Well, when it comes to mobile app development, arguably there is nothing more important than user experience, but the very next important thing would be color of the application. Of course, both user interface and user experience are vital when it comes to engaging and interacting with more users. However, we certainly cannot ignore the fact that the impact of the combination of vibrant and lively colors is just as important.

Don’t believe me? Did you know that almost 93 percent of users’ purchasing decision is affected by the visual dimension? So there is more to this color theory than meets the eye and that is why the mobile app designers should not only focus on ensuring the application user-friendly but also make sure that they chose the right proportion of hues for the app to attract more users.

The importance of selecting the right color for your mobile app

In most of the cases, the mobile app designers follow the footsteps of the recent trends and happenings in app design, but only very few of them choose specific colors whether it is their logo or any other element of their app.

  • Red color

Signifies vivacity and desire and is one of the most suitable colors to build youth-centric applications

  • Blue color

Highlights success and integrity and can be utilized to show a sense of trust and fidelity toward the users

  • Pink color

Has become one the top colors that most women love around the globe and is right color to build both women-centric applications and apps that break stereotypes

  • White color

Usually means peace and harmony and is a significant aspect of an application to amass coordination between distinct palettes

  • Green color

Always signifies money and sustainability. Applications that are related to financial and environmental-friendly can blindly opt for this color.

When working on a new mobile application, it is often a bit hard to choose the right color combination which works great as there are tens of thousands of users to target. In this article, we’ll see you can select the right color for your mobile application.

How to choose the right color for your mobile app

If you check App Store and Play Store, there would be infinite apps’ icons that have plenty of colors. Usually, the color of the icon mostly depends on what type of app you are building. So, for a better understanding, will see how you select your hues correctly.

1. Figure out your target customers’ perceptions

When it comes to colors, some of them have a universal meaning while others have a distinctive local perception. So before finalizing any specific color, you should take into consideration the different meanings of different colors so that you can rightly target your audience.

One deviant color meaning to your mobile app can bring catastrophic outcomes. In addition to that, a variety of colors might signify multiple meanings for various generations. So the ultimate motive here is to understand the underlying meaning that your target customers attach to various colors.

2. Understand your brand philosophy and identify a corresponding color shades

The color combination of your app is an extension of your brand philosophy and vision. Every company/business has its guiding value which makes it stand out from its competitors. Ensure the colors you utilize show this very same philosophy to your customers. The coordination between your brand philosophy and the color scheme will make it much easier for your target customers to interact and engage with your brand. The perfect color and philosophy combination will itself acts as a marketing tool for your mobile application.

3. Choose the color of your application icon

The application icon is the first thing that your target customers will notice when they see your app on App Store/Play Store, and it plays a vital part in deciding whether they’d like to download the app or not. The app icon color palette should show the application the app utility in a clear and concise way. Hence, the color palette you select for your app icon will define the whole app. Figure out what colors define your brand philosophy and go exceptionally well with the app icon design.

The symmetry in the icon design and the color palette will uplift your application design. Utilize the icon colors as the foundation shade for the whole app to avoid a fine art of multiple colors which might be visually repulsive.

4. Limit the number of colors to three

Having a little mix and match of colors is always good, but it is also essential to make sure that you are not going overboard with your application design and incorporate too many colors as possible. Make sure you limit your color palette to maximum three and choose your app’s primary, secondary, and background color for better readability and clarity.

5. Utilize multiple shades for better brightness and highlighting essential features

As you would like to limit the number of colors to three, there is no particular limitation on the number of shades of colors you can use. Try and experiment with various shades of one color to understand exactly what shade suits your app. Utilizing multiple shades will lighten up your application without looking too bright with colors which clash with one another. Likewise, you can also utilize various shades and tones to highlight the essential features which make it special and different from other apps.

Wrapping up

After the complete post, you indeed must have understood how colors are essential for your app and how they can affect your overall popularity in the app stores. It can make your app stand out from your peers’ apps. The bottom line is that the visual appearance of your app is what first attracts your customers in the first place. The user interface and experience only come into the picture when your customers appreciate the look of your app. So make the best use of the color palette and scheme to enrich your app design.