Level Ex, a technology company launched a mobile app which enables doctors to practice virtual surgery via mobile.

To make this app a reality, the company has united award-winning game developers along with professional surgeons working in top level academic hospitals. With this app, doctors can practice surgery in a more realistic way.

“Despite growing up in a family of physicians, I chose a career in video games. But when I saw the simulation technology currently employed for surgical training, it became abundantly clear that the video game industry is at least a decade ahead of medical simulation when it comes to technology, distribution, and business models,” said Glassenberg, in a statement.

With this physicians can earn training credits by practicing rare and complicated cases.

Their first mobile app, Airway EX can difficult airway cases. This app is made basically for anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, otolaryngologists, pulmonologists and emergency medicine physicians.

In the coming year, Level Ex will start rolling out in various areas such as cardiology, gastroenterology and orthopedic surgery.