By the end of 2020, the mobile gaming industry is estimated to value around $130 billion. Thanks a ton to the innovative technologies like AR, VR as it has taken mobile gaming industry to the next level. With the rise of mobile internet and smart phone usage, more people have started playing mobile games. And that is the reason why professional mobile game developers have been creating more games to meet user requirements and preferences.

Certainly, without the help of game development tools, developers would not be able to meet the growing demand for games. With the help of tools, anyone can create a game prototype without a single line of coding. And the impact of game developing tools has changed the needs of the users and thats why its virtually impossible to create an indie game without mobile game development tools.

Of course, there are varieties of mobile game development tools but to help with your game development needs; we’ve rounded up a set of 10 key game development tools in this info graphics to ensure that you get the most out of your game. Take a look!

game development tools