Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries call Jio, the fastest technology in world. He has announced that the users will get free voice, video and data plans till March 31st, 2017.

Ambani announced this as a Jio Happy New Year offer at a press conference in Mumbai. Due to their low priced strategy, Jio sim heads on with around 50 million subscribers in less than 3 months.

Latest announcements by Mukesh Ambani:

1)New Jio sim will be home-delivered and gets activated in 5 minutes by eKYC.
2)“JIO HAPPY NEW YEAR OFFER”- Free voice, video, data and get all Jio applications absolutely free starting from Dec4th to March 31st.
3)Jio introduces Jio Money Merchant Solutions where merchants can make supplier payments, use digital petty cash and also transfer money to bank accounts.
4)The existing Jio customers will get unlimited offer till Dec 31st and will be automatically upgraded to the Jio New Year Offer.
5)Call drop rates have come down from 90% to 20% and this will further come down to minimal rates.
6)Micro-ATMs to be deployed by expanding the reach of Jio Money to millions of touch points.
7)The new offer will also provide 30 times the average usage on other networks till March 31st.
8)At this offer period the customers can also test-drive digital recharge and billing experience through Jio Wallet
9)The growth of Jio has gone above Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp in just 3 months.
10)The Happy New Year comes in with a reduced data cap of 1 GB per day and the existing users will continue to get 4GB/day till 31st December.

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11)The existing users will be automatically moved into the new offer from January 1st 2017
12)This will stop the minority of users from spoiling the experience for the majority of users.
13)Out of Welcome offer, 80% of users were using 1GB or less per day and 20% are using more than the limited data which was impacting on service quality
14)Due to announcement of the new offer, the Jio towers experienced high congestion due to the increased usage.
15)About 92% of the reliance towers maintain high speed constantly.
16)Jio is trying to enhance even the left out 8% towers experience to ensure flawless experience to all its subscribers.
17)Till date Jio provides 4 times data as all other telecom operators is coming forward to its best to keep up the expectation of each Jio user
18)Call block rates have come down from 90% to 20%
19)Mukesh Ambani also comes up with the latest digitalisation plans in India through Jio Money to take advantage on cashless ecosystem being developed all over the country.

Thus, Mukesh Ambani through Reliance Jio Infocomm(Jio) makes India to set lead in the 4G revolution.