Today there are online apps, literally for everything and OYO is such a successful app with so many users. A perfect online hotel booking platform, OYO has now become popular rapidly and a large number of entrepreneurs have come forward to invest in this latest trend.

People now-a-days are more in to travel as they consider it as their passion. While travelling, they would prefer a budget hotel with comfortable stay. Here comes the role of OYO as it is considered as the biggest platform based budget hotel network.

Let’s start by the concept of why you need to create an app like OYO and development cost.

What made OYO Rooms Successful?

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OYO Rooms is not like your standard hotel booking app. It helps budget travellers book accommodation in standalone hotels or guest houses that are managed under the OYO brand.

Being one of the first to launch an app in this space has contributed to its rising popularity over both the iOS and Android platforms in a very short time span.

OYO conveniently lessened the stress of budget conscious travellers without compromising on quality and comfort. This helped it to gain tremendous footing in the hospitality market.

How to create an app like OYO

You need to have an experienced team on board, accompanied by solid monetary investment to compete with established players in the space. Some of the areas that you should focus on when it comes to create your OYO app

  • The core concept and the idea of the app
  • Unique differentiators that set it apart from immediate rivals
  • A SWOT analysis of the market and competition
  • Benefits and features of the platform
  • Business and marketing strategies that should apply

Types of Hotel Booking Apps

There are several types of hotel booking apps that you can consider developing. The primary classification is

#1. Last-Minute Hotel Booking App

If your target audience constitutes of those looking to book holidays at the very last minute, the aggregator app is what you should look at developing.

#2. Before-hand Hotel Booking App

These are traditional hotel booking platforms where you can book your preferred accommodation up to a year in advance.

#3. Hybrid Hotel Booking App

OYO Rooms allows advance and last minute bookings to be made on their app platform. Therefore, it is more of a hybrid model that combines the best of both worlds.

Before you commence with the actual development, it is essential to figure out the model on which your app is going to be built. This lays the foundation and the remaining architecture of the platform can be designed basis this.

Creating A Custom Hotel Booking App

When you embark on your app development journey, you must go through the following stages:

#1. Idea Evaluation and Research

Prior to starting the actual development process you must make sure that your idea has the potential to succeed. Undertake the necessary market research, conduct analysis and evaluations, come up with a project blueprint and get feedback.

#2. UX Strategy

In consultation with your development team, you must formalise a strategy for your user interface. Ensure that it focuses on functionality and ease of usage whilst complying with all necessary best practices.

#3. Concept Validation

Once you have developed the app’s prototype, you need to run it again by your target audience. This helps validate and authenticate the concept once again, plus, helps to get feedback and reviews for you to take any corrective measures and fix bugs.

#4. Design and Development

Design the visual representation of the UI and UX that will help to create your OYO app demo version. This forms the basis of your project converting into a live app.

#5. Product Growth

Thoroughly monitor and track user acknowledgement and their reactions to any changes. This can help you make any app modifications so that the app caters to user needs perfectly.

The Business and Revenue Model of OYO Rooms

You need the app to generate revenue at some point in time. An app like OYO Rooms can work on two different business and revenue models. These include:

#1. Aggregator Business Model

OYO Rooms followed the aggregator model until 2018. This enabled them to connect with a number of properties and guest house owners who were willing to sell their rooms on their platform under the OYO brand name.

The end user does not know the actual property name since the hotel or guest house is under a management contract with OYO.

The aggregator model helps OYO earn an approximate revenue of 22% in profit shares. The property owners who list their hotels and guest houses on the OYO platform generate traction and interest through more frequent traffic which otherwise would not have been possible for standalone hospitality establishments.

#2. Franchise Model

OYO presently operates on the franchise model where 90% of the revenue gains from hotel operations are shared with OYO by the property owners. The properties have to adhere to strict standards of operations where they have to stick to consistent levels of customer service to help grow the business.

Under this business and revenue model, the hotel and place owners became constrained to OYO’s terms and offer room plans accordingly.

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Key Features to Be Integrated into A Hotel Booking App Like OYO

To create a mobile app like OYO Rooms, you must have a list of features ready for incorporation. Take a look at our recommendations:

oyo features - create an app like oyo

#1. Easy Registration and Login

The majority of apps require their customers to register on the platform. The OYO Rooms app is no different. Guests must login using unique email id or mobile number in combination with a password.

Alternatively, to simplify the process, you can also integrate social handles and Google account as a way to register with a single click. Complicated registrations can irate the prospective customers driving them to leave the app mid-way without completing their booking.

#2. Booking Rooms from The App

Users should be able to view the home page upon registration. They can insert the necessary location and travel dates and apply any other filters to generate a search list. The listed properties clearly highlight the type of rooms available, their prices, any inclusions and applicable taxes.

Images accompanying the results help travellers make their decision on which OYO property suits their requirement the most. The app platform makes the booking process effortless with the integration of easy payment options.

After all, the instant nature of these apps to book hotels easily is what gets the users attracted to them in the first place.

#3. Room Availability and Search Functionality

Travellers can check for available rooms in hotels at their preferred travel destination. The general search can be further streamlined with the use of relevant filters such as:

  • Type of accommodation
  • Price range
  • Room type
  • Amenities
  • Meal plans, breakfast and any other inclusion
  • Nearby places

These filters help to make the hotel booking process convenient and hassle-free.

#4. Prices of Different Rooms

Along with the search results, users can also view a range of prices depending on room type and any other inclusions such as breakfast, etc. The app should offer the users to look at the available amenities in order to make the decision process easier for them.

Travellers can select the price as per their preference and budget. This page usually does not include taxes which are highlighted in the final payment page.

#5. Easy Payment

The final payment page displays what the customer needs to pay to confirm the booking. It also shows the various payment options such as:

  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • PayPal
  • eWallets
  • Pay at Hotel

#6. Modifications in Booking

All bookings made on the OYO app can be modified up to a certain extent. Be it room upgrades or adding the option of breakfast and meals, the user can add or remove elements from their booking.

In case of additions, the app will levy applicable charges which may be collected at the property.

#7. Places Nearby

Any hotel booking app stands on the foundation of a solid geolocation feature. Users can view and explore places nearby, such as tourist destinations, restaurants, movie theatres, malls, etc.

#8. Car/Taxi Booking

The prospective rider places a ride request by sharing Pick Up and Drop Locations using the hotel booking application. Drivers near the Pick-Up location receive this request information.

As the driver accepts the ride request, the rider receives a booking confirmation on the app. It also shows the cab’s estimated arrival and the route taken by the driver in real-time.

#9. Booking for Restaurants, etc

Check our proximity of restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment centres or other amenities nearby. Users can make a booking with their preferred eatery or tickets to the cinema, theatre or adventure park directly from the app’s platform.

This makes it super-convenient for the users.

#10. Trip Planner

Travellers can plan their holiday with a hotel booking app like OYO. Select your accommodation, plan your sightseeing trips and even book your cabs right from the app’s platform. Everything gets recorded in a single place minimises a lot of back and forths for the user.

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#11. User Contribution

Prospective travellers can always check on user feedback, reviews and ratings of the hotels listed on the app’s platform. Great reviews and ratings can translate into more revenue for the property.

Plus, customers can leave feedback too on the properties too. Typically, you will the following contributions:

Trip Stories such as travel blogs, vlogs, detailed reviews

  • Travel Tips & Advice
  • Community Portal
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Photo Galleries

#12. Easy Cancellations

The user should be able to cancel their hotel as per the terms and conditions of the booking. This is applicable for even non-refundable bookings where users can cancel by paying a penalty of forfeiting the entire amount.

Refundable booking cancellations are also possible where the user may place a request by a certain date. For these bookings, the customer generally has to give a credit card guarantee.

#13. GPS Functionality

When the traveller arrives at their destination, the app’s in-built GPS functionality helps the user locate the hotel easily. The app enables the user to view the most optimised route depending on the time of his or her arrival.

#14. Trip History

The section that outlines Trip History basically acts as a point of reference for the app’s user. It generally displays information like period of travel, destination travelled, hotel booked, and more.

#15. Booking and Payments History

This is a dedicated section that shows the users the number of trips taken using their profile.

#16. Push Notifications

When there are active customers using your hotel booking app frequently, you need to have a medium of communication in place to alert them of news, updates, changes in terms and conditions, etc. The best way is to have a Push Notification system that automatically shares these updates with every single app user.

Take a look at some common scenarios where push notifications can be useful:

  • Updates on new properties
  • Price drops on properties that you have saved or liked
  • Updates on information on existing properties
  • Deals, sales and offers

#17. In-app Chat or Call Feature

It is essential to have a feature that can connect the traveller with the hotel booking platform seamlessly in case there are any urgent questions or queries.

An in-app call or chat functionality can become the preferred mode of communication between both concerned parties in such situations.

Unique Features on The OYO Room App

The OYO Room app comes with some unique features which help make the platform strong and robust. It also gives it a competitive edge over its immediate industry rivals.

Take a look.

#1. OYO Money and OYO Rupee

The app offers virtual currencies that can be earned by existing customers on referrals to your friends and families who book their hotels using the code.

#2. OYO Wizard

This is OYO’s loyalty program where long time customers are offered special discounts and offers on future bookings on the platform.

#3. OYO Captain

Customers can hire the services of a local representative using the OYO app who is assigned with the responsibility of looking after every aspect of the traveller’s holiday. Generally, the role of the representative involves the following:

  • Reviewing hotel bookings and overseeing that the rooms are as per the requirements of the customer
  • Keeping a check on the amenities and facilities of the hotel accommodation
  • Help in designing itineraries for sightseeing and exploring nearby places, making restaurant bookings, etc.

#4. OYO Assist

This is a self-service facility where customers can use the OYO app to check on the following:

  • Policies related to their hotel bookings
  • Modifying or cancelling hotel bookings
  • Making refund claims
  • Lodging a complaint or grievance


The app comes in-built with an SOS button that is connected to a dedicated call centre. If the travelled feels unsafe or threatened in any way, he or she can immediately press the SOS Button and speak to an agent who is trained to deal with people in such situations.

#6. Deals for You

OYO has a dedicated deal feature that offers exclusive offers and discounts from OYO partners like banks, eWallets, or other service providers. These benefits are passed on to the end customer through this section.

Features on the Admin Panel

The app comes with a robust backend admin panel that includes the following modules of operation:

#1. User Management

The admin gets a complete overview of all user information from the back-end. The Admin can search, filter, edit or delete them and generate necessary reports and insights whenever required.

#2. Hotel Management

This feature allows property owners to add, view, publish, and edit products on the dashboard as well as track product status of rooms being sold effortlessly.

#3. Hotel List Management

Owners can list their available rooms via the Hotel List Management module. Here they can enter basic product details such as description, price, room dimensions, amenities and facilities, room images, inclusions, exclusions, etc.

#4. Payment Transaction Management

Property owners need a dedicated segment on the app to keep track of their earning during the day, week, month, year, and more. They should also be able to monitor the earnings that are being transferred to the bank account by the service provider via this same feature.

#5. Confirm Booking Management

Property owners can monitor the number of confirmed bookings received on their enlisted property via this module on the admin panel.

#6. Transaction History

Every user payment is trackable through the Transaction History section on the Admin Panel. Once payment is received, the admin can view it in real-time.

#7. Discount and Offer Management

Cashbacks, discounts, sales, offers are monitored and tracked via this module. The administrator can create new promotions or update existing ones using this functionality.

#8. Support Request Management

The admin moderates all support requests and shares them with the relevant departments for resolution.

#9. Analytics

Admins can see the whole picture of their reseller business. Real-time analytics enables them to keep track of and monitor vital information on the most viewed properties, total sales/revenue, customer booking patterns, user session times, etc.

OYO Mobile App’s Technology Stack

With a well-defined platform and the list of features out of the way, you need to know on how actually to create an app like OYO.

Here is the recommended technology stack.

  • Framework: Android, iOS, and Cross Platforms
  • Web/App Development Language: Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Xamrin, Objective-C, Swift, PHP, Node.js, and Angular
  • Map: Google Map API
  • Nearby Places: Google Places API
  • Interface: Rest API, Slim Framework
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
  • Cloud Environment: AWS
  • Hotel metasearch data: HotelsCombined Data Feeds and Skyscanner Affiliate API
  • Aggregator APIs: Expedia Affiliate Network API
  • Payment Gateway:Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, eWallets
  • Web Server: Nginx, Apache HTTP Server
  • Real-Time Analytics:Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • Traffic Analysis Tools: Google Analytics, Mouseflow
  • Streaming Media System: Helix Universal Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer
  • Weather Forecasts: OpenWeatherMap API

Development Team Structure

You need a team of expert and experienced professional developers to develop and deliver a successful hotel booking app like OYO. Your team should consist of the following experts:

  • UI/UX Designers
  • Android and iOS Developer
  • Front and Back-End Developers
  • QA Expert
  • Database Expert
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Team
  • Delivery Manager

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like OYO ?

With the features, model, tech stack and team structure finalised, you need to arrive at a cost estimate for the development of your hotel booking app. The cost to create an OYO app varies based on different factors. These primarily involve:

  • Project functionality
  • Design
  • The development company and its location
  • The technology used
  • The number of hours that programmers and other professionals work on the project
  • Technical difficulties that may arise

Along with the app size, features and functionalities, the location of your development team also determine the overall app cost.

Developer per hour cost in some major locations are:

Country Average hourly rate
USA $80
UK $70
Western Europe (Germany) $60
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) $30
India $25


Taking into account all of these factors, the average cost of creating an app like OYO with a development team based in India ranges between $60,000-$80,000.

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With the hospitality industry witnessing such dramatic transformations, apps like OYO Rooms are the future of hotel booking. No wonder there is a ton of investment in the space driving new players to come in with their unique ideas and concepts in the domain.

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If you are interested to create a Hotel booking app like OYO Rooms, then this is the ideal time to dive into this project. There is greater availability of private equity and bank funding that is helping businesses to come up with more mobile solutions for the future.