Stephen Hawking(1942-2018), the most gifted and brilliant mind who travelled across time and space, a British Cosmologist and a great scientist known for his work on surviving and thriving with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis & black holes for over half a century.

Known for his contribution to the field of quantum gravity and cosmology, he was one of the most recognizable & smartest scientist of his age who symbolised on the capability of a human being to rise above any physical disability in life. With his research on completely understanding the universe, his name also entered to the world of apps with the release of a few amazing mobile apps that reveals his life, quotes and discoveries.

Now, lets check out the 4 amazing and cool apps based on Stephen Hawking’s work & life:

1) Stephen Hawking’s Pocket Universe

With the app, Stephen Hawking’s Pocket Universe the complete beauty of the universe is explained. With its simple design patterns, easy navigational steps and clearly formatted illustrations, this mobile app explains everything one needs to know about the entire universe.

The design of the app is a re-imagining of Stephens Hawking famous book- ‘A Brief History of Time’ which sold over 11 million copies in 40 languages. With the creation of this app, the book as taken a visual & instructional design which has made it more interactive with the audience.

The app which costs around $4.99 is a remarkable work with the 6 astonishing topics from Stephen Hawking books. This app available for iPhone on the App Store and now is also compatible with the iPad.


  • Easy navigation
  • Beautiful design
  • Complex science theories explained in well formatted illustrations
  • Users can keep a track record of their progress in learning and share articles in social media
  • Topic included: Professor Hawking’s greatest contributions to Physics, Space Time, Black Holes, Big Bang, Expanding Universe, Elementary Particles and Light and Waves, Updates from his major scientific breakthroughs, Historical and anecdotal references.

2) Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe

Stephen Hawking’s Snapshots of the Universe is a mobile app that explains the scientific principles that control the universe through simple and fun graphical experiments. Based on Stephen Hawkings discoveries and writings, this app seems to be useful for both adults and children to learn the basic theories that govern life in earth and also get knowledge about planets and stars.


  • User can play and learn using the experiments given in the Snapshots of the universe.
  • Scientific experiment included are interactive
  • Consists of deeper text section to help users understand the key theories of science
  • Selected experiments also include video for better visualization
  • The app which showcases the teachings of this great scientist is available in iPad.

3) Pocket Hawking

This is an interesting and must have app for any fan of Stephen Hawking. The most brilliant and famous quotes said by this theoretical physicist and professor is showcased in this iPad mobile app. In this app you can listen to his views about life, destiny, space, universe, time travel and other related subjects.


  • Portray quotes that show Professor Hawkings intelligence and wit
  • Quotes are mainly educational based and can be even shared with friends, family and colleagues
  • Uses recordings made on a voice synthesizer which resembles to Hawkings sound
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad

4) Stephen Hawking’s Biography

  • This biography-based mobile application is educational, motivational and takes you through a journey with the life of the world’s most renowned scientist Stephen Hawking. In this app, you can find descriptions regarding his life, accomplishments, major discoveries, selected quotes and other valuable contributions.


  • Simple and easy to read
  • Composed all the interesting facts in one application
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Clear design, easy to use interface
  • Easy navigation

Final Words:

With his break through research about universe and his personality, Stephen Hawking the man who changed the way we see the universe is and forever an inspiration to millions of global audience. His insights shaped modern technology and tried to bring clarity to some of the most important ideas related to space time, gravity and recently even raised the potential threat of AI in future to humanity.

The above given apps will definitely help you to take a journey to explore the life of Stephen Hawking, his works on the origin and structure of universe and even know about some of his famous quotes.