When the word Artificial Intelligence was introduces in technological landscape, little did we know that it has power to dominate our routine interactions. AI was designed to assist human actions and choices through is robotic yet flexible learning system. Over years, leading AI software like Siri, Alexa, Cortana have shown us myriad ways our lives can be transformed.

Using its incredible sensing and machine learning abilities, AI can help you take informed financial decisions, book hotels and restaurants and even drive business productivity. AI can sense, process and act on information supplied to its system.

The technology even comprehends our habits, personal choices, work quality and behavioural pattern to transform our lives to a great extent. Here is how:

Service-level intelligence

AI can extend its reach to help people across various economies and industries. Using its predictive intelligence capabilities, AI system can learn about ongoing services and maintain its regular standards with reduced manpower.

For instance, aviation settings can leverage AI’s learning curve to make check-in process more comfortable and frictionless, and less time consuming. AI linked with scanning system can read your passports before boarding and manage airport security. Thus, airport terminals look much improved and automated and convenient for travellers.

Personal assistants

Technology of AI algorithm has fiercely pit many tech leaders against each other, making them create incredible AI-based personal assistants. Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa are some of the most familiar names in this zone. These digital assistants have been making our lives better for quite some time, giving us handy suggestions on:

  • Weather reports
  • Sports events
  • TV guide
  • New releases & updates
  • Work-life management
  • Personal events notifications
  • Choices and needs
  • Domestic device control
  • Business meetings

Many assistants remind you of upcoming tasks, calendar markings, to-do lists, fitness care and healthy living.

Predictive maintenance

For any public service industry, maintenance is a critical aspect of its healthy system. From power suppliers, manufacturers to transportation, AI can help predict the time for maintenance depending on the data captured by it. This greatly helps minimize sudden breakdowns and shutdowns. Aviation companies can thus prevent major accidents of plane crash using intelligent predictive maintenance powered by AI system.

Accelerated growth

People focus more on goal-oriented life to achieve better growth prospects and accomplish personal milestones. With too much data and competition rising in the surrounding, it will be cumbersome to manage and track individual progress. AI helps people define their goal and control their physical, psychological and spiritual growth needed to improve their day-to-day performance. Thus, AI will give rise to the development of much evolved and poised society full of better people in all areas possible – students, professionals, leaders, friends, community, etc.

AI engines for stock management

Supermarkets, malls and public stores are going to be impacted by AI’s cognitive intelligence. Powerful AI engines will keep sharp watch on product stocks and deep-learn its present status to forecast future demand and sales of different vegetables and merchandises. AI is adopted on a wide scale to observe the product consumption in relation with weather effects and trending events, offering well-timed solutions for accurate in-store stock and sales management.

Better choices of personal relationships

Lifestyle AI is not only set to change the way you select your wardrobe, meals, jobs and other workaday aspects, it will also bring revolution in choosing life partners. AI’s keen algorithm can assess and process immense amount of data from our daily communications, social media interactions, profiles, favourites and tendencies, personal interests and intellects, and history of previous engagements to find you the right match. It can even go to predict how long your marriage is to last and suggest fair recommendations.

Customized solutions

Gone are the days when personalized approach used to be unthinkably expensive. Industries could not afford customized solutions until AI was discovered. The new generation of manufacturing processes are much controlled, adaptive and smarter as it involves artificial intelligence software. AI can thus streamline the production and deliver the products without concerns of cost. Even Google uses special algorithms to find results that fit close to their online profile. Thus, AI can use its deep learning program to tailor-make solutions instead of general ones to align with individual requirements.

AI transforms travelling

The brain behind Artificial Intelligence can read your travel plans and historical preferences depending on your situations. Smart tools with AI can assess this data and compare them with suitable travel options. It can give you all the suggestions related to the questions of flight, transportations options, available connectivity, safe return options, eco-friendly measures and all other smallest details of your entire journey.

AI can make reservations, plan the travel route from pick up to destination, and fetch ambience information and guide you for safety and suitability, and a lot more.

Transportation gets automated

Concerned about where to park your car? AI is happy to assist. Already there is a lot of excitement in the world of automated cars enabled with driverless driving. Self-parking is another feature offered by AI technology to resolve your parking troubles. Not only that when it comes to trains, AI is now being considered for driverless, automatically controlled trains in capital cities around the world.

Improving environmental condition

AI also seems to be hopeful in environmental sciences. Environment on earth is much driven by the factual data where AI supplies powerful information in various areas: resources management, water pollutant level, causes of toxins, species conservation, CO2 level in the oceans, recycling activities and much more. This way, environmentalists have a lot to gain from using advanced AI technology.


The pace at which AI is getting integrated into human life across assorted economies is high. This implies that it is time to imagine a future where AI-enabled digital assistants will drive efficiency and productivity in our life. AI-powered tools are all prepared to take over our repeated tasks, personalizing solutions with intuitive intelligence and real-time learning. Above are just a few areas where AI is transforming lives with more and more increased capabilities. It has a long way to go.