Technology is ruling the world like never before. In this era, you will see various brands boasting about their apps in every direction. Many others are busy marketing about their upcoming app. Customers are glued to mobiles devices all the time, exploring new apps each day. If you are going in the same direction and thinking of developing an Android app for your business or startup, you need to know all about app development costs and investment.

Here is a guide which will give you enough information related to the cost of an app development.

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1. A lot goes into the business model

The right business model helps a lot in fetching revenue. Thus, this is the main step which takes up a comparable amount of your budget. Your expense highly depends on the way you want to launch your app and the way you want your customers to connect with it. You might have to shell out some more bucks if you are in for some full-blown e-commerce experience.

2. Android – the costlier platform to develop apps

It is rightly said that, developing an iOS app costs much less than Android. Reason being, iOS apps are quicker to develop as well as does not require more of build cost. While on the other hand, if you have chosen Android app, then be ready to have more amount in hand.

Android also has a wider penetration in the market and targets a huge number of users, which makes the development costlier. Again this depends on the area where you are launching your app.

3. Let’s go into the app type and functionality details

With all the background set, it is now time to actually spend time and money on actual development and building of the app. The type of app and the functionalities you want to include will be the deciding factor for your budget.

There is no end to how dynamic an app can be. For instance, there are dynamic apps which are connected to a website to retrieve information. Other than this, there are game apps which demand more time and investment. They are the most expensive ones due to tonnes of functionalities they have.

4. Investing in design is also important for an impact on customers

Although functionality is the major focus most of the time, you need to give importance to design as well. The design is indeed the first impression. Thus, catchy icon, vibrant colors and other such factors makes an app a success. If you really want a compelling design, you should be prepared to invest some serious cash on a design team which will come up with the best design depending on your product.

Investing in design is not necessary all the time. If your focus is only a bunch of audience, then investing in design won’t fetch you much profit. But if you are aiming at a wider audience and market, then you need to compete well and make sure there is no compromise on design.

5. Is it a freelancer or an agency who will develop your app?

This aspect is to be decided when you are preparing the business model. For each type of developer, there are several benefits. If your budget is low, a freelancer will easily fit into your budget. But a freelancer might or might not be skilled well. Chances are he might take more than required time. So there’s always a risk here.

While on the other hand, big agencies come with a heap of experience. They always stay upto the reputation of their brand, hence their work is always good. Major issue again is the high cost which might go beyond your budget.

Thus, there is no such fixed cost for any type of app you intend to develop on Android platform. But the above factors are the major ones which contribute to the budget of you app.

Google app users in the iOS app platform has a reason to rejoice. Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Google feature to load websites instantly with a click rather than loading after a click, is coming to Google’s iOS app.

With the introduction of this feature to Google’s iOS app, we’ll be able to experience the same instant loading feature that has been implemented for the web within the app itself.

As per Google, “Starting today, AMP will be available in the Google app for iOS. So now news articles from a vast array of publishers will load instantly for your reading pleasure. Just look out for the lightning bolt and “AMP” next to articles in the “Top Stories” section of your search results and enjoy blazing-fast news.”

All the websites will obviously not be compatible with AMP. But there are a number of websites which are AMP compatible. In case you haven’t updated your google app yet,