For years, employee attendance tracking and management has always been a grueling task that demands lots of accuracy and travail on the side of Human Resource manager of any organization.

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Without efficient resource management, it is cumbersome to reap maximum potential of hired talents in place. Thanks to much advanced WiFi-enabled technology dedicated to monitoring attendance of in-house recruits, it is possible now to track their whereabouts within the company.

Powered by company’s local WiFi system, this superior WiFi attendance app helps you keep attendance management of recruits on the track without even having to install a physical biometric system in the premise.

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Here is what all you need to learn about how the special WiFi attendance app solution works to drive efficiency in fundamental HR system.

WiFi Attendance System: Daily Attendance Tracker

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Built with a goal to precisely track your staff attendance and their actual whereabouts, the WiFi-enabled attendance app is a simple and convenient way to track your staff attendance.

Unlike conventional RFID biometric systems usually installed in many company premises, WiFi attendance tracker is way better, faster and more effective.

This special one-of-a-kind system app is engineered to support your HR side of business and add efficiency in an effortless way.

Compatible to your business, WiFi attendance tracker helps you spend less time and efforts in HR activities, giving it a structure of an almost automated work process.

How it Works

By focusing on what really matters most to your organization (employee/staff management), the WiFi attendance app gets activated only when there is Wi-Fi connectivity to sense. The basic system of this app responds exclusively to your company’s office Wi-Fi.

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This means if your employees have to mark their attendance, they can do so only when they are in office. Once they are inside the premise, the app connects with its local Wi-Fi router devices.

This not only allows you to track their exact location, but also to keep the employees in network.

Benefits of opting for Wi-Fi attendance app for your business

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Since the basic concept of Wi-Fi attendance system revolves around employee tracking and monitoring, it helps you tackle many business challenges in long run.

The app works equally well for both company’s HR and employees as a way to mark attendance, leave applications, vacations and holidays, etc .

A few impressive gains are:

1) Saving Time and Money

The best and foremost benefit to gain from having an Attendance tracker app is to maximize the saving on time and effort. The software is made to track your employees’ existing position along with working hours in most accurate fashion. The result is stress-free resource monitoring and a break on unnecessary waste of money.

2) Ensures sheer honesty and transparency

The system built in WiFi attendance is configured exclusively to work only with office Wi-Fi range, which means there is no chance whatsoever for any sort of deceptive tricks like punching on behalf of a colleague. The solution thus fosters the honest and completely transparent attendance system

3) Establishes smooth workflow

With no presence of hassling biometric count and installation cost, WiFi attendance app becomes the much reliable remedy to establishing smooth, hassle-free workflow management.

4) Reduces Errors in Payroll

Employee Payroll activities are of critical value on HR’s desk and that is where Wi-Fi attendance app puts its effect. Since the app tracks working hours perfectly, calculating payoff time and vacation time becomes easier. No time is wasted on time sheet approval and integration of details, which gives clean, flawless payroll services.

5) Fair and square performance appraisal

Accuracy is the major pro from using attendance monitoring app and so is the zero human error. It is feasible for HR personnel to count the days of employee attendance a year. This is an important element to consider at the time of fair performance appraisal.

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Salient Employee Attendance App Features

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From its working method, it is clear that Wi-Fi enabled attendance tracking app has everything your company needs to keep employees motivated.

A few great employee-side features it offers are:

1) Attendance marking

Employees are set free from waiting in queues to mark attendance. Once they hit the premise, they can easily mark their attendance using this app feature that connects with the office router. The process thus saves a lot of time for productivity.

2) User-friendly Dashboard

The app is smart enough to present all the attendance data in a format that can be read and understood so easily. The graphical presentation of employee data makes it easy to absorb information about working hours, leave allotment, assigned tasks, etc.

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3) Leave Application and Balance

This feature is meant to offer a convenient way to employees to view leave balance and apply for leaves. As a part of the process, they can simply enter the number of days of absence and the reason for leave.

4) Punch in & punch out

This app feature provides the complete details on punch in and punch out, including the exact location. With this feature, the users can check their daily punch in and punch out report and total working hours.

5) Holiday calendar

This great feature updates employees about all the holidays available for the year just at single click. Being in the know on upcoming holidays helps them plan their holidays in advance.

HR attendance app features

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HR management app features are made to favor HR activities and keep their performance at highest level. HR attendance app features add smartness, speed and efficiency to their daily work, making everything accurate.

A few handy features for HR are:

1) Real Time Employee Locator

This feature helps HR people track actual real-time location of employees at the office and monitor their activities.

2) Easy Payroll Management

Due to its integrated structure that connects Employee side of app and Web app, the HR department of the company finds it easy to generate important payroll reports.

Based on the details such as leaves taken, pending leaves, total attendance, total hours of work, breaks, overtime and more, it brings the entire payroll management at one click.

3) Performance Management

With this features, HR managers can develop clear insight on company’s existing workflow. It brings useful data such as employee time sheet, project details, available resources, etc. which aligns workforce planning with the needs of the company.

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How to have it built for your business?

If you are looking to have a company build a customized WiFi attendance tracking app for your company, we can be your best preference.

Redbytes has helped several companies meet their productivity goals and employee efficiency target by means of creating the attendance monitoring system to clients’ satisfaction.

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Either you can choose our ready made model of the app with fixed features or, if you seek a much personalized, business-specific build of WiFi attendance app that can be done as well.

All you have to do is simply contact us to share your actual requirements and existing business practices based on which you can plan, design and deliver the product as envisioned by you.