Mobile app development companies act as the driving factors behind great apps. New ideas get translated into engaging apps. The pandemic has made everyone stay in home cocoons and active in virtual platforms. Every single firm is forming its digital versions and ensuring their presence among customers.

High quality mobile apps can bring high productivity, financial stability& greater outreach to the business firm. The most challenging task is to pick out the best app development companies from the vast array of such companies.

India has some best app development companies, where businesses could develop excellent & high-quality mobile apps. Many mobile app development companies in India offer broad, custom built digital solutions for businesses or start-ups. Pune comprises ample opportunities to make the best apps from the best mobile app development companies out there.

Here are top 11 prominent mobile app development companies in Pune.

1. Redbytes Software

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Redbytes serves as a reliable source of translating great ideas into world class quality apps.  With a strong portfolio of 300+ successful mobile app stories with 100000+installs, Redbytes is continuing to make apps with the utmost experience. It enables collaboration of clients with various experts and professionals to bring their ideas with the best outcomes.

A responsible team focusing perfection on the whole development cycle has made it one of the top companies in Pune. The best solution to appify your business is their promise to the clients.

Expert designing, excellent contents, professional experts on diverse subjects etc make it a resourceful company. Whether it be a native, android or cross-platform app, Redbytes provide quality service by incorporating every features of the platforms.

Redbytes also hire efficient developers and managers for various platforms in full time Part-time, hourly and contractual basis.

Redbytes offers comprehensive solutions on service, industry, technology-based sectors like automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, tourism, education, entertainment etc.

The App cost calculator is a tool which enables in estimating the cost of your app as per the design and features. 11+ years of excellence in mobile app development has gained a remarkable place for Redbytes in mobile app development.

2. CodePlateau Technology Solutions

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CodePlateau creates best app solutions for Android, iPhone and react native platforms. Their timely development in a cost-effective manner concerning client needs makes them prominent. They also develop softwares for emerging start-ups across the globe and ensure their presence.

CodePlateau is specialised in mobile app development, website development, web design & digital marketing. Having 3 years of experience in app development, they have delivered 100+ projects across 10 countries.

CodePlateau is notable for its constant engaging with current trends and altering design, content & strategy in accordance. They work for the clients by knowing their pulse towards technology. Being an independent app development agency, it ranks in the top 11 mobile app development companies in Pune.

3. Prometteur Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Designs are factors that grab your eyes to fix on the site or any content. Prometteur solutions is one of the leading mobile and web app development companies in India. They deal with various areas of app development including iOS, Android and hybrid frameworks along with IOT (Internet of things) and SEO.

It acts as a single platform for various services including mobile, software & web development, graphics designing, SEO and IOT.

Prometteur has proved its fineness on e-commerce, Healthcare, Edutech and agriculture through app solutions. Because of its latest technology in every aspect, Prometteurs is one of the top 11 mobile app development companies in Pune.

4. Softflame PVT Ltd

softflame - app development companies in pune

A well reputed agile development solution bringing out innovative services. They provide awesome applications to clients in a cost efficient and profitable way. They engage with the latest technologies and fuse them into the services provided to the clients.

Softflame is uncompromised about the speed of their work, quality of the service and the trust happening in a business relationship.

Their area of work ranges across various countries and from startups to international brands. They are one of the top 11 mobile app development companies in Pune.


om software - app development companies in pune

Started its app development journey from 2004 and now is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Pune. An efficient team of developers working on the current trends to create high-quality apps. They develop A-class websites operating on various platforms that cater to client needs in the best way.

OMSOFTWARE is both Microsoft and Google certified partner offering web-based application services in superior quality. About 120 developers investing their huge pool of talent, creating successful apps in diverse sectors.

OMS has proved its excellence in UK, USA, Europe, Canada, and Indian sub-continent. Because of their uncompromising quality and creativity, OMSOFTWARE successfully ranks on top 11 Mobile App development companies in Pune.

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6. Virtuoso Infotech


A passionate development team with fruitful app stories. They focus on Enterprise, mobile, web, and cloud apps along with their development and maintenance. Virtuoso emphasise their presence on outsources and making app solutions for today’s world.

The five types of testing offered makes the place reliable for clients to get an errorless app.

Virtuoso Infotech Received Excellence Award 2019 for “Expandus Honor Club” and this has opened gates for business firms to have them as the best company to employ their ideas.

They have worked with multi-location teams spread across USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Belarus, Israel, Spain and India. They have contributed intuitive mobile apps on transportation and media, Logistics, Community Engagement etc. Thus, Virtuoso Infotech has gained a place in Top 11 mobile application development companies in Pune.

7. Winklix


Winklix provides digital transformation of the client ideas, excellent app development and support services for various business organizations. Their app solutions accelerate industry-based services focusing on mobile app development, application management, app consulting & development etc.

They support the essential software services needed for a business firm. In recent times, they have included some of the latest aspects into app development. Product engineering, block chain, cloud Data etc. Winklix makes way for one of the top 11 mobile app development companies in Pune.

8. Softenger


Softenger, known for its effective and efficient operation provides quality IT application services. It mainly serves clients with creative staff and excellent IT automation solutions.

Softenger has a client list of leading companies and 20+ years of service. Softenger mainly does recruiting function to organizations so as to enable them successful in the competitive market world.

Softenger realizes the role of technology in the era and provide tailored services throughout the development stage. They have stories of excellent mobility solutions and have acquired a position in the top 11 mobile app development companies in Pune.

9. QuadLogix technologies


Popular for its impressive technological aids and tailored development process. They have exclusive AI-powered tools and going with the current trends of technological society.

QuadLogix focuses on app development with higher customer satisfaction, pooling a strong customer base, and thus increased efficiency along with revenue. The Special factor about Quadlogix is that they practice DevOps ecosystem as an advanced project handling process

It engages with full stack mobile app development fulfilling client requisites. Various intuitive and innovative app stories on various sectors like enterprise, mobility management, Quadlogix successfully ranks on top 11 Mobile App development companies in Pune.

10. Leometric Technology Pvt Ltd


Leometric technologies, having a proficient team with proactive thoughts develop mobile apps, web apps and excellent UI/UX interfaces.

They are well-known for their advanced mobile and web technologies for iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Xamarian and various other platforms. Known for excellent Enterprise web Application Development, B2B and B2C E-Commerce Marketplace

With about 5+ years of experience, they have developed 70+ mobile apps and 120+ web app solutions. Easy and productive strategies in mobile app development have made a place for it in the top 11 companies in Pune.

11. Best1


Having happy and responsive customers is a boon. Best1 is popular for its 600+ happy customer base with 500+ projects delivered. Thus, they are well known for their testimonials. Best1 supports enterprises by providing good digital technologies & developing diverse IT solutions for funded start-ups.

They also serve for developing quality mobile & web apps, UI/UX interfaces, staffing, cloud computing etc. With a dynamic team of 80+ employees, they bring out services with world-class quality. Best1 is admired as one of the top 11 mobile app development companies in Pune.


Of course, as you go finding the best, you are likely to receive so ample number of companies claiming to the best. Everyone has a portfolio, competency and experience to demonstrate. However, the choice as to what would work for you depends on the type of project, vision and technological challenges involved.

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Hopefully, this list of top 11 mobile app development companies Pune will help save the struggle in scouring the most exemplary IT Company for your next big business move.

The rapid evolution of smart phones has made mobile app development industry quite an expansive one. Pune in India is often considered as a top choice to develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android. So why should you choose mobile app development companies in Pune? Let’s find out.

1) Wealth of IT Resources

Being a top tier city in India, Pune attracts a huge number of IT talent in the country. This means there is high competition among the developers inevitably resulting in better skill development.  You are guaranteed of a minimum project quality and quick turnaround time. Also, in case a web developer chooses to leave it half way through, the app development company you hire can easily find a replacement.

2) Lower Cost, Better Quality

The technology ecosystem in Pune allows global customers to avail high quality app development services at low costs. There are multiple factors like the presence of a huge number of IT companies, skilled developers and designers, etc apart from lower living costs which ensure your app development cost remains under control.

3) Work Experience

Mobile app development companies in Pune often have a large workforce with a mixture of experienced and fresh resources. These developers are continuously assigned projects on which they work together. This gives even relatively less experienced developers a great amount of work experience.

4) Testing Services

Testing is a vital part of any software before it gets to the customer. Pune hosts a number of individual testing companies as well as companies that offer software testing in addition to mobile app development services.

5) Reliability

When compared to freelancers or companies from obscure cities, hiring a mobile app development company from Pune offers much better reliability. Your project would not be left half way and you would be able to get regular updates through Project Managers.

6) Latest Technology

Being one of the top technologically-aware cities in India, app developers in Pune stay updated on the latest trends, features etc and try to apply them to their work. Thus you would be able to enjoy positive suggestions from developers to implement amazing new features. Such features can make your app a much more interesting proposition for your target audience.

To conclude, apart from the general benefits in India, there are numerous advantages to outsourcing your app development to Pune. If you have any valuable insights to share, please make your comment in the comment section below.