About MakeMyTrip

Founded by Deep Kalra in 2000, MakeMyTrip is a leading flight booking and travel booking company in India that launched its app in 2012.

Due to its great deals, attractive fares and discounts and lightning fast booking services, MakeMyTrip became one of the most popular app for booking hotels, flights and trip.

cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

For MMT, making instant travel booking for Indians enjoyable has always been its main mantra, which is why the app has been downloaded 33 million times.

The app effortlessly supports both mobile and desktop platforms in a way most appreciated by customers.

With stellar features like calendar, My Rewards, in-app wallets, personalized offers & deals and social reference benefits, driving customers, the app goes through its pleasant purchase funnel.

Overall, the app addresses the following target winning factors:

  • Delightful UI
  • Navigational ease
  • Satisfying personalization
  • Value-added customer service
  • User-friendly responsive features

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Elements of inspiration from MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip adds tremendous value to users’ travel lifestyle and its online store reviews are the trusted testament to its enormous ability to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Its progressive deals and innovative capability to mix technology with business has engaged customers steadily.

The app enables domestic booking services such as flight, bus and train booking as well as private car or taxi rental system.

International air journey booking adds a lot of convenience.

Its custom holiday packages, B2B and affiliate services provide widest unique choices

For unforgettable travel booking experience, here are the main essentials of the app:

  • Booking flight, bus, train and cabs
  • View booking details and e-tickets
  • Make cancellations of trips
  • Multiple payment mode: CC, Debit card, Net banking, My Wallet
  • Saving Payment options like card details

If you have decided to develop a travel mobile app like MakeMyTrip, these sections better be put under your primary considerations before brainstorming a viable development strategy, especially the cost.

App Design

Determining the overall design scope of your travel app like MakeMyTrip is subject to the ultimate vision of client’s requirements, and is highly crucial and sensitive to how much cost the app will make in the end.

The design phase focuses mainly on how you approach the design concept and how it will possibly influence the cost as the process is propelled forward up to the development point.

app - cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

At this points our main considerations should be keeping things simple, which shows clarity around cost and also gives you the idea of how users will identify with it in terms of experience.

If you have opted for MVP on initial basis, going simple would help you get started in a simple way.

Upon getting desired goal satisfied, the design can be made more appealing in later phase. Casting a glance at competitor’s design attitude will also help you stand out with what to do and what to avoid to get it right.

For Each platform, the time taken to design the app may take 70-80 hours.

App size and features

App size entails most important basic features and functionalities that are essential to existence of travel booking app. As the set of rich features increase, the cost will go high.

This is why it is wise to focus only on the core features of the app for the first attempt in order to optimize the cost. Later, as the app gets increasingly popular, the next version will have secondary features.

App-features - cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

The key features that give true power to an app like MakeMyTrip are:

  • User profile
  • Image editing
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Activity feed & Newsfeed
  • Social sharing and referrals
  • Messaging
  • QR codes or bar codes

Android and iOS each may take 100 or more hours for implementation of these features.

Advanced Features

If you have already used MakeMyTrip app and explored its features, you will realize it feeds on glory with many advanced features making the app even more usable and sophisticated than others.

These sort of advanced features interact best with user’s device environment, offering real-time information.

Some of them are:

  • Geo-location
  • Travel booking calendar
  • Data synchronization
  • Push-notifications
  • In-app camera

Although these features enhance app’s reputation, they should not precede over basic features which are must-have for properly functional app launched in the first stage.

The usual hours consumed while developing advanced features come down to 80-100 hours.

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To facilitate flexible payments, make sure you install gateways preferred most by users of travel apps. Since all banks have their own payment gateway, it is best to opt for unified payment gateways.

payement - cost to develop a travel app like makemytrip

For the gateway of your choice and ensure ease of purchase, you can always ask developers to work on implementing a third party SDK.

Integration of payment gateways would generally require 60-80 hours during the development phase.

Mobile wallet

For users who prefers the option of paying via in-app wallet, integrating a dedicated mobile wallet into the app would be a great resort.

Having an in-app mobile wallet also ensures payments are done immediately and benefits app business owners in many different ways.

Such wallets cost extra to develop, but travel app like MakeMyTrip and Ola have earned incredible gains. The backend architecture creation of wallet development usually takes 60-80 hours.

Admin Panel

Updating the content dynamically in travel apps is vital since every app contains information that has to be updated from time to time. It is with the Admin panel that you can be in control of what happens to user data.

Also you can view, add, edit or remove features or analyze usage data or generate app performance reports. It requires good amount of efforts and considerations to build admin panel of crucial importance.

The task of Admin Panel development takes around 100 or 120 hours.

App developers

The experience and number of travel mobile app developers also essentially factors into deciding overall cost to develop  an app like MakeMytrip.

hire mobile app developers

This side of cost consideration requires confirmation on whether you hire local developers or outsourcing partner living outside your country.

Ultimately, the price of developers will depend on their specific geographic location, experience level, industry practices and resources invested.

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The magnificent success of Travel and hotel booking apps like Goibibo, MakeMyTrip and Trivago revolves around its ability to offer flexibility, scalability and seamless performance.

How long your travel booking app like MakeMyTrip stays on the top majorly depends on how users find it. Hence, the final cost of developing the app must justify the user experience offered by rich features and functionality.

mobile app development

However, the considerations of cost estimation, MVP, design concept are all critical points where client’s specific requirements drive the final effect.

We have a finest team of travel booking app developers and design experts who leverage all the latest technologies and modern approach to develop impeccable mobile app for clients.

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