Going paperless office is a costly process, especially when you try to use customized products. This is a major barrier for small scale business owners.

Google apps for work will cover all your business needs and has the added advantage of getting all your apps delivered from the same source. So, there are no concern of incompatibility. You are also guaranteed about the security of your data and efficiency of the tools.

Here are 13 online office tools from Google for your paperless office.

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1. Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email service worldwide. It offers about 15 GB of free storage.

2. Google Drive

Google’s solution to store large files. The application helps to store up to 10 GB of files in the cloud. You can instantly share your saved files with others using the Google Drive.

3. Hangouts

With Hangouts hold live video calls with up to 25 people simultaneously. Call enhancements can be additionally used with which you can share the screen, use Slideshare to give presentations etc.

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar helps you to organize and schedule events and meetings the paperless office way. You can set reminder or get notification emails and messages to your phone.

5. Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print will let you share your printer with anybody you choose and allow you to access the printer from anywhere through any device.

6. Google Docs

Google docs will help you in real time online word processing. Multiple people can work on the same file and Doc will save all of them automatically. You can export the file in all major file types including .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt, and .html.

7. Google Sheets

Google sheet is an online spreadsheet, which comes with excellent data analysis methods along with powerful functions and accurate formulas for performing calculation. Insert charts, create pivot table reports and include filters. You can export the file in all major file types including .xlsx, .csv, .html, .ods, .pdf, and .txt.

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8. Google Forms

Google forms can be used to create custom forms for surveys. You can attach images & videos and generate automatic summary from the responses. Choose from different types of questionnaires and get valuable insights in real time.

9. Google Slides

Google Slides let you create better looking presentations from your browser. A number of people can share a presentation simultaneously and work on it. All changes are saved automatically. There are a lot of free templates available to begin with. Add images, videos, and drawings to make your presentation look more stunning.

10. Google Alerts

Google Alerts will alert you of new content on the web like any new web content, new articles, research papers etc. based on your queries. You can enter the content related search words that you would like to get email notifications about. You can adjust how often you would like to get the notifications, and what type of results you are interested in. Google Alerts will help you to keep up to date with the changing trends of particular subjects and areas.

11. Google Books

Google Books offers millions of books with full text, so that you can search and find the one that suits your purpose. You can even browse the books online or download a PDF copy as long as there is no copyright issues associated with it. Otherwise, there is also an option to buy it as an eBook from the Play Store.

12. Google Maps

Google Maps give you information for all your navigational needs. It is a map plus much more.

13. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to track customer behavior. It will help you to make intelligent business and marketing decisions.