Xamarin development is creating a storm in the industry ever since it was introduced with its unique features. The beginners in the platform may be wondering about why Xamarin has won hearts of many in this short time frame.

Yes, the technology can boast of creating amazing cross platform mobile apps for your venture in quick time. It would be a cost effective decision to have Xamarin mobile app for your business as it is optimized for Android & iOS platforms.

With easy collaboration & sharing features,  minimal expense and time etc. Xamarin targets larger user base.

From using the same code for different platforms to reduced development cost, the advantages of using Xamarin for development are many. Here are a few among the top benefits of Xamarin development which has made it a unique choice:

1. Native user-interface

With UI elements that are platform specific, Xamarin assures a flawless user experience. The business oriented projects can find it really helpful as the pace of app development is a lot higher than you can expect.

The custom app UI can also be created with no risks for advanced performance as Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS can be used to assure remarkable outcome.

2. Reduced development time

Unlike the platform dependent native apps, the same code can be shared for apps for different platforms when using Xamarin.

This in turn reduces the overall development time. Also switching between the development settings is not needed during the code building phase as it easily works with Visual studio (Windows) and Xamarin (Mac).

Also the automatic debugging facility adds to the reduced development time.

3. Flexibility with C#

Another advantage of Xamarin development is the use of C# as the programming language. With its unique benefits, it is an ideal choice for cross-platform development.

The developer needs are well met with good assistance from Microsoft’s.NET framework. Its simplified syntax makes the developing phase easy for even beginners.

Moreover, the type-safety feature of the language eliminates the possibilities of type errors which improve the success rate of the program.

4. Fewer bugs

For Xamarin development, only a fewer lines of code are used and this also means that you will come across only a fewer bugs.

The minimal bugs also open an opportunity for ample testing time which eliminates the possible errors in the running period.

5. Learner Friendly

Unlike many other platforms for app development, the learning curve for Xamarin is beginner friendly.

When developing apps for iOS and Android, programmers will have to be thorough with both Java and Objective-C languages.

This is not the case when using Xamarin as they just need to be clear with the basics of C# to successfully develop apps for both these platforms.

The time you ultimately need to spend for getting familiarized with the overall process is comparatively very less.

6. Native performance

This unique package avoids the necessity of managing separate teams for different platforms. The Visual Studio lets to experience the benefits of Xamarin libraries and Xamarin Studio.

Influencing the already existing app code base is now common with Xamarin and transitioning to C# are offering them market traction.

The Xamarin apps even have easy access to platform-centric facilities such as Android Fragments and iBeacons that adds to the performance. Delivering device specific app experiences is the speciality of Xamarin app development.

7. API integration

Xamarin has the capability to bind same UI controls and APIs that build Android, iOS and Mac apps. The Portable Class Libraries (PCL) allows sharing codes between platforms.

Whenever novel features are launched in the gadget’s operating system, the Xamarin’s binding technology offers enough assistance to get along.

8. Code reusability

The most unique feature of Xamarin package is its flexibility for code reusability. This feature comes with a lot of benefits such as reduced development time and of course minimized development cost.

There is no need for expense to be spent on different OS developers as the whole development process for all platforms can be handled by a single team.

9. Comprehensive Hardware Support

With Xamarin package, users can expect a complete hardware support with no compatibility issues. This is aided well with particular APIs and plugins, to occupy with common gadgets functionality in multiple platforms.

The process is even smoother with links to native libraries. Thus the native-level functionality and better customization is a reality with minimal overhead.

10. Open Source Technology

After getting acquired by Microsoft, the licensing policies of Xamarin was altered a lot following which many of the significant areas became open source.

The MIT license of Visual Studio has made libraries, runtime, and command line tools freely available for the users. By erasing the head ache of the cost of license, Microsoft has contributed the best part to the platform’s growth. And Xamarin has turned out as a powerful tech stack with strong corporate support.

11. Simplified Maintenance

As the application is designed for cross platform, the updates and maintenance part was a lot easy. The updates or changes were to be done on the source file only and the iOS and Android apps would get updated automatically.

The role of making the application up to date was never challenging and in fact a lot of time and money were saved in this regard.

12. Xamarin Component Store

The concept of collaboration and sharing is executed well with the Xamarin component store. A good collection of free or paid components makes the job easy for the developers as they could add high-quality components.

With minimal lines of code, developers can access cross-platform libraries, UI controls or even third party web services from the store. They can easily add powerful security features and popular back-ends to give a resulting impact.

13. Smooth on-Boarding

For any applications, beginners will have a tough time with the on boarding part but this is not the case with Xamarin. Starters can make use of Xamarin University which is a committed e-learning portal that can handle the job well.

Even those with the least programming experience can get along the package by properly using this facility. This includes start levels to advanced level classes that cover complimentary self-guided learning, office lectures, guest lectures and live online classes.

14. Improved Pace

Working with Xamarin.Forms makes it easy for developers to handle the coding phase at a much faster pace. With this technology, developers just need to design a particular view a single time and then share it across multiple platforms.

The powerful skill set makes the development time much faster than any other package. These forms would give all the flexibility of working with UI toolkit.

15. Smarter Testing

The software quality teams will have an awesome experience when testing Xamarin products. The UI based test scripts let them to do the job with ease and the efficiency of Xamarin Test Cloud adds to it.

The testing covers over 20 iOS and hardware configurations and 24,000 Android gadget types. This gives the benefit of testing comprehensively for almost all scenarios.

These entire features assure more than a return of investment for a venture with Xamarin development. Moreover, an active community that comprises more than 700,000 plus developers are continuously working on improving the success of software.

Future Ready

Last but not the least; the Xamarin development is also unique for its readiness for future. There is no doubt that android, iOS and Windows are ruling the mobile industry.

It is challenging for app developers to make amazing apps that are compatible for all these platforms to increase their user base. And the most important reason why Xamarin is trending now is its flexibility to work with multiple platforms.

This significant feature hints that Xamarin can be adapted to work with any of the mobile platforms as a lot more platforms are expected to hit the industry in the near future.

The listed ones are just a few among the many benefits of Xamarin development. Its wide acceptance over the globe in a short time frame is a sign of the impact it has made in the industry.

Its affluent features and resultant paybacks have made it the most widely used mobile app development software. As per the records, over 1.4 million developers in 120 countries use Xamarin’s products. Considering its unique benefits, Microsoft has acquired it a year ago.

Many businesses are using this cross-platform app to improve their reach and popularity among customers who are using diverse mobile platforms. This innovative technology is opening a new world of hope for businesses to improve its reach and progress without spending much from their pocket.

It is hard to imagine a modern lifestyle without smart phones or tablets. They are not just for style statement, but they have become an integral part of a day to day life.

Have you ever wondered what has made them a part and parcel of our life; yes, it is mobile applications that have improved their position in one’s life. No matter what your, age, profession or interest are you can find an app for everything and anything.

There are many factors that determine whether the app will deliver satisfying results to its user or not and development platform is one among them. The quality and performance the app depends on how well it is designed and developed and which platform is used to give a required edge to it.

Currently, the market demand cross-platform compatible apps and Xamarin has emerged as one of the most preferred platforms for designing compatible, responsive, fast and safe application for different categories.

The demand for cross-platform mobile app Development Company is high in the market; here is a list of top 15 Xamarin Development Companies India names that could help you in exploring the app world in an innovative way using Xamarin:

1. Redbytes

Founded in the year, 2009, Redbytes has gained prominence in the market due to its unmatched caliber. Backed up by the team of professionally qualified and experienced app developers, their experience and exposure have made them one of the reliable names for the Xamarin mobile app development.

Their innovative and customer centric approach and futurist vision have made them a reliable name in the industry. The company focuses mainly on design, durability, and function which help them in designing user-friendly apps.

Building over 500 mobile apps with memorable user experience, the organization has gained substantial response and plaudits from businesses of diverse scales.

They follow the latest practices and unparalleled methods in mobile app development, which makes them one of the most successful companies in India.

As a team, Redbytes work together to deliver better user experience, interface design, front-end development, back-end development, content strategy and testing for mobile apps.

If you are in search of an expert Xamarin app development team for your next project, then Redbytes would be the perfect choice to deliver an exceptional mobile app experience.

2. Konstant Info

Founded in the year 2003, Konstant Info Jaipur based company has earned a high reputation in the custom-made mobile app development sector.

Efficient yet affordable, they have been a popular name among the domestic and global market. A trusted name for Xamarin development, they design high performing apps in a simple design.

It is your chance to try their services and expertise for the benefit of your business.

3. Contus

When it comes to hiring a team that has experience and exposure, then Contus is the name you can rely upon. Founded in the year 2009, since then the firm has designed several mobile applications and now they are designing native apps using the Xamarin platform.

Their confidence and hands-on experience on Xamarin have made them a reliable name in the app development industry.

4. MetaDesign Solutions

MetaDesign Solutions,  ISO 9001: 2008 certified companies have a big team of software developers who have been rendering their exceptional service in the IT world since 2006.

Considering their client’s as an asset, they give top priority to their clients and design customized solutions suiting to their business and marketing needs. Connect with their team and you are a step closer to getting Xamarin app that would stun you with its performance.

5. Appinventiv

With more than 230 apps in their list, the team Appinventiv has worked on various domains, including real estate, medical, hospitality and much more.

The long list of happy and reputed clients is another motivational factor that allows the team to design flawless apps. They have a team of Xamarin app developers who can design the app with the brilliant performance.

6. Sourcebits



Founded in the year 2006, since then Sourcebits has been involved in designing and developing apps for brands that value innovation and creativity.

And with a platform like Xamarin, it becomes easier to design the app that can give tough competition to others. Connect with their mobile app development team, share your idea and get a cutting-edge Xamarin app for your business.

7. Fluper Ltd

Quite new in the race, Fluper Ltd was established in the year 2013, yet they have achieved remarkable success in the mobile app development industry. They try their skills using compatible Xamarian platform to create apps that can support your business.

8. Code Brew Labs

Code Brew Labs Chandigarh based firm has a team of 200 app developers. Founded in the year 2013, they have designed more than 300 apps for 100+ clients hailing from all across the globe.

Whether you need an app for startups or for a fast growing company, the Xamarin based apps will surely help the client in harnessing the potential of the market.

9. MobiSoft

If you are looking for developers to build Xamarin cross-platform compatible apps, then Mobisoft can be the right choice for you. Xamarin platform has given a new edge to app industry and team Mobisoft will design and develop an industry based application for your business.

Explore and compare different Xamarin Development Companies India and choose the one that suits your requirement!

10) Valuecoders


What makes ValueCoders a recognized name in the domain of mobile app development is the staggering 1500 happy and satisfied client base. ISO and CMMI Level 3 certified, the company can proudly boast 96% customer retention success.

The great squad of ValueCoders comprises of more than 70 dedicated mobile app developers with specialized skills needed to build high-quality, engaging applications. They have mastered working on many open-source frameworks including React.JS, Xamarin, PHP and more.

The company offers a reliable value proposition to its clients across the globe by combining business domain expertise, sophisticated methodologies and technical insight of over 400 competent professionals.

11) Synapse India



With a strong global presence in UK, US, and India, SynapseIndia has earned a marvelous position among companies offering digital solutions.

The company’s portfolio flaunts diversity of their projects including design & development, custom software and Open source development, Cloud computing as well as Game and E-commerce Website development solutions.

They possess impressive knowledge and experience in Xamarin app development. Using great care and creative craft, SynapseIndia can develop projects that throw incredible challenges.

12) Y Media Labs



Y Media Labs is the foremost client-oriented mobile app development company known for proposing innovative solutions and creative design for every project they undertake.

With over 250 talented employees and 5 global offices, Y Media Labs continue to perform well on the stage of Xamarin mobile app development relying on their strong vision and creative perception.

They have delivered projects in domains of iOS app development, Android app development, and IOT including many elite brands and have limitless strength and resources to take up any challenge and transform the business with the user experience that redefines customer interaction and engagement.

13) PixelCrayons



It’s one of the smashing custom Xamarin app development companies with its tremendous client base scattered over 13+ countries. They are capable of crafting mobile apps that deliver competitive performance, mesmerizing design, and envious features.

They can rightfully brag about their highly experienced development squad with professionals who immaculately understands what a client’s business needs.

The company is able to put solutions that never fail to please customers, resulting in 100% satisfaction. The company holds ISO and CMMI level 3 certification and have worked with many small-to-medium businesses and start-ups.

14) Orange Mantra



Orange Mantra was established in 2001 and has their global presence in NZ, Canada, US, AUS, and India. ISO certified, the company has successfully progressed from the smaller team to as many as 200 team members, offering unbelievable value from each project they take over.

Their versatile capability has made them a leading master in the fields of mobile app development, PHP development, E-commerce and web development, testing, Big Data as well as digital marketing. Orange Mantra enjoys their alliances with Shopify partners, Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

15) VrinSoft



Founded in 2009, VrinSoft technologies provide advanced IT consulting services for both mobile and web app development. With strong development strength in Xamarin app development, Vrinsoft is an offshore based company that you can rely on your projects or even hire Xamarin developers for freelance works.

Not only Xamarin, but Vrinsoft also offers a wide range of services to their global clientele in various sectors with dynamic, interactive and cost-effective mobile apps.


We hope the list of Top 15 Xamarin app development companies in India described above will help you find the right technology partner for your next project.

You would hire the one whose profile and experience suit your exact business requirements and strategy and live to the promise of future scalability.

Make sure you compare their services with other leaders in the market to ensure you have partnered with the best IT solutions provider.