Koan is an Online Assessment Platform. It allows teachers to create tests using the curriculum with aligned question banks. Within this app, digital tests can be done with or without the Internet. It generates intuitive automatic reports & tracks the regular performance of individuals and groups.

Registration: You can create an account in Koan with Google. Also sign in with your school, work or personal Microsoft account.


• Once signed in, you can create different tests with titles for students according to the curriculum.

• Each file contains options such as the title, assigned by, due date and duration.

• Can create five types of questions: Fill in the blank, multi-select, match the following, standard MCQ, sorting.

• Helps to save time and promises quality and standardization.

• Questions banks sorted accordingly by subject name, grade, difficulty level and topics.

• Set a deadline time and control access through passcodes. Students with the passcode can complete the exam even without the Internet.

• The assessment is cloud-based and you can get started instantly.

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