‘Time to Learn’ helps your child develop the habit of reading and a love for learning at an early age. Th series has answers to almost all questions. This application focuses in imparting knowledge on various subjects such as Math’s, English, values etc. This is done with the help of quiz, audio/video content, stickers and e-books.

Time to Learn has the following sections:

1) Discover English with Ben and Bella
2) Time for Math
3) Learning values
4) Bonus apps

Children can select topics based on their interests. Under the section bonus apps, there are more apps which help children to learn topics such as fun with ABC, community helper, nursery rhymes, shaped and good habits. Through these apps, children learn the basics of communal behaviour traits and good habits.


Key benefits of Time to Learn

  • Children develop an interest in ‘real’ books at an early age
  • They get the chance to question and find one or more answers to every doubt
  • Develops the habit of reading and finding answers on their own
  • Creates awareness on objects around the world
  • Sharpens listening skills and learns correct pronunciation
  • Helps develop vocabulary and provides an opportunity for language learning
  • Kids get introduced to world geography
  • Learns how to use index and alphabetical dictionary
  • Strengthens the bond between parent and child

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