The most important thing in a scientific fiction, thriller movie is that you get to watch the endless usage of technological gadgets that could be used in future world. Technology never stays still and it keeps moving forward and so does the concepts in Hollywood industry. And with the advent of computer and app technology, its not at all difficult to portray someone’s vision in movies.

For creators, film makers and story tellers, future technology and the world of imagination has always been a fountain of possibilities and innovations. The rapid evolution of CGI effects and better technology in devices has enabled people to shoot movies even in phones. Night fishing shot on 2011 is the first film which was entirely shot on an iPhone.

The consequences and influence of smart phones in our daily lives has mostly used and explored in the latest released movie ‘starve crow’ which is called to be the world’s first selfie movie. Many of the technologies predicted years ago in movies like swiping gestures, touch-screen computing, motion-controlled sensors are these days used in real.

As digital technology is making changes in film-making, this visual graph depicts the real-world technologies showcased in movies years ago.

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