Programming languages act as the backbone of successful mobile apps. We use some apps almost round the clock or multiple times, right? Such mobile apps have achieved this impact through the right technology and programming languages behind the app. It is important to choose the best programming language out of the array of options available considering all its pros and cons, popularity, etc.

For mobile app development, the best programming language is different for every individual aspiring to become a developer. Before choosing the one, you must evaluate:

  • Type of projects
  • Your educational background and logical abilities
  • Your interests in front-end and back-end coding
  • Preferences for High-level and low-level languages

In this blog, we have curated the 15 Best Programming Languages for Mobile Apps.

JavaScript C++ Kotlin
Java Python C#
PHP Objective C Swift
HTML 5 Ruby Rust
BuildFire Js Lua SQL


#1. JavaScript

javascript - programming languages for mobile apps

JavaScript is an irreplaceable language so far. It is a highly reputed and usable language till time. JavaScript is considered best for mobile apps active on multiple platforms, web browsing, etc. It is easy to use, compile, and debug than other programming languages. The major advantage of JavaScript is that it is flexible on different systems.

JavaScript is greatly leveraged for developing desktop apps, back-end web systems, and Android apps. Developers rely on java for hassle-free app development offering agility and faster app development stages. It is believed that Java will be relevant until people use the internet.


  • Highly scalable language.
  • Robust and Platform-independent
  • Easy to create reusable codes.
  • Automatic memory allocation & garbage collection.

#2. C++

c++ - programming languages for mobile apps

Being a popular general-purpose programming language, it has created successful app solutions. The language is active in both Android and Native app development. C++ enables developers to reuse or run the same program on diverse operating systems easily.

C lacked the object-oriented data approach that is replaced by C++ today. This language is significant in gaming app development, banking apps, and cloud-supported systems because C++ is very flexible in changing the environment.


  • Readymade compilers and built-ins.
  • Low-level data manipulation
  • Complete control over memory management.
  • Multi-paradigm language.

#3. Kotlin

Kotlin - programming languages for mobile apps

Kotlin is one of the best programming languages. Its striking feature includes, highly operative with other programming languages such as Java that create reliable mobile apps.

This language is popular as the advanced version of Java. It is easy to create cleaner code than that of Java and fully supporting Android and SDK installation packages.


  • One-stop language for app development
  • Needs reduced runtime.
  • Boosts up productivity.
  • Developer-friendly than Java.

#4. Java

java - programming languages for mobile apps

Being an all-time favorite language of many innovative apps, Java is object-oriented and easy to handle. The language provides exciting features resulting in robust app solutions.

Best known for Android App Development such as Android games, websites, and more. Java is blessed with a large community that helps users whenever they face technical issues.


  • Develop best cross-platform apps
  • Higher code portability
  • Simplified platform-independent language
  • Bug-free app development

#5. Python

python - programming languages for mobile apps

People love using python for effortless app development stages. Ample users have enjoyed the perks of this language via enterprise or multiple category apps. Many leading portals like Indeed have curated python in their list of top 10 programming languages for mobile app development.

Python is interoperable with advanced technologies of AI, Machine learning, etc. Beginners and professionals can create prototypes and ideate their projects quicker than in other languages.


  • Versatile open-source language.
  • Enhanced library support
  • A huge set of frameworks
  • Quick to deploy & flexible too.

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#6. C#

c# - programming languages for mobile apps

C# is a higher-level object-oriented program founded on C itself. C# is active in native app development. . With similar syntax to that of Java and C++, it offers easy learning of the language.

This is a perfect language for producing gaming apps and has an innovative power of unity game engine too. The exciting features in this will rescue developers from common programming errors and memory leaks.


  • Identifiable by developers knowing C family
  • Reduced operation time
  • Better security and performance
  • Supports distributed systems

#7. PHP

php - programming languages for mobile apps

WordPress content management is very robust and reliable with the PHP programming language. Facebook created its website back-end system with PHP. I. PHP is best for creating immersive content pages and easily embed them into multiple content management systems.

It has several built-in web development capabilities and a well-known server-side scripting language. Advanced graphical applications indulge Php as their building stone that is very dynamic and interactive.


  • General-purpose programming language
  • Executable with Command-line interface.
  • Simplified web app maintenance
  • Protection from security attacks.

#8. Objective C

objective c

Objective C is one of the best programming languages used for mobile apps. Objective C is a mature language among them. It is popular for iOS and macOS app development and easily managed by many developers.

Objective C follows a nest coding style with a lot of legacy codes indulging in. The language itself is derived from C. It is visible that Swift is outgrowing objective C in several aspects, still, many developers enjoy working with the latter. It is easy to manage C and C++ along with Objective C.


  • Supports dynamic run time
  • Long-lasting app experience.
  • Effective Large codebase
  • Efficient in managing memory

#9. Swift


A winning programming language created by Apple in 2014. As we said above, swift is replacing objective C in iOS app development. There exist greater scalability and a clear syntax compared to that of objective C.

Apple itself announced that Swift is Objective C but without C. Its language is smooth and closer to the English language for developers to write it at ease and naturally. It overcomes any limitations of both C and Objective C with a speed and interactive interface so far


  • Avoid application glitches.
  • Lesser programming efforts.
  • Easy and interactive compilations
  • Less error-prone language.

#10. HTML 5

html 5

HTML is a promising solution for building web pages. Likewise, HTML 5 is used for web-based mobile app development. It is a markup language comprising tags to present and structure the web-based content easily.

The advanced exemplary features of HTML 5 include multimedia support, multi-platform functionality, and more. Html 5 is the perfect choice for location-based and web frontend apps now.


  • Inbuilt tools for media formats.
  • Faster loading via local cache or storage
  • Incredible flexibility on multiple platforms.
  • Offers offline Application Cache


#11. Ruby


Ruby is one of the best programming languages for mobile apps. Like PHP, it is also a general-purpose scripting language developing some leading website portals which include Twitter, Shopify, Bloomberg, etc.

A unique ruby feature is the developers can make changes as it supports dynamic typing facility without affecting the overall app development. The Ruby on rails language is completely free and streamlining functional app development and responsive websites


  • 24/7 User community for assistance
  • Includes Cost-effective processes
  • Straightforward and Viable syntax
  • Flexible Code Optimization

#12. Rust


With an almost similar syntax to that of C++, it gains a place in the best programming languages for mobile app development. This language is best suitable for embedded systems with low-level language apps.

The language enables easy compilation of codes by developers and it also effectively identify any errors in between. Rust follows a functional procedure throughout the app development following an optimized code generation process.  Rust is a famous, safe, flexible, and practical programming language for sure.


  • Faster performance and intuitive
  • Safer memory management
  • Time constrained app creation.
  • Strong compilation feature.

#13. BuildFire Js


Backend development with BuildFire is rapid as it makes use of Javascript and BuildFire SDK. The operation is easy as it contains in-built plugins that leave developers with fewer errors.

The major task they have to deploy is to code for specific features and functionalities needed in the app. A lot of businesses use this language with the least efforts and eliminates the need for a separate developer. Business operations are smoother as BuildFire can design apps for specific purposes at ease.


  • Easy social network integration
  • Advanced development features
  • Cut short development time to 40%
  • Work with existing frameworks

#14. Lua


Lua by its advent created a lightweight scenario of mobile app development. It is a multiparadigm programming language and focused on developing successful messaging app solutions.

It is considered one of the fastest programming languages offering user-friendly mobile apps for messaging with real-time analytics and security.

The latest Lua features include two touch conference calling, dashboard facility, instant file sharing, etc. Embedded applications with improved portability and speed are easy to create via Lua.


  • Cross-platform support
  • Multiple application adaptability
  • Dynamic datatypes on the go
  • Easy to use interface

#15. SQL


SQL is visible in almost every leading app tech stacks. It is one of the best programming languages deployed for database management. It efficiently supports applications rather than mobile app development.

Developers have to know this language as it is single must integrate with other languages for completing the app development process. SQL is both a client and a server-side language for relational databases and easy integration with java. Now, SQL is having an active role in business intelligence too.


  • Popular query language
  • Easy & Optimized databases
  • Faster search and data retrieval
  • Higher consistency of data.

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The languages described above as best are determined to remain best even in the constantly changing software development world. Learning one language gives you the benefit of learning another one more rapidly.


Once you get started, you will realize how vital it is to learn more than one language in enhancing your excellence in the domain.