Mobile apps are undoubtedly becoming the fundamental part of our life and 2017 was a year with greater leaps. According to reports, the app download rate was increased to around 27 billion excluding the updates and reinstalls of both iOS & Android.

To keep the pace of this ever-changing app development scenario, its important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends. And that’s where the Redbytes blog comes in, showcasing all relevant information and insightful articles that will help you stay updated in your career or business.

Now, lets take a look at the 13 popular blogs from our list in 2017:

1) How To Create A Chat Application Successfully: Today, there is a huge increase in the number of chat application introduced to mobile stores in which the majority is secured and rich in features for better user experience. This blog from redbytes has out-lined a step by step description on how you can create a chat app.

How To Create A Chat Application Successfully

2) The 15 Crucial Mobile App Development Process Steps: Mobile app development process comprises of multiple steps, sophisticated in its own way be it in professional app development or in a customized development process. This blog takes a close look at the major 15 crucial steps thats necessary for app development, making the job easier for you.

Mobile App Development Process Steps

3) Why Choose Mobile App Development Companies in Pune? For anyone who has a brilliant app idea, the best available option is to outsource your work so that you can save money to create a high quality product. India is one of the major outsource service providers in mobile app development where Pune is a top choice. In this blog, you can find the reasons why you should prefer app development companies from Pune.

Mobile App Development Companies in Pune

4) 9 Advantages of Custom Android App Development: Nowadays businesses prefer custom mobile app development as it can be personalized according to your needs rather than making it visible to a large group of audience. And this is the main reason why its gains more importance among businesses. This blog will portray the major advantages of custom Android app development.

Advantages of Custom Android App Development

5) How To Make Your App Attractive?: Every now and then there is an app being launched and this has increased the rate of saturation. So, if you have an app plan, first make strategies to make it attractive for the users. This blog will give you finer elements of how you can make an app attractive creatively and beautifully.                                  How To Make Your App Attractive

6) How to Increase App User Engagement? Just more than an interesting idea, it takes an extra effort to help drive better engagement with your app. In this blog, we have listed out a few tactics that can help our customers to improve their app user engagement.

How to Increase App User Engagement

) How to Hire an App Developer? To choose the right talents for app development, the main quality to look for is prior experience and the mindset to learn new things. Along the way, this blog will walk you through the general criteria that are to be followed to hire an app developer.

 How to Hire an App Developer

8) 5 Best Services Used to Create Android Apps Without Coding: In the evolution of coding, low coding or no coding is the latest trend followed, which makes developing an app much simpler in multiple ways. This blog lists the top 5 online services that can be used by inexperienced app developers to create Android apps.

Best Services Used to Create Android Apps without Coding

9) 16 Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful: Making an app beautiful is one of the key element to compel users to use it. So, for this, you need to consider much more on the look and feel of the app. To make your work easier, we have compiled some tips in this blog on how you can make your mobile app (iOS or Android) beautiful.

Tips to Make Your Android & iOS Apps Beautiful

10) Best Personal Assistant AI Apps for Android 2017: Personal assistant apps are well versed these days that it provides real-time apps and solutions which can be more interactive and user-friendly. Here in this blog, we have listed the best personal assistant AI apps for Android.

Personal Assistant AI Apps for Android 2017

11) Xamarin Vs Native App Development. Which is the Better Choice?: There still exists an endless argument among companies and developers regarding Xamarin vs. Native apps as both platforms are equally important in their own ways. The purpose of this blog from our list is to show the advantages and disadvantages of Xamarin & Native apps.

Xamarin Vs Native App development

12) Top 13 Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers: Mobile gaming industry is likely to reach 128.5 billion by 2020. As the gaming industry has evolved rapidly due to the use of sophisticated mobile game development tools, here in this blog, we have evaluated the top 13 game development tools that you can use to start-up your game project.

Mobile Game Development Tools Preferred by Developers

13) 19 Must-follow iPhone App Development Blogs for Developers: iOS app development is considered to be a highly profitable market and its important for developers to stay updated with all technological trends thats happening around. Sometimes even blogs can be a life saver as it can provide appropriate and accurate information to developers. This blog lists the 19 essential blogs that every iOS developers need to look through.

iPhone App Development Blogs for Developers

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