Mobile ecommerce apps have never been more popular and are in greater demand than ever before. With the number of Mobile-savvy users increasing worldwide, businesses find solace in the opportunity to captivate more customers on a global platform. eCommerce apps have definitely influenced shopping habits of modern users as they offer utmost comfort and convenience of making online and payment.

More than half populace using smartphone rely on mobile apps for shopping. This indicates that ecommerce stores will soon be the primary shopping store for users. However, not every online store achieves desired goals and envious success.

Hence, if you are looking to build an irresistible ecommerce app, you must determine top features and functionalities for the app.

For inspiration, check out these 15 must have features for your ecommerce app.

1. Proper customization

Every e-commerce mobile app should an outstanding user experience for the promotion of the e-commerce business. For example, in case of a shopping app the user should have a flawless navigation along with a smooth experience so that no complexities are present during the shopping.

For that reason, it is crucial to maintain an interactive and engaging user experience with necessary customizable features that support the preferences and needs of the users.

2. Trouble-free registration process

Most of the users do not like the long and complicated sign-up process and some apps require a lot of information for the registration process. The whole process of registration to checkout should be simple in nature like that of Amazon.

The user should be able to directly get to the main page and choose the products. Moreover, the registration should need only a mobile number or email id. The app should have a save user information for future references. These are essential features for getting more users for your business.

3. Loading speed

Speed has become the meaning of life in the world that is constantly dynamic. Slow loading apps could be a horrible debacle for businesses that aim big. Make sure all app contents are optimized to fit the standards of underlying device environment and do not take more than 3 seconds to appear to users.

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Technically, native apps built for a dedicated platform delivers swift performance for all functionalities and elements involved.

4. Feedback system

The users should be able to provide feedback on your app as this is essential for your business. It should be made in such a way that the users can report any kind of issue in the system like bugs or can provide review about your products.

From this, you will get some idea about your products and the improvements that are needed in your app. The feedback of the users can help with the improvement of the app in the near future.

5. Indelible user experience

Products is not the only thing users are looking for, they also want to feel satisfied and delighted having a great experience inside the app. To make them addicted, try to carve unique features that offer value and rewards to users.

Simple navigation, clutter-free checkout funnel and an amazing usability define the incredible user experience. Remember that users don’t want to be plagued with redundant information, distractions and ads.

6. Push notifications 

This can be considered as the most effective and easiest way to attract the users back to your store. With the help of push notifications, certain promotions can be made of the fresh arrivals or discounts are offered on the products that are stored in the cart.

The users can be inspired by this notification and this calls for immediate action. This feature can be compiled with analytics for an instant boost in sales. This notification system gets more response from the users than emails or text messages.

7. Ratings and Reviews

The users should be allowed to review and rate the features of your app. The customers should be allowed to provide negative feedbacks about your services and products as this will help with the improvement of your business.

If your app only shows positive feedback then the people will have an idea that you are trying to deceive them. Therefore, both the positive and the negative feedback will help in the success of your business.

8. Relevant and Authoritative App Content

The content of the app should be more concise in nature because users do not like contents that are too pushy in nature.

In short, it can be simply stated that less is more. The trust of the users can be gained by keeping the content too simple as over-dosing the users with complicated information can cause trust issues.

The user simply prefers information that is relevant, crisp, authoritative and convincing in nature. It is better to include the USP within the appropriate content.

9. Advanced search options

Usually, Ecommerce apps have thousands of products listed across hundreds of categories. To make it fast and easier for customers to discover their favorite items, the app must offer advanced search options along with precise filters.

This way, even new visitors can arrive quickly at desired products without much hassle. Implementing a Bar Code search would also be a great way to help users directly access the product by scanning the code.

10. Wish List Button 

This is considered as an essential feature. Using this feature, users can bookmark the items they wish to buy. By enabling this feature, you can notify the users about the offers that are applicable on the products in the wish bucket.

Every e-commerce mobile app should have this feature as this helps with the profit making of the business.

11. Log in via Social Media

The users should be allowed to log in via Facebook Connect or any other social media into their mobile app. Options should be given to the users for retrieving their passwords or usernames and for reminding the users about the social network platform they used for setting up the app.

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It also allow easy registration and login for the users. The integration of social media is vital for the app as this allows the sharing of app offers and also the achievements in other social media platforms.

12. Featured product

Featuring the latest trending products and discount offers via vivid sliders and banners have become a hallmark of successful ecommerce apps.

Make your landing page more influential with a display of hot products which is the first element users notice as they enter your ecommerce app. It also helps you track the customers who explored the options presented on the slider.

13. Quick checkout

This feature is a must for your e-commerce mobile app. With the help of this feature, the users can complete their order with the information that is already provided in their profile which includes the billing and the shipping address of the user.

The check out process should always be simple and easy in nature as this allows the user to complete the transaction with minimum requirement. This process should not take a long time as this will increase the sales of the business.

14. Multi-currency payment options

The customers should be given multiple options of payment during the time of checkout with utmost security and safety. Popular modes of payment are cash on delivery, credit/debit card system, smart card, E-wallet, net banking, mobile payment, PayPal and Paytm.

Modern ecommerce apps also support multiple international currencies including USD, GBP, EURO, AED, YEN, INR, etc to target global customers.

15. Accurate Analytics

Every business must have a follow-up system that helps measure success, growth and progress periodically. Having a clear picture of business activities helps you scale and improve your customer persuasion tactics.

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It is important to integrate accurate analytics software in your ecommerce app to record and track the data of customer interaction and behaviour which helps craft better user experience.


These top 15 features for ecommerce mobile apps are the key to enhancing customer experience which in turn promotes  to online business success. Your app ought to reflect these power elements that makes customer journey seamless, engaging and enjoyable.

Finally, make sure you consult with a talented team of ecommerce app development professionals who have competitive knowledge of latest ecommerce development technologies and impeccable experience in building apps that create enormous impact on users and drive them to take actions.