Finding a perfect mobile app development partner is a cumbersome job given that the landscape of IT companies is infused with numerous companies claiming to offer value for money. However, believing that all of them will bring your vision into reality by delivering the expected quality would be too much of a fantasy. It is important to probe into what all they can offer and whether or not you can entrust them with mobile app project responsibilities.

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To make sure you have made pact with a right solution provider, you must know what questions to ask developers before taking a final plunge. Based on answers, you can develop transparent understanding of their expertise, specialization, professionalism and capabilities. To make it worthwhile, here are the most critical questions you should be asking before hiring an app developer:

1) Can I check a few finest examples of mobile apps you have built?

This is the most fundamental question that must strike your mind before you finalize a deal with a mobile app development company. You can solicit a set of mobile apps that might be exhibited on their online website as case studies. The portfolio is an undeniable testament to substantial experience in the respective domain.

If the company has done something in the past, they will be gladly share a few finest examples of the kind of app they have built earlier. Studying them will help you determine ROI you may get out of the deal.

In case, the prospective agency hesitates or does not have testimonials to show, you can quit going further. If they do have impressive achievements to flaunt along with positive ratings and reviews from other clients or in the App store, you have got something to rely on.

2) Do you understand our business model?

Another vital consideration before hiring mobile app developers is asking if they have some insight into what your business revolves around. The company you have approached should be aware of your business model and its target audience in order to build the app with a design and features that actually appeal to users.

Failing to create an app that does not align with your business strategy and customer requirements will not be a good omen. This is why you should emphasize hiring developers who have worked for clients in relevant niche.

Relevant experience means they understand the type of business and have complete grip on what your customers seek. Talk to the agency about your customers, vision and expected results in order to build strong architecture of UX.

3) Can you list a few clients who share the same business industry as mine?

Appfutura, Clutch, Good firms are a few great business listing portals where top companies are listed for their capabilities, success and power to transform their clients’ businesses. You can alternatively ask the agency to share some clients they have worked with so that you can tell if they can do it for you, too.

The answer to this important question will lead you to gaining an honest look into the actual performance of the agency for similar apps. Apart from that, as you talk to their past clients, you will be able to get the realistic feedback on agency’s development methods, deadlines and pressure management and communication power.

4) What is your team strength and overall capability?

The app development process is dynamic and contains a lot many components. For instance, when prototype changes, the key features also need to changed or improved. This requires a flexible development system with dedicated professionals ready for the massive commitment. The company must provide dedicated manpower who are extensively available to implement changes in their everyday strategy.

To evaluate their team strength and capability, you must investigate what all ongoing projects they have and whether there will be a couple of developers reserved exclusively for your job. A vague response to this approach might influence your decision to hire them for the project.

5) How do you usually approach App Development Process?

Speak a realistic language with an intent to seek a reliable promise from the agency while you ask them to tell you about their development methods and how they operate in critical situations. You must learn the time they take for similar mobile apps and the way they tackle suddenly arrived problems during the phase.

Agile methodology is much preferred nowadays. The knowledge about these things will keep you alert and informed about company’s practical responses in the face of sudden challenges. Always demand agile process of development as it enhances project completion efficiency and ensures speedy delivery of MVP.

6) Tell me about the skill level of your app developers

The agency’s developers should be skilled enough to deliver features and functionality within the app. To build a powerful, smooth structure of app’s backend, developers should be keen on telling you how they would approach it. They would tell you what frameworks and tools are needed to sculpt it to perfection. Ask them to mention similar apps with same features and functionality.

When it comes testing skills of app developers, look for:

  • Personal bio with professional details of work history, education and hobbies
  • Resume
  • Contact information of developers
  • Portfolio highlights with past projects
  • Social media profiles
  • Project-specific skillset
  • Awards and accolades
  • Github links of documentation

7) What all technology services you offer? Are you versatile or have proven specialization?

To avoid controversy later, it is imperative to know if the agency offers entire package of services including Beta testing, Quality Assurance and even launch.

Getting a complete array of services in one pact would lead to confident, hassle-free fruition of the project. Inquire for the following services offered by the agency:

  • Conceptualization
  • UI/UX design creation
  • App Development
  • ROI analysis
  • QA testing
  • Launch and App store optimization
  • Post-launch marketing and maintenance

You need a solid, robust confirmation on this question failing which you might get ripped off. To make sure your mobile app is in the right hands, the agency should:

  • Provide flexible conditions with no rigid outline of limiting the project to fixed resolutions
  • Be open to fluid and agile development process
  • Possess versatile knowledge about technologies and specializations
  • Be clear about upfront charges and hidden fees
  • Offer sustainable time frame

8) What design practices and approach you have for app development?

Ask the agency about their precise approach and practices they adopt for delivering memorable user experience along with stunning features. Without a splendid interface design quality and UX, your app will fail to connect with users. When the apps are designed for popular native platforms like iOS and Android, the design must be unique and superior. App stores also recognize mobile apps with outstanding UX elements and aesthetic appeal. A good mobile app development company will never compromise on design factor.

9) What services you offer after the app launch?

App store optimization is the blazing need of the moment for a finished app to be apparently visible in an app store. To get success in making the app discoverable for users, you need to follow a tedious, grueling path. A good agency knows and often offers the ways of app submission to get it featured in the marketplace.

App release strategy also forms a good part of app marketing. Hire an agency that has mastered launching the app successfully for previous clients and gets actively involved in constant monitoring of app’s performance and user engagement after publishing it. Placing the app in the marketplace is still a job half done. Your app still requires a watch periodically for

  • Regular maintenance
  • Bug detection and fixes
  • Monetization
  • Fresh updates with new features and content

Constant maintenance and updates make sure your app remains on top of user preferences and keeps engaging them for a long time. Ask your agency for clear hourly rates or fixed fees for regular support and maintenance.


The sensible investment of time, efforts and resources is a critical driver of flawless mobile app development process. The questions described above are key to making a right and clever decision for choosing a prospective app development agency you will never regret later. Of course, in addition to cost and time, there is a lot more to consider when it comes judging the talent and capabilities of mobile app developers.

Always emphasize on getting familiar with their technical know how, communication skills, work history, professional attitude, development methods and accountability towards the project. Also check for code ownership rights after the app is developed. Asking these details puts you in a safe spot.