The first ripple of Google play introducing a stunning new feature of Android instant apps was first heard at Google I/O 2016.The peculiarly interesting aspect of these apps is that instant apps allow users to access them in their cloud version on their Android phone. If your phone supports the feature, the app in the Play store will show “Try it now” button if it is compatible with Instant apps type. If so, Android users can start using them without having to actually install it on their device.

The feature is said to not only help users reserve time and efforts, but it will help brands to display users a brief informative demo on what a full version of their app consists before installing it. Google has finally rolled out instant apps to limited number of users who will have compatible devices. These apps are available for Android 7.1.x and later versions.

Here is what you need to know if wish to use Google Play Instant apps without a compulsion to install them.

What are Instant apps exactly?

As Google’s Instant apps hit the store, we expect an all-new innovation creating its wave in Android app market, a revolutionary step towards changing the apps are used. Instant Apps are here to exhibit a brand new evolution for native apps, adding new power, speed and ease for even smarter user experience.

They look as good and normal as those apps already installed on your device and operate similarly. The only difference is that it does not require users to download it using their data. They don’t live on your phone but affords a browsing experience as if exploring a web page.

Recently, these unique apps have found their way to Play Store for public use starting with a few selected apps and games as a part of initial rollout. The strategy is likely to expand to include more Android apps in near future.

Determine accessibility to Instant apps

Instant apps are extending its support and rolling out to a number of additional users recently. However, to check if your Android device has access to Instant apps, you will have to follow certain instructions that involves exploring your phone’s inherent settings menu. The process starts with enabling Instant Apps on your device, which involves the following steps:

  • Open your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Find and tap Google under the Personal category.
  • Under the Services category, select Instant Apps.
  • Tap On the toggle on the top right.
  • Read the instructions and then tap Yes.

Upon completing this essential steps, you can consider finding and using Instant Apps available in Google Play store.

The list of supported apps at the moment

Google is planning to add more apps to this category. However, for now the number of supported apps is lean. The handful of them are:

It is possible that some of them might not support Instant app structure just now, but it is definite that you will be able to access all of them in coming days.

How to discover and use Google Play Instant apps?

In order to search, find and use Android Instant Apps in Google Play, follow the steps below:

  • Use your device to initiate the Google search for one of the supported apps mentioned in the list
  • Select apps that are marked by the word Instant
  • Tap Open app

Once the Instant App you have selected is fully loaded, you can start using it like other Android apps already downloaded in your phone. Wish allows you to access your account, browse products and place the order without being compelled to install the app on your phone.

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You can view google Play store listing and tap the overflow menu button and then choose View on Google Play.

Though it may sound a little out-of-the-blue due to its distinguished approach, the process overall is quite seamless and easy practically as soon as the Instant Apps toggle is enabled on your device. Soon the wait for Instant app feature will be over and users will be able to make the most out of it.

What to expect from Instant apps, and what not to?

Here is what users are likely to experience when it comes to expectations from Instant Apps.

1) Capabilities and availability

As long as limitations go, practically Instant apps will not place any limitations in its capabilities as developers can build Account signup, videos, options just as seen inside regular app.

However, Instant apps have a unique purpose and target which is to facilitate the luxury of allowing users to view aselected features of the app at times, a set of features that significantly matters to users. The rest of the app portion is likely to remain locked and hidden, prompting users to download the full version for mature experience.

2) User’s Constraints

This is a tentative point in terms of enabling offline availability of Instant apps. Like experienced in PWA (Progressive Web Apps), Instant apps may work offline. However, some features will work only when internet connection is established.

3) Device-specific accessibility

Google is committed to giving Instant apps support to Android devices having Jelly Bean onwards. It is possible, however, that certain phone models may not have capability enough to support its accessibility.

4) Identifying an Instant App

Usually, users will find it difficult to differ Instant apps from other ones installed on their phone. You will barely realize that you are using such app as they offer the same experience as regular app. However, you can identify it by viewing a link to download the full app at the top of the screen.

You can even see a history of the Instant apps you have recently explored by choosing the Instant Apps tab in your Google Account settings,

What is the best way to find an Instant App?

Finding an Instant app may turn out to be pretty tedious at present as the process follows a random path unless you are sure what you want to search in Google play for. Someone can share a link that leads to an Instant app or do Google search for accessing it. For instance, you may type the app name in Chrome browser on your Android phone and follow the result with “instant” displayed next to it. Open the link to land on the app and use its features.

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Inside the play store, you can easily spot the app with the Instant App Try Now button. Tap it and you will have the app running on your Android device.


Hitting furiously as a big surprise, Instant apps presumably are the next huge wave in the Android app market. The innovation of this appears intriguing and compelling and is thought to possess a lot of potential to revolutionize the way we leverage and interact with mobile apps.

Ecommerce apps and news reading apps have immense benefits to gain if Google starts extending its support for many other apps.