You would’ve noticed that the charity sector has slowly started embracing mobile app technology for encouraging social welfare and donations. However, it is true that non-profit organization have been sluggish to welcome digital innovations.

One survey suggests that nearly 25% of UK’s renowned NPOs still lack responsive mobile websites. The small charities face even more trouble keeping up with the digital pace.

This is not pleasant knowing that half of mobile users abruptly leave a mobile site if they can’t access it properly. So should charity organizations consider investing in mobile apps? Let’s dive into the main reasons why charity organizations need mobile apps.

1) Addresses diverse demographical requirements

demographics - mobile apps for charity

Usually contemporary millennials who seldom spend on random brands often prefer to spend on brands that are sincerely committed to social charities and philanthropy.

This demographic expect brands to integrate digital technology that makes it easy for them to interact, share and pay online instead of cash.

Moneymailme survey supports this as it suggests that 72% of young people from 18 to 25 age group opt for a mobile app option for donation and charity. On the contrary, 62% of them would find it unpleasant to donate through cash or any other means.

One of the charity apps addressing this demographical appeal is SharetheMeal by United Nations. They have successfully built a mobile system of sharing meals to millions of hungry children out there. Under the World Food Program (WFP), the app enables mobile payments to combat against child hunger issue.

The idea of the app is letting users donate as little as 50 cents to someone in need just by tapping it whenever they eat their meal. This is a great, on-the-go and viable way to help feed a child with daily nutrition.

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2) Creates a comfortable environment for all

comfortable environment - mobile apps for charity

Another reason why charity app would be a considerable idea is the presence of generation gap which can be controlled by implementing additional features.

Apparently young generation readily assimilates digital payment technology, but it is not that obvious for previous generations. Some may not like to download an app for making charities and donations.

It is therefore essential for mobile charities to ensure that the option for making payments and tracking donation inquiries is made available on multiple channels.

While a mobile app can be a source of charity information for such people, website or charity collection center is where they can initiate the payment action.

In this case, the app serves certain additional and complementary features related to easy donation methods, tracking and transparency.

3) Going beyond the basics

beyond basics - mobile apps for charity

Mobile apps for charities aren’t typically meant to facilitate ease of payment for donors. In fact, the purpose of developing charity apps transcends the obvious basics and incorporates more benefits.

For instance, while building one, you may think about leaving a memorable brand experience for users as well as increasing their awareness about the cause.

The app could be a great way to engage users with interesting, rich content for education and amusement.

Features like quiz, general awareness trivia or other educational bits can not only capture their attention but also instill positive picture of brand in their mind.

On the other hand, you can also attain business-to-business goals while creating charities. For example, apart from focusing on helping needy people, it can provide values to those who turn to charity apps to seek ways on fundraising solutions.

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Others might be users struggling to get substantial help for their personal life crisis.

4) Displays a picture of credibility and value

credibility - mobile apps for charity

People often have trouble giving quick donations to charity trusts since they are cynical as to whether or not money is going to the right place.

Winning the trust of donators is therefore a great challenge, a significant barrier for app owners. Also, it is important to make them feel assured that they don’t need to give out regular payments or make such stringent commitments.

To make charities credible and instill positivity in donators, it is good to emphasize value and boost their confidence. Users need to be certain that their money is going to make difference in somebody’s life.

The key to effective marketing for charity apps is promoting value and making people feel good about what they contribute by showing how their contributions impact many.

5) Being specific fulfills the purpose

specific fulfill

Before developing the structure of charity apps, it is important to determine what it is that the app is going to majorly target. Figuring out the most urgent, primary and auxiliary needs helps achieve the desired outcome.

Being specific about what response or objective you expect is key to successful charities. For example, if it is going to be a safety and awareness theme with rich media content and information material, building straightforward features that meet the goal is important.

The app of this kind strictly aims to educate and provides practical guides to remain alert and informed in critical situations.

6) Long-term fundraising initiatives


Adding the element of news and events along with social engagement can go a long way for charity apps. Charity supporters who wouldn’t otherwise show interest in long-term fundraising initiatives will be inspired to do more than just one-time donation.

For example, you can build an app that allows app users to boost their fundraising activities by sharing posts and updates on their page.

This kind of charity builds a strong network among both donors and fundraisers with user receiving more as they share fresh updates on events such as marathon or welfare dinners.

To make it last, incentives come handy especially when expecting more downloads. NSPCC is an excellent example of social collaboration and helping people discover other friends and charities via the app.

The app seems to focus on London marathon runners and also provides chat with other runners while giving you enough advice and ideas on online and offline fundraising activities.

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Conclusion – achieving success with charities

Mobile apps have already entered our lives at a pace we never imagined. Now due to great acceptance and resonance among modern users, mobile apps for charity have become a great way to engage, share and raise funds.

However, for charities to be successful, it is wise to build them around user needs instead of just donations.

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Mobile apps for charity needs to be easy to use and simple with great storytelling power. The app should feed most relevant tips and help on fundraising ideas and advices.

Additionally, features like chat and incentives make way for success. Above all, build an app that encourages ongoing journey and not one-time donation followed by indifference.