order to generate maximum revenue. This can be done by sharing customer preference and hourly trends with the drivers.

#5. Quest Earnings

Uber Quest is a unique feature on the application where it enables driver partners to earn more revenue if they are able to complete a number of pre-defined trips within a designated time frame.

Having a similar feature on your taxi booking mobile app can motivate and incentivise driver partners to use your application over the competition, accept more ride requests and stay productive.

#6. Notifications for Drivers

Just like users, driver partners too need constant notification on app features, latest upgrades, company announcements, etc. All of this again can be effectively communicated to them via a Push Notification feature.

#7. Status Bar

This is a more advanced app feature on any taxi booking service. Activating this functionality alerts driver partners whenever they are on the periphery of entering a busy area.

This also gives them the option to continue with their journey towards the busy location or change to an alternative route or destination.

#8. Earnings Tab

Drivers need a dedicated segment on the app to keep track of their earning during the day, week, month, year, and more. They should also be able to monitor the earnings that are being transferred to the bank account by the service provider via this same feature.

#9. Reviews &Ratings

Every time a trip is completed, the driver too has the option to rate and review the passenger. As the user profile builds up, the same is shared with the drivers when they get ride requests.

#10. Trip History

The Trip History on the driver app acts as a reference point for all the trips that the said driver has fulfilled till date. If there is any discrepancy later on, both the company and the driver can check this section to sort out the issue.

#11. Driver Destinations

This is a unique feature that allows drivers to choose their favourite location and only accept ride requests from passengers opting to travel in that direction. This is a functionality that has gained in popularity in taxi booking apps such as Uber.

#12. Heat Maps

Introducing the heat map feature on the taxi booking app can be extremely handy as drivers can view areas that are generating maximum ride requests. Those willing to earn more can drive around in these specific locations.

#13. Driver App Basics

Driver partners may find it difficult to operate or navigate the application. A section that contains explanations, how-to videos and app tutorials can help clarify the concepts and doubts enabling them to use the app instantly.

#14. Driver Referral

Driver partners when they are happy with the taxi booking platform and the company as a whole can refer more such individuals who may be interested in partnering with the service provider. A Driver Referral program in place helps in growing the driver database.

#15. Boost Area

The taxi booking app must be able to function even when internet connectivity is poor. In the absence of such functionality, driver partners may lose out on potential earnings if they are unable to connect to the app.

Admin App Features

#1. Assign Trips

The role of the admin can be extended to facilitate trip bookings when prospective riders are not able to make a booking themselves in a situation where there are network or connectivity issues.

The admin can also make trip assignments to drivers when ride requests shoot up in specific locations.

#2. Driver Report

The admin is able to view a dedicated Driver Report from the Admin Panel. This outlines individual driver partners and gives an overview of key parameters like the driver’s driving style, obedience to traffic rules, etc. over a period of time.

If the report finds a driver guilty of rash driving or committing several traffic-related offences, the service provider can ban the driver from using the taxi booking application.

#3. Fare Management

A vital function of the admin is to manage the fare prices. This is determined taking into various factors such as time of day, fuel price, location, and more.

#4. Driver Commission

Every driver receives a commission on completing a trip. The admin manages the rate of commission that is passed on to partner drivers taking into consideration parameters like performance, customer feedback, driver professionalism and experience.

#5. Customer Grievances

It is important for the admin to analyse and assess customer feedback. This can be done by recording all customer complaints and later used as a source of generating key insights to enhance the client experience.

#6. Admin Dashboard

The admin panel is a unified platform through which the administrator can monitor practically everything. Be it upcoming or ongoing trips, cancelled or completed rides, all these can be tracked via this dashboard.

Technology Stack and Team To Create An App Like Uber

To create an Uber like app, the following technology stack is recommended.

Programming languages for backend: Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails.

GPS: OpenStreetMap API for both iOS/Android can be used

  • For Android: Google Maps and Google Location Services API
  • For iOS devices: MapKit or CoreLocation framework

In-app payments: Credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, BrainTree, Paytm, PayPal mobile SDK.

Push notifications: Google Firebase for Android, and Apple Push for iOS phones

For SMS send outs: Twilio, Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo

As far as the tech team is concerned, you can kick-start the project with the following composition:

  • UI/UX designer
  • Android / iOS engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer

How Much Does It Cost To Create An App Like Uber

The cost to create an Uber clone will vary depending on the complexity of the app.

  • MVP with basic UI/UX design: $6,500 to $8,500
  • Apps with medium to advanced features: $22,000 to $28,000
  • An advanced Uber-like application: $45,000 to $65,000

In case you are developing an app for a single platform, the hours for every feature and functionality is estimated to take around:

Features & Functionalities Estimate of Hours
Registration (in-app or via social networks) 32 to 40
Client profile 16 to 24
Driver profile 16 to 24
Placing an order (customer) 80 to 96
Booking (driver) 48 to 56
Pickup location and route 32 to 40
Booking history (customer) 16 to 24
Booking history (driver) 16 to 24
Payment 40 to 48
Database schema 24
Business logic 240
Admin dashboard 160
System performance report 160


To create an Uber like app for iOS and Android can take double the time.

Statista shares the average per hour rate of developers from around the globe:

  • North America: $60-250 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $60-150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $40-120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $20-100 per hour
  • India: $10-80 per hour

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Final Thoughts

taxi booking app cost

Behemoths like Uber have firmly established themselves in the industry and are working on expanding globally in an aggressive manner. That said, there is still room for start-ups to enter the market with innovative taxi booking apps.

There are lots of hotel booking apps on both Apple Store and Google Play Store to help you find the best hotels around the world. While most of them are 3rd-party apps, some are built by the hotel chains themselves so that customers can have the best experience through direct bookings.

In addition to help you grab the last minute deals; some of these apps make it really convenient for you to check into room using smartphones and keep track of reward programs.

Travelling in the new normal is a bit tricky than it seems and the advanced apps have added special sections with added health and safety information to help travellers to go safe with informed decisions.

With hundreds of apps available, it is not really easy to find the best one that suits your convenience. Here we can help you by listing the best hotel booking apps available at the moment that you will fall in love with.

World of Hyatt Marriott Bonvoy Hilton Honors
Priceline Airbnb EaseMyTrip Choice Hotels
Agoda KAYAK Cheap Flights
HotelTonight Cleartrip trivago MakeMyTrip
Goibibo Tripadvisor Orbitz OYO
FabHotels Yatra Expedia Hotels Travelocity


1.World of Hyatt


This is an all-in-one app with amazing features that let you do everything from trip planning to checkout at your fingertips. With an excellent suite of features and easy access to over 900 distinctive hotels in different locations, planning your trip with this app is a lot easy than you think.

App Features

  • Save your time with online check-in and express checkout
  • Easily view your room charges during your stay
  • Use your World of Hyatt points to book stays
  • Save your favourite hotels for future quick booking
  • Enjoy exclusive member rates

Rating: 4.9


Download: Android, iOS Hotels, Apartments & Accommodation - hotel booking apps

It is one of the best apps available in stores to find great deals on hotels in a matter of just a few minutes. The app lets you travel and save on the world’s best hotels at your fingertips. This is undoubtedly the best platform to discover daily deals and connect with fellow travelers to share experiences.

App Features

  • Easily compare your favourite hotels and get the best price on hotel rooms
  • Get hotel deals for any budget from motels & hostels, to B&Bs and resorts, to luxury hotels, and inns with no booking or credit card fees
  • Easily manage your reservation on the go and make changes to your bookings if needed
  • Filter hotels by price, review score, WiFi quality and other things important to you
  • Benefit from 24/7 customer service in more than 40 languages

Rating: 4.7

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3.Marriott Bonvoy

marriott bonvoy - hotel booking apps

This amazing app lets you unlock your stay at more than 7,000 hotels worldwide and have a comfortable travel experience. Book your stay through this app and get the lowest possible rate and enjoy other extended list of features. The app allows check-in from anywhere using Mobile Check-in and they notify you when the selected room is ready.

App Features

  • Allows check in from anywhere with Mobile Check-in
  • Use the Mobile key to open your room, parking garage, fitness center, lounge, and pool
  • Chat with the front desk for local recommendations, request amenities and more while on the go
  • Check your point balance, view your stay history, folio, and more from the app
  • Mobile Requests gives you a list of amenities to choose from to customize your stay
  • Easily browse and order drinks and food from hotel’s menu

Rating: 4.7

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4.Hilton Honors: Book Hotels

hilton - hotel booking apps

This free app is a great option to easily book travel, earn rewards, and experience a safe and comfortable trip while staying at your favourite hotel for affordable rates. Install the app and get the lowest price at over 5,700 hotels when you book directly.

App Features

  • View and manage your reservations in one place
  • Use your device as your room key and easily check in and check out from the app
  • Members can earn points with every stay and redeem them for free nights
  • Choose your own room from a hotel floor plan
  • Enjoy free WiFi, late checkout, and no charge for a second guest

Rating: 4.7

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

5.Priceline – Travel Deals on Hotels, Flights & Cars


You can find the best hotel deals, rental cars, and flights all in one place with this cool and handy application. The app lets you easily compare travel deals, book, and save while making best choices whether you plan to stay at a budget hostel or a 5-star hotel.

Moreover, the app even offers personalized and relevant hotel recommendations to help you choose the best deals in simple steps.

App Features

  • Book your hotel room in a matter of seconds
  • Get exclusive offers meant for app users
  • Easily search hotels by address, cities, or point of interests
  • Get all reservation and travel info in one place
  • Enjoy free cancellation on most bookings and no credit card fees

Rating: 4.7


Downloads: Android, iOS


airbnb - hotel booking apps

Install this amazing app and start exploring unforgettable travel experiences and adventures to places across the globe. The app lets you book everything for your trip including beautiful hotels at affordable rates. More than just hotel booking, you can in fact book travel experiences.

The app even lets you earn extra income as hosts by listing your spaces directly in-app

App Features

  • Search your stat by price, neighbourhood, amenities, and more
  • Easily look for last minute travel accommodations or long term rentals
  • Experience the beautiful sights & find local guides for the perfect vacation
  • Save favourite stays to your wish list for future travel
  • Choose from over 6 million vacation home rentals and hotels across 191+ countries

Rating: 4.6

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

7.EaseMyTrip – Cheap Flights, Hotels, Bus & Holidays


This is one of the best hotel booking apps that guarantees best price on holiday packages and it is no wonder why the app has more than a million direct customers. In addition to competitive hotel tariffs, the app lets you experience the best holiday packages with affordable flight and bus rates.

App Features

  • Book from a range of domestic hotels ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels
  • Compare room tariffs, search hotel information and book cheap hotels
  • Get up to 30% discount on online hotel booking
  • Enjoy early booking bonus stay in hotel
  • Great platform to plan your vacation to visit new places in India or go for foreign tours
  • Get easy access to all your past bookings and future trips in one place

Rating: 4.6

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8.Choice Hotels


This is an awesome app that lets you easily manage your stays by searching nearby hotels and easy room bookings at the lowest price available. Whether it is a last-minute trip or planned vacation or business travel, the Choice Hotels App is handy to get your plans done with ease. Get all hotel information including amenities and 360-degree virtual tours beforehand to make an informed decision.

App Features

  • Easily see details of future and past hotel stays
  • Take advantage of members-only savings
  • Easily add upcoming stays to your calendar
  • Conveniently view search results, hotel photos and street maps
  • Get immediate access to real user reviews from recent guests

Rating: 4.6


Download: Android, iOS

9.Agoda – Deals on Hotels & Homes

agoda - hotel booking apps

This is one of the best hotel booking apps for finding and booking the very best deals on any kind of accommodation across the globe. The platform allows you to search over 2,000,000+ hotels, villas, BnBs in your currency of choice or own language.

Agoda is also a platform for those looking for an extra income by becoming a host, communicating with guests, and managing reservations through app.

App Features

  • App saves your voucher, details, and maps right on your device for easy check-in and printer-free travel
  • Make the best use of search filters, map views, local experience information, hi-res photos, and 15+ million verified traveller reviews
  • Easily manage or amend your booking anytime from anywhere
  • Book directly from app and get additional savings of up to 80% from Member Deals, Last-Minute Deals and Secret Deals
  • 24/7 customer support assures peace and convenience of users

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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Whether you are looking for a last minute room for tonight or business trip hotel, this travel app helps you to choose from cheap hotels to vacation rentals. The app even lets you manage your booking and reservation details on the go, even offline and plan your upcoming trip or vacation with in-app travel guides.

The convenient app options let you locate the hotels on a map, read verified guest reviews and easily save your favorite hotels for your next visit.

App Features

  • Easily search and compare travel deals and hotel prices before making your reservation
  • Get instant savings on reservations with Secret Prices
  • Save payment details for fast booking on your next trip
  • “Tonight’s Local Deals” feature lets you save on last-minute deals
  • Get rewarded when booking with and redeem your rewards from major hotel chains

Ratings: 4.5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

11.KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

kayak - hotel booking apps

Install this hotel booking app and save money with mobile-only rates and private deals while choosing your favourite hotels for stay. This is in fact an all in one app for planning, booking and travelling that helps you to organize the trip time efficiently.

Users can view itineraries and notes offline or check their trip stats to keep track of past travels.

App Features

  • Effortlessly and securely book via the app without the need to re-enter your traveller data and credit card information
  • Price Forecasts let you know the right time for travel
  • Personal travel assistant lets you organize your travel plans in one place, regardless of where you booked
  • Enjoy flexible stay by easily filtering hotel deals with free cancellation
  • Share your travel plans with family and friends

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

12.Cheap Flights, Hotel & Bus Booking App – ixigo


This is an intelligent, AI-based travel app designed to organise, book and track your trips with great deals on hotels, flights and bus. You can use this platform to personalize your hotel search and compare hotel tariffs to make a confident and informed decision

App Features

  • Get information about upcoming holidays & long weekends and plan your next trip in advance
  • Easily find the cheapest room rates with the best deals & discounts
  • App keeps a record of your preferences & sends you alerts based on your search history
  • Single platform lets you view booking details, save for future trips, and share trip details with others
  • Earn ixigo money each time and spend 100% on your next booking

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13.HotelTonight: Book amazing deals at great hotels

hoteltonight - hotel booking apps

This cool app makes it incredibly easy to find and reserve a great hotel deal whether you are planning for a last minute trip or in advance. The team works with great hotels across the globe- North America, Europe, Australia and more!

The in-app concierge is the unique and best feature of the app in which a live person assists you throughout the trip whether it is getting an extra toothbrush or a dinner reservation.

App Features

  • Get the best deals for stay from top rated luxury hotels to tried-and-true favourite rooms to cool and revamped former motels
  • Book a room for tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month or 100 days in advance
  • Easily search the convenient stay by city, attraction or map location
  • Benefit from 24*7 customer service for all bookings
  • See ratings, reviews and photos from fellow bookers

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

14.Cleartrip – Flights, Hotels, Train Booking App


This is a popular app designed to search, plan, and book your travel faster and better with intelligent and intuitive features. Choose the best hotels for stay and book the cheapest flights or trains for your journey.

The app lets you take informed decision when booking a hotel by providing 360º photographs to a range of other details like room size, facilities, amenities, access to landmarks and sites etc.

App Features

  • Choose from over 400,000 hotels across 15,000 cities
  • Use filters and personalised search prompts to find the perfect hotel
  • Find hotels by location, landmark, or other point of interest
  • Review room type, occupants, inclusions, and more – all at the payment stage
  • Smart tags help you narrow down choices

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15.trivago: Compare hotel prices

trivago - hotel booking apps

This world famous hotel and travel app lets you choose the best stay from more than a million hotels around the world. You can easily compare the prices and deals with other hundreds of worldwide booking sites before the final decision.

The app is listed among tops apps in various categories like best money-saving apps, app for frequent travellers, best price comparison apps etc. Users can easily fix a maximum budget and compare hotels within the price range.

App Features

  • Travel cheaply by easily discovering hotels for great prices, travel discounts, deals & savings
  • Compare hotel prices to find rooms near attractions
  • Confidently book the stay by using hotel search with the trivago Rating Index®
  • See the combined online ratings of all available hotel review scores

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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16.MakeMyTrip-Flight Hotel Bus Cab IRCTC Rail Booking


Download the MakeMyTrip app and kick start your ultimate travel experience by choosing the best hotels and flights, buses and trains for your trip.

It is trusted by more than 5 crore users for its excellent features and options. The app lets you save with mobile-exclusive deals & earn a reward bonus on your bookings.

Users can choose from the best local and global holiday packages and easily customize hotels, flights, and other inclusions according to convenience. There are no hurdles to manage bookings, make revisions or cancellations at any stage.

App Features

  • Make your choice from over 700,000+ hotels worldwide
  • Search hotels near you at the last minute & either pay online or when you arrive
  • Experience special mobile-exclusive deals & discounts on family & couple-friendly hotels
  • Easily and effortlessly find cheap hotels in India & other cities globally
  • No hassles to modify bookings- upgrade hotel rooms, add breakfast or Wi-Fi or request cancellations.

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

17.Goibibo – Hotel Car Flight IRCTC Train Bus Booking


Install the app and join a community of over 10 million travellers to experience the best deals and prices on hotels, flights and trains. A lot of exciting tours & travel packages are offered through the app to enjoy a hassle free booking experience for your next trip.

The goSafe travel checklist ensures people to travel safely in the new normal. Users can invite friends and earn goCash to save on future bookings in addition to amazing discounts on first time bookings.

App Features

  • Search, book and compare hotels by name, locality, city, landmark or proximity
  • Explore more than 350,000 hotel reviews, ratings & verified photos from previous guests
  • Reserve a hotel room at Rs.0 and pay later on check in
  • Get free cancellation & exclusive last minute deals for same day booking at both Indian & international destinations
  • Find your perfect hotel after filtering by price, amenities, reviews

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

18.Tripadvisor Hotel, Flight & Restaurant Bookings


This is one of the best hotel booking apps and travel planner that lets you book an amazing trip and plan your vacation with millions of travel recommendations and reviews from travellers like you. This is a free and easy to use application which is an ultimate travel planner trusted by more than 100 million users.

Travelers can effortlessly book hotels, tours, activities, and experiences all in one place with free cancelation. The platform ensures that people travel confidently and safely with relevant COVID-19 safety and health information for restaurants, hotels, tours, and attractions.

App Features

  • Easily access over 830 million reviews of hotels, flights, things to do, vacation rentals, and restaurants
  • Browse and book Travellers’ Choice award-winning hotels and experiences
  • Find great deals on hotels by comparing the lowest prices from more than 200 booking sites worldwide
  • Easily save and organize traveller-recommended places and see them on map or share with fellow travellers
  • Get answers on specific questions from other like-minded travellers in the Tripadvisor forums
  • Use the app to view nearby hidden gems, hotels, restaurants and top spots while on trip

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

19.Orbitz – Find Flights & Hotel Travel Deals


This is an amazing app to book your hotel stays right from your mobile and enjoy the membership privilege of free cancellation for most hotels. Users can save 40% with mobile exclusive deals for last-minute bookings and earn 4% on hotels and 2% on air. The app lets you securely save payment details for faster, easier, and safe bookings.

App Feature

  • Flexibly make payments online or during arrival at the hotel
  • Easy-to-use map view lets you explore nearby hotels, motels, and inns
  • Sort hotel search results by deals, price, or reviews
  • Easily review user ratings, amenities, photos, descriptions from verified hotel guests
  • Users can easily book flights, rental cars and tour activities from the same app



Download: Android, iOS

20.OYO: Hotel Booking App For All Your Travel Needs


Being the world’s third-largest hotel chain, the app lets you find the best-in-class hotel accommodations and vacation rental hotspots at the most affordable prices. OYO is available in most major cities across the globe and users are assured quality living spaces at affordable prices wherever they are.

Unlike other apps that offer special discounts for festive seasons, Oyo assures quality accommodation to travelers with competitive prices all year around.

App Features

  • Plan your annual leaves ahead of time & schedule advanced hotel bookings with OYO
  • Use the OYO money to discount your next planned travel occasion
  • Spend less on hotels and save the money for a great travel experience
  • Three step booking process lets you book your room through OYO wherever you are

Rating: 4.2

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS



Safe Rooms on Best Hotel Booking App: This is a user-friendly hotel booking app that lets you manage your stay at 600+ FabHotels on the go. The wide variety of choices help you get the best hotels in the preferred location on your specified budget. The hotels are conveniently located near tourist spots, metro stations, airports, and central business hubs. The app members get exclusive benefits of free and easy cancellation at last minutes.

App Features

  • ‘Near Me’ feature lets you find best hotels near you
  • Get 100% CASHBACK after your first stay
  • Pay online or at hotel using safe payment modes
  • Budget hotels are available in more than 50 cities
  • Easily compare prices and other options of hotels

Rating: 4.2


Download: Android, iOS

22.Yatra – Flights, Hotels, Bus, Trains & Cabs


This is one of the favourite hotel booking apps for millions of users as it offers hassle free options to book hotels, flights, holiday packages and more from a single place. Users can choose from a network of 70,000+ domestic & 5, 00,000+ international hotels.

App Features

  • Check images of hotels and rooms along with their location on the map
  • Book premium, budget or cheap hotels on the Yatra app and enjoy great discounts
  • Save your travel plans in My Bookings and view in offline mode
  • Search hotel rooms by city, area, hotel name, and filter them by star ratings, amenities and price
  • Refer the app to your friends & earn eCash and redeem on your future bookings

Rating: 4.2

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

23.Expedia Hotels, Flights & Car Rental Travel Deals


This is an awesome platform that provides an ultimate travel experience with exclusive savings on hotels, flights, cars and a lot more. Get remarkable reward points for great stay at more than 500,000+ hotels worldwide that includes boutique hotels, airport hotels, hostels, luxury hotels, B&Bs and resorts.

The platform gives an exclusive option of reading real reviews from verified hotel guests before making your final decision.

App Features

  • Select your perfect hotel and ideal flight and save big when booking bundle deals
  • Save up to 40% with mobile-exclusive hotel deals for any day
  • Read real reviews from verified hotel guests
  • Sort by price, deals or reviews to find a hotel perfect for you
  • Easily browse and book activities for a range of destinations worldwide
  • Easily view upcoming trip details, hotel address information, get maps for directions and receive alerts for hotel check-out times

Rating: 4.0

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

app cost calculator

24.Travelocity Hotels & Flights


This is one of the popular choices among hotel booking apps with free cancellation options on most hotels because flexibility matters lot for travellers. Book directly from the app and get 15% off for select hotels with special code.

The app is a great option for travellers who make last minute hotel bookings with the flexibility of paying online or during arrival at hotel.

App Features

  • Experience flexibility with last minute hotel bookings welcome & free cancellation
  • Find hotels, motels, and inns around you on an easy-to-use map view
  • Securely store your payment details for faster, easier, and safe bookings
  • Booking tracker allows you to see your past, current and future bookings
  • Review descriptions, photos, user ratings, and amenities from verified hotel guests
  • Share your travel plans with friends and family via Travelocity’s itinerary sharing feature

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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Closing Thoughts:

Technology in the travel space is changing rapidly so we can certainly anticipate these mobile apps to pivot and adapt more in the coming years and all thanks to smartphones and emerging technologies like 4G.

app cost calculator

Just with a click or a tap on your smartphone, you can find perfectly good hotels around the globe no matter how remote the place is. Download these right amazing apps to get you started with your hotel booking and help you save significant money with their attractive discounts and offers.

The entire concept of a taxi booking service is about availing a cab through a dedicated app on your mobile device. With pick-up and drop off points inserted, all that you have to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the hassle-free ride.

There are very few players in the market right now. But at the very helm is Ola, a dominating force in the space. That said, the creative business minds are looking to break in the sector with their clones of the Ola app too.

Lets have a look at how to create an app like Ola and its development cost

Interesting Facts about OLA

  • OLA initially started as the website which offers weekend trip packages.
  • OLA started his first office in a small room of 10×12 feet in Mumbai.
  • Bhavish did everything to provide customer support by photographing drivers and Ankit did coding for 48 hours. Bhavish has self-driven the cabs to drop customers.
  • The first logo of OLA is very different from now.
  • If the vehicles of OLA is stand in one line, it will cover 3895 km.
  • The most common names of drivers registered on OLA are Sanjay, Suresh, Ramesh, Rajesh, and Santosh.
  • The most amazing policy of OLA is that-they never ask the religion and caste of the drivers.

If you want to create an app like OLA, some features are must developing-features for the successful taxi booking app. Let’s have look at some important features required to create the OLA app.

The Business Model Explained


Before you embark on your journey to create an app like Ola, it is vital to be clear on the business model.

A business model for an online taxi booking service operates on a two-sided marketplace. While the demand is generated by the riders, the supply end of it is fulfilled by the drivers. Ola, here, offer the platform to facilitate between the tow. This makes it really convenient for both involved parties to use the platform.

Ola like taxi booking platforms generates revenue by earning a commission or fee on every completed ride. Having said that, the drivers are not directly employed by the taxi booking service provider. In fact, drivers are partners who have the liberty to choose their individual work schedules.

The company has limited control over their partner drivers. Plus, they can accept or decline the time period that they wish to be involved with the organisation. While the service provides a way for drivers to earn their livelihood, it also offers a unique value proposition to riders too.

Everything Depends On Your Planning

It is the aggravation in demand which is driving so many entrepreneurs to meet supply in this space. That said, when it comes to developing an app like Ola, the approach to planning has to be spot on.

The key points to remember are:

  • Adopt a Primitive Approach to dive into the space
  • Have a sustainable model that can be scaled as demand escalates
  • Focus on a systematically distributed supply chain management to meet customer demand
  • Retain and engage your customers

You also need to think about the differentiators of your app. The secret lies in how you plan out your feature list.

Getting Your Feature List In Place

ola app features

The Ola app has three major components that come together in a cohesive manner for the platform to function effectively.

  • The admin app
  • The Ola app for Drivers
  • The Ola app for Riders

Each individual component comes with its set of dedicated features. To ensure ease of understanding, let’s take a look at the features, category-wise.

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Features for Ola App for Riders

#1. Sign-In

The sign-in process is just like any other application. You can join in using your email id/phone number along with choosing a password. This is mandatory as you will not be able to progress with booking a rider unless you a registered user of the application.

#2. Track a Ride

Ola offers its riders the option to track a ride as soon as the booking by the driver has been accepted. The rider is able to see how far the driver is from the given pick-up point and how much time they will take to reach. The integrated map displays the route that the driver takes as well.

#3. Fare Estimation

Ola gives the riders an estimate of the fare once the pick-up and drop-off points have been entered on the app. Since online cab service offers a variety of products, the fare estimating will vary depending on the service that you chose.

A powerful algorithm in the background does all the calculation and therefore is a key feature of the application.

#4. Call Button

This button enables the rider to connect with the driver if they wish to communicate any additional information other than the pick-up location which is already entered in the application.

#5. Add Rides

The rider can add up to two locations other than the end destination at the time of booking the ride. This is helpful in case the rider especially if more riders are joining in/ or being dropped off the trip progresses towards the final destination.

#6. Cancellation Window

The rider has the option to cancel the ride even after booking. If the cancellation happens within the specified timelines, the rider is not charged a fee.

On the Other hand, cancellation outside the window can levy a fee to compensate the driver for the time and effort taken to reach the pick-up point.

#7. Multiple Modes of Payment

Just like any online eCommerce service, customers expect the service provider to have different modes of payment available on the application.

The riders can select from their dedicated offerings like Ola Money and Post-paid services and other regular channels like Wallet, GPay, Debit and Credit Cards or even cash.

#8. Driver Service History

Whenever riders book a cab on the application, they can check up on the driver’s service history. Ratings and reviews on drivers help to instil rider confidence before they start their rides.

#9. Track Service History

Riders who use to app frequently can keep track of their ride history using this dedicated section. The feature shows every individual ride taken along with its receipts. If the riders notice any discrepancies in the billing, he or she can take it up with the Customer Service team.

#10. Book Now Ride Later

Ola riders have the option to schedule rides which can be taken at a future date. While the confirmation is received immediately, the driver details are shared only on the date of travel. The ride can be tracked post the driver details is sent to the rider.

#11. Panic Button

To ensure rider safety, all online cab booking apps must have a dedicated Panic Button. This gets activated as soon as the rider boards the cab and connects directly the app’s call centre or can also be connected to the nearest police station. For any app like this, this is a must-have security functionality.

#12. Favourite Destinations

Riders can identify their frequently travelled destinations and label them according to their convenience. For all future bookings, they can select the destination saved with a single tap instead of typing it all over again.

#13. Push Notifications

This is a standard app feature which sends regular updates to its users. Be it new products, fare changes, policy upgradations or even reminders to pay your Ola post-paid bills, push notifications is the chosen medium of communication.

app cost estimation

Features of the Ola App for Drivers

#1. Editing Personal Profile

The driver version of the online cab booking app must have a section dedicated to where they can enter their personal information and photographs. This builds up a profile that ultimately gets displayed on the app’s customer front-end.

Along with personal information, drivers can also upload their identity documents which can be verified from the company end before allocating any rides to them.

#2. Scheduling Their Driving Times

The driver application provides a feature that enables them to select their duty times. They can drive whatever hours of the day are convenient for them. In fact, if they wish to take a break, the same can be done via alerting the company via the application.

#3. Activity Alert

The app has the provision for an alert system every time an on-duty driver is chosen for a ride. It also shows the driver the fare estimates for the specific ride. This ensures that the driver never misses out on any opportunity.

#4. Connecting With The Customer

The app allows the driver to call the prospective passenger via the app. This is a key feature because it establishes a connection in case the driver needs additional directions to reach the pick-up location or is unable to find the rider on reaching there.

#5. Route Optimization

Once the driver is alerted of their next ride, the map automatically determines the fastest and most efficient route possible to reach the pick-up location. By leveraging the route optimisation functionality, the driver navigates efficiently to the pick-up point.

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#6. Cancellation Window

As a driver is alerted of a ride, there is a window during which the trip can be cancelled. This option can be exercised if the driver has not gone off-duty but is indisposed to drive at the particular time.

#7. Wait Times

As the driver reaches the customer location, the first 3 minutes is non-chargeable. In a situation where the rider arrives after the allocated wait window, the fare metre is already on.

In some cases, the rider may have charged extra on the wait time along with fare estimate shown for the trip.

#8. Forward Dispatch

This is functionality that permits drivers during an ongoing trip to accept another ride request. This is important as it helps cut down on driver slack time and encourages productivity to earn more.

#9. Heat Maps

Drivers can have a basic overview of the demand through a map view. They can drive towards those specific locations where the ratio of riders is relatively high. This will generate more ride requests from prospective passengers.

#10. Driver Destinations

The app also allows the driver to accept a ride request towards a specific destination. This means that they can make money whilst being en route to their chosen location.

#11. Driver Delivery Reports

The delivery report feature is basically a summary of the driving styles that the app captures over a period of time. If the reports indicate rash driving on a consistent basis, the company can remove the driver from their list of partners.

#12. Earnings

Drivers can track their earnings via the app. It also correlates it with the number of trips that they have completed. Plus, it also highlights any applicable bonus earning possibilities too.

Admin Panel

#1. Real-Time Notifications

The Admin dashboard of the app is the unified platform through which customers receive real-time notification of the availability of cabs in any specific area. The admin can also get an overview of the real-time location of all the drivers and vehicles.

#2. Cost & Surge Management

Admins can calculate surge pricing or takes into account discounts, if applicable on the rider’s account during a given time period. It can update ride fares basis the distance, location or vehicle type.

#3. Document Processing Tool

Driver information can be updated, edited or even deleted on the admin panel. Plus, it also aggregates and tags key information like ID proofs, contact details and the vehicle info like pollution card, insurance, etc. in a consolidated manner.

#4. Driver Management

The company needs to have a robust Driver Management system in place which can easily be done through the admin dashboard.

Listing new drivers, managing existing ones and removing those who do not wish to work for the company can be done here. It can assign rides to available drivers using the panel.

#5. Analytics

The data generates through the millions of bookings coming through the app can be analysed using the Analytics system incorporated within the admin panel of the application. All future business decisions can be taken considering these key insights.

Technology Stack

With the feature list out of the way, the next point of concentration is the technology stack. For an online cab booking service, this is what we recommend:


  • iOS: Swift, Xcode, Alamofire
  • Android: Kotlin, Java Studio
  • Tools: Twilio, Amazon S3, Send Grid, Facebook API, Firebase Cloud, Stripe,, Google Maps API

Testing: Jira, Confluence, GitLab, Jenkins, Crashlytics

Release: AWS, EC2, S3, Apple Store, Google Playstore

Build Your Development Team

There are several avenues to create your Ola clone app. Have an in-house team, outsource it to freelancers or even an agency within or outside your country. Whatever the case may be, the complex app like Ola demands the following resources:

  • Business analysts
  • UI/UX designers
  • Web developers with Node.js skill
  • Android developers with Kotlin skill
  • iOS developers with Swift skill
  • Testers / Quality Assurance Engineers
  • A project manager

How much does it cost to create an app like Ola ?

The scope of work is the primary determining factor of the amount of time and budget required to create the OLA taxi booking app.

Depending on the location of your app development team, the cost estimate becomes clearer.

  • North America: $60 – 250 per hour
  • United Kingdom: $60 – 150 per hour
  • Western Europe: $40 – 120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe: $20 – 100 per hour
  • India: $10 – 80 per hour

Lastly, the complexity of the app is also a determining factor in the budgetary calculations.

  • A basic MVP app may cost around $7,500
  • A blend of basic features along with some advanced features can increase the cost to $ 20,000 to $25,000

An app with completely unique and advanced features can be as high as $50,000 to $60,000 or even more

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Final Take: How to approach

taxi booking app cost

While Ola can be your benchmark, there is scope for any new entrant in the market to innovate. It is essential to create your unique value proposition with your online taxi booking app like OLA, figure out your niche and a profitable monetization strategy for revenue generation.

With the help of your development team, find the right solution that fits in with your requirements and helps to achieve your business goals.

About MakeMyTrip

Founded by Deep Kalra in 2000, MakeMyTrip is a leading flight booking and travel booking company in India that launched its app in 2012.

Due to its great deals, attractive fares and discounts and lightning fast booking services, MakeMyTrip became one of the most popular app for booking hotels, flights and trip.

cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

For MMT, making instant travel booking for Indians enjoyable has always been its main mantra, which is why the app has been downloaded 33 million times.

The app effortlessly supports both mobile and desktop platforms in a way most appreciated by customers.

With stellar features like calendar, My Rewards, in-app wallets, personalized offers & deals and social reference benefits, driving customers, the app goes through its pleasant purchase funnel.

Overall, the app addresses the following target winning factors:

  • Delightful UI
  • Navigational ease
  • Satisfying personalization
  • Value-added customer service
  • User-friendly responsive features

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Elements of inspiration from MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip adds tremendous value to users’ travel lifestyle and its online store reviews are the trusted testament to its enormous ability to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Its progressive deals and innovative capability to mix technology with business has engaged customers steadily.

The app enables domestic booking services such as flight, bus and train booking as well as private car or taxi rental system.

International air journey booking adds a lot of convenience.

Its custom holiday packages, B2B and affiliate services provide widest unique choices

For unforgettable travel booking experience, here are the main essentials of the app:

  • Booking flight, bus, train and cabs
  • View booking details and e-tickets
  • Make cancellations of trips
  • Multiple payment mode: CC, Debit card, Net banking, My Wallet
  • Saving Payment options like card details

If you have decided to develop a travel mobile app like MakeMyTrip, these sections better be put under your primary considerations before brainstorming a viable development strategy, especially the cost.

App Design

Determining the overall design scope of your travel app like MakeMyTrip is subject to the ultimate vision of client’s requirements, and is highly crucial and sensitive to how much cost the app will make in the end.

The design phase focuses mainly on how you approach the design concept and how it will possibly influence the cost as the process is propelled forward up to the development point.

app - cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

At this points our main considerations should be keeping things simple, which shows clarity around cost and also gives you the idea of how users will identify with it in terms of experience.

If you have opted for MVP on initial basis, going simple would help you get started in a simple way.

Upon getting desired goal satisfied, the design can be made more appealing in later phase. Casting a glance at competitor’s design attitude will also help you stand out with what to do and what to avoid to get it right.

For Each platform, the time taken to design the app may take 70-80 hours.

App size and features

App size entails most important basic features and functionalities that are essential to existence of travel booking app. As the set of rich features increase, the cost will go high.

This is why it is wise to focus only on the core features of the app for the first attempt in order to optimize the cost. Later, as the app gets increasingly popular, the next version will have secondary features.

App-features - cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

The key features that give true power to an app like MakeMyTrip are:

  • User profile
  • Image editing
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Activity feed & Newsfeed
  • Social sharing and referrals
  • Messaging
  • QR codes or bar codes

Android and iOS each may take 100 or more hours for implementation of these features.

Advanced Features

If you have already used MakeMyTrip app and explored its features, you will realize it feeds on glory with many advanced features making the app even more usable and sophisticated than others.

These sort of advanced features interact best with user’s device environment, offering real-time information.

Some of them are:

  • Geo-location
  • Travel booking calendar
  • Data synchronization
  • Push-notifications
  • In-app camera

Although these features enhance app’s reputation, they should not precede over basic features which are must-have for properly functional app launched in the first stage.

The usual hours consumed while developing advanced features come down to 80-100 hours.

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To facilitate flexible payments, make sure you install gateways preferred most by users of travel apps. Since all banks have their own payment gateway, it is best to opt for unified payment gateways.

payement - cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

For the gateway of your choice and ensure ease of purchase, you can always ask developers to work on implementing a third party SDK.

Integration of payment gateways would generally require 60-80 hours during the development phase.

Mobile wallet

For users who prefers the option of paying via in-app wallet, integrating a dedicated mobile wallet into the app would be a great resort.

Having an in-app mobile wallet also ensures payments are done immediately and benefits app business owners in many different ways.

Such wallets cost extra to develop, but travel app like MakeMyTrip and Ola have earned incredible gains. The backend architecture creation of wallet development usually takes 60-80 hours.

Admin Panel

Updating the content dynamically in travel apps is vital since every app contains information that has to be updated from time to time. It is with the Admin panel that you can be in control of what happens to user data.

Also you can view, add, edit or remove features or analyze usage data or generate app performance reports. It requires good amount of efforts and considerations to build admin panel of crucial importance.

The task of Admin Panel development takes around 100 or 120 hours.

App developers

The experience and number of travel mobile app developers also essentially factors into deciding overall cost to develop  an app like MakeMytrip.

hire mobile app developers

This side of cost consideration requires confirmation on whether you hire local developers or outsourcing partner living outside your country.

Ultimately, the price of developers will depend on their specific geographic location, experience level, industry practices and resources invested.

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The magnificent success of Travel and hotel booking apps like Goibibo, MakeMyTrip and Trivago revolves around its ability to offer flexibility, scalability and seamless performance.

How long your travel booking app like MakeMyTrip stays on the top majorly depends on how users find it. Hence, the final cost of developing the app must justify the user experience offered by rich features and functionality.

mobile app development

However, the considerations of cost estimation, MVP, design concept are all critical points where client’s specific requirements drive the final effect.

We have a finest team of travel booking app developers and design experts who leverage all the latest technologies and modern approach to develop impeccable mobile app for clients.

Exclusive Bonus: Download as PDF

Uber is not just an inspiration for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, its miraculous success is so infectious it provoked many market learners to think of going Uber way. The billion-dollar taxi booking startup Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp eight years ago in 2009 thought they might have felt shocked upon experiencing such a gargantuan success from their joint digital venture.

taxi booking app cost

No wonder young talents are impelled to recreate the same magic by developing Uber-like app for taxi booking. Ola and Grab has already made their mark on the map. Splendid! This is the reason why young startups are fanatically seeking affordable mobile app development companies who can calculate estimate cost to develop Uber clone to join the revolution of unique traveling. Let’s explore how you can approach cost calculation for developing the app.

The main factors that determine app development cost are:

  • Platform choice
  • Basic features
  • UI/UX design elements
  • Target demographics
  • Product maintenance and QA
  • Frequency of security updates

You need to build two separate apps to develop an Uber clone for any given platform. One for drivers and one for users (passengers). Both versions will house slightly different set of features. Check out these common features for both the apps that you can customize later to your requirements:

Passenger’s App: 

  • Register & login: Login and registration via Email or social media accounts, credit cards
  • Booking user interface: An interface on a screen to enter details needed to call a taxi such as pickup address, cab type or a specific driver, etc.
  • Tracker: A feature to track driver’s location and progress as they are en route to rider.
  • Price calculator: To estimate the cost of a ride from point A to point B before finalizing it
  • Payments: Debit and credit card, in-app and cashless, automatic debit, email invoice or directly on phone
  • Push notifications:  To update users on order status, taxi arrival time, cab details, offers and more.
  • Preferred driver: To pick specific driver based on personal experience or ratings
  • Booking history: To view previous taxi booking instances
  • Ratings & reviews: To view and leave personal opinion and experience

Driver’s App: 

  • Register/profile/login authentication: Registration and log in feature with detailed verification (tax number), profile authentication and approval by an administrator and status
  • Booking: Options to accept or deny the incoming booking requests from users, customer location details, and destination of a ride along with plus booking history
  • Push notifications: To receive alerts on taxi booking which includes data’s like  pickup location, payment mode, destination, order updates, etc.
  • Navigation: Use of Google Maps or Location services or iOS Map services to get clear directions to a customer and the ultimate destination, added voice-enabled services
  • Reviews, messaging, route selection

Admin Panel

You need a central control panel to administer and manage all the ongoing activities, requests and processes from a single point. This is called an Admin panel, a web app that facilitates crucial engagement between riders and drivers, and later on processes data regarding ride routes.

This mainly consists

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Customizable capabilities
  • Driver details
  • Manual Allocation of drivers
  • Manual driver alerts

Now, the next process of calculating the entire app development cost involves gathering knowledge about approximate time and development charges for each phase.

We have divided the complex process in an understandable break-up to comprehend the budget estimate easily.

1) Leading Cost Components

Considering the general major aspects of Uber-like app development, we can narrate the most common cost drivers as:

  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Third-party service APIs integrations
  • Native experience qualities (Android/iOS)
  • Post-deployment maintenance & Quality assurance

2) Technologies and tools required to build the app

Uber has unveiled its unique API for developers. Hence, if you are planning to clone Uber you must tailor your own version to introduce original elements of server, maps payments. Having a viable server is key to efficiently processing thousands of user requests, driver routes and data everyday.

As for programming languages, we recommend the following:

Backend: Java, Node.js, Python, PHP.

GPS: OpenStreetMap API or iOS and Android

3) Platform-specific APIs for Native use

For Android: Google Maps and Google Location Services API

For iOS: MapKit or CoreLocation framework

4) In-app Payment solutions

Uber has robust In-app Payment solutions for credit cards and Wallet.

For third-party gateway integrations, you can choose Stripe, Paytm, PayPal Mobile SDK, BrainTree

Push notifications: Google Firebase (Android), Apple Push (iOS devices)

SMS notification services: cloud communication platforms like Twilio, Tropo, Plivo, Nexmo and more.

5) Programming the Backend Infrastructure

Writing a perfect architecture of the taxi booking mobile app backend is the foremost goal for the effective functioning of the app. Developers invest extra care and efforts while programming the backbone that creates immaculate poise and connections among its critical backend elements. This is where the story of success if essentially written and managed by enabling all the stunning features described earlier.

The skilled knowers of JavaScript, Python or CSS languages will work their way through building the app’s core and connecting it to UI of both rider’s and driver’s versions of the app. Database system like MySQL, PostgreSQL may come handy for storing crucial app data with emphasis on future scalability.

Domain Similar App How To How Much Our Price
Food Delivery Uber Create an app like uber Uber app cost View price

The total amount of time and resources required to shape the entire backend is a little challenging question itself as the job is fairly prone to a lot of brainstorming and successive changes, which makes it an arduous task.

However, on an average estimate, it may consume 100-200 hours feature-wise though the process can be accelerated by putting highly experienced agile developers on the job.

6) Platform-specific estimation: Native iOS/Android

It is a general belief that developing a native app experience for any single platform leads to double the benefits and also helps curb overall cost. An app expressing simplicity with uninterrupted performance like Uber is what you target customer would wish.

Therefore, for your goal to align with end users, you should be clear about opting for iOS and android apps separately as this preference boosts usability of your mobile app.

Software development companies are capable of building native apps with native experience and feel for both platforms. With same backend and functionality in place, your iOS and Android will perform equally well.

Of course, tools and framework technologies used will depend on the target platform. Time taken to address each platform may vary from 200 to 250 hours.

Finally, the total cost

In this section, the entire discussion on how and what factors influence the cost of Uber-like app development gets summarized. Hourly rates are sensitive to country’s respective economy and commerce practices.

For example, in USA, the rate is nearly $100-$200 and $50-$100 in European continents. In Asia, things appear affordable and the development fee may come down to $50 or $40 per hour.

The major cost belongs to the most time-eating phases of app development and QA where driver’s version and admin panel play a dominant role. Finally, to sum up in one sentence, the approximate cost range to develop the most fundamental Uber-like app in India falls to $25000 to $30000 for a single platform, considering $50 of medium hourly rate.

The total cost for developing Uber clone for both apps may boil down to $50000 or a little more depending on the demand and specifications from the client.

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The world is stepping into the digital future and hotel industry is one of those experiencing an exponential growth and positive response. Creating a dedicated mobile app for hotel booking is the best way for hotel business owners to beat the soaring competition. With new emerging players already serving customers with digitally sophisticated hotel booking services from the very beginning, established hotel brands are compelled to join the revolution at present.

From accommodation, online payment to stay management and price comparison features, an ideal hotel booking app must contain all the vital features to deliver a complete gratifying experience. If you also wish to flourish in your hotel business by crafting a perfect hotel booking app, you must consider certain essential features to make it a huge success. Here are must-have features in your hotel booking app to facilitate maximum convenience to customers:

1) Reservation facility

The first and foremost feature every hotel booking app user is going to find solace in is, the ability to confirm reservation for an accommodation. Travelers and explorers want to be assured that they have secured their hotel rooms of specific choice before they begin the trip.

This feature must grace the front opening page of the app with options for booking accommodation at popular hotels in the list.

This is where they are allowed to compare different hotel rooms and review all the details along with price, distance and amenities offered before the reservation is finalized.

2) User Account

To convert casual visitor into a regular app patron, users should be encouraged to enter their iTunes or Google Account details to make their personal account.

Alternatively, they can also use their social profiles online to create the user account. This feature enables users to store their personal favorites, preferences and desired destinations to explore later.

Having an user account means getting notified of latest offers on travel arrangements, hotel booking and discounts, or viewing their previous history of trips.

3) User-friendly interface

You want to ensure ease of navigation to enable users to check different app pages in a way they are supposed to do. For this to be possible, your app must have slick, intuitive and user-friendly interface with pages that load in no time.

The interface must look and function equally well across all smart devices with equal consistency. This will save their time, encouraging users  to to plan trips via app.

4) Travel Arrangements

It is important to incorporate even the minutest requirements of a user, as they seek apps for making travel and hotel room arrangements. Users buy convenience and pay for convenience.

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They opt for services that offers great ease and comfort even in booking travel options as they want to ensure their trip is smooth and hassle-free. You can think of offering flight booking, bar and restaurant services and cab on rent in addition to hotel services.

5) Comprehensive Payment system

Customers will prefer to pay using their debit or credit card for making online payment. Build a secure payment funnel to ensure users have a safe environment while making payments for their rooms,, flights etc. . Make it easy for customers to use your app and complete the entire transaction successfully.

You can also facilitate booking a hotel room during festive season with a small down payment. Your booking engine must be solid enough to protect customer’s private information.

6) Offline booking capability

Nowadays having an offline usage capability makes mobile apps popular among users. Enables users to book hotels using on-desk system.

You can administer back-end system in order to book rooms for customers. You should also monitor online reservations made using your websites.

7) Multi-linguistic and multi-currency support

People accessing your website or mobile app would be the citizen from different countries that have their own original language and currency in place. To expand your business profile, its important to serve your app for users in the language they speak locally.

Once, if they fail to understand and connect with your app, then you will lose big portion of prospects. To retain them, build an app that welcomes languages and currencies of people around the world.

8) Management of Room facilities

Users should be able to see real-time details about available rooms and suites, amenities and comfort level offered and more.

You should be able to easily update rooms details, edit its status and features, cancellations and rebooking and reallocation as the demand changes.

9) Handy Search engine

Hotel booking app can’t sustain the market without having a handy search engine option that allows customers to search for hotels in a desirable location.

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Enable a handy search engine feature that offers suggestions for current availability of rooms in preferred places and time.

10) Weather updates

Customers are concerned whether they will be able to enjoy the services they paid for on a given date. They want to check the weather of the place they are interested in. Therefore, the app should provide information and forecast on current weather condition as well.

11) Integrated third-party map service

Both iOS and Android offers their own map services for directional guide and location detection. To help customers discover your hotel, you can offer third-party map integration like Google Maps that allows users to spot different hotel stay option in the same location as your hotel.

12) Image Gallery

Showing images of what hotel rooms look like when seen from inside is another effective way to attract more audience to your hotel booking app.

Capture spectacular images of your hotel rooms, amenities and other luxuries in their exactness that helps users decide what to select from the available options.

13) Discounts and deals

There is rarely any service-based mobile app that does not offer exciting deals and alluring discounts to customers. This tricky and useful feature further captivates more prospects looking for amazing deals on travel and hotel booking.

Regular users must be notified of latest seasonal offers that may appeal to their taste. You can develop a system that creates custom offers for new and existing customers.

14) Multi-booking system

This is another gem feature if you are looking for catering to customers with an undeniable value proposition. Let your customers book different rooms on separate days in single attempt so that they can save efforts and time needed for double booking. This sophisticated provision will make customers repeatedly visit your hotel booking app.

15) Dashboard

To take a complete look of most essential hotel booking information, you need a sleek dashboard with information on recent bookings, conversion rates, location-specific success, sales data, online visitors, etc. the statistics and analytics adds much power to finding growth potential by studying strength and performance metrics.

16) Social Media sharing

Customers have common disposition of choosing a hotel booking app that contains social media buttons or icons. They can share their trip on socials and can also visit and like your Facebook, Twitter and Google pages.

As they follow your social profiles, you get a chance to engage with them more with updates on hotel events and promotional offers.

17) Review System

Reviews and comment system is obvious to find in almost all service-related business apps. Reviews are prioritized by online customers due to its authenticity as a personal recommendation. Checking other users’ opinions and experiences about hotel booking helps new users decide what they need to choose.

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With that said, good reviews fascinate new travelers and influence them to subscribe to your offers on regular basis. Implement a healthy review system in your hotel reservation system for enhanced business advantages.

18) Online Chat

More features your app supports, more likely you are to get your app featured in top 10 apps in the online app stores. Therefore, it is wise practice to integrate online chat feature to enable instant messaging service for customers.

Using chat messages, customers can readily get their queries answered, which allows you to convert more inquiries into service booking. The prompt communication between a prospect and hotel rep ensured by chat plugin thus increase your chance to gain massive conversion.


You must make a powerful strategy to craft a compelling, functional and highly scalable hotel booking app. To turn your conceptual imagination into actual virtual product, you need an equally powerful collaboration with a professional mobile app development company who has in-depth know how of all the unique features and functionalities needed to make your app rock on the global platform.

Partner with a reputed Android and iOS mobile app developers who are versed in orchestrating their experience and insight in travel industry, customer behavior and can build a flawless app with intuitive interface and outstanding personality.

Union Minister for Railway Suresh Prabhu to launch a new platform ‘JUMBO Bonanza of UTS on mobile’ under ‘Digital India’ programme.

People using Windows or Android Smartphone can use the Unreserved Ticketing system (UTS) app.

Passenger should maintain a Railway Wallet (R-Wallet) to avail the facility.

“On Friday, Prabhu will inaugurate the mobile app for passengers of the Central Railway division of Mumbai. It has already been launched in the Western Railway division of Mumbai from Churchgate to Dahanu. With add-on facilities for commuters, the new paperless mobile ticketing application UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) will enable them to even renew their monthly passes on their mobiles,” said a CR official.

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Passengers can book their tickets via mobile phone and t can print the tickets at ATVMs installed at the source stations.

“The ticket can be d using debit or credit or R-wallet. The R-wallet can be loaded from any UTS counter online,” said Chief Public Officer of the WR Sharat Chandrayan.