Your vote counts !
That’s what FlightSpeak app is all about giving feedback theft and the airline , share your experience with your friends and discover the airport offers.

How does it work?

– Évaluez Your flight . Share your experience on a simple scale and we know how it went by
– Construction of a flight
– Share your experience . Share your FlightLog with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
– Looking to find the offers ? Find deals in your current airport
– Get online faster. We’ve aggregated airport WiFi information to help you know before you go whether WiFi is free,
the connection details, and much more.
– Cut down on search time. Searching for a nearby information desk or airport map on a wall is so last century!
– We’ve placed Twitter feeds from airports in an easy to discover format, giving you the most up-to-date information     directly from multiple airports, all in ONE place.
– Keep your kids/pets smiling. We’ve put together a “Just for Family” section, outlining resources like play areas
for kids, pet resources, rooms for Nursing Moms, and much more.
– We’ve made it easy for you to share interesting airport stories and photos along with other travelers all around the       world in the gallery

Smart. Easy. Delightful!flightSpeak is here to help you “airport” the right way!

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