Establishing oneself as a leader in mobile app development space involves a lot of hardcore challenges and ability to survive overpowering competition. Moreover, the horizon of mobile app creation is constantly evolving with demands for extraordinary innovations and is riddled with numerous companies striving to achieve remarkable success.

If you are a newly rising organization working extremely hard to succeed in your endeavours, you will need competitive market knowledge and intelligent resources to raise a successful mobile app development company. So what exactly can you do to set the stage for transforming your startup of a small group of employees into a mature and viable mobile app building firm?

Here are a few excellent tips to help you make a big name in the world of mobile app development:

1) Hire Highly Competent Domain Specialists

No business can rise to top without leveraging impressive skills and tools required to fulfilment of various projects. Working with clients itself needs a capable amount of workforce that knows all about how’s and what’s in the industry. A workspace that is redolent with immense potential and smart resourcefulness can help:

  • Save time and investment
  • Accelerate the project completion speed
  • Deliver the products on time
  • Maintain the integrity and reputation of the company
  • Represent the organization
  • Achieve fastest turnaround time
  • Avoid the scope of error
  • Keep up with the trending technologies and tools

With that said, you should always emphasize on hiring only veteran developers who have specialized in at least one specific technology. It is better to hire a Magento artist with experience of producing high-quality ecommerce portals than look for someone who has a vague mixture of knowledge across several technologies.

2) Synchronized Agility Of Workforce

Also, in order to match with the fast-paced, most dynamic environment of app development sphere, companies should organize designers and developers in line. Such approach creates a powerful agile system at work that promises significant results. This is why many productive companies with exceptional success rate and enviable reputation prefers agile working environment where software engineers are synchronized perfectly to accomplish project-specific goals. Benefits of having synchronized agility work flow are:

  • Accelerated task fulfilment
  • Fast resolution of faults
  • Streamlined work efforts
  • Frictionless deployment
  • Improved human efficiency
  • Ease of Product management
  • Enhanced client satisfaction

3) Dominate With Unrivalled Experience

This factor especially appeals to single entrepreneurial spirits, individuals who want to make fortune on their own. But before you ever attempt to pitch your story to app-craving enterprise companies, it is vital to first create a dominating impression as a veteran app development specialist. Novice start-ups usually lose it due to lack of ability to persuade interested clients with their innovative capabilities. Even if your experience touches somewhere at intermediate level, businesses should still take a glimpse of your ideas and discovery of solutions for relevant projects only if you possess exceptional talent.

Mobile app development is a trending space where experience and potential to make difference to B2B clients offer rewarding results. Hence, start working on your experience and dipping into how competitors have made their reputation in the market. To hit these goals…

  • Get employed: The best way to establish a name in the space of app development is to work and learn all about the development process by taking a job. Putting your ego aside, you should dedicate your time and efforts to a developer role even at remuneration lower than your contribution of services. Spend a couple of years, and do whatever it takes to emerge as a seasoned player able to stand singly and create your own firm.
  • Get certified: Nobody in today’s scenario will recommend your name nor you will be visible to the potential market until you have a proof of your master knowledge. It is advisable to be versed in at least one booming technology (say WordPress, Magento, Java, core PHP, Swift) and OS platform (Android, iOS or Windows). Getting certified means gaining new skilset, and people who add more skills to their portfolio are most likely to be noticed by international clients.

4) Make Your Offers Justifiable

Any business in its underdeveloped mode opts for certain compromises that pay off well in the end for your newly founded IT company. Such compromises help make your client offers much more reasonable, justifying your new-firm-experienced-colleagues state. Form an estimation of quote with pricing that looks less intimidating and more considerable to your first-time clients since the project cost is crucial to the hiring process.

Another flexible approach that helps fetch more business is to offer guaranteed services with payment security. You can ask clients to pay you after they are satisfied with your product. This instils trust in them, convincing the customers of your assurance if not experience.

If you attract more customers like this, you will gradually see your company grow.

5) Think Of Clients’ Satisfaction

Business toddlers must understand how important it is to earn clients’ trust and satisfaction. Do everything you can to provide full app development services with as many iterations as it would take to make them loyal customers. Convince them in one great attempt of your service quality and they will keep coming back to you.

Happy clients also mean you will receive best reviews and recommendations, which ultimately advertises and popularizes your company on a global scene.

6) Raise Patrons With Repeat Business

There are certain industry-grade practices that help make your app development company shine brighter and bring repeat business with regular flow of patrons. Some of them are:

  • Fast Turnaround Time

Entering the industry full of successful moguls means you will need fresh mindset and perseverance to stand close to them. Impress your new clients by completing the project before others can do. Find out how long it takes for your competitors to deploy the mobile app, and persuade your clients with a promise to touch faster turnaround time. Business customers tend to select the companies that save them time in the process of development.

  • Simplicity Of Design

The apps with simple design and seamless user interface have greater chance to attract more customers. Try to make navigation straightforward with clear icons and titles to each function. Users must find it easy to flow across its various pages and reach target content. Make its appearance visually stunning, intuitive and effortless in use.

  • Speed Of Page Loading

Fast responsive apps are everybody’s choice. Who likes to be left behind when the world is accelerating? Make sure your app loads super fast, possibly within 5 seconds. If it takes even more than 10 seconds, it will grace the list of abandoned mobile apps. Adjust the size of visual elements inside the app to optimize the loading speed.

7) Provide Bonus Perks: ASO and SEO

To emerge on top among the millions of apps in the online market, your app needs something more to become noticed and downloaded. Support your app development process with SEO (Search engine optimization) and ASO (App store optimization) services that boost the visibility of newer mobile apps.

Smart companies tend to select IT partners who have all-round versatile knowledge of SEO and ASO. SEO helps business app appear on Google page whereas ASO optimizes the app for its performance in available app stores.

8) Make Content Your Epic Growth Partner

One of the ways newcomers in IT market can trample the taut competition is to appear more frequently in the search results of Google listings. Businesses who are always short on time seek Google’s help in finding them reliable app development partners around the world. If you believe in content-driven approach, your on-site as well as off-site content with proper keywords and marketing vision can bring you on the list of top 10 leading app development companies on Google page.

9) Introduce Obsessive Elements In The App

It goes without saying that social media has changed the way things are shared and made the virtual events seem actual. Businesses can leverage this prevalent obsession with online media to tempt more customers. Users will enjoy gaining access to your app with their social media account, which not only makes sign in process easier, but also enables them to share their experience across different channels.

Thus, integration of social elements also opens the doors for businesses to market their services through word of mouth chatter.


It is all about risk and how much you are prepared to chase your dream. If you are aspiring for a successful mobile app development company, there is so much you can learn and implement. Once you integrate these tips into your business strategy, your goal to reach to the top of the industry will be achievable.

Why Do Companies Outsource Their Mobile App Development Activities?

It could be because you lack time, money, technical expertise, experience or resources to continue with in-house mobile app development. You may be prompted to rope in an external source to develop a mobile app for your company when you are driven by a desire to save money . You will scout for some cheap resources and strike a deal with the company that promises you “cheap and best” mobile app development services.

Given the fact that the market for mobile apps is growing by leaps and bounds with every financial year, it is for you to establish a working relationship with a technically-strong agency. Your outsourcing partner should guarantee you a professional working environment along with the delivery of quality products. But when you pick up one end of the stick, you are naturally lifting the other end too. Thus, choosing to tread the path of outsourcing a mobile app development team comes with a share of advantages and disadvantages to your business.

Let us now understand and contrast them under their respective heads.

Pros of Outsourcing a Mobile App Development Company

1. A Budget-Friendly Option

Topping the list of advantages of hiring an external mobile app development team is the evident cost savings that can boost your bottom line. When you outsource, you will be billed only for the work that is done by them; be it on an hourly or fixed payment. This provision will come into practice depending on the terms of your agreement with the external entity.

You can be sure of cutting down overhead costs which can work in your favor to bring down your overall operational and business expenditure. Hence, outsourcing comes as an affordable solution when you don’t have to incur additional expenditure to train your workforce. Simply sign up with a reputed mobile app development company and you don’t have to sweat over the constant improvement in the qualifications of your in-house technical team.

2. Technical Resources and Expertise At Your Disposal

When you sign up with an external mobile app development company, you can make the most of the established systems and tools that come with your mutual technical agreement. You can make the best use of their tools, licenses, software, certificates and many other resources that come handy in churning out state-of-the-art mobile apps. It is like all the essential technical and physical resources are offered to you under one roof.

Well-established mobile app development companies vouch for their dedicated teams which take care of your project right from the start till your mobile app comes up in the market. By roping in an external mobile app development company, you can avail the services of industry experts, designers, testers, project managers and marketers; all those professionals who are associated with the outsourced company. That means, through outsourcing, you will benefit from the expertise of skilled people across the globe who are adept at churning out mobile apps for clients like you and me.

3. Capitalize Technology-Specific Inputs

An external mobile app development team will demonstrate a high level of synergy coming from developers who are specialized in various technologies. Bringing to the table a host of technical suggestions, your idea of signing up with an outside party will help you understand the pros and cons of every technology. This way, you will be able to come up with a well-informed decision as to which technology or version suits your mobile app development requirements the best.

4. Do Away with Micromanagement – A Time-Saving Mechanism

Micromanagement, in today’s business-centric world drains a lot of operational time. It is indeed a time-consuming proposition to constantly keep a watch on what your employees are up to when your company is treading the path of in-house mobile app development.

When you partner with an external mobile app development company, you will be saving a great of time with regard to managing your project. It becomes the prime responsibility of the subcontracted company to ensure that your project meets the agreed deadline. It is then that you will benefit with time when you can concentrate better on your business or any other project that is waiting to be launched.

5. Avail the Benefits of a Round-The-Clock Support System

Most of the outsourced teams offer you 24/7 support. The agreement between you and your outsourced company handholds you to resolve any issues that might crop up at any point. Simply get in touch with the technical executives of the company and you are all covered. You will not be left groping in the dark when you are seeking technical guidance coming from the global talent pool that is ordained to fix your problems.

6. Transparency and Complete Control Over the Development Process

After signing the dotted line with an external mobile app development company, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of transparency in everything that the company engages in, coupled with exercising total control over the mobile app development process. There are many outsourcing companies that allow you to access various tracking tools that can become the yardsticks of progress with regard to the job assigned. This can pave the way for better understanding between both the parties, creating a congenial business relationship that is mutually beneficial to both the parties in question.

7. Tap Into the Knowledge Pool of Global Companies

Entrepreneurs always strive to build profitable business models. With this basic idea as the backdrop, they scout for external partners that will offer them an assembly of options that can be weighed against each other in building a competitive mobile app. In doing so, you will be able to tap into the organizational behaviors of various companies across the globe.

Your company will be able to assimilate invaluable information that comes in the form of multiple developmental processes, varied attitudes and lifestyles that are innate to a particular region. This could serve as a purposeful repository for you and your business when you start learning something new with every passing day. Thus, you can tag on to these professional setups to make your mobile app development dreams come true; the simple and profitable way.

Cons of Hiring an External Mobile App Development Company

Let us now move on to the subtopic of this discussion; the cons of signing up with an outside mobile app development team or company.

1. You Can Burn Your Fingers By Endangering Data Privacy

It is your prime responsibility to secure your data. However, when you choose to outsource your mobile app development activities to an external agency, you may run the risk of jeopardizing the confidentiality of your data. There are many freelancers who offer to develop your mobile apps without sparing a thought about maintaining the privacy of your data.

In this context, you can avoid this serious botch-up by having a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place even before you assign the project to the agency.

2. Inability to Exercise Total Control Over the Mobile App Development Process

Signing up with an external app development company may lead to a situation when you begin to lose track of what is happening on the other side. When you are not personally overlooking every instance of your mobile app development, you will be compromising on the constant assessment of the day-to-day progress in your project. Remote operations do have their shortcomings.

To ensure that you are in the constant know of things that are taking place at the offshore location, you should hire the services of an adept project manager. He/she will act as a liaison between you and the external agency, paving the way for effective management. In the event you are unable to hire a project manager, you can check out and employ a project management tool that suits you best.

3. Time Zone Differences Cause Communication Gaps

There can be an instance when you and your outsourced team will be working under different time zones. This may lead to communication gaps between you and your outsourced workforce. This time-based challenge can be addressed by signing up with reputed mobile app development companies who will address your language-centric issues. Companies that provide upscale services hire the services of a project manager who will exclusively oversee and report all the happenings of your project to you; surpassing the boundaries of time and language.


After weighing the pros and cons of choosing to tie up with an outsourcing agency to develop your mobile app, it pays to steer clear of certain functional and operations flaws. These flaws can be done away with provided you conduct an in-depth analysis of the company, its reputation in the market and customer feedback that is published online in the form of relevant blogs and reviews. Asking the outsourced company for references is another way to pick the right one so that you can protect yourself from a company initially overpromises but under delivers.

Year after year, the need to realize that mobile apps has become the formidable tool to attract customers and drive sales has inspired businesses to invest in mobile app development. The mobile-first strategy stems from the fact that the use of mobiles not only helps customers engage with the products but also allows them to interact and respond to what they experience. Be it shopping online or chatting with friends, mobile app users remain increasingly dedicated to their personal devices for assorted purposes.

The reason why today’s companies, big or small, are thinking of having a business mobile app is that more than 50% of people in the world uses smartphone. It comes as no surprise that nearly 70% of the global internet traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Such an enormous amount of mobile users offers a solid ground for business owners and marketing strategists to build a viable app.

A survey from reveals that close to 47% of small businesses across the US view the launching of their mobile apps as a wise investment and a fruitful plan for future profit.

However, to meet the rising demands from customers is a massive challenge for both business app owners and developers. Building complex enterprises apps could be quite a leap for start-up organizations who have just ventured a few good steps in this area. In order to fulfil the expectations from client’s side and of consumers, these start-ups require a strategic investment of exceptional research abilities, flexibility and stringent work methods while developing an app.

Here are some of the most essential fundamentals of mobile app development for every mobile app creating start-up company who wants to make it big in the business:

1) Cross-platform Enterprise Mobile Apps

Despite the fact that any start-up can achieve their goals through gradual from-basic-to-scalable process, the best way to hit the mark in quick efforts is to conform to cross-platform app development standards. To elaborate it further, startup companies that start building apps that work equally well across all device platforms are among those getting recognized faster in the world.

From utility, banking & finance, travel & booking appointments right down to social media and online shopping apps, modern customers are looking for sophisticated apps that accommodate all of their needs, the smallest and the biggest. Hence, the enterprises that deliver the software products and services desire to shake hands with those developers who have world-class expertise to take up sharp challenges and develop multi-facility apps designed to work across many available platforms.

2) An Approach Towards Dynamic Functionalities

Since enterprise mobile applications clearly mean developing apps with dynamic functionalities, startup industry must work on providing high-end superior-quality apps from scratch. The end users of such apps can be business users or, alternatively, consumers. They like to explore a heterogeneous set of interactive functionalities such as GPS, transactions, messages, responsiveness, sensors, and even audio/video. This should support their phones, tablet, wearable devices and IoT connected gadgets.

For this dream to be real, your mobile app development startup firm must be conversant with using right tools, technologies, research capabilities and development processes.

3) Innovative Apps can Accelerate Startup Growth

Now a days, enterprises refuse to compromise on developing apps that are creative, innovative and thoughtfully designed. Corporate Enterprise companies are especially interested in having an app that helps them connect with their customers and represent their business like a tangible brick-and-mortar structure. They demand dynamic app options for managing their account and customers, tracking their online behaviour, or creating a rich social media for enhanced level of engagement.

With large number of apps being developed and released every day, it is pivotal for mobile app development startup industry to give shape to an influential, result-oriented app that befits all magnitude of businesses and acquires maximum customers.

4) Discern the Clarity of your Goals:

Knowing your goals enrich your vision and helps you develop apps that hit the precise pain point and transform into a remarkable success story. Define and set your final goals where you want to reach so that you can make a clear strategy and avoid confusion down the path of development. Once you are aware of the outcome, it becomes easier to face the challenges down the line.

The primary goal of having an app is to penetrate the existing digital market, engage customers and boost sales number.

Proper analysis:

detailed analysis of the product and target audience helps you build an effective app. Find out the actual behaviour of the target market and trends that are heating up, which will in a way determine the demographics of end users – business customers or youngsters or children. Align with customer’s exact requirements so that you will be able to match the developed product perfectly with the envisioned product.

Test of compatibility:

If you are on your way to build an impeccable mobile app, make sure it is compatible across all platforms and devices used by the target audience. Cross-platform mobile app  development therefore is preferred more than native apps to reach maximum users.

5) Choice of Technology

Before choosing any technology platform, one must ensure it is feasible in every way possible. The final product must come out robust, usable and highly functional. The most ubiquitous platforms are iOS, Windows and Android, and they are evolving rapidly with frequent handy updates. These platforms make it practically possible for developers to build unique features and impressive interface to deliver outstanding user experience. Choosing the right platform means your apps will be supported by numerous devices used by customers.

6) Security and Speed Efficiency

Monitoring the responses of the app functionality is conceived as the best idea. Doing so eliminates the scope of errors and eventually builds an engaging and interesting app. Make it a practise to identify obstacles in the existing product and improve its standard before its finally deployed.

Security problems are potential threats to customers who will become the end users of the app. Choose a reliable, secure, authentic resources and industry-standard processes to build the app to ensure its highly secure.

The app you design must be able to function and run in the normal internet environment. Make sure the app remains effective and healthy so that users can access it all the time. Also, the app should respond instantly to process customer requests in time.

7) Testing Quality and Consistency

Testing the app is a crucial stage for any developer as it confirms whether or not the app is ready to venture into the online app store. Anideal app testing method must include testing on different devices of varied screen sizes in order to measure its performance and view its compatibility. Check its quality and how it appears on all the devices. This will help you check if all the features and functionality of the app works consistently on all devices that customers are likely to use.

Apart from this, the developer must also necessarily maintain the consistency while coding the app to make sure the entire mobile app development process, along with its documentation and program updates and interface, is genuine, consistent and unblemished.

8) Introduce a Pilot Version

Once the development team is confident that they have built a well-tested, mature and fully functional app, they can go for launching the pilot product. The course of ideal mobile app development must end with the launch of pilot version. It helps developers receive the feedback and responses from the users and judge the success of the app. you can approach your colleagues, friends and family to use the app so that you can practically find loopholes if any. Their feedbacks can be taken and processed to assess the functioning of its top features so that you can determine its most admired and underrated features.

Finally, get ahead of the competition

Mobile apps are in great demand, and enterprises require better face of apps to accelerate the growth prospect of their respective business and improve their existing working system. The challenges are intense and need your skilled efforts. One of biggest challenges in this area is fierce competitors. Therefore, start-up mobile app development companies must invest their focus to deliver the highly evolved and innovative product that gratifies customers, earning them high ROI.

The best way to get ahead of the competition is to extract feedback from experts who have substantial experience in using or reviewing the similar product. Being in involved in the competitive IT scene, your app must have something unique to offer and have better run speed, stunning aesthetics and good accessibility.