Giving charity is now a very easy task. Unlike a few years ago, you don’t need to fill in cheques or visit banks anymore. You can simply download an app from playstore/appstore for the purpose. But how do you know which are the best and authentic ones? Well, here are 10 of the best charity apps for nonprofit organizations.

1. Charity Monk

charitymonk - best charity apps

This is a new way to donate to your favorite charity. Everytime you shop, make a donation to the charity at no extra cost.

Charity monk is an all-in-one shopping app with 400+ stores and can raise free funds for the charity of your choice. You can get exclusive coupons and discounts which can be used for shopping and that amount goes to the charity through the Charity Monk app.

Ratings : 5

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android

2. eCharity

echarity - best charity apps

eCharity connects you with various international and local charity opportunities, which enables you to calculate your early zakath, set your donation target and invite your friends/relatives to join your cause. You can donate directly towards UNWO’s project and also sponsor destitute, orphans, etc.

Ratings : 4.9

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android, iOS

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3. ShareTheMeal

sharethemeal - best charity apps

Probably the most illustrious one for ending world hunger, ShareTheMeal works on a simple  idea, which is to feed a hungry child for one day. To do that, you have to tap the screen which lets you donate $0.50.

The app has certain engaging and fun features like joining a team, participating in fundraising challenges and Table. It helps you learn more about those needy families and help them. You can also spread the word with its Camera Giving feature that lets you take a snapshot of your meal where you can use its #ShareTheMeal filter.

Thus, the app effectively helps resolve one of world’s biggest concern at the moment.

Ratings : 4.8

Installs : 500,000+

Download : Android, iOS

4. Roundup App

roundup - best charity apps

The Roundup App, as the name goes, allows charity contributors to round up the change of purchases made every month with a credit card. They can give this roundup away to a charity of choice.

You can register your nonprofit at no cost and start getting donation of as much as $20 for app cause supporters. This is a smooth and fun way of making donations.

Ratings : 4.7

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android, iOS


bemyeyes - best charity apps

Be My Eyes is one of the wonderful international charity apps available in 150 countries and more than 180 languages. This innovative app is designed as an initiative to help visually impaired people with their everyday tasks and uses your smartphone camera to do so.

It makes smartphone usage truly meaningful. When someone needs help, the app notifies you and you will connect with them through video. You can assist them in checking an expiration date or suggest good outfit choices.

Ratings : 4.6

Installs : 1,000,000+

Download : Android, iOS

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6. Go Donate

godonate - best charity apps

This app helps to participate in the social drive to solve the hunger problems of the community, one at a time. It enables you to connect with a donor to save the life of your loved ones and donate blood to the one who need.

Ratings : 4.4

Installs : 1,000+

Download : Android, iOS



Coin up is another fascinating app working on the straightforward concept of collecting change from credit card transactions. As it rounds up the transactions to the next dollar, the additional money as change is donated to the charity organization you select. This is as seamless as it should be.

Just like you have the swell of coins in your wallet, you can think of them going in a digital form to someone who needs it most. This transparent way of giving also lets you set a monthly donation limit and also comes with tax deduction benefits.

Ratings : 3.8

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

8. Donate A Photo


Donate A Photo incorporates your most beloved modern habit: taking snapshots of your daily moments.It is a spontaneous act to take pictures with your smartphone and capture the special moments. The app adds to it and lets you share your most cherished memories with the world and give back.

For every picture you upload to the app, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a charity you follow. Your photos will also encourage others to share their best moments with the world without any cost.

Ratings : 3.7

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

9. Charity Miles


Charity Miles can also be regarded as an innovative charity approach for raising funds. It addresses your fitness goals and motivates you to get into action, whether running, walking, cycling or other athletic feats.

Every bit of your fitness activity is turned into some rewards. The amount is donated directly a charity of your choice. Bikers donate 10 cents/mile while walkers and runners give 25 cents/mile.

While it may not sound much at times, other participants doing their bit will further motivate you to push more. So, amp up your fitness regimen and increase the chance of donating more with Charity Miles.

Ratings : 3.4

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

10.  WoofTrax – Walk for a Dog


Walk for a Dog is a creative idea of giving back for dog lovers and dog walkers.

It takes the simple act of dog walking and gives it an exciting form. Here you can enter all the basic information about your dog and start tracking your daily walking activities. It lets you create fitness goals and share the daily progress on social media.

To activate the app, you will have to choose local animal organization. Spreading the word helps you get more givers on the app to add more donation. In a way, Walk for a Dog is a fantastic way to spend time with your dog.

Ratings : 3.4

Installs : 100,000+

Download : Android, iOS

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Last words

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We hope this list of 10 best charity apps for nonprofit organization helps you get an overall idea about charity apps. Each of them offer value and variety in terms of social initiatives and campaigns. Some of these are truly unique, seamless and simple to use. All of these charity apps are designed to be straightforward and transparent to promote the act of donation.