Despite the mind boggling designs and models of cell phones, the iPhone rules as an entirely different category. It has carved out a separate space for itself, and commands a loyal fan base who wait patiently for days to get their hands on the new models released.

It is not without reason – the phone offers an truly immersive experience. Games have become a part of lives for a large number of people who somehow manage to make time despite their schedule. So here’s our list of 15 of the top gaming apps for the iconic iPhone.

Warhammer Naruto X Baruto The Talos Principle
Super Mario Run Animal Crossing Monument Valley 2
Impossible Road Phoenix II Alto’s Adventure
Modern Combat Versus Fire Emblem Heroes The Machines
Chameleon Run Oceanhorn The Witness


1. Warhammer 40,000 : Freeblade

There are games, and there are ultimate games. This belongs to the latter category. This third person shooting game leverages the iPhone’s capabilities to give you an experience like never before.

The 3D touch of the iPhone actually gives control through intensity, which means that when you press harder on the same spot, you get more. This is a free game available on iTunes.



2. Naruto X Baruto : Ninja Voltage

Anime has become a franchise, a sensation by itself and like the iPhone, has its own following. It is only natural that the two come together to offer a superior gaming experience.

This is a  combat game that has characters with  different abilities that are used in combat situations. This is a free game available on iTunes, and is sure t not let down the anime lovers.



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3. The Talos Principle

This is for those who love the challenge of a puzzle. One of the most striking features of the iPhone is the borderless display and the incredible power of the phone to reproduce stunning imagery.

This game has rich visuals and myriad challenges that will keep you guessing, as you work out your grey cells to unravel the puzzles.

Even though it’s a paid game available on iTunes, the interesting game elements facts certainly make it worth the amount. If you love the kicks from a game, then money will not come in the way.



4. Super Mario Run

Who can ever forget Super Mario? The game has just got better with the inclusion of a few more stages to the World Tour. The iPhone X has a slightly taller frame and the best way to enjoy a game is if it is optimized to the display.

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Super Mario Run certainly has made a dash at the right time. The game is free on the iTunes platform, but if you like the free version of the game and would like to get a taste of the whole version, then you need to shell out a few bucks. It is worth every single penny.



5. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Animal Crossing series has never failed to enthrall with its cuteness overloaded. This version available on iTunes for free with in-app s will surely give you a feel good experience with the storytelling narrative in the game, set in a village atmosphere.

The cute visual content gets the right platform as the iPhone X brings the characters and the settings to life in a vibrant display.



6. Monument Valley 2

If you have played Monument Valley, then you will certainly jump to get this. For those who have not have the opportunity to experience the game, it is a labyrinth puzzle with 14 different levels, each building up to a more interesting transition to the next level.

The game is quite  immersive and will get you hooked within the first few minutes on the game. Available on iTunes, you need to spend a few bucks to own this, but you will soon find that it was a good buy.



7. Impossible Road

For the arcade game lovers, this will count among the ultimate ones. The game is disarmingly simple. You need to guide a ball down a twisting course, without falling into the depths off the course.

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Users even have the option to  get back onto the course if you can find your way back. The thrill of guiding the ball down the course can transform you into a little excited bundle of joy. Simple and minimal, this can be yours for a few bucks on iTunes.



8. Phoenix II

This sci-fi game will test your reflexes like none other. You will have to take split second decisions and the iPhone is your best buddy in this.

The response is incredibly fast and this gives you complete control over the manner in which you shoot your way out of the projectiles and enemies hurled in your direction. Available on iTunes for free, it is a must have.



9. Alto’s Adventure

For the adventurous inclined, as the name suggests, this game will get you sliding down a mountain with elders on your trail. You get to do a lot of cute things on the way down, with a nice mood setting jingle to help you along.  Available on iTunes for a very nominal cost, it is a good one to have on your X.



10. Modern Combat Versus

 First person shooter game, it will actually give you an idea of the prowess of your iPhone X – the optimized full screen display will vividly showcase the powerful graphics.

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This movement is smooth and seamless thanks to the powerful programming effort of the game franchise that has been running for quite some time.



11. Fire Emblem Heroes

The transition from a pure gaming solution to a mobile platform may sometimes dilute the effect. However, in the case of Fire Emblem, Nintendo has done a great job.

With the superior display on the X, you can get to manage your hero squad to carry out missions. And as it is free on iTunes, you can as well give it shot if your are still not convinced.



12. The Machines

Now that you have the iPhone X, it would certainly make sense to play games with all the features that the phone comes with. With powerful AR concepts, The Machines can turn any surface into a battlefield, thanks to the camera on the iPhone X. You can get a truly immersive experience with this AR game for a few bucks on iTunes.



13. Chameleon Run

If you have enjoyed the side scrolling games, then this will be a fun way to take it forward. You need jump on to platforms of the same color without falling into the abyss. The game seems to be fast and allows you to challenge the speed of your reflexes as you try to jump and move on.



14. Oceanhorn

Another game from Nintendo, this is an scintillating adventure game that is packed with many features, challenges, tasks and puzzles.  The colors come alive on the iPhone X and you will find the whole experience engrossing and immersive. This 3D adventure is not for free on iTunes, but coming from the master game maker, you should give it a try.



15. The Witness

This is a game which will be a natural choice for the puzzle lovers. A mind boggling number of puzzles will keep the player guessing and engaged. The visuals are a stunning masterpiece and it is perhaps the right combination to pair it with the powerful display of the iPhone X for an immersive experience.

If you are a puzzle lover, then you would certainly not mind the cost of buying this.The iPhone X is packed with features and these games give players a rich experience to fully leverage the processing power and superior 3D touch sensitive interface of the phone.