AR and VR have transformed immersive experiences, taking users to an altogether whole new level. Game concepts have by default, been a step ahead on the creative side, offering gamers a choice to live out fantasies with exciting games.

Taking the narrative further, AR has helped to make games more engaging and engrossing, without the need for special gadgets or expensive software for rendition. Gaming enthusiasts can now play AR driven games on their Android and iOS devices with similar immersive experience.

Here’s our list of the top 13 games.

1. Pokemon GO

This multiple award winning game does not need an introduction, as individuals who do not play games are also most likely to be aware of Pokemon. It is compatible with both Android and iOS and it brings surroundings to life as AR superimposes the game onto real terrain.


The popularity of the game is largely due to the stunning effects and renditions that make players forget their actual locations as they play the game whenever and wherever possible.

Available : Google Play, App Store

2. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

This is an intensively engaging high octane game with stunning visuals that will make iOS users addicted to this AR game that takes people places. Giving ultimate control to players, the game gives enhanced feel of situations to players making every session exciting.


For all those interested in high energy action and shooting, this is certainly going to keep you interested and going for long.

Available : Google Play, App Store

3. ARrrrrgh

Being an Android only game, this promises to be a lot better in the future as the early versions indicate this to be a truly immersive game that turns surroundings into a virtual treasure hunt location with its set of adventures and characters.


Though there has been a clamour for improving the experience, the concept of the game makes it a very thrilling one and updates in the future will truly make this a winner.

Available : Google Play, App Store

4. Real Strike AR FPS Gun

This iOS compatible game is regarded as one among the best FPS games. The AR transforms avenues into life like battlefields complete with war ravaged locations. The short version also makes it easy for players to quickly get into the game and have a whale of a time.


Players may actually never have enough of shooting, because of the satisfying effect experienced by an excellent AR rendition.

5. Temple Treasure Hunt

Another Android only game, Temple Treasure Hunt is a geo-location game that keeps players on edge with a fascinating treasure hunt that features fictional characters. The games keeps interest alive with a good rendition, as the AR makes the game a lot more engrossing.

treasure hunter

This game is more for the mysterious inclined players who love the challenge of trying to unearth treasure from the most unlikely of places.

Available : Google Play, App Store

6. Zombies GO

Adopted from the iconic and popular fictional series, Zombies GO is another iOS compatible game that will give you a real eerie and exciting feeling.

The AR game transports you to a completely new world, while remaining within the surroundings bringing zombies to life, challenging you to deal with the menacing zombies.


Nothing sells like a zombie. This is actually true, as users seem to be drawn to the concept of something that is both terrifying and thrilling.

Available : App Store

7. Sharks in the Park

This Android only game is most suitable for playing outdoors and syncs with the speed of actual movements of players. A very popular game, this is bound to not only increase the engagement, it will actually improve physical activity outdoors with increased adrenaline levels.

shark in the park

Physical engagement combined with virtual excitement makes this a one of a kind AR game that will surely find more and more takers.

8. Machines

This is an elevated level of game in the sense that it can only be played in AR mode. A multi player game, this iOS compatible game is studded with spectacular visuals and battle field scenarios that will keep players engrossed in every scene and sequence.

The machines

With multiple players involved, the skill levels are also demanding as players pit their skills against opponents to emerge victorious.

9. WallaMe

An entirely different game concept from the usual games that players are used to, this Android and iOS compatible game is more of a fun social media engagement through AR. While it is a game, it has many features and characteristics that make it qualify as a great way to engage contacts in an AR driven game.


Basically it involves the use of the game to hide messages in locations through AR, which means that other players need to visit the place to uncover the hidden messages.

Available : Google Play

10. King of Pool

This is a classic game of pool powered by AR which makes it a lot more interesting. An iOS compatible game, it gives players the opportunity to play pool easily by transforming a flat surface into an AR table on which they can play their hearts out with stunning visuals and exception response from the game.


Available : Google Play

11. Army of Robots

An Android and iOS compatible game, this turns the player into a first person shooter. It has a nice mission of asking the player to destroy enemy robots in the vicinity, through multiple levels that involve a very high level of interaction.


The transformation of surroundings into a combat zone, makes the concept very interesting and immersive for users.

Available : Google Play

12. AR Drone Commander Lite

This game actually lets users to make their homes into battle grounds, giving great flexibility with creativity. The advanced gaming programming permits users to point their iOS devices to a particular place in their homes for the AR driven game to transform the location into a virtual battlefield, replete with characters and props to reprise a real combat like situation.


You can then go about planning your strategies and playing a high speed game to deal with the enemies.

Available : Google Play

13. Nightenfell

This multiplayer game for both Android and iOS is another engrossing AR game that takes payers to interstellar galaxies to pit their skills against opponents.


With great concepts thrown in and modules and features, this game will certainly leave players spellbound with high levels of engagement.  A highly rated game this is one among the very few of AR games that have the concept of galactic games.

Available : Google Play, App Store

Closing Thoughts:

As AR turns games into more exciting versions, with scintillating renditions that transform real life situations and scenarios into virtual scenarios in the game, users find the options more engrossing and thrilling.

The advances in AR and VR will witness more changes and improvements in the future, bringing more aspects of the technology into the ecosystem of phones and devices.