Ever since the food delivery and ordering mobile apps surfaced to the ocean of digital on-demand solutions, customers developed gravity to getting used to these comprehensive apps.

Among all restaurant discovery apps, Zomato has attained a solid position in the food delivery market being recognized as a global restaurant finder company. Launched in 2008, Zomato lets customers search and find popular local restaurants and eateries and place orders online.

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The incredible app now operates in 23 countries, including India, U.S and Australia, and offers food from over a million restaurants across more than 10000 cities. You can also book and reserve tables and plan dinners using Zomato App.

To grow its startup, Zomato has also successfully raised funds from many global venture capital leaders including Vy Capital, Sequoia Capital, Info Edge India and Temasek.

The dazzling success of Zomato now inspires young entrepreneurs who dreams to invest in similar venture.

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Here is what they need to know about the cost it takes to create a food ordering app like Zomato.

Basic Approach of Zomato’s Food Ordering service

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Zomato combines both usual and unique, offering customers an easiest way to order food from restaurants. It socially connects food lovers with food zones as well as with friends talking about their experience at various restaurants.

Users can discover and explore genuine reviews and ratings posted by other tasters. Apart from ordering variety of snacks and meals from nearby restaurants, it also allows you to reserve tables at restaurants in many cities.

Its home page custom offers and promotions represent personalized approach while the chat and call support highlights customers care. It’s incredible ad engine and search is another feature that speaks of its robust backend developed with great consideration.

Top Features to Develop a Food Ordering app

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Basically, Zomato follows the main 4 straightforward modules of systematic app structures. We are going to learn about its module-wise integrated features individually. They are listed in 4 main categories of food ordering service such as:

  • End User Module
  • Driver Module
  • Admin Module
  • Restaurant Module

Each app module is designed to target the basic as well as specific requirements of users, integrating the entire dynamics of working with restaurants.

They are built to engage, organize, manage and deliver services and orders in real-time in the most tactical fashion. Here is what end users ordering food online will get to enjoy.

What users would love to see in the app?

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  • The facility multiple secure payment modes such as Google Pay, net banking, debit card, COD, PayPal, etc.
  • Great promotional offers, discount codes, wallet cashback and coupons for customer retention
  • Order history and quick reorder facility on homepage itself
  • A well-optimized search bar with filters that help them explore and find top menus and cuisines
  • Restaurant-specific specialties and positively reviewed eateries
  • Food calendar for scheduling orders in advance for busy customers
  • Round-the-clock availability of food

What you can offer in each module

Admin Module

cost to create an app like zomato

  • Secure Log-in
  • Restaurant Data Management
  • Application Features Management
  • Custom Promotion Management
  • Order Management
  • Payment Mode Integration
  • Cashback Management

User Module

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Since user module is a game changer and can turn around app’s fate, focusing on developing engaging and user-friendly feature set is highly necessary.

  • Homepage
  • Registration
  • Menu-based categories
  • Cart section
  • Restaurant wishlist
  • Search by Food Category/cuisines
  • Checkout process
  • Choose payment method
  • Order status and tracking
  • Estimated delivery time
  • GPS Map location
  • In-app call to delivery boy
  • Help & support chat
  • Previous order history
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Rewards, loyalty, and coupons
  • Share your food with friends

Restaurant Module

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As the order is placed, it is redirected to Restaurant module dashboard. Restaurant app is designed to establish synchronization between restaurants, customers and delivery executives.

It is important to ensure smooth order preparing process along with taking care of timely delivery with the help of a delivery boy.

  • Admin panel
  • Registration and login
  • Dashboard
  • Accept or decline
  • Content management
  • Payment process
  • Order management

Delivery Executive Module

delivery management

Soon as the order is placed, the admin assigns the job to a Delivery boy nearby while tracking the progress of order delivery.

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Order management
  • Live status update/Tracking
  • Booking history
  • SoS service
  • Navigation from pickup to the delivery route
  • Shortest pickup and delivery route options
  • call/ chat
  • Push notification
  • Wallet
  • Withdraw payment/tips
  • Online support
  • Order delivery confirmation

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Decisive Factors influencing app Development cost

Since it is a database app, Zomato doesn’t simply fit into the category of app that is just a straight set of functionalities. Unlike typical restaurant apps, Zomato is divided into discovery, booking, tracking, communication, socials and gamification.

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It means the development cost is likely to be a bit higher than simple apps. The cost to create Zomato app is therefore determined by the following key decisive factors:

App Platform

To ensure platform compatibility, the native app development cost for both iOS and Android are different with iOS costing less than Android. This is because developers have more Android devices to target than iOS.

App size

The app size is interpreted as the total set of features and functionalities offered to users, restaurant owners and delivery staff. To alleviate the concerns of app size, the best strategy is to prefer MVP version built with only core features.

App Design

Zomato has an eye-catching, intuitive and simple navigation design that users feel most comfortable with. Having a fascinating yet easy-to-use app design is the key to attracting more customers. Using advanced tools for this goal will lift the cost to a certain point, but it is worth spending.

App developers

To make the app work swimmingly, it is of great important to seriously invest in the development process. The cost to create an app like Zomato depends on developers or company you choose and their geographic location and experience level.

Mobile wallet

There are not many food ordering apps with their own mobile wallet. So this could be a differentiating factor for your new app if you consider integrating an in-app wallet to ensure fast, hassle-free payment process and wonderful customer experience.

Wait time killer

Zomato has also recently started treating customers with streaming videos about hot food trends and interviews with celebrities. Features of this kind help distract waiting cravers and curb their possible frustration during instances of delayed delivery.

Approximate food delivery app creation cost

The major costs come from the following components of development process:

  • Mockups and Graphics for Android and iOS, (for customers, drivers, restaurant and admin modules)
  • Native Android app users
  • Native iOS app users
  • Native Android and iOS app drivers
  • Backend Admin panel for dashboard with analytics and statistics
  • Web APIs and database solution
  • Payment gateway integration with multiple individual currencies
  • QA Testing
  • Deployment to App Store, Play store

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Final Note

While the cost to create a food delivery app like Zomato varies from country to country, the total cost of the full-stack mobile app will be comparatively lower in India.

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Since this is a strenuous project full of many unpredictable challenges and complications, it is wise to engage in an in-depth market research and consultation with a few experts in the industry before making a decision.

You can also discuss your project with us since we have an in-house team of dedicated developers with experience in building on-demand food ordering apps and pool of resources.

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