Answerary is an innovative app that helps students post their homework and get it solved anytime. The app is free to download from Android, iOS, and its website.

Students can upload their specific homework questions on the app and it is directed to verified tutors of the subject. Students must link a valid credit card and pay a pre-specified amount after getting his/her homework solutions.


Many students stumble over some questions and end up with many confusions. Answerary is a perfect tool to solve homework of any subjects with exact answers and in very little time. The app allows students & teachers to select from a wide range of subjects known to date.

The app focuses on the satisfaction of both teachers and students by connecting them virtually. Here, they can share their documents and especially exchange their thoughts. The app specifies how much can students pay for their tutors who help them throughout the app journey.


Redbytes gives priority to creating convenient and intuitive UI for every app we create. Answerary being a novice app, the idea was to create a hassle-free system for solving homework for every student. The app is a result of detailed study done on every aspect that is incorporated into the app.

What we did

We created an easy-to-use UI suitable for both students and teachers. Users can register via e-mail or other social media accounts. Users log in as a person who will be answering questions, posting questions, or doing both things.

Once registered, users can practice the trouble-free process of answering or uploading the homework. The app lets users select their area of expertise and use the app in accordance. Answerary covers almost every subject, from languages to science subjects at any level. Users can choose from elementary to post-graduate either to get or give answers.

The student’s personalized account provides options to post inquiries and credit card verification options whereas teachers can check their inquiries and collect commissions by linking their bank accounts. The first tutor who locks the question can continue together with the student by helping them in solving homework.

Key features

  • Sign In/Sign Up
  • Choose account type
  • Set basic profile
  • My account
  • Verify credit card
  • View Jobs
  • My Skills
  • My inquiries
  • Post inquiries
  • Get Reviews
  • Terms & conditions
  • About Us
  • FAQs
  • Feedback & support

App Work Flow

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