Google and Apple recently unveiled new updates to their mobile app store helping app developers.

These update will help developer’s apps to stand out in the fully crowded marketplace as it provides early access promotional codes for their own apps and in-app s.

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Google Revamps its Mobile App Store!

Google said that they will expand their play store to new computing platforms which includes Chromebook laptops, VR headsets and wearables allowing developers to sell their apps in one marketplace.

Google, Apple Announced New Updates in their Mobile App Stores!

To provide app recommendations for Google Play users, Google will also invest more in machine-learning algorithms.

These announcements follow the changes that Apple made to the App Store this year, which includes providing developers a bigger revenue. Also helping them to store unlimited number of reviews for new apps.

Google has made the difficult procedure of developing apps for play store easy.

With the guidance of Sameer Samat, who was a previous employee of Google rejoined earlier this year, the firm is sharpening play store. Along with this, it also expands support for different payment platforms.

Google Revamps its Mobile App Store!

Google Revamps its Mobile App Store!

Google’s play store is also expanding to various new platforms, including virtual reality headsets, wearable devices, and its Chromebook laptops.

Google Revamps its Mobile App Store!

Play store has made extensive use of machine learning also, a branch of artificial intelligence gathering insights from a big collection of data.

Google has launched an instant messaging app named “Allo”.

This app has started rolling out to Android and iOS.

Messaging has come a long way for Google starting from GTalk to G-chat to Hangouts via Google Wave and Buzz. But it’s not like the other messaging apps such as Watsapp, Facebook Messenger and many more.

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Google Introduces New App “Google Trips”, a Perfect Vacation Planner

And Google “Allo” joined this world but with Google Assistant- one clear USP.

To use this, all you need is a phone number and if you are going to make use of “Google Assistant” feature, you must sync your Google Account with this.

This app is now available free in the iOS app store.

Google has launched a new app named “Google Trips” which is a perfect vacation planner for you.

This app helps you to craft the perfect plan for vacation. One of the best feature of this app is that your trip reservations are gathered automatically from your Gmail account and stored offline.

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Apple launches Swift Playground App that Teaches Kids to Code

“Google Trips makes exploring the world easier by organizing your essential info in one place and making it available even offline. Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customizable day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail.”

The app also helps you to know when you reach near any popular attractions, and also helps to make suggestions for things you might want to do.

The app now is available at free of cost on the Play Store and the iOS App Store.