After Pokemon Go hit the game market, the new genre of games came into existence and altered the traditional perception about games in general. Pokemon Go made millions of game enthusiasts to leave their premise and roam around from place to place to catch some peculiar fantasy animal on their mobile screen. The game became unbelievably popular and inspired a trend of mobile game development that involves built-in GPS, real-time locations and objectives to thrill legions of game lovers all over the world.

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After the gigantic success of Pokemon Go, many other game developers have introduced mobile games that rely on Augmented Reality to create a palpable experience for users. If you are intrigued to learn more about such exciting GPS location-based games,

here is the list of 15 best spectacular games you will love to try in 2018:

1. Ingress – Android/iOS

Ingress was born long before Pokemon Go spread its magic all over. This game is based on the Augmented Reality technology, compels you to escape your house and travel a great number of portals to finish the quest successfully. The game gives exhilarating experience especially when played with your friends and neighbours. The game interacts with your smartphone’s GPS system to track locations. Gamers can rely on in-built map to find hidden energy sources and also keep the track of progress made by other players. More you gain control over portals, more real world points you collect, which can lead your faction to be a winner.

The sci-fi theme of Ingress seems to more superior than Pokemon Go, and more robust and social. It has also earned the interest of wide global community over years.

2. Pokemon Go – Android/iOS

Developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go no doubt is the most beloved game for world’s zealous game players. It has quickly reached the acme in the world of outdoor dynamic games. Its popularity has changed the conventional functioning of mobile game development. Ever since it went public, the game created whirlwind of interest among the audience. The idea of hunting for an imaginary creature (Pokemon) through chasing real world places and nearly erasing the boundary between the tangible and intangible really appealed to today’s spirited gamers.

Pokemon Go has reached the record breaking downloads that touched close to 700 million. This is splendid success no less than a wonder. The historic success of the game encouraged new such game ideas for creative developers.

3. Zombies, Run! – Android/iOS

This is a thrilling mission based game that captures player’s attention through its addictive theme where a player plays a hero and runs away from hostile zombies. All missions have a narrated story that you will have fun with. In the game, zombies come chasing you. So you will need to show enough strength and run with a fastest pace possible to escape them. While you enjoy the story, the game will allow you to decide on the favourite background music from the given options. Zombies, Run keeps you free from focusing exclusively on the game moves and lets you do whatever you like while playing it. You can take a walk or job along the beach, or stroll in the park or potter about your house.

4. Geocaching – Android/iOS

We all have once loved treasure games when we were young school kids, and we did enjoy finding treasure. Geocaching brings the same time back in your life if you are still very interested to relive those moments. It is one of the best examples of location-based GPS mobile game development. You can have best treasure hunting experience if you have Geocaching on your smartphone. In this game, you can track and discover geocaches scattered at many places across the globe. With friends, this game intensifies and offers exciting adventures that you may fall in love with.

The best part is, you can send messages to your fellow players for hints about treasure locations. For members who really want to take their experience to next advanced level and gain higher access, Geocaching provides premium membership at a fixed price per month.

5. CodeRunner – iOS

CodeRunner is partially a game of intelligence as it explores the theme of account hacking and intrusive surveillances. The game manipulates the fact that we live in a digital world where our online operations often leave behind telltale breadcrumbs for government agencies, marketers and duplicitous to abuse. This is the ultimate theme for CodeRunner – espionage, hacking and surveillance.

CodeRunner treats you as a government agent and gives you a mission to spy on hostile agents using real locations. You can also interact with other players and know some part of their play. Like many other games, CodeRunner gives new concept to mobile game development. It gets even more interesting with involvement of more players in your area. You can live your personal spy fantasy with this excellent game.

6. Turf Wars – Android/iOS

Turf Wars as the name suggests has got surprising war-like elements and is a unique multi-player game. Here players can take absolute control over the real-world places in the game and even protect it from enemy mobsters (who are, actually, other players). Of course, we can’t take such actions in real life, which is exactly what this game offers you. Turf Wars leaves you with power to defend your territory from rival players, making your play even more addictive, exciting and fun. Inside the game, you can increase your calibre and defend your turf by using many different weapons and upgrades. Other players may have to pay for their protection and safety of their turf.

You can grow your empire and obtain massive leverage against law enforcement. In addition, you are entitled to sharing messages with your friends and enemies about game strategy. Turf Wars can appeal most to those who love to indulge in the game of power and ambition to build their personal empire.

7. Landlord – iOS

Landlord is surely a terrific game for entrepreneurial minds who want to be a powerful real estate mogul with skills, luck and intelligence. Players will receive substantial in-game cash that they can invest to buy some portion of landmarks, local buildings and businesses. In this online business game, after buying a bunch of properties, you can make players pay fixed rent when they check in at the location from Facebook or Foursquare. Players can expand their business value and be a giant tycoon by trading or upgrading their properties with amenities like WI-Fi, Karaoke or VIP clubs, etc.

Landlord definitely takes mobile game development to a great level. Here you can even earn referral points from players, and gradually, using your luck and cunning, you can be a superior tycoon in the game. Additionally, the game offers in-app s to get some more game currency using real money.

8. Resources – Android

This is another economic simulation game where you will explore your surroundings to find good resources and use them to manufacture new sellable products. In this multiplayer GPS mobile game development, you will scan your surroundings in the real world. Upon finding some useful resources (like mineral deposits), you can extract and process those minerals into products, encash on it, earn and ultimately upgrade your operations. You have a potential competition, though. Other players can attack, sabotage and even seize your land and build their mine in your area. You have a defence mechanism, too. You can hire workers to boost your power and vandalize other players’ mines.

Resources might be a product of brilliant GPS mobile game development, but it is somewhat complex. Hence, it may not interest children and therefore works better for grown-ups. Also, the resource community actively brings new updates now and then.

9. Parallel Kingdom – Android/iOS

Parallel Kingdom is another majestic game that is made exciting with dungeons and castles that are scattered across the medieval land. It uses the real world map as provided by Google Maps. It stimulates players with 40 riveting levels, dungeons, classes, leader boards, events and chat rooms and many more amazing features. Of course, you can choose to play the game indoors, but venturing outside the house results into real-world experience of adventure.

As you explore the nearby locations, you will encounter many enemy players vying with you in the game. The Augmented Reality game is around for quite some time. Therefore, players will not be disappointed in it.

10. SpecTrek – Android

SpecTrek is a mindblowing augmented reality game that makes you hunt for ghost. In the game, you will chase imaginary story ghosts as if it is the real world adventure. Think about Winchester brothers in Supernatural while playing the game. Ghosts are added in pre-defined locations on Google map. Users can also define their search radius and can play it in various sessions like 15 minutes, 3 hours or 8 hours. SpecTrek is a popular GPS location centric game that players (even kids) can play with their friends.

You just need to see to location and catch the ghost hiding there. You can track your progress, speed, distance travelled and even calories burned. Despite the fact that mobile game development experts are not regular in adding new updates to the game, SpecTrek makes chasing ghosts fun in real world.

11. Recoil

With the launch of the new gameplay ‘Recoil’, Sky Rocket is turning a new category of competitive gameplay. While using this game, the player can turn any outdoor location to multi-player battlefield using the GPS enabled features. As its digitally enhanced, the GPS enabled technology used in this game allows almost 16 players at a time to involve in the battle field of the recoil world. With features like real-time weaponry kickback, 3D positional audio and AR based game play methods this gaming experience turns out to be more explosive where reality has truly caught up to the imagination of the players.

So, definitely, this game is reinvigorating the gaming methods and makes users come out of the couch and interact with players in the real world

12. GPS Tycoon

This is a location-based game for Android users which work on the real world map of your neighbour. Once you register for the game, Google Map will be open and it divides the location into 4 grids. Once your grid is fixed, you can start buying lands. The land you own gets money which the player can reinvest in buying new lands. As it is GPS enables, to buy a land you need to be in that exact location and to keep winning you need to buy lands in wherever location you travel.

mobile app development company

Another interesting feature of this game is that you have a leaderboard and you get to check the status of other players globally and according can target on buying more land and thus strive to reach the top score.

13.  The Great Land Grab

If you are planning a road trip, then this would be one of the best interactive GPS enabled game that can top your game list. While traveling, you can claim lands and further will have to fight against the oppositions. The character called Ol’Henry will be your guide in the game who will help you navigate and come across the claim jumpers.

On the whole, this game is very user-friendly and can be played without any beforehand user experience. And the biggest wow factor related to this game is that it works on the real-time GPS location which will help you stake your claim.

14. Color Planet

This is a massive multi-player online GPS-based game. The main aim of playing the game is to collect resources from the scattered places on Earth and the worker needs to collect them and send them back to their planet in-order to save it. With the help of the crystal resources, you can either increase or change your capability or the worker’s capability from the base. As you send most of the resources back home, you start earning points on the leaderboard.

15. DominAnt

As the name indicates, this is a multi-player ant-controlling game that uses real-time location using GPS settings. Within the game, there are many species of ants who compete each other to get over the ground control. Once you start playing, you are one among them that will help them spread and dominate. The player needs to find colonies, expand them to breed, defend against enemies and other animals. When the colony that you have created becomes big, you can also start attacking other colonies.

Indulge in the best GPS-based game

The above is the quite a comprehensive list of some of the magnificent GPS location-based mobile games you can try this year on your device. Each game offers unique quality and features for players to enjoy, and is different in its architecture, adventure level and the way it interacts. The best part is, these games are authentic and improves your lifestyle and fitness by forcing you to step out of your doors. As the methods of mobile game development grow and Augmented reality integration advances, we can hope to receive more new updates, challenges and themes in upcoming games. For now, these group games are enough to make your time big with your friends.

The mobile game development market is both rewarding as well as challenging, stimulated with a lot of incredible opportunities for mobile game developers. Many companies have hit the top notch by making stunning games. However, it is undeniable that only a few games become profitable and joins the league of successful games. While the speculations about game’s future are high, certain important guidelines can help you improve your chance to beat others in the app store.

In this blog you are about to dive into top 9 most essential tips to develop a successful game for popular mobile platforms. Implementing these ideas, you can ensure that you game get acknowledged quickly in today’s booming mobile game market. Let’s start with major reasons for game failures:

Factors that impede mobile game success

Usually, mobile games often fail to capture its audience and get low scores because:

  • Lack of creativity and innovative appeal
  • Interesting monetization tactics
  • Banal features and lack of engaging elements
  • Poor user acquisition
  • Complicated or confusing game play

To help your game acquire more users and reach smashing success, the following are the essential tips:

1) Research to outsmart the competition

Online app stores are infused with tens of thousands of games at the moment. Hence, there is a pretty enough chance that there is already a few good games similar to the one you are trying to build. This is why it is crucial to do serious research on your game idea to ensure it is original or has original, more appealing elements for users. Download and explore all the games that fit close to the one you have in mind.

Determine the game platform

After you are sure you have a clear vision and a viable idea of game type, it is time to identify the best platform for success. Think of what platforms are trending and have humongous influence on users. Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Hybrid) set the foundation for game development. Since every platform comes with its own pros and cons, it is important to pick the right choice which depends on:

  • The target audience for your game
  • Technical requirements and graphics
  • Processing speed and available resources

If you are muddled between iOS and Android, it is judicious to opt for both the platforms as long as you believe your idea is resilient and functional. When you launch games on multiple platforms, you can reach maximum audience with increased visibility.

UI/UX Design should be a stunner

You have a greater chance to attract and engage more users if your mobile game carries an intuitive, user-friendly and compelling UI. In an effort to make UI more appealing, make sure you don’t overwhelm users with too many complicated controls. If you game promises massive play, design a set of instructions that introduce users to game structure and get them on board.

Also, your game design graphics should not blur or create distorted pictures on high resolution screens. Consider all screen sizes and resolution quality well before actually designing the game graphics.

Create addictive stories

Stories sell quickly especially if it is mobile game development. Be it fantasy games or strategy gameplay, beautiful stories fascinate users, bring objects and characters into a context and enhance game’s worth. A good meaningful storyline makes players addicted to your game, ultimately increasing user interest and engagement.

There is no specific formula that turns your game into an addiction. Keep up your creativity and find out why these big titles are big. You may require multiple iterations before the game is what it should be.

Create social engagement

Social media a blazing fad that drives engagement to your mobile game. People love to share victories, rewards and performance score with other members and connect with more users. Integrating social elements  improves community value and triggers word-of-mouth publicity.

Hook users with sensational sound effects

Every mobile game development buff knows how important it is to include music that obsesses users with the game. The best way to weave a musical surprise for users is to leverage open source library of game sounds. You can either pick free audio effects or custom-create your own. Your game has a better chance to be a brand and attract more audience with custom music. Users appreciate creativity of sound effects especially if it is in mobile games since it sets gaming vibes and mood.

Don’t prioritize Monetization

Although the mobile game development has business expectations, while building beautiful games of immense value it is better to keep aside the intents of monetization. Dedicate your time to creating the best game play possible. Make a monetization strategy after the game is up and in demand.

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The stacks are high: you have to beat thousands of competitors, create the original and addictive and attract maximum users. If you fulfil all these criteria, the game will definitely earn you well.

Practice relentless testing standards

It is every game developer’s religion to test the game app for bugs, crashes and functionality of games they build. Users don’t install the game to experience obstacles in their play. They seek smooth, hassle free performance and enjoyable hours of engagement. Prepare a draconian testing format and pass your game through all the rigorous test routines on target platforms. Don’t limit the testing to just yourself. Instead, you can hire game testers or QA freelancers and ask your friends to for honest opinions.

Introduce frequent updates

The best way to receive more retention for your mobile game is to launch MVP with a promise of scaling it up with additional characters, levels and essential layered elements. This can be done during marketing and promotional campaigns as well. Asking people for their initial feedback can help you design new creatives and introduce more updates. Gradually, you will see a viral wave around the game. As you evolve game constantly with new features and updates, user retention improves.

Be creative and proactive for Marketing

Game will not become famous on its own. You have to be proactive and prepare for the launch from scratch. Your branding activities must reflect your ultimate goal and vision so that it becomes easy to launch and promote the game, and for the game to be absorbed in the market.

Blogging: Pull in massive traction from online influencers and communities who share similar tastes in the field. If you are not good with words, you may contact bloggers who can write about your new game, promote it and help make it more discoverable and visible. Blogging is also effective for increasing downloads and branding.

KPIs: Determine the clear objective and vision along with key performance indicators (KPI) from the beginning. Try to figure out custom KPIs to go beyond the general factors and dig up more specific changes that can boost game’s performance and put big impact on different user groups.

Localization: To make your mobile game achieve wide éclat, you ought to constantly seek stepping into new markets. Localizing the mobile game makes global distribution much more effective, rapid and profitable. The faster you reach the target user community, the more chance for terrific success.

Final words

Despite general belief that mobile game development is only full of fun and no challenges, bringing the concept to reality for game developers is a cumbersome process.  The job is both stressful and rewarding. Set clear and realistic expectations from the very beginning. Mobile game development success formula involves solid development skills and creative marketing. Those who have clear vision and awareness of upcoming challenges can attain gratifying results.

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Augmented reality being one of the greatest technological innovation, affected the mobile app development world big time, especially the gaming industry. It can be used on any devices ranging from smart phone to camera’s. But for augmented reality to work properly there should be an element of reality. This can be done by using a wide television screen or by physically being in the situation. The device you use will superimpose images over reality to create a unique and interactive world.

According to Global AR Gaming Market, AR gaming industry will grow at a CAGR of approximately 151.43% by 2021. Which is a delightful news for all those AR enthusiasts spread across the world..

Impact of Augmented Reality In Games

While AR can be used in almost all aspects of life, it is more often used for gaming purposes. As the feature is gaining a lot of attention among the gamers, several mobile game development companies have come forward offering display devices that help in enhancing the gaming experience. Even Google has released Google Glass, An optical display which can be worn as eye glasses.

Different devices like Wii and Play station offer features to augment reality games where players take on a role and use physical actions to control the movements and actions during the game. This technology is generally used in fighting games, sports games and in online gambling games where players are likely to have a complete control over the game using an AR device.

For gamers and developers, augmented reality opens a lot of new chances of creativity. Mobile games which were usually played on screens can now be played on any surrounding in accordance with the convenience of the player.

AR games are deeply getting implemented in the gaming industry and have different categories like:

1) Strategy-based AR games
2) AR shooting games
3) Sport AR games
4) Geo-location based AR games
5) Table games and Card AR games
6) RPG AR Games
7) AR Quest Games
8) Casino Gambling AR Games

Strategy-Based Games

Creating strategies, fighting with enemies, building cities etc. are the categories that are involved in strategy games i.e. the strategy of the game is combined with reality to bring in a greater experience to the user.

1) Parallel Kingdom: This AR game comes with the feature of strategy. The game enables the player to conquer territories based on his/her location.

AR Shooting Games

AR shooting games allows the player to defend as well as attack in a fierce manner, mainly gunfights as the category suggests

1) Zombie GO: Zombie based games are quite a hit in the gaming industry. This game brings the zombie destructions in real-time. Throughout the game, zombies pop out in every corner to aim at you. The player needs to fight the zombies with the different weapons provided.

Zombie GO is available in Android

2) Real Strike: This is a real life shooting game that includes highly realistic environment and real animations. The user can even record fights and create videos by their own. This game is available on iOS 4.0 and updated versions.

Sport Games

If you are a real sports fan, then you will certainly like the possibility for games in augmented reality. In AR based sport games you’ll be able to play different sports like cricket, football and basketball right at your workplace or anywhere you are.

1) Run An Empire: This is an augmented reality game that will certainly turn you into a regular runner. Here, the player can conquer lands, gain levels, invade land of other players and claim the earned profits. The more you run, the more land you gain.

2) Zombies Run: The main mission of this game is to complete tasks through running or walking. Here the player needs to collect items while running from zombies that chase you.

Geo-Location AR Games

Geo-location games are the most thrilling class in augmented reality games. They use locations and the real maps in the game to augment fantastic creatures and other real life features for the players. Using smart phones that enable GPS, the player can move around and perform tasks.

1) Pokemon GO: This is one of the remarkable gaming project which brought more popularity among gamers. The game became so popular that it even won Guinness records which got to the top list of the highest earning games on last year.

The game based on geo-location shows the battlefield in real environment. Here, players need to catch, train Pokemon to later fight with pets and other opponents.

2) Parallel Mafia: Parallel Mafia game allows you to be in a world which is ruled by criminals. While playing the game, you become the boss of the criminal group in the game you have created.

3) Temple Treasure Hunt: This game is generally meant for myth and mystery lovers. Temple treasure hunt uses Indian mythology based characters which work with the location using a real map. The player can choose roles of either a treasure hunter or a treasure protector while playing.

4) Geo AR Games: Geo AR game can be used by both children and adults. During the game, the player can easily turn city park, gardens etc. into an impressive world with beautiful landscapes and animals. Within the game, players get an opportunity to create fairy tales by their own at beautiful places.

Table Games and Card Games

Such games are one player or multi-player supporting. Here, the table/floor used by the player acts as the battlefield.

1) Genesis: It is a unique card game based on augmented reality. With the help of the AR technology, Characters in the cards comes to life and will attack the opponent card character. you can see this magic through a your mobile phone. All you have to do is download the app and focus your camera directly to the card.

2) Toy Car RC: It is a simple race game for kids. The major character in the game is a car named Wheely’ which travels around the whole world, through space etc. to complete missions

Some of the other table and card augmented reality games include AR Defender 2, PulzAR, Warp Runner etc.

Horror Games: Augmented reality based horror games are highly immersive, binaural and more photo-realistic which are usually played after dark at home with lights off and headphones on.

1) Night Terror: The Night Terror is a scary game controls what you see, hear and where you go. The game transforms your surroundings into a horror film scenery where ghosts hide behind every corner.

RPG (Role Playing Game) Augmented Reality Games

In RPG augmented reality games, the player takes the role of a fictional character who undertakes the hunt in the real-world. An important factor is that the game works according to the players imagination.

RPG games became more popular with the introduction of the game the, Warcraft. Dispersion is another RPG augmented reality game for iOS, Android by using Google glasses and Microsoft HoloLens.

AR Quest Games

These fascinating games allow you to search treasures across the countryside or the neighborhood.

1) Invizimals: The Resistance: Here the player needs to hunt for creatures all around. The aim is to find all the 150 invizimals and save the creatures from being extinct.

2) Geocaching: This game is considered to be the largest treasure hunting AR game in which the treasure is hunted in the hidden places around the planet.

Casino Gambling AR Games

Casino Gambling AR games were the best introduction to the online casino gambling industry. Here the players can enjoy games in real time from a studio or any other location. Such AR games provide the opportunity to interact and play with live players and game dealers.

To give the players a more lively experience, Google has introduced augmented eye wears and 360 degree cameras that will help players to step into action and enjoy gambling.


Even though augmented reality was introduced a few years back, and is still in developing stage. It manages to make ripples in the gaming world. This cutting edge technology seems to have a great future in all fields. One of the top social networking site, Facebook is now working on a platform that supports augmented reality games and location-based features.

As mobile game development is taking more steps closer to augmented reality, there can be amazing possibilities in future not only for gaming apps but also for other mobile apps. Overtime, AR would definitely become an important factor that will bring change on how we use our smart phones and eventually other technologies.

Mobile games have become hugely popular with the increasing adoption of smart phones. Advanced pocket computers and other consoles have enhanced the customer experience in the last few years thereby supporting and drastically changing the gaming industry landscape.

According to the reports from Global Market Insights, the mobile gaming industry is estimated to grow double from 2017 to 2024. The competition in mobile game development are as fierce as ever and developers are frequently on the lookout for new technologies that can give their mobile game a competitive edge.

In this blog, we can take a look at what technology trends we can expect in mobile gaming apps this year.

1) The future of Mobile Gaming: Virtual Reality


Major Gaming Industry Developments [2017]| Mobile Game Development

Virtual Reality(VR) Gaming is a three-dimensional environment in which we can interact using an electronic equipment. In VR gaming, the gamer dons a specialized equipment that allows them to enter a three-dimensional world. The equipment can include devices such as a VR headset, helmet, mask, gloves where they interact with the fantasy gaming world.

VR gaming was considered as a thing of the distant future until the release of virtual reality headsets. VR headsets provide gamers with an impressive and realistic gaming experience. Star Citizen, Eagle Flight, Arizona Sunshine, Elite Dangerous etc. are some of the most popular VR mobile games.

Here are three key reasons why mobile VR will be the future of gaming:

•  Simplicity – It’s a simple, easy to operate technology
•  Portability – Once VR goes mobile, you wouldn’t have to carry around bulky VR equipment. There would be only a headset and your mobile
•  Affordability – As most people already own smart phones, they just need to buy a VR headset to go with it.

2016 has been a breakthrough year for VR gaming. With a spectacular range of software and hardware all set to be available, virtual reality fanatics are going to become even more impressed.

Beyond gaming, VR technology can be used in other forms of Entertainment, Healthcare, Space technology, Museums, Online Shopping, Automotive manufacturing and Education.


2) Augmented Reality(AR)


Major Gaming Industry Developments [2017]| Mobile Game Development

Augmented Reality gaming uses an existing environment and creates a playing field within it. AR games are mostly played on devices like smart phones, tablets, and other portable gaming systems.

More advanced AR gaming apps may actually build an environment from the user surroundings. Environment creation is an important task in gaming as the user would require a new environment after completing each level. It helps to expand the playing field, create a diverse range of real-world environment to keep the games interesting.

Video game companies are quickly adopting this technology to create games that are life like and offer the most amazing experiences. Devices like PlayStation and Wii offer augmented reality games, where players use physical actions to control the movements and actions.

Pokemon GO is considered to be the breakthrough for AR gaming which uses a camera, gyroscope, clock and GPS enable a location-based augmented reality environment.

The best Augmented Reality Games available in Android/iOS are Temple Treasure Hunt Game, Real Strike, ARBasketball, Paintball Arena, SpecTrek, Toyota 86AR, AR Invaders, Droid shooting etc.


3) Ionic Framework App Development


Major Gaming Industry Developments [2017]| Mobile Game Development

Undoubtedly, the vast growth in technology has landed us into an era that is rapidly changing, adopting and inventing new, better ways to do things. Ionic framework created in the year 2013, Drifty Co. makes it easier to develop native mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, Sass is also known as the Hybrid apps.

Ionic which is a completely open source SDK for HTML5 app development frameworks is targeted at building hybrid mobile apps which are basically small websites running in a browser shell in an app that has access to the native platform.

In 2017, a majority of the developers may use this in games. Its optimum specifications allow it to work on the latest devices in the market. The framework which works on both iOS and Android platforms allows the developers to create complex gaming apps much easier.

Benefits of Ionic Framework in Mobile App Development

Platform independent Framework: It has the ability to recognize the platform specific optimized CSS equivalent to the native look and feel on various mobile Operating Systems.

Default User interface: This has many default CSS and JS components that cover most of the essential/basic things which you use to create a mobile application.

Feasible Cross Mobile App Development: Developing an application only once is advantageous as it would be compatible with all the mobile devices.

Built on Angular JS: The Ionic framework is built on top of the Angular JS framework. Ionic expands Angular at a basic level with a lot of stuff to make creative applications.

An Ionic framework is the dominant HTML5 mobile advancement system at present and it is growing very fast. While developing a mobile application, this is highly recommended since it might be a good choice based on your business and technical needs.

4) Location-Based Services

LBS delivers information about the geographic location of the mobile devices. This includes mobile phones, mobile interactive browsers etc. LBS deliver end-user applications based on location services.

This new technology is having a great impact on how business is being done. Knowing the physical position of the user at any time can be a huge potential for mobile game development service providers.

LBS can be involved in the following aspects like:

• People Tracking and Finder
• Driving Directions
• Information Directory Services
• Advertising
• Location Based Billing
• In games where location is a part of the game play (For example Your movement on daytime makes your avatar move in the game or your position can unlock contents)

Today nearly all mobile devices have GPS thus making it easy for the game developers to incorporate location-based services into the games they develop.

5) Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app consists of an HTML5 web app, written using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This is then transformed into native iOS, Android or other mobile platform using PhoneGap. These apps can be easily moved across multiple platforms and are cheaper and much faster to build an app.

This helps in increasing the productivity while incurring minimal costs. Hybrid Application development consists of two parts:

•  Hybrid Mixed Application Development
•  Hybrid Web Application Developments

The need for gaming has elevated to such an extent that game developers are trying out so much to put out their best. Opting for a hybrid application is a lucrative business model, while it meets the expectations of all the customers. Hybrid App Development includes benefits such as:

1) Time-Saving: A hybrid app negates the need to create a new operating system for every app each time. At this point, they wouldn’t need to spend extra time to develop platform-specific versions for each of their apps. It can help developers to design apps that can rank high in usability and efficiency.

2) Web plus native access to features: In hybrid apps, users have access to more features like web content and access to native capabilities within the app.

3) Easy Updates: Hybrid apps save the user from tedious clicks and efforts. For updates, users no longer have to revisit the AppStore and make several clicks.

4) Offline Access: They can be used even when the devices are offline and helps users cut their expenses, indulge more in the of such apps and in turn, benefit the business.

However, game developers will have to ensure that the hybrid app utilizes the different capabilities of each platform to an optimal level so as to save costs as well as to satisfy the customer needs.

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6) Android Instant Apps

Android Instant apps allow usage of apps without downloading them from a link from the Play Store. This new concept saves the users from the annoyance of first downloading the app and then determining its usability. Here, users have the flexibility to install only those apps that fulfil their expectations and needs.

By the introduction of this method by Google, it has paved the way for mobile game development and mobile game app developers. Users will be able to run games on their smart phones without downloading them. This feature makes it easy to play games on the go.

Mobile users do not need to install the full app if the preview of an instant app fulfills their purpose. Fast loading and easy accessibility are the main attractions of instant apps.

Another main feature of Instant Android Apps is that they support NFC for ease of usability.

7) Cloud Based Technology

Cloud computing is a network, where a large number of systems are connected with private or public sources, to provide dynamically scalable infrastructure for data and file storage. With the advent of this feature, the cost of application hosting, computing, content storage and delivery has been reduced significantly.

Cloud Computing offers new opportunities in the gaming industry. With the support of cloud technology, other industries such as music, television, etc. offer extensive content to users in PCs and smart phones.

Features offered by Cloud Technology

Security: Can prevent interruptions such as hacking. The information is stored within a storage space and makes the platform safer than the other traditional applications.

Compatible with Any Type of Devices: High-end games can even be played on lower end machines. Cloud technology can diminish the limitations caused by memory requirements, graphic capacity, and processing power.

Reduced Costs: The cloud systems follow a ‘pay as you go’ strategy in which gaming companies need to pay only for the resources that they have used.

Easy Access to Games: Easy to implement and can access games from any device from any location without downloading the game.

Safe from Piracy: The gamers play games on cloud servers with an access on their personal computers, so cloud diminishes the chances of unauthorized manipulation, interruptions and maintains the novelty of the game.

More devices are available: Cloud computing supports the usage of multiple devices such as smart phones, laptops etc. Players can enjoy the game from anywhere in the world without carrying the console.

8) Cloud Demand Services are on the Rise

Refers to games which are not stored on your computer or device but kept on a server. Using the client-side software you can connect to the server and retrieve the game when needed. Benefits for this are that you don’t need to update the software every time when a new update comes.

Some of the top Cloud Services for the Gamers are:

• G-cluster
• Play-station Now
• GameFly
• GameNow
• StreamMyGame

GamingAnywhere is another open source cloud gaming platform which currently supports Windows and Linux and can be ported to OS X and Android. Gamers may customize GamingAnywhere to meet their needs. And this advantage is not possible in other game clouding platforms.

According to Cisco research, globally cloud apps will drive 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019 and Mobile cloud traffic will be 11-fold with Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 60%.

9) More Focus on Security of the Gaming Apps

Protecting your gaming brand, assets, stories and characters have tended to be more important these days. Mobile games and other apps are seeing an increasing number of hacking attacks, where they clone popular games and then collect the revenue from the cracked copies of the original.

Securing a mobile game can be a complex task since the threats vary depending on different factors- Platforms, the architecture of the game, type of the game and much more. Using third party app stores can end up hosting pirated versions of the original app. This can deny the revenue to the actual game developer and most of such pirated game versions contain malware.

Things to be done to keep acquiring security in apps:

a) Use intrusion detection and obfuscation techniques

b) Prevent piracy by adding a line of defense in server layer, network layer, a memory layer, and disc layer of the game.

c) Get an external audit done by a specialist.

In 2014, Flappy Bird was a Top Free Game in iOS App Store. The developers made an income of around $50,000 a day from in-app advertisements and sales. Within a month, there were 60 different clones of the game being added, every single day to the store.

In a rush to get apps in the market, developers fail to keep security as a key part and finally can get a loss about 50% or more of their potential revenue because of hacking or other security failures.

The two other development to keep an eye on in 2017 is MagicLeap, the US “mixed reality” start-up which has been funded to a high level and is considered to be a game-changer. The second development involves Microsoft is trying to make VR headsets standard for Windows 10 running PCs. It will enable firms to manufacture VR headsets with confidence.

Mobile Gaming development is actually at an interesting point. It can reach more customers than any other gaming  apps platforms. Nintendo, Pokemon Go, and Super Mario Run proved to have something new and interesting to offer to the gaming apps space in 2016. Two Major hardware launches-Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Scorpio might also happen this year.

At the end of the day, though, providing a premium and smoother experience is the key to the success of all mobile game development in the coming years. Design skills and understanding the customers should be the priority concern for mobile app developers.

It is common knowledge that testing is required for every phase of a mobile game development process, be it for design or for coding. Similarly, testing is an unavoidable step after mobile game localization. It should be remembered that translation and localization are related, but they are not one and the same thing. Check out the most common video game misconceptions in localization testing.

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1. A localization tester re-writes the entire game: The most important thing that mobile game development companies notice in the tested games are whether the brand names and anything related to the company’s intellectual properties are misspelled or not. As a matter of fact, the possibility of finding an entirely re-written game from the market is very rare.

One reason that this is not practical is the infinite number of alterations made to the original script given, by the time you reach the deadline. Apart from that, most game owners won’t be so sure about the terminology guidelines initially.

So, translation testers would naturally be required to put more effort in finding contradictions to company’s identity from the text rather than using conjunctions and prepositions of the language correctly. This does not mean that translation of other components are not important, but the priority rests with the aforementioned ones.

2. A localization tester can shorten anything at will: Translators often face this issue where you need to place a relatively longer sentence inside a severely finite space. We all know that overflowing and overlapping texts are gross to look at. It will destroy the beauty of a well designed game.

It is a popular misconception that a localization tester is allowed to shorten a string of text at will. Testers need to get through a long and tiresome procedure, if they want to get even a single line of text changed. Yet, most often they are not allowed to shorten them just like that. The only option that seems to be available in most of the cases will be to abbreviate those long text strings, which would make an otherwise stunning UI, ruined.

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3. A localization tester knows everything about censoring for particular markets: Every country has different rules regulating the circulation of contents, for example the usage of curse words or the extent of vulgarity or gore shown. In a country like Italy, there are specific rules to prevent the use of blasphemies, Vatican being very near. In some countries, there is a culture wise difference in the permissibilities, though they might not be legally enforced.

Something that is legally lawful to be sold in one country could be found offensive and spread against the law in other countries. Also, the openness of the contents that users of different age groups can be exposed to is well defined by the legal systems in all countries.

Many publishers and mobile game development companies think that it is entirely a tester’s job to know everything about the permissibilities and prohibitions prevalent in the countries of the targeted markets. It is important to understand that a tester is not a law person after all and needs to be properly directed about any such requirements.

4. A localization tester knows their native language better than the translators: It is mandatory that tester’s need expertise and good knowledge in using the local language, preferably greater than translators, but this is not definitely the case a lot of times. If testers have lesser competence and language skills than the translators, they will find it difficult to comprehend what the translator meant, while trying to edit the script.

There’s been a huge buzz around this new gaming app called “Pokémon Go” for the past few weeks. You would hardly miss people roaming around the streets and playgrounds with their smartphones held up in their hands. If you’ve stumbled upon this new gaming app rather lately and has been curious to dive further into the topic, this article is the right one for you. Let’s get some awareness about this new massive hit.

So, What’s the big deal about Pokémon Go? Why the game is a big hit so suddenly?

Pokémons are pocket monsters, which resemble real world animals and other animate and inanimate things such as rats, birds, onion, eggs and more. They have exotic powers and are tamed by trainers who catch them.
Most of us were Pokémon fans as kids. Now, the 90’s favorite fantasy characters are back with a bang after Nintendo’s first entry into the mobile space.

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Pokémon Go, a gaming app developed by Niantic and Pokemon Company, is already more popular than the dating app Tinder, in the US. Reports say that it engages an average user for more than 43 minutes everyday. The game made Nintendo’s market value rose by $7.5 billion in just two days. Sources reveal that now the game is competing with Twitter in terms of its daily active users.

The trend never went away

The quick popularity and massive acceptance of Pokemon is not something that is bewildering. It all began with the release of the first Pokémon playing cards back in the 1990’s. The cards were followed by Nintendo GameBoy games and Pokémon cartoons. And when yesterday’s kids became adults with smartphones, they were served with the right game at the right time.

Where do I get it?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game available as a free download for both the Android and iOS platforms. The game will let its players walk around their neighborhood to find and catch virtual Pokémon characters that appear on their phone’s screen– a scavenger hunt game by all its means. The app uses your phone’s GPS to access the location information and your clock to work in real time.

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Cool! So how do you begin to play it and what are the basic rules?

After downloading your game you will be asked to choose your avatar and username. You can then start collecting your wild Pokémons by throwing your Pokéball at them. The more you collect, the more powerful you become.

As noted earlier, the Pokémon characters like Rattatas and Pidgeys can be caught from your surroundings so that you can train them. You may find a Pokémon literally everywhere. There might be one waiting for you right outside your doorstep, or when you have coffee at a coffee shop, or even when you are working at your office desk.

Trainers can join teams, once they reach a certain level in the game. These trained Pokémon characters are then used by trainers while fighting against other teams. As obvious, the trainer team with the strongest Pokémons subsequently wins. This will give them control over areas known as Pokémon Gyms. Pokéstops are found in public places such as libraries and gardens, where you could restock your Pokéball and other game items.

The app encourages it’s players to travel around. There will be newer and more collections of Pokémon characters, if one could travel to various spots during different times. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of the game. The use of real world environment in the game has made playing it, a much more rewarding experience for many.

Localization is an important step in mobile game development if you are aiming for a global market. Here are the most common mistakes made during game localization.

1. Hard-coding of text inside source code

Hard-coding text into the game’s source code is a common shortcut used by developers to save their time. But, translators often get into trouble due to this, since altering or updating content means locating it from the source code every time. This is a very time consuming process and increases the overall cost of localization.

2. Not taking context seriously

Meaning of the words that we utter and the sentences that we write mainly depends on the context. Hence the importance of providing adequate contextual information for translators. For e.g., the word “date” denotes a day of a month and also a fruit. And when we say “I gave her dog food” it could mean either her dog was given food by me or that she was given dog food by me.

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Translators often become confused when there is ambiguity in the content. This also leads to a lot of time wastage for its clarification. Sending concerned images and other contextual information in advance can add up to the translation’s quality.

A good contextual information must include character descriptions, screenshots, translation style samples and other helpful details.

3. Not hiring the right people

When hiring game translators, go for native speakers who have a good gaming background. Though it’s easier said than done, following this step could give you wonderful results.

Games need special translation skills because they have a unique form of content. For e.g., translaters need knowledge of gaming slangs and other such terminologies and have to understand new gaming concepts that requires a considerable amount of content creation as well.

It is also recommended that you hire translators who are familiar with the particular genre of game that you are developing.

4. Testing localized games

Most mobile game development companies are lazy when it comes to play testing their localized games. The reason why localized games need to be tested is that there will be a lot of UI problems among the others once localization is done.

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For e.g., Russian and Ukranian translations of the sentence “The sweetest game just keeps getting sweeter!” from Candy Crush Saga are given in the below image. Obviously the sentence structure changes and the length of string varies creating UI deformities. So, actual device testing must be done after localization.

Mobile game development

5. Ignoring the importance of culturalization

Earth is home to thousands of unique cultures. Around the globe, common practices of some places is considered offensive in some other parts. For e.g., using one’s hands to eat is against a good dining etiquette in most of the western countries, but it is the preferred and respected method of eating food in countries like India.

Similarly, each country has its own content regulations according to its state value systems. Translators must have a clear knowledge of location-wise cultural differences in order to avoid input of content that can be seen as indecent by the players of a game.

6. Treating localization as an option

Many developers think of localization as an option that could be introduced if the game gets hugely successful in the main markets. As a result, they fail to keep necessary translation records during mobile game development and thus faces many difficulties at a time when they are trying to establish a grip in the overseas markets. So, it is important to build translation materials right from the start.

We often face difficulty in making children learn even the basic lessons. Video games can motivate kids to learn faster.

Kid’s education games are designed to make them more amenable to learning. It can channel their enthusiasm and vigour into productive ways by providing an environment that is conducive to learning. Here are some of the ways that kids education games make them smarter.

App cost calculator

1. Games offer fun ways to learn and make kids happier

Today’s children are already familiar with mobile games. One way or other they spend a significant amount of their time playing games on a number of digital devices. This time can be effectively utilized for learning things by using kids education games. Games will let kids involuntarily learn memory-related and practice-related learning of concepts through challenging, engaging and fun ways.

2. Games provide ideal learning environments

Video games provide better learning environments than traditional learning environments. They can seize childrens’ interest and concentration for a longer time by rendering the activities as challenging and pertinent.

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Kids put more effort into learning things unknowingly when provided with an engaging game. Games also allow kids to socially interact, compete and collaborate with each other to perform the tasks given. It is also easy to track their progress and give them feedback instantly.

3. Games route the focus to the challenge

Through kids education games, complex topics can be taught easily, especially if the lesson requires a lot of practice or memorization. Games can incorporate different adaptive methods and approaches based on individual abilities of each student. The pupil will feel that the topic is much more less dense than learning through any other methods. For e.g. the game slice fractions, helps your kids to learn all about fractions through cool games of slicing through ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path.

4. Games and encouragement

The challenges in games are designed to be encouraging and motivating in nature. Students will feel confident when they advance through each level of the game.

While learning, failure is one thing that will be encountered too many times. But in order to accomplish something, there should be persistence and the will to try again and again until the goal is finally achieved.

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Games are entertaining in itself and so they naturally instigate the necessary stimulus to continue further. Rewards, scores, and advanced levels in the game will force kids to move forward trying different types of techniques and strategies to reach the target.

Also multiple attempts and continuous failure while playing games affect kids lesser than failing in other learning methods. This is because regardless of the results, players get enjoyment from playing the game.

5. Games can simulate processes and phenomenons

A lot of things are learnt better when they are seen. Game simulations can help to re-create processes and phenomenons in the real world that are too costly to build. A lot of abstract and difficult concepts are effortlessly learnt this way.

Students can experience and interact with things more closely while learning a lot of rules and procedures. For e.g., they can safely understand the reaction between chemicals, see what happens in a nuclear reaction, or go on missions to the moon & Mars.

A certain category called epistemic games allow role playing, where the students are required to play specific roles or complete tasks imitating real-world situations. The roles can range from being police officers to businessmen and what not. These games assist in acquiring real life skills and helps to understand various value systems.

6. Global reach

Several games allow the students to socially interact with players from around the world. While building a foundation of skills and interests, these games can give kids exposure to other cultures.

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Mobile game development is a job that needs a passionate heart towards what you do. The developer goes through the same excitement as the game player. You rejoice at every small accomplishment that your game character makes. But before all that comes, there is one thing that you need before anything else- A good “idea” for game development.

“How could you be resourceful when you need to come up with some groundbreaking mobile game development ideas?” As a mobile game developer this is one crucial question that contributes a large share in shaping your destiny.

Dream a lot

If you are a game developer, you should dream a lot. We all had our dreams and fascinations as a child. Our favorite heroes and imaginary friends were alive in our little minds. We flew in clouds and we jumped into chocolate pools. And our favorite holiday spot became Disney Land.

Most of us are still fascinated about our childhood heroes. We day dream putting ourselves in their shoes and we ourselves become the heroes in our dreams – the one man army and the last hope of earth. We solve mysteries and we join the fights.

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Adventures with mesozoic creatures, alien life forms, monsters, mechanical men and robots makes our daydreams highly imaginative. But as adults, we more easily realize that they are just our imagination. Games have the power to bring the improbable and intangible into reality.

With mobile game evolution, early developers began experimenting with queer story lines. They gave an element of surrealism, and allowed the impossibilities to happen that kept the player’s interest level high.

Mobile games became the right platform to create new worlds and new systems. As a game developer, you should look around the world and observe things happening around you more attentively to generate cool ideas. With a lot of focus and practice, this will become one of your instinct.

Search other media

One of the greatest inspirations for mobile game development comes from the stories that we have read and the movies that we have watched.

Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? And the evergreen children’s novel Alice in Wonderland? All are great sources to think about new ideas. From Aladdin to Batman, games are created based on world famous fictional characters.

Growing up, we shifted our interests more towards Sci-Fi, horror and similar categories. We loved to watch Terminator, Star Wars, and Star Trek. Yet, as adults, we also loved to read and watch the Harry Potter series.

Inspiration can be sought out from all potential fields like movies, stories, cartoons, and even poems. For e.g., The Rape of the Lock, a mock-heroic poem by Alexander Pope, provides a possible theme which includes a kingdom, palaces, elaborate rituals, a boat journey, a mission, and supernatural characters like fairies.

Although you can’t take characters and themes as such from others intellectual property just like that, a little bit of inspiration from them could do wonders. All original ideas trails from good old ones, as Wilson Mizner said, “Copy from one, it’s plagiarism; copy from two, it’s research.”

Games from games

Game ideas can come from other games as well. It is so obvious that when you play a game, you wish for a hundred new features to be included or you think that an alternate story line might make the game more interesting. Critically looking at other games can automatically brainstorm new and creative ideas.

Playing games have other advantages too. For e.g, you can know what things make a game interesting, up to where you should continue providing a particular feature or resource and where you should halt, how difficult should a level be etc. All these insights can allow you to adjust your game complexities and architecture accordingly.

Lastly, there is something that should be remembered always. Ideas have this strange nature – You are immediately struck by one waking up from a dream and by the time you finish your coffee, it vanishes from your memory.

A great tip- Do not forget to jot it down as soon as you get one!

Mobile is the largest gaming platform by market share. The gaming industry has become an area of interest for MNCs globally to invest billions. As for indie game developers, now there are lower barriers of entry into the field. With wider audience, an open market, and extensive technology upgrade, the quality, demands, and expectations are growing in the industry everyday.

A major number of games in the mobile space belongs to Android. The audience share for the market in recent years shows a greater growth potential towards east, after setting firm bases among the western populace. As market continues to mature, subsequent scopes are generated with opportunities outspread to explore.

Many studies that delved into this particular digital gaming world have acquired significant insights on the mobile game market. Here are some of those figures that will make you familiar with how the enormous market is stacked up.

mobile game market statistics