Nausicaa is a unique environment of the Marine Discovery Centre of its kind, at once entertaining, educational and scientific , mainly focused on the relationship between man and the sea. Aquariums giants , underwater explorations , advanced technologies the magic of a grandiose setting : everything is there to dream.

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Throughout the game, you will need to find an illustration to scan using the clues given in the application. Once in front of this illustration, just scan with the camera of your smartphone.

Once the index is found, have fun with a playful activity and then move on to a new stage !

Gobzer is a free application that allows earning rewards on everyday happening. It contributes to the discovery of stores or places you love or your friends have liked. It also helps to find places to your preferences of exciting events and rewards.

gobzer makes it convenient for you to promote your local favorite places to help them grow. You can sign in with your store or places on gobzer favorite for custom & amp service; rewarding experience.

Your favorite shops and places to reward you for referring them to friends and family. gobzer is as easy sharing for you.

With gobzer, you can be a part of various privileges offered by local businesses programs without transport disadvantage physical cards in your wallet.

This is an online bike rental app for both Android and iOS which allows users to have pollution-free rides by renting electric scooters for a day or longer. Users can assign pick-up & drop points and start their ride in just a few clicks.

This assures you to upload a valid Driving license to enjoy better and safe rides. You can select from popular bike models to accompany you in your cost-efficient rides.


We believes in the “GO GREEN” concept. Here, users can travel at ease and comfort in an environment-friendly mode. It helps users to enjoy rides on well-maintained electric vehicles reducing the cost of fuel and providing handy access to easy & dedicated travel needs.


Handling race conditions for bike booking was the major challenge we faced during its development. It was tough, as it is hard to manage multiple bookings on the same bike at a time. We applied the “First come first serve” concept here.


Redbytes always give prime concern to the user experience and convenience of the app. We ensure you pocket-friendly two-wheeler rides through a safe app solution. Boosting up flexibility & excellence in each aspects of app development makes Redbytes the best in the industry.

What we did?

We developed an intuitive user-friendly app available on both iOS and Android platforms which contributes towards the environment by providing electric vehicles that reduce pollution.

Users can register through email, mobile number or social media accounts. They can create a profile where details about their rides & payments can be viewed.

We also created two separate categories of ‘license required’ and ‘no license required’ vehicles. The former type enables users to book vehicles with a valid Driving License and the latter  to book vehicles from No license required category.

Key Features

  • Login / signup
  • KYC Verification
  • Upload valid driving license
  • My Account
  • My Rides to know ride details
  • Profile edit option
  • Select your location
  • Manage addresses
  • Select pickup/drop location
  • Choose vehicle model
  • Specify ride duration
  • Available coupons
  • Terms & conditions
  • About us
  • Send queries via support forum
  • View Recent Notifications

Your vote counts !
That’s what FlightSpeak app is all about giving feedback theft and the airline , share your experience with your friends and discover the airport offers.

How does it work?

– Évaluez Your flight . Share your experience on a simple scale and we know how it went by
– Construction of a flight
– Share your experience . Share your FlightLog with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
– Looking to find the offers ? Find deals in your current airport
– Get online faster. We’ve aggregated airport WiFi information to help you know before you go whether WiFi is free,
the connection details, and much more.
– Cut down on search time. Searching for a nearby information desk or airport map on a wall is so last century!
– We’ve placed Twitter feeds from airports in an easy to discover format, giving you the most up-to-date information     directly from multiple airports, all in ONE place.
– Keep your kids/pets smiling. We’ve put together a “Just for Family” section, outlining resources like play areas
for kids, pet resources, rooms for Nursing Moms, and much more.
– We’ve made it easy for you to share interesting airport stories and photos along with other travelers all around the       world in the gallery

Smart. Easy. Delightful!flightSpeak is here to help you “airport” the right way!

Acoustic Bavaria is your personal audio guide to Neuschwanstein Castle !

Tour guide Jake Doherty All Things Garmisch invites you to explore outside the castle at your own pace , when he tells the story of Wittlesbach family, which is full of conspiracy theories , murder , war, and Wagner . & nbsp;

Included in this app is the history of the Castle Hohenschwangau, advice on navigating two castles with photos featuring these important markers, and many extras a long way!