Attendance marking has moved from manual punching to biometric and employee tracking apps within a short span of time. Thanks to market competition, HR and managers have plenty of options to choose the best. New companies are coming with innovative technologies with each one offering solutions better than the other.

Selecting the perfect app for your organization can be confusing in this industry. For this reason we have listed top 22 employee attendance tracking apps. This will give you an overview of technologies in the market and what each player has to offer at different price points.

Here are top 22 Employee Attendance Tracking Apps for your company.

WiFi Attendance Edsys Timetable Time Clock Wizard
Aqua Teams Virtual Attendance ZOHO People Time Station Kronos
Time Intelligence by Replicon When I Work primaERP
Time Doctor DeskTime Where’s My Staff
Tsheets Clockify BambooHR
Hubstaff TimeCamp Deputy


1. WiFi Attendance

wifi attendance - employee attendance tracking apps

WiFi Attendance is a cloud based attendance tracking system that uses office WiFi to mark employee attendance. Employees within the pre-set office WiFi range can mark their attendance through the app. They can also apply for leave and view calendar in the app.

Using WiFi can avoid problems such as punch-in failures and buddy punching that are common in biometric and usual attendance apps. It also makes live tracking possible so that you can know the real time location of each employee in the premise.

Because of live tracking, information on working hours and productivity is readily available with managers. This information can be used for leave management or easily integrated with payroll systems.

Unique Feature:  Ease of setting up is the biggest advantage of WIFi attendance. Since every office already has a WiFi network, it is easy to plug in this solution and get started with hassle-free tracking. It requires zero infrastructure investment and gives accurate time tracking.

Real time tracking and live location are other features that make this app valuable

Pricing: WiFi Attendance is free for up to 10 employees. The standard plan for up to 40 employees costs $1 per month per employee and Fast plan for 40- 100 employees is for $1.5.

Superfast plan for more than 100 employees is $2 per month per employee. It includes app customization, chat facility and integrated help desk.

Available : Android & iOS

Check this video to know more about WiFi Attendance System

 2. Edsys Timetable and Attendance Management

edsys timetable - employee attendance tracking apps

Edsys has numerous services for schools, colleges and universities. Timetable and attendance management is just one of the many services they offer such as parent portal, school bus tracking and school ERP.

They offer a simple solution in form of mobile app that can mark attendance of students, faculty as well as staff. Teachers can easily see their class schedule, student lists and calendar. It also has timetable scheduling service which is a big headache for educational institutions.

Unique Feature: If you run an educational institute, Edsys is the right solution for you. Since they specialize in the education sector, they understand your specific needs.

Pricing: Price on Quotation Request

3. Time Clock Wizard

time clock wizard - employee attendance tracking apps

Time Clock Wizard is a cloud based solution offering more than just attendance tracking. They have all the features related to attendance such as payroll calculation, leave management and employee scheduling. Since the service is cloud based it is possible for employees and managers to access dashboard from any device and any place.

For employee clock-in, managers can set geo-fencing so that clock-in is only possible in office or on site. This prevents incidences of proxy attendance. In fact, with the clock-points feature manager can know the exact location of clock-in using device GPS and IP address.

Unique Feature: Photo Capture Feature. Time Clock Wizard captures photo of employees at the time of clock in. This prevents buddy login and promotes honesty in remote office locations.

Pricing: They offer a Value, Pro and Enterprise plan. The Value plan is great for any business just wanting the basic time tracking feature. At $ 14.95 a month you can track attendance for unlimited employees. With the Pro and Enterprise version you have many more useful features such as employee scheduling, payroll reporting, photo capture, real time activity tracking etc. Pro plan is for up to 50 users and priced at $29.95 per month and the enterprise plan supports unlimited employees for $99.95 per month. All plans have a 30 day free trial period.

Available : Android & iOS

4. Aqua Teams

aqua teams - employee attendance tracking apps

Aqua app is positioned more as an HRMS rather than an attendance app. It gives managers detailed information on aspects such as employee check-in time, leave balance, late arrival, overtime, etc. Location tracking is via the app and it is possible for managers to view location log and distance travelled by employees. Attendance app is supported by multiple technologies such as biometrics, geofencing, and beacons.

Price: Price on Quote Request

Available : Android & iOS

5. Virtual Attendance

virtual attendance - employee attendance tracking apps

This is one of the employee attendance tracking apps that works in both iOS and Android smartphone. The admin generates profiles with QR codes for each employee. This QR quote is tracked using an Apple device at office. Unlike other solutions on the list it does not have live location, payroll and a plethora of other services.

Unique Feature: This is a simple to use app with intuitive UI. It’s great for start-ups who don’t want to bother with too many features. It’s also great for Generation X users who like simple app that does the job without other distractions in it.

Pricing: The app is free for up to 5 employees and 1 manager. Unlimited employees and managers are allowed at just $5 a month.

Available : Android & iOS

6. ZOHO People

zoho people - employee attendance tracking apps

Zoho People has many HR processes offered as a service through their elaborate web portal. Their services include leave management, job scheduling, HR documentation etc. As far as attendance is concerned, it can be plugged into current biometric system or employees can also punch-in using web portal or Zoho app. Geo-fencing can be set-up using IP address to restrict location of check- in.

Unique Feature: The advantage of this solution lies in freedom of customization. HR can define their function and processes in the dashboard and generate customized forms, documents and reports.  Attrition reports, job hour charts and attrition trends are some of the reports that are extremely helpful to HR.

Pricing: ZOHO People has 4 plans namely; Essential HR, Professional, Premium and Enterprise. The rate varies from $.83 per employee to $4.16 per employee per month. The higher end plans have performance appraisal, customized forms and attendance and shift scheduling which are not a part of low-end plans.

They also offer a 15 day free trial period.

Available : Android & iOS



This solution was built for school attendance but it is now used for educational events and employee attendance too. It’s essentially a digital attendance register where teachers or employers can enter student / employee data on cloud and access it anywhere and anytime. Teachers can also add grades in this online register.

Other features like live location or employee punch in is lacking in this. It’s suitable for employers who want to maintain a record on cloud without any action required on employee’s part.

Pricing: This solution is free for now.

Available : Android & iOS

8. Time Station

time station

Another simple cloud based app to track attendance. The technology is simple. Manager can sign up their company along with the employee list and generate a bar code for each employee. The print out of this bar code is given to each employee which they have to scan to punch in and punch out at office. Bar codes can be scanned with any smartphone or tablet that can be kept at the office reception.

Managers can login to and see a full report time and attendance reports for employees. It’s also very easy to export the reports in other payroll software. Geographical location can be mapped my managers to allow punch-in only in office locations. There is a possibility of buddy punching in this app although it comes with its own unique feature.

Unique Feature: The good thing about this app is that it can work offline too! The device records all the punch-ins and syncs the data when network is available later. This makes it perfect for tracking attendance in multiple remote locations for companies in civil construction or social services.

Pricing: The plans range from $19.95 a month for 20 employees to $59.95 a month for 200 employees. All plans have a 30 day free trial period.

Available : Android & iOS

9. Kronos


Kronos is a business with a long history and reputation. The company was one of the pioneers in time tracking technology with the first patented microprocessor based time clock to its credit. Since then Kronos has grown a suite of services in human capital and workforce management.

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They have a comprehensive set of HR solutions that cater to mid size and large companies. In fact, they have five solutions just under attendance and time tracking. Kronos strategy is solution based offering rather that product or service offering. For this reason you may end up buying a suit of solution for your company that is an expensive upfront investment in HR.

Unique Feature: Kronos strength is its reputation and a comprehensive HR solution package for businesses.

Available : Android & iOS

10. Time Intelligence by Replicon

time intelligence

Time Intelligence is a pre-build collection of solutions offered by Replicon. The company looks at time as a valuable commodity and has solutions for time tracking, scheduling, payroll and everything else related to time management. Services can be brought in a pre-packaged of the shelf solution or custom built to meet your company’s unique requirement.

It has all the usual capabilities of a time tracking service such as cloud storage, advanced reporting, biometric integration and mobile app tracking.

Unique Feature: Replicon is working with cutting edge technology like AI powered self service, face recognition and much more. They have the likes of  FedEx and Deloitte among their customers.

Pricing: Price on request for demo.

Available : Android & iOS

11. When I Work

when i work

When I work is an easy app that managers can use to schedule shifts, budget labour costs and track attendance. Managers can assign shifts to workers and also manage shift budgeting through a simple web based application. The app is highly communicative with chat features and ability to see when employees have seen their work schedule.

On the other hand employees can mark their attendance, know work schedule and raise request for day offs. The clock-in is GPS enabled to ensure honest and avoid attendance frauds.

Unique Feature: The app has an intuitive User Interface and is free for up to 75 employees.

Pricing: The basic features of app are free for usage by up to 75 users. Attendance feature is priced at $1.5 per user per month. For companies above 75 employees, price is available on request.

Available : Android & iOS

12. primaERP


This is one amongst the great cloud enabled employee attendance tracking apps for teams working on client projects. The app has three main features which are attendance, time tracking and billing. For detailed analysis of tasks and time spent on project activities, the time tracking module is very helpful. It can give interesting reports such as return on activities, profitability of projects, billing accuracy, etc,

Unique Feature: prima ERP is used in more than 100 countries and is available in more than 7 languages.


  • Attendance module is charged $9 per month for every 10 users
  • Time tracking module is $4 per month per user
  • Billing module is $4 per month per user

Available : Android & iOS

13. Time Doctor

time doctor

This is a good app if you want employee monitoring along with time tracking. This cross platform app tracks time spent on each tasks as well as idle time. Screenshots of systems can be captured and web usage can be tracked. This means it’s possible to catch an employee spending too much time on Facebook and intervene. Automatic alerts for tasks also ensure that employees are kept at their tasks.

Unique Feature: Apart from accurate employee monitoring the advantage of Time Doctor is that it integrates seamlessly with most of the payroll, HR ERP and project management platforms.

Pricing: They have only one plan with all the attendance, time tracking, monitoring and integration features in it.  The cost is $9.99 per user per month

Available : Android & iOS

14. DeskTime

desk time

This is time management web app that tracks not only attendance but also the time spent on each task. Employees can log-in their tasks through a convenient desktop app. Everything from break time to meetings to app usage can be logged in. Reports on productivity are made available to both employees and managers in the web dashboard.

At the manager’s dashboard, managers can see important metrics on productive time, desk time, break time etc.

Unique Feature: Daily activity, sick leaves, vacations, over-time and employee monitoring can all be managed at one place by managers.

Pricing: Full features are available at $7 per month per user

Available : Android & iOS

15. Where’s My Staff

where is my staff

Where’s my staff uses NFC technique to mark attendance in office or institutes. The method requires an NFC tag that is fixed in the office. Employees can simply pass their phones over the tag after they have downloaded the app. The solution has geolocation feature for on-field staff like sales agents and consultants.

Unique Feature: The app works even in offline mode. Punch-ins are recorded in the NFC tags and updated in the admin account once internet connection is restored. It also supports QR code scanning for smartphones that do not support NFC technology

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Pricing: NFC tags can cost anywhere from $5 to $25. They have three plans of $9.99 per year (for 10 employees) $19.9 per year (for 50 employees) and $49.9 employees (for more than $50 employees). These plans are currently free but will be made chargeable soon.

Available : Android & iOS

16. Tsheets

TSheets App is a comprehensive, cloud-based time tracking solution designed to streamline payroll, provide accurate invoicing and simplify job costing. This intuitive app offers a robust set of features that allow businesses to manage their workforce more effectively. It offers real-time tracking, customizable reports, automated reminders, and GPS location tracking.

TSheets App is not only an excellent tool for employee accountability but also a valuable resource for business owners to monitor productivity and efficiency. With its seamless integration with various payroll and accounting software, TSheets App provides a convenient and efficient solution for time management in the contemporary business environment.

Ratings: 4.1/5

Installs: 1M+

Download: Android, iOS

17. Clockify

Clockify App is a robust and highly efficient time tracking tool that aids businesses in managing their time and productivity. The app is designed to provide an accurate record of time spent on various tasks, thereby enabling companies to better allocate resources and evaluate performance. It features an intuitive interface that makes tracking time simple and seamless.

With the Clockify App, businesses can streamline their operations, improve productivity, and gain invaluable insight into their time management practices. It’s more than a mere time-tracking tool; it’s a strategic business tool for boosting operational efficiency.

Ratings: 4.0/5

Installs: 500K+

Download: Android, iOS

18. BambooHR

The BambooHR App has totally revolutionized the way we manage HR tasks. It’s like having a personal HR assistant in your pocket. From recruiting and onboarding, to time tracking and performance management, everything is just a tap away! Plus, it’s super user-friendly and customizable. I don’t know how we ever managed without it. The BambooHR App is a game changer for sure!

Ratings: 4.8/5

Installs: 500K+

Download: Android, iOS

19. Hubstaff

Have you heard about the Hubstaff App? It’s an absolute game-changer! This app is a productivity powerhouse. It’s an all-in-one solution for time tracking, project management, and employee monitoring. It’s like having your own personal assistant, right at your fingertips! With Hubstaff App, you can easily monitor your team’s productivity, assign tasks, and track project progress.

The best part? It integrates smoothly with other tools you might be using. Hubstaff App is definitely a must-have for any business. Say hello to streamlined operations and goodbye to chaos!

Ratings: 3.2/5

Installs: 100K+

Download: Android, iOS

20. TimeCamp

TimeCamp App is an innovative software solution designed to aid businesses in tracking work hours and productivity levels more effectively. The application provides a range of features including automatic time tracking, invoicing, project and task management, which facilitate improved workflow and time efficiency.

It also offers insightful reports on productivity metrics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions for enhanced performance. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities, TimeCamp App serves as a valuable tool for organizations striving for operational excellence and high productivity.

Ratings: 3.7/5

Installs: 50K+

Download: Android, iOS

21. Deputy

This revolutionary deputy app is transforming the way businesses schedule and manage their staff. No more confusion or mix-ups, everything is streamlined and accessible at your fingertips. It’s user-friendly and packed with features like task management, time tracking, communication tools and so much more.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the Deputy App is designed to meet your needs. It’s like having a personal assistant that never sleeps! Just imagine how much time and energy you could save. It’s time to say goodbye to stress and hello to efficiency!

Ratings: 4.6/5

Installs: 1M+

Download: Android, iOS

22. Calamari

This fantastic app not only simplifies the process of attendance and leave management but also makes it a breeze to track employee time. It’s user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with popular tools like Google Calendar and Slack.

Can you believe it? The Calamari App is revolutionizing the way businesses handle HR tasks. It’s a breath of fresh air, a beacon of efficiency in the corporate world. I can’t emphasize enough how exciting this is!

Ratings: 4.2/5

Installs: 10K+

Download: Android

Tying It All Together

You can find everything from simple employee apps to a comprehensive HR solution package for attendance and time tracking. Needless to say, you will pay more for any services availed in addition to attendance tracking.

Almost all providers offer services on cloud so that you can be up and running in a few hours. The difference between vendors is in the technologies and platforms used by them. As we saw, attendance can be marked using WiFi, NFC tags, biometrics, online app punching or portal login.

Because each sector has its own unique requirements, many service providers also specialize in industries such as education, health or IT. You should choose your vendor based on ease of implementation and a perfect fit for your requirements.

Whether you are planning to drive around the city or go for hiking or cycling in the wild, navigation apps are really handy to have a hassle free journey.  This is indeed a great option to get clear directions and knowledge about traffic-free routes to reach a specific destination on time. Moreover, it is good to be prepared when you step out of your abode, especially when travelling to a new or not so familiar place.

There are lots of apps for iOS and Android platforms that help you stay informed about the traffic and related details throughout the journey.

Some of these apps even give you up-to-date live traffic details, weather condition and shortest routes to your destination. While your eyes are glued to the road, these incredible apps can be a great companion.

Here we are sharing some of the best navigation apps for android and iOS that can make your travel hassle free and easy going.

MapFactor Navigator OsmAnd Sygic GPS Navigation
Polaris GPS Navigation MAPS.ME Komoot
Ride with GPS Waze Citymapper
Scout GPS HERE WeGo Maps
MapQuest Drivemode Navmii GPS


1. MapFactor Navigator – GPS Navigation Maps

mapfactor - navigation apps

This is one of the best rated free offline navigation apps on Google Play with several millions of trusted users. Install this brilliant app and you can navigate without an internet connection in more than 200 countries.

More than just navigation options, it comes with extensive features like speed limits, camera warnings, intuitive voice turn-by-turn navigation in diverse languages, and other useful features.

App Features

  • Offers voice navigation in various languages
  • Gives speed limit and camera warnings
  • Features routing modes for car, bus, truck, pedestrian, bicycle
  • 2D/3D mode allows realistic visual maps display
  • Offers customisation possibilities and remote commands

Rating: 4.6

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

2. OsmAnd — Offline Maps, Travel & Navigation

osmand - navigation apps

This is an excellent offline navigation application with access to the free, worldwide, and high-quality offline maps. The app lets you create and manage GPX tracks, use contour lines visualization and altitude info and offers voice and visual offline navigation.

You can easily make a choice between car navigation, cycle navigation or directions in the pedestrian mode.

App Features

  • You can choose to show speed limit, and get reminders if you exceed it
  • Turn-by-turn voice guidance leads you along the way
  • Driving routes get rebuilt whenever you deviate from them
  • Lets you share your location so that your friends can find you
  • You can easily search destinations by address or geographic coordinates

Rating: 4.6

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

3. Sygic GPS Navigation & Offline Maps

sygic - navigation apps

It is one of the world’s most downloaded offline GPS navigation apps that are loved by millions. The app lets you store offline 3D maps on your phone and access it without an internet connection on the go.

You can just connect your phone to your car’s screen and stay focused on the road.

App Features

  • Offers free map updates multiple times per year
  • You can use your car’s touch screen, knobs, or buttons to control the app
  • Advanced safety features make driving in unfamiliar territories easier
  • Save money on roaming charges with offline maps
  • Park easily with parking place suggestions and live info about prices and availability

Rating: 4.6

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

4. Polaris GPS Navigation: Hiking, Marine, Offroad

polaris - navigation apps

Install this all purpose navigation app on your device and turn your phone into a powerful GPS navigation system. It is an excellent backup or replacement for your handheld dedicated GPS satellite navigation unit.

This hiking, off road, nautical and trail GPS app is a great choice when you go out for outdoor adventures.

App Features

  • Sailing, boating and all marine navigation charts in Polaris are free
  • It is known for stability, reliability and flexibility
  • Easily find hiking trails, camping locations and much more
  • All maps are shown with high detail and large, easy to read labels
  • App is even used by land-sea search and rescue and military personnel

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android

5. MAPS.ME: gps navigation, backpacking, off road trails - navigation apps

Supporting iOS, Android and even BlackBerry devices, is another detailed offline navigation app used by many. The app relies on OpenStreetMap project to fetch the important geolocation data.

Reviewers have admired it for its use while travelling across the country and for the additional information it offers for rural areas away from the city.

App Features

  • OSM is an open-source alternative to popular map services
  • Check out updates on traffic info and fastest driving routes in 36 countries
  • Offers fast, detailed offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Maps are updated by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors daily
  • Lets you save locations you love and share them with your friends

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 50,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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6. Komoot — Cycling, Hiking & Mountain Biking Maps

komoot - navigation apps

This amazing app doesn’t work as a typical navigation aid for drivers. It is dedicated for people looking to indulge in outdoor adventures such as cycling, road trips, hiking, backpacking, or mountain biking.

It lets you create your own outdoor experience by offering a planning tool, turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps.

App Features

  • App offers turn-by-turn voice navigation
  • Download your planned outdoor adventures and save topographic maps with one tap
  • It seamlessly syncs across every device
  • Easily track your rides and hikes with GPS and save them
  • Lets you contribute photos, tips and highlights to the community

Rating: 4.5

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

7. Ride with GPS – Bike Route Planning and Navigation

ride with gps - navigation apps

It is an amazing bike route planner, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and tracking app for cyclists, runners, and hikers. This can be a great bike ride companion with options to plan, navigate, track, record, and share your activities.

It comes with support for Bluetooth sensors and a world class library of routes in every area.

App Features

  • Elevation profile updates in real time and shows elevation gain
  • Smart auto-pause ensures you have an accurate ride history
  • Live logging provides real-time feedback from friends, family, and coaches
  • Reliably navigate and record your next ride using minimal battery
  • Easily track your performance over time and beat your own goals

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

8. Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation


Saving you from getting lost with up-to-date map, Waze is a community-driven app that is updated constantly by millions of active Waze users.

It shows accurate data in real time on travel times, fuel prices, traffic and more, all fed by its users. Interestingly, it lets you add your friends and see them in the app map so that you know when they are likely to reach you.

App Features

  • It performs instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time
  • Choose from a variety of voices to guide you while you drive
  • Pay less for gas by finding the cheapest gas along your route
  • Get ETA based on live traffic data
  • It alerts about traffic, police, hazards and more on your drive

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 100,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

9. Citymapper: Public Transport Navigation & Maps


For users looking to travel around a city, Citymapper is indeed a worthy option. The app is available in selected cities around the world and gives you real-time information about routes, bus and train schedules, and walking directions.

The app is a great option for regular commuters as it is an up-to-date informer on projected traffic during your commute time.

App Features

  • Instantly compare all travel options in real-time across all transport modes
  • Lets you compare cab fares, hail a ride, grab the closest car share or hop on a shared bike
  • Gives you Live wait times and ETA
  • Share your live trip with your friends
  • Find the best route by comparing all transport modes

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

10. Scout GPS Navigation & Meet Up


This is one of the convenient navigation apps for finding places easily in no time. Scout GPS Navigation and Meet up helps users to find locations; discover routes and takes the role of a wonderful car navigation app.

It gives you real-time traffic updates and allows you to share location with all of your friends and also view their actual location.

App Features

  • Pick your route and share your ETA easily with one or more contacts
  • Real time traffic and live speed updates help you find the best and quickest route
  • Easily send one-touch voice chat or text messages to your Meet Up group
  • Receive notifications when traffic is slower than usual on your daily commute
  • Scout shows when Meet Up attendees are on the move with real-time ETAs

Rating: 4.4

Installs: 5,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

app cost calculator

11. HERE WeGo – City Navigation


This is a brilliant navigation app that makes your travel around the city effortless and hassle-free. The app offers detailed routes and directions, turn-by-turn navigation guide and shortest ways to reach your destination.

As you take a drive around the city, Here WeGo is the most preferable navigation app. It has voice-enabled turn-by-turn guide that sets you free from distractions along with offline usability.

App Features

  • Offers public transit information for 1300+ cities across the globe
  • Lets you compare the travel modes to destination and choose the best
  • Easily navigate with detailed routes, turn-by-turn guidance and related information
  • See the cost for public transit tickets and cab fares, find places to park and know about traffic delays

Rating: 4.3

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

12. Maps – Navigate & Explore


Popular all across the world, Google Maps deserves a top place in navigation apps. It is the most updated app and has mapped the entire world in its database, including new lanes and roads, bypasses and routes.

Laced with offline capability, it also allows users to save maps and use it without internet data. It gives personal recommendation when you reach a location such as places to eat, feast, drink and stay based on your tastes. Google Maps is overall an unbeatable app by far in this niche.

App Features

  • Beat traffic with real-time ETAs and traffic conditions
  • Create lists of your favorite places and share with friends
  • Save time with automatic rerouting based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures
  • Discover local restaurant, events, and activities on the go
  • Offers offline maps to search and navigate without an internet connection

Rating: 4.1

Installs: 5,000,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

13. MapQuest: Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation


This amazing app keeps you updated with directions while you look for driving and walking routes. It comes with outstanding feature of Live camera to check existing conditions before you hit the road. It has been among the top 10 preferred navigation apps for Apple users.

App Features

  • Offers up-to-date satellite imagery and maps
  • Real-time traffic updates help you find the fastest ways to your destination
  • Features multipoint routes so you can include more than just one stop
  • Gives optimized routing to help you save time, gas and money
  • Search and explore nearby points of interests like restaurants, bars, gas stations and hotels

Rating: 4.1

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

14. Drivemode: Handsfree Messages And Call For Driving


This awesome application follows a unique approach in helping users with navigational routes as they drive around. Considered as an all-in-one safety app, DriveMode is more like a handy interface placed over your phone screen.

It comes with a user friendly interface and is equipped with large screen buttons and convenient voice commands for handy accessibility of useful information.

App Features

  • Overlay your favorite music player on top of a navigation app
  • Get personalized recommendations over time based on your activities, calendar, and favorite places
  • Ignore calls or messages in “Do Not Disturb” mode
  • It can be configured to automatically launch when you start driving
  • Reply to a message or text using voice commands

Rating: 4.1

Installs: 1,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

15. Navmii GPS World (Navfree)

navmii offliine

Finding places for users is made easier by Navmii GPS World navigation app. Driver-friendly and convenient, the app enables hassle-free direction guide with touch-free operations.

Users can focus fully on driving while the app gives you updates on live traffic, navigational routes and driver analytics. The app also hosts information contributed by its user community.

App Features

  • Combines voice-guided navigation, live traffic information, local search and points of interest
  • Gives real-time traffic and road information
  • Search using postcode/ city/ street/ points of interest
  • Maps are available for more than 150 countries
  • Offers local place search powered by TripAdvisor, Foursquare and What3Words

Rating: 3.8

Installs: 10,000,000+

Download: Android, iOS

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These top navigation apps are all designed to assure utmost comfort throughout your journey by offering precise directions and by acting as a substantial guide. These apps let you plan your route with multiple waypoints. Some apps even notify you about speed cameras and signal the current speed limits to help you have a safe travel.

app cost calculator

The best part of these navigation apps is the options to discover alternative routes that avoid the traffic jams and save considerable time on the road. Try one or two of them while you travel to a familiar destination and see how it actually helps and then decide on the right app that suits your specific needs.

For years, employee attendance tracking and management has always been a grueling task that demands lots of accuracy and travail on the side of Human Resource manager of any organization.

app development cost

Without efficient resource management, it is cumbersome to reap maximum potential of hired talents in place. Thanks to much advanced WiFi-enabled technology dedicated to monitoring attendance of in-house recruits, it is possible now to track their whereabouts within the company.

Powered by company’s local WiFi system, this superior WiFi attendance app helps you keep attendance management of recruits on the track without even having to install a physical biometric system in the premise.

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Here is what all you need to learn about how the special WiFi attendance app solution works to drive efficiency in fundamental HR system.

WiFi Attendance System: Daily Attendance Tracker

wifi attendance app

Built with a goal to precisely track your staff attendance and their actual whereabouts, the WiFi-enabled attendance app is a simple and convenient way to track your staff attendance.

Unlike conventional RFID biometric systems usually installed in many company premises, WiFi attendance tracker is way better, faster and more effective.

This special one-of-a-kind system app is engineered to support your HR side of business and add efficiency in an effortless way.

Compatible to your business, WiFi attendance tracker helps you spend less time and efforts in HR activities, giving it a structure of an almost automated work process.

How it Works

By focusing on what really matters most to your organization (employee/staff management), the WiFi attendance app gets activated only when there is Wi-Fi connectivity to sense. The basic system of this app responds exclusively to your company’s office Wi-Fi.

wifi attendance app

This means if your employees have to mark their attendance, they can do so only when they are in office. Once they are inside the premise, the app connects with its local Wi-Fi router devices.

This not only allows you to track their exact location, but also to keep the employees in network.

Benefits of opting for Wi-Fi attendance app for your business

wifi attendance app

Since the basic concept of Wi-Fi attendance system revolves around employee tracking and monitoring, it helps you tackle many business challenges in long run.

The app works equally well for both company’s HR and employees as a way to mark attendance, leave applications, vacations and holidays, etc .

A few impressive gains are:

1) Saving Time and Money

The best and foremost benefit to gain from having an Attendance tracker app is to maximize the saving on time and effort. The software is made to track your employees’ existing position along with working hours in most accurate fashion. The result is stress-free resource monitoring and a break on unnecessary waste of money.

2) Ensures sheer honesty and transparency

The system built in WiFi attendance is configured exclusively to work only with office Wi-Fi range, which means there is no chance whatsoever for any sort of deceptive tricks like punching on behalf of a colleague. The solution thus fosters the honest and completely transparent attendance system

3) Establishes smooth workflow

With no presence of hassling biometric count and installation cost, WiFi attendance app becomes the much reliable remedy to establishing smooth, hassle-free workflow management.

4) Reduces Errors in Payroll

Employee Payroll activities are of critical value on HR’s desk and that is where Wi-Fi attendance app puts its effect. Since the app tracks working hours perfectly, calculating payoff time and vacation time becomes easier. No time is wasted on time sheet approval and integration of details, which gives clean, flawless payroll services.

5) Fair and square performance appraisal

Accuracy is the major pro from using attendance monitoring app and so is the zero human error. It is feasible for HR personnel to count the days of employee attendance a year. This is an important element to consider at the time of fair performance appraisal.

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Salient Employee Attendance App Features

wifi attendance app

From its working method, it is clear that Wi-Fi enabled attendance tracking app has everything your company needs to keep employees motivated.

A few great employee-side features it offers are:

1) Attendance marking

Employees are set free from waiting in queues to mark attendance. Once they hit the premise, they can easily mark their attendance using this app feature that connects with the office router. The process thus saves a lot of time for productivity.

2) User-friendly Dashboard

The app is smart enough to present all the attendance data in a format that can be read and understood so easily. The graphical presentation of employee data makes it easy to absorb information about working hours, leave allotment, assigned tasks, etc.

hire mobile app developers

3) Leave Application and Balance

This feature is meant to offer a convenient way to employees to view leave balance and apply for leaves. As a part of the process, they can simply enter the number of days of absence and the reason for leave.

4) Punch in & punch out

This app feature provides the complete details on punch in and punch out, including the exact location. With this feature, the users can check their daily punch in and punch out report and total working hours.

5) Holiday calendar

This great feature updates employees about all the holidays available for the year just at single click. Being in the know on upcoming holidays helps them plan their holidays in advance.

HR attendance app features

HR app

HR management app features are made to favor HR activities and keep their performance at highest level. HR attendance app features add smartness, speed and efficiency to their daily work, making everything accurate.

A few handy features for HR are:

1) Real Time Employee Locator

This feature helps HR people track actual real-time location of employees at the office and monitor their activities.

2) Easy Payroll Management

Due to its integrated structure that connects Employee side of app and Web app, the HR department of the company finds it easy to generate important payroll reports.

Based on the details such as leaves taken, pending leaves, total attendance, total hours of work, breaks, overtime and more, it brings the entire payroll management at one click.

3) Performance Management

With this features, HR managers can develop clear insight on company’s existing workflow. It brings useful data such as employee time sheet, project details, available resources, etc. which aligns workforce planning with the needs of the company.

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How to have it built for your business?

If you are looking to have a company build a customized WiFi attendance tracking app for your company, we can be your best preference.

Redbytes has helped several companies meet their productivity goals and employee efficiency target by means of creating the attendance monitoring system to clients’ satisfaction.

wifi attendance app

Either you can choose our ready made model of the app with fixed features or, if you seek a much personalized, business-specific build of WiFi attendance app that can be done as well.

All you have to do is simply contact us to share your actual requirements and existing business practices based on which you can plan, design and deliver the product as envisioned by you.

With GPS or Global Positioning System, the method of tracking has got to be easier where you can easily find where something is.

Of course, even now there are people who still give such broken directions, most of the times, we just prefer to send them our location pin that shows where we are exactly standing. And that is the beauty of GPS tracking.

To find a specific place, we certainly don’t require a road map or to ask unknown people for directions. Our smartphones have all the capabilities to guide us toward the particular place we want and tell the exact place that we are looking — A nearby drug store, restaurant, etc. For businesses, location-based tracking services provide a comprehensive suite of opportunities also — Right from improved customer services to detailed marketing and greater in-store traffic.

Now, before we start getting deeper into the technical stuff, there is another essential question that you have to ask yourself: What do we have to build a GPS tracking app at all?

What is the purpose of your GPS Tracking application?

The main purpose of a location tracking app is to get information about the person’s current place and pinpoint the exact position. However, this information and functionalities can be utilized in multiple ways across industries and here are some of the instances for your understanding:

  • GPS location tracking can be combined with time tracking to determine your remote employees’ efficiency and performance. Also, it’s up to you if you want to integrate automatic reporting and payment depending on the extra time they did. That’s it. You now have an effective and robust employee management tool.
  • Location tracking is frequently utilized to streamline fleet management operations. Users can offer their drivers with mapping and routing functionalities and through the app, produce reports and forward warnings if there is any emergency scenario. In situations like these, a GPS tracking app completely rules out the requirement to buy and download GPS handheld electronics.
  • You can create a GPS tracker application for outdoor and sports enthusiasts so that they can organize their everyday routes, get statements on the distance, and ensure never left behind.

User Privacy — Important Concern

Many times, users find that the rate of access to their location data surprising and feel like they are being followed by their own smartphone.

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Also, a study by Pew Research Center says that in most of the situations, people feel completely normal regarding giving their personal information against some personalized deals or any other tangible benefits and on the other side there are scenarios where such close monitoring becomes too intimidating.

  • Almost 45 percent of participants said that it is highly unacceptable for insurance companies to provide them surveilling their driving practices and provide deals or discounts for safe driving.
  • More than 50 percent felt uncertain about social media networking applications which collect their exact location and other related info and utilize it to send them personalized ads or even trade it with 3rd-parties.
  • 55 percent participants said that they never even think of installing s “Smart thermostat” as it would pursue their in-house actions and make its own temperature changes/modifications to minimize the electricity bill.

If you indeed want to build a GPS tracking application then ensure that your location-based functionalities really offers some great benefits for your customers. Put your theories to test with your customer pool clearly and tell them why they should choose to share their locations with you.

Know How Mobile Location is Received

Now, how to develop GPS tracking apps which are exact enough? Let us take a detailed look at what affects the quality of data in this scenario:

  • Users’ actions and the frequency of re-evaluations have to be conducted as and when the user changes his or her position.
  • Multitude of location references.
  • Wi-Fi, Cell-ID, Network data, and GPS can provide data on users’ location. But depending on just either of the choices can be a bit difficult as they each have their own speed, exactitude, and battery efficiency.

The last two can result in unfolding prevalence of assisted GPS — A method which utilizes both GPS and network data to receive location data. Google Maps and some other map apps usually utilize this style and recommend to connect your device to the network for an enhanced positioning.

Another concern for this GPS tracking application development is that location data received 10 seconds past from one channel could be more exact than the present location received from another channel. Such stabilization might be needed to obtain accurate information.

APIs for Location-based Services

If your GPS app customers are iOS users, then you need to compare the Core Location Framework and related APIs before you start doing anything else. This will let you identify the user’s status and direction, design, and plan the delivery of place and managing events, create a geofence if it is required and make sure the application works with iBecaons.

Thinking about a GPS application for Android users? Well, in this case, elements are a little less easy since there are two distinct approaches to receive the users’ location on this platform:

  • Utilizing Google Play services location APIs
  • Utilizing Android framework location APIs

The below are a couple of tips for app developers to take into consideration:

Android Location API

This earlier released API utilizes 3 separate providers to receive user’s position data:

  • LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER identifies location utilizing satellites and takes some time to deliver the information.
  • LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER identifies location depending on the reachability of a cell reception tower and Wi-Fi access networks.
  • LocationManager.PASSIVE_PROVIDER returns location produced by different providers. You indirectly obtain locations’ updates when rest apps or services ask them without having to request the location yourself.

Google Play Services Location APIs

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Nowwadays, Google is actively promoting thischoice as a robust, less-battery consumption solution and dynamic solution for identifying user’s location. It is a component of Google Play Services APK and is developed on best Android’s APIs.

The provider automatically chooses which location channel to utilize depending on the efficiency and battery utilization and lets set up more cutting-edge features such as geofencing.

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In this info graphic we discuss about how you can retrieve your phone that has been lost or misplaced. It is a matter of anxiety if happens to you and we are concerned about that. But now, there are many phone recovery options or anti-theft apps on the Google Play Store which can be a lifesaver in case you lose your phone. But many of us might only realize this after the phone gets lost. If you haven’t installed a tracking app or it’s too late that you have already lost the phone you can use these techniques to retrieve your phone or lock your phone so that no one can access it.

The most important thing is that, you set your phone up so that you can find it or else you are on your own to find out your phone. Most Android phones now come up with a ‘Find my device’ feature. This will automatically track your device no matter where it is.

You can wipe your phone of any sensitive data like work data in case you think it is really necessary. Whether you forget where you left it or it was stolen, these measures can help you retrieve your phone in the best way possible.

In some cases, it can be frustrating if you leave your phone somewhere in your house and you are about to go out somewhere. As long as your phone is on and is connected to the internet all you have to do is say ‘Ok Google, find my phone’ and Google will ask which device you want to find and turn the ringer on no matter if you have turned it to silent mode.  You will need to turn on the ‘Find my device’ option on your phone.

If all these steps are rightly followed your chances of getting your lost or misplaced Android smartphone is more.

find your stolen android phone

Smart devices have widely influenced the entire spectrum of enterprise companies, service industries, organizations as well as customers.

Due to latest innovative breakthroughs in mobile app development domain, transportation and logistics industry has become potential market for adopting robust custom mobile solutions.

From start to end point of delivery, customers are quick to integrate technology for tracking their shipments.

The main reason behind the fierce demand in transportation and logistics mobile app development is the ability to offer real-time information of goods, employee productivity, vehicle status and more during transportation.

Equipped with unique industry-specific custom features, logistics mobile apps can improve the supply chain management and process efficiency.

The following discussion in this blog explores more reasons why transportation and logistics companies need to implement mobile apps:

1) Sophistication of Processes

Transportation and logistics companies often associate themselves with partners whose goods and consignments are carried from manufacture point to the ultimate storage and delivery points.

The entire process needs to be conducted in a way that ensures smooth operations, timeliness of delivery and speedy performance.

Using mobile platform as a means of service management, companies in this industry can not only achieve substantial gains but also sophisticate their processes around much ease and convenience.

2) Warehouse management made easy

The most crucial area where transportation and logistics mobile app development touches is flawless operations and error-free system of handling goods in warehouse and yards.

With Mobile apps powered by latest business-specific features, warehouse managers can minimize the possibility of inaccuracies and errors that may happen due to manual efforts.

Mobile apps enable automatic process of logging the IDs of goods, storage locations and equipment through scanning them.

Hence, managers can find it easy to consider inventories and transactions entered via mobile app and sync the data to original database.

3) Post-delivery confirmation system

Due to bespoke nature of transportation and logistics mobile app development, the delivery of consignment becomes a complete hassle-free process.

All you need is to scan the goods’ IDs and enter the details like the time of delivery, location and item quantity.

Thus, heavy operations of monitoring incomings and outgoings are simplified by allowing delivery staff to update the information in the app with a few straight taps that send delivery alerts.

4) Dynamic tracking of cargo and productivity

With real-time tracking features of mobile apps, customers are enabled to track their shipment so accurately. This is because current generation of transportation and logistics mobile app development allows companies to track cargo vehicles dynamically.

While logistics business companies can track the movement of their field employees, they can use the same insight to improve customer service by giving precise GPS-based information of shipment status to customers.

This means that unlike earlier when logistics companies could only get post-delivery updates, with mobile apps in place they can make it possible to target individual package on meter-by-meter basis.

5) Shipment booking

Adding more unique, customer-oriented features means creating more patrons for your business. One of the star features is offering the facility of picking up the shipment from their home.

Logistics Mobile app can be used by clients who need an effective and fast way of booking shipment appointment and calling the company to pick the item from their destination.

6) The combined benefits of low-cost and efficiency

From the company’s end, transportation and logistics mobile app development can be a real saviour.

It not only helps receive the real-time data of goods volume and movement and inventories, but it also keeps manpower properly organized.

This means the app optimizes operational cost and efficiency – which is something businesses today would like to settle for.

7) Rapid and accurate decision making

As mobile app tools are able to capture and update real-time data instantly, businesses find it possible to improve their decision making about transportation process.

The insight generated in mobile apps eventually empower field employees in logistic companies to make quick, flawless judgment calls at the time of adversities and can avoid possible delays.

8) Smooth task management

Form company’s end, taking interest in transportation and logistics mobile app development can maximize their potential not only to assist customers but also to manage their own resources.

For instance, a feature-rich app can generate a balanced flow of information that helps monitor field employees’ time sheet, update their tasks and schedule their next-day deliveries.

To reduce transportation detour and cost, the app can show shortest routes to deliver the consignment faster.

9) Paperless automation of processes

Digitalizing an industry means most of the processes involved to manage business tasks will eliminate the need for papers and promote paperless ecosystem.

This is one of the major benefits transportation and logistics mobile app development offers. Freight and logistics apps have rich dashboard with dynamic features that ultimately automate existing processes, digital reports and order delivery confirmation and task scheduling, etc.

Thus, paperless automation saves time and ensures that all the information and updates are securely managed in a centralized system of app and shared with a closed loop.

10) Improved flexibility and retention

One of the sophisticated merits gained from digitalizing logistics operations is its ability to change the course of transportation routes and delivery schedules.

To customers and business owners, this is translated as control and much flexibility. As transportation and logistics mobile app development generates increased control of supply chains, logistics providers enjoy great space for building lasting partnership with their customers, resulting in better customer retention.

Having a dedicated mobile app with all-encompassing approach thus helps you connect with customers on another level, keeping them informed on real-time updates and custom recommendations.

11) Auxiliary operations

Apart from major benefits, there are several more operations where freight logistics mobile apps can contribute to satisfaction.

Some of them are compliance assurance, service standard improvement, ease of inspection, account verification, GPS integration and rout planning along with customer care services.


From above discussion, it is evident that digital solutions have swept deeply through transportation and logistics industry. Having a mobile app is an interactive, fast and easy-to-use way to enable tracking, automation and real-time management of logistics processes such as dispatch, inventory management, record storage, inspections and more.

Collaborating with a reputed transportation and logistics mobile app development company will help you unlock the mature potential of mobile technologies and attain efficiency, speed and stability in the business.

Many of us live on our smart phones as we use them for socializing, browsing, banking, shopping and even for business requirements. With increased utility, more vulnerability occurs. Having information in your device makes your phone a target, and hackers put in efforts to infiltrate them.

What if someone looks at your phone without your permission? It brings people one step closer to hack into your privacy. Therefore, you should strongly consider the threats related to keeping information saved in your phone secure. Its always good to use a built-in lock system, which is a good starting point to keep your phones safe.

Most of the security concerns are platform-specific, and may not be relevant to all users. But, there are plenty of risks to the sensitive information stored on your gadgets.

Fortunately, there are plenty of methods to ensure that no one gets access to your device and to know more, please check out the info-graphics given below to figure out the important steps for keeping your smartphones secure.

Like most other modern businesses, logistics industry is continually transforming and evolving to meet the new technological demands.

To earn loyalty of customers, its important for logistics companies to transact business on any device, anywhere and any time. Becoming more secure and unified, mobile apps provides a multi-channel experience across web and mobile. To keep pace with the market, you need make use of apps that enable greater transparency and efficiency.

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What do Logistics Apps Generally Help With?

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of using logistics industry apps is its ability to deliver cargo and receive data in real-time to both the employer and the customer. Here, mobile apps can be used to store valuable data and records that will be useful for further business decisions.

In this competitive field of logistics, basic industry standards are increasing in areas of allocating stock, order management, lead times and much more. Without innovative digital solutions, such tasks would be left behind.

Use of mobile apps can make things easier which carries out functionalities such as billing, accounting, and regulatory reporting tasks. In addition, paper waste can be eliminated, manpower is reduced, and human errors is diminished to an extend. Which in turn will improve profitability and thus enhance the overall business.

Commonly, delivery apps support processes in areas such as:

•  Goods delivery scheduling
•  Remove spread sheet based work tasks
•  Stock picking automation, adding management information and processing metrics

It integrates seamlessly with existing systems and uses messaging services based on industry standards. Users can easily and continuously adapt to apps to keep pace with changing business and market requirements.

GPS technology can be also incorporated to this which is to be done using the location based services which are provided for the people who owe to use this service.

Features for Transport Tracking & Delivery Apps

Logistics apps consists of the following attributes:

Automatic dispatching: Within a mobile app, drivers are automatically assigned according to the distance, availability, direction and current load capacity

Smart Routing: Optimise daily travel routes, thus saving time, cost of fuel, and on the whole maximise the daily drop count per driver each day

Real-Time Job Tracking: You can track every item in real-time. Reduce your missed delivery count and customer complaints. From pick up to drop off, the app will provide driver’s every move

Feedback: Monitor the driver’s service and performance. Monitor customer feedback in real-time
Offline Support: Offline support is essential as it can help employees to enter data whenever required and they manage the entire app with or without Internet access

Driver’s Log: This feature is meant to help keep drivers daily log of activities. It keeps track of everything drivers do each day

Shipment Tracking: This feature provides informations on log carrier, delivery of goods and track the shipments.

Benefits of Apps for Logistics Management

•  Consist of the entire catalogue of all representative offices for product delivery with full lists of telephone numbers and work schedules.
•  Calculates the delivery time period of the cargo
•  Latest information about the company, information on new services etc.
•  Tracks status of cargo delivery using the receipt number
•  Calculating price of the cargo
•  Details on cargo receiving and other details
•  Manage your fleet
•  Quick search
•  Finding location of nearby offices
•  Makes asset tracking easier
•  As mobile apps are connected 24/7, it automatically delivers data about traffic informations, which is more accountable than any other form of data for delivering goods on time
•  Such apps consists of powerful APIs that connects apps for delivery services with third party online ordering providers for real time orders and confirmations

For an industry like logistics which is on a constant move, mobile apps is an essential choice and plays an important role in ensuring real-time, consistent and accurate data. Building a secure, scalable mobility infrastructure will not only help industries but also earn trust of customers of getting shipments on-time with perfect condition.

Mohali district police has started using mobile apps to trace stolen vehicles. This app is designed specially by police force to trace such vehicles.

District police formed 5 teams of cops to trace the suspects. The members of this team are from the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA). They are working in the major towns of the district such as Zirakpur, Kharar, Derabassi, Kurali and Mohali city.

This app can be downloaded only by the police force.

Cops are required to download the app on their smart phone as it will help to trace the stolen vehicles.
This app is connected with the National Crime Records Bureau and the state transport department as they have the complete records of the stolen vehicles.

Cops Begins Tracing Crime with Mobile App in Mohali

You might have heard or even used the services of Ola, Uber and Lyft. It was smart thinking that made lives of people easier, especially in urban areas.

Now, Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra is gunning for success with Trringo. It is an app aimed at helping farmers hire tractors during the harvest season.

Tractors are priced too high for small scale farmers to buy. So, they usually have to rent tractors from owners who can be harsh and unreasonable. Mahindra & Mahindra aims at changing this with the Trringo app. The tag line of the app is – “Ab Tractor Call Karo”

The company provides tractors for rent at 400-700 rs an hour. They rent their own vehicles as well as from a pool of tractor owners who have signed up for the service.

The app was launched in Karnataka last month and is set to roll out in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.