These days the sphere of education is greatly transformed by the welcoming changes driven by smart phone technology. Byju’s success in India has disrupted the educational process, making us consider the power of innovative, more progressive m-learning solutions real life.

E-learning App Cost

By making the learning process more interactive, engaging and addictive, Byju’s has surprisingly emerged as India’s top online coaching and school education system. The mobile app offers comprehensive standard of learning with much ease, simplicity and effectiveness.  The app already has 8 million users and thousands of paid subscribers with unbelievable user retention rate.

If you are willing to build such a high-quality, admirable and rich mobile app of Byju’s standard, we will help you reach the estimate for developing such app. Here we are going to reveal how much t possibly costs to develop a trendsetting e-learning app like Byju’s. First, let’s gather more about how Byju’s came about and why it is so glorious an app.

Outstanding Facts and Traits of Byju’s App

Founded in 2008, Byju’s is a subsidiary brand of Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd and offers interactive, comprehensive and highly absorbable coaching classes for variety of examinations such as GMAT, CAT, GRE, Civil services and Grade school education from 4 to 12. Byju’s has its offices in 8 cities across India.

Being a remarkable creator of world-class sophisticated education system, Byju’s has won the prestigious Crisil Emerging India, and Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards. Due to its unusual online education capability, Byju’s is funded by the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, and big investment firms such as Aarin Capital, and Sequoia Venture Capital India.

With 8 million users addicted to learning with the app, Byju’s makes learning times more interactive, effective and classroom-like. Available for iOS, Windows, Android and BlackBerry platforms, the compelling trendsetter Byju’s has inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to positively consider developing such astonishing mobile-oriented digital learning apps.

Byju’s has its major focus on two leading subjects: Mathematics and science. Students developed their subject knowledge from visual explanation of various concepts delivered using modern digital animations and illustrations.

Byju has so far received great response and immense appreciation from parents who can analyze and monitor the students’ performance in learning activities and tests via Class Mentor app (which is at top rank in Apple’s App Store). Byju’s has reportedly helped improve children’s academic performance to a significant extent.

Core Features From User’s Side

  • Easy registration/login with minimal steps using email ID, social media or mobile-driven OTP
  • Video testimonials for lessons on general knowledge, mathematics visualization, current affair, science and more
  • Interactive live classes for high-school pupils on competitive public exam preparation like JEE, UPSC, AIPMT, CAT & IAS
  • Flexible subscription options to select the interesting courses
  • Frequent weekly/monthly tests to strengthen memory and use of latest technologies, history etc.
  • Knowledge sharing capabilities and FAQs
  • In-app chat window to get instant answers for course-related fees and subject-specific queries, etc
  • Social sharing options to make your score known to other learners

Admin Panel

  • User data management
  • User analytics and monitoring
  • Crash report analysis
  • Intercom support
  • Report sharing

Other Distinctive Features

  • Third party SDK for payments integration
  • Geolocation
  • In-app camera
  • Data sync
  • Push notification
  • Parental interaction
  • Discounts/vouchers

Factors Critical To Development Cost

Before building a strategy about technology used and components needed, the first thing to mull over would be doing the heavy guesswork on how much budget one needs to allocate for project accomplishment. Developing a full-fledge learning app like Byju’s requires a lot of consideration that eventually leads to close cost estimation. The overall development cost of Byju’s-like m-learning app is often determined by the following critical parameters without which it is unfeasible to move ahead:

App Operating Platforms

With a thought of appealing to broad user audience, you may consider building the app like Byju’s for both Android and iOS platforms. However, if you want to attempt to deliver an MVP of the app, it might be a good idea to test the success on iOS platform since iOS offers less number of devices to test the app on unlike Android platform. Also, iOS development tools offer more refined and sophisticated approach for the app development.

App Design

Since online learning apps like Byju’s must offer an interactive and user-friendly design, the UI/UX design is of great value in the m-learning app development process. Learners are going to leverage its power for extensive sessions. Hence, better the design, greater will be the engagement and attention from students. Honestly, having a good design that captures user interest will levy some cost though it will leave you with handsome returns.

Libraries and Tools

The type of technology and tools developers use can also contribute to defining the cost to an extent. While developing, some libraries offer open-source components and tools whereas others are paid with subscription charges. The e-learning mobile app development company you choose can consult with you for more accurate details on this factor.

App Features & Functionalities

The total app size will depend on the number of features and functionalities built in the app. It can be video lessons, ebook testimonials, chat function or payment facilities. What you choose as its main features or additional premium elements may add to development cost. For instance, if you wish to integrate an in-app wallet to ease payment challenges and improve CX, it will charge you more.

To confine the initial cost and investment, you can build limited core features for its first release.

App Developers or Development Company

The cost of developing an app like Byju’s also depends on the geographic location, conditions and experience level of the app development company. If developers you work with are truly versed in the game, you are sure to get a high-quality app but at a little higher price.

Post-Development Services

There are certain app development firms that offer the mature, complete package of services including post-development maintenance, updates as well as marketing. Hence, if you find the proposal pricey, you may ask your technology service provider if they also offer any or all of these post-development services.


Based on the features and functionalities described above, the basic replica of Byju’s educational app can be prepared for about $25000 if outsourced to Indian app development company. If you want it to work across both iOS and Android platforms alike, the overall cost of an ideal app like Byju’s would touch somewhere between $30000 to $35000. However, the ultimate cost may vary slightly from the mentioned amount, depending on the number of additional premium features you expect the developers to build. The investment would be worth it as we can see the amount of success Byju’s has achieved.

Based on different zones, here we have outlined the cost to develop a featured m-learning care app.

  • In US: $100 to $250 per hour
  • In Europe-based developers: $80 to $180 per hour
  • In India: $25 to $50 per hour

According to the stages of development, the cost of development of an app like Byju’s is given below:

  • Documentation (40-45 hours – $1000 to $2000)
  • UI/UX design (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)
  • Front-end and Back-end Development (400 Hours – $10,000 to $ 20,000)
  • Testing & Debugging (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)

Therefore, the average cost of a learning app can cost up to $8,000 to $25,000 for a single platform and the charges can extend up to $35,000 in case, the app is loaded with features and is driven by high quality standards.

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