As the year 2017 is heading towards the end of its journey, it leaves behind a scene of great technological transformations in the area of iOS app development. Because of its envious technological revolutions, iPhone users always expect significant uniqueness from Apple. Moreover, iOS users tend to spend way more on apps than Android users. Therefore, Apple store is overwhelmed with more than 1 million apps. This is also why Apple never stints on bringing surprising innovations.

In 2017 alone a number of innovations were introduced, including Swift 3.0 programming language, iOS 11 version update or a shift towards AR technology. They all have changed the way iPhone app developers build apps. To understand these changes, here is the list of top 9 trends on iOS app development 2017.

1.Swift 3.0 Programming Language:

Initially creating a lot of curiosity, Swift platform has now completed more than two years. This open source programming language accommodates many complex iOS application development requirements, with the help of its unique set of coding methods and frameworks. It has surpassed the Objective C language with the introduction of Swift 3.0 in Xcode 8 which is more advanced compiler infrastructure. Swift 3.0 helps iOS developers write codes easily, all thanks to Xcode tools. However, some of the latest updates in 3.0 also means that developers need to adapt to new API design guidelines, naming conventions, modified GCD, core graphics, etc. These changes also suggest that iOS app developers have to consider updated migration needs and ways to utilize the increased smartness of APIs and accelerated speed of app development process.

2.Augmented Reality Drives Excellence and Delight:

Augmented Reality has now fairly become a familiar term in the world of technological revolutions. After successfully showing promises in sectors like education, gaming, retail, manufacturing, maintenance and many other commercial sectors, AR has also invaded the domain of iPhone app development. Because of its GPS capability, the concept of using AR has intrigued iOS app developers by great extent in 2017. The use of AR in gaming industry has been a massive influence for iOS app developers integrating generous potential of AR for highly advanced and upgraded 3D gaming experience. The Augmented Reality as a trend strikes iSO users dominantly adding excellence to iOS application development and making user experience much more delightful and fascinating.

3.IoT Touching the Consumer Market:

Despite receiving a reluctant start, consumer IoT is now going leaps and bounds day after day. Ever since HomeKit was released at the developer’s forum, it is reaping impressive responses in the field of consumer iOS app development services. The use of effortless, hassle-free remote control IoT for interconnected devices has gained its boost through integration of iBeacon technology creating a flawless control of multiple devices. With the unbelievable success in GPS sensor based technology this year, it has become possible for iOS app developers to take things further with consumer applications. Businesses and big brands are willing to opt for IoT, showing utmost interest in having iOS app developers integrate it in their business apps.

4.Marketing Goes Sophisticated With iBeacon and GPS:

GPS technology can show more surprises than it has previously. GPS in coordination with iBeacon technology can offer integrated location based tracking and is used by iPhone app developers to create solutions that help businesses serve their customers precisely. Due to location based preferences derived from GPS integration, it is easy for brands to focus their marketing efforts on individual customers.

iBeacon technology has shown effective results for businesses for quite a while and iOS app developers are ready to take the power of the technology to next level. In 2017, iOS 11 was introduced with its advanced separate controller for device or appliance. This, when combined with GPS sensors, is capable of offering the incredible power of remote controlling.

5.Security Problems: Still a Battle for Developers

Apple has now gone relaxed around its proprietorship policies and made some of its services open source to engage more developers and encourage more creativity. However, this approach provokes the frowns over security. The glorious integration of superlative technologies like AR, VR, its home grown iBeacon and IoT often induce challenges of security concerns for iPhone app developers. Despite their great calibre to capture more audience, these technologies require developers to focus on increasing security against vulnerable threats. This is because consumers feel increasingly dependent on their Smartphones for most intimate information and banking transactions, security becomes the core subject needing much more attention.

6.iOS for M-commerce App

After the disruption of apps in eCommerce industry, customers feel more delighted at the speed and security they enjoy in M-commerce mobile apps. These apps offer more convenience, simplicity and compact shopping store structure which is far more superior than responsive websites in terms of customer experience. In 2017 the eCommerce industry observes this drastic change, and as a result iOS M-commerce apps are the main focus of eCommerce stores.

Since online internet users and shoppers now increasingly prefer placing their order from dedicated well-crafted mobile apps, M-commerce in iOS app development is growing at exponential rate. Due to high demand of eCommerce mobile apps in the market, iOS app developers can have sumptuous opportunity to fully integrate app system with iOS device to take advantage of its whole set of feature.

7.iOS Business Apps For Enterprise Market:

After consumer apps, iOS business apps are largely being appreciated in enterprise market for the leverage and efficiency it offers. This year, the Apple’s iPad has surprised the enterprise world by tremendous extent, delivering substantial results for enterprises at large. This success of iOS business apps gives enormous stimulus to iPad app development, making iPad a priority device for both enterprise market and iPad apps developers. Moreover, Apple’s integration of iBeacon technology pushed the boundaries when it comes to building iOS applications that bring incredible benefits for commercial and marketing area.

8.Cloud Computing Technology Rules 2017:

Users of all kinds work across multiple apps and access their information from multiple devices. At organizational level, employees tend to access mails through special Gmail accounts. This is attributed to cloud computing technology now becoming famous among iOS developers. iOS app developers seriously consider the idea of opting for scalable potential of cloud storage.

The cloud computing in iOS is focused more on enterprise market where performance plays a vital role. Due to its ability to empower businesses with functionality and efficiency, there is an increased use of iPad, Mac and Apple watch in 2017. This further inspires the trend of enterprise app development through cloud based iOS apps.

9.Wearable Apps for Apple watch:

The smart intelligence is getting tinier, and yet is giving rise to ample thrill and admiration among Apple fans. Such is the case with Apple Watch whose growth in the Wearable devices market is dazzling. At its launch, there was a boost of 80+ million in iOS apps downloads. Earlier seen as a status enhancer, Apple Watch has not only shown the power of smallest dimensions in the world of Smart technology but also pushed it to next level. From 2016 to 2017, the number of iWatch users have increased in thousands and so has the volume of apps (being 5 figures now) for iWatch OS.

Due to massive worldwide fan club of iWatch wearable devices, iOS app developers must gravitate enthusiastically towards developing user-oriented, creative, customized apps for Apple wearables. According to latest ripple of news, Apple watch will also be used for the convenience of contactless payment which will prove quite a revolutionary experience for its users.

Wrapping Up:

If there is a technology or fashion, there will be a turbulence of trends. But if technology becomes a big fashion, all there remains is a storm. This is the truth realized on the scene of today’s rapidly evolving technology. Apple, being a leader of innovations, focuses its vision on upcoming trends happening in iOS application development. The trends and updates discussed above are gradually tightening its grip over the enterprise and commercial market alike, creating much more grounds for marketers to invest their inventiveness and creativity using latest innovative updates from Apple. Although they are a bit of a challenge in itself, businesses can better find a way to utilize its power and make their brands stand out with technology-enabled competitiveness.