Android and iOS devices have come a long way ever since their inception. Due to unbelievable advancements in mobile game development technologies, the number of Android and iPhone game developers feeling encouraged to build mobile games is increasing exponentially. Both Google Play and Apple store are inundated with exhilarating mobile apps that users would indulge in.

Since mobile games get heavy audience, the profession tends to produce many rewarding opportunities for certified game developers. However, if you are one of them who are  curious to know how much the process of game development costs, then you are not the only one.

The cost of mobile game development relies on myriad factors and it is difficult to judge the precise cost to build mobile games in India.

This blog is an attempt to get close to the answer and offers you the approximate estimate.

Leading Factors influencing the Cost of Mobile Game Development

The process of calculating a mobile game begins with the type and size of the project. Before we progress in our discussion, let’s take a brief look at the following factors likely to influence mobile game development cost in India.

a) Choice of OS

Usually most lucrative platforms for mobile games are iOS, Android and Windows, where Android and iOS covers the biggest chunk of game development market. The platform you pick affects the development expenses mainly because, building payment structure and admin panel for iPhone devices is costlier than Android.

The total expense depends on what version your game is compatible with. Hybrid model of development may appear a little expensive though hybrid mobile game, capture larger market and gain  more revenue.

b) Design Layout

During the planning phase, the important aspects like game levels, characters, gameplay and target users are discussed and finalized. This stage is crucial as without clear determination of design output and expected structure, things will get more than challenging and complicated while actually developing the game art.

The overall picture of total cost becomes clear in this stage.

c) Depth of Game Play and Characters

The story and characters give depth and inspire engagement for users. Character development includes elements of personality, language polish, tone, behavior and attitude of different game characters.

This stage involves a close communication and intense brainstorming to bring precision to final product. Seasoned game developers usually charge $40 to $70 per hour for technical work and resource planning.

d) Complexities

After the conception of game plan, comes the most formidable phase, the  development. This phase is a cost-driver and involves a lot of complexities depending on the expectations of the project.

Based on how rich game elements are and what technical challenges it brings, the game development complexities are determined.

From our experience and cognitive expertise, we have prepared a general estimate of what each type of mobile game costs. It will give you a rough idea of your final budget for mobile game development in India.

Here is the classification:

1) Mini Games – $5K to $20K

If your idea is to build from scratch mini games like Ping-Pong, it will put your budget within the bracket mentioned above. This price is for decent mini mobile games that people tend to play to kill time and boredom.

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Even with a minimalist visuals and endless chase, such games can be made interesting and fun. If your budget touches the lower end of the price range, it is possible to build an engaging game experience that can amaze users. Infectonator, Mini Warriors, Alien Creeps, Happy Street, Tap Titans are a few names that belong to Mini Games.

2) Simple 2D Games – $20K to $40K

This is categorized as small budget games that don’t put excessive weight on your shoulder when it comes to investment.

Simple 2D games with decent architecture and simple plot can be easily developed in the mentioned price range. Such games have enough power to attract users, drive engagement and build the constant stream of revenue.

Modern games such as Red Ball, Hop, MapleStory, Zenonia, fall in this category.

3) App with Moderate Complexity – $40K to $100K

This kind of apps is neither too complex nor too simple and plain. With medium-level complexity and challenges, mobile game of this range includes all the key essentials for exciting gameplay with additional unique features like brilliant UI/UX, multidevice support, Map navigation, Social integration, multiplayer and more.

Mobile games can be made more detailed and personalized with features that interact with device environment and depth of content. Games like Doom & Destiny, this category.

4) App with High Complexity – $80K to $200K

Any highly advanced games that include all the features of medium complexity game apps with complete user engagement elements come under this category. Highly complex games leverage mature technologies to offer many incredible features such as 3rd party services, access to device environment, advanced filters and levels, personalization and custom themes, rewards and payment system, chat and social sharing and more.

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The cost of development is naturally high for these games due to its detailed design and planning work, and timeframe often ranges from 8 months to 2 years. A few examples of popular high complexity mobile games are Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Candy Crush Saga, Grand Theft Auto, etc.


Mobile game development cost is an intricate project where a lot of brainstorming and analysis go to form a firm decision. As for economy and cost, it is hard to neglect the realistic perspective of development team, technical resources, project size, story depth, modern trends and mobile platform.

All these elements are crucial for consideration of overall mobile game development expenses. Find and collaborate witha professional mobile game creation company in India to build successful mobile games.