Smartphone apps are a part and parcel of everyone’s daily lives. Be it a simple calculator app or a complicated audio mixing app, there is an app for every use.

AI has managed to penetrate into the iOS app development and android app development industry.

Every iOS app development company is looking for something more innovative and new to bring to the market.

So far, there have been some amazing AI-powered app releases for both the Android as well as the IOS smartphone segment.

Though using AI may seem a little daunting at first, but the possibilities are endless, and the large range of solutions offered by the technology is growing by the day.

In this article, we have included 8 of the best Artificial Intelligence apps of this year.

1. Fyle

Ever felt the need that business requires an expense system which is automated? With Fyle you can do just that. If you ask any major iOS app development company, they consider Fyle as one of the best AI apps in the market, Fyle helps an employee track, scan, and upload company expense related documents.

It is a smart app which automatically extracts the important information from the documents uploaded. The basic principle behind this app’s working is called as intelligent expense management.

It is a great business utility app which uses the best of Artificial Intelligence technology to increase your company’s overall productivity.

2. Acquisio

Ever heard of digital technology powered by machine learning technology? Acquisio is an AI-powered app which uses certain predictive algorithms to successfully bring about and augment bids.

It churns out expressions such as unimaginable and self-improving to prospective clients and hence manages to achieve results beyond human capabilities.

It allows us to enjoy the best of the digital ad world and hence, is a great way to sell stuff much faster and easier.

It is available for download on both the Apple App store and Android’s Play Store.

3. Answer Rocket

Answer Rocket is another AI-powered app which performs an operation called “data discovery which is search based”. All you have to do is ask the app a question in simple English and it will return you an answer which is filled with reports and charts related to the question posed to it.

The use of artificial intelligence in this app allows it to turn normal human language into a much business intelligence detailed answer. In simple terms, it does the job of a simple business analyst.

This app is available for download on both play store as well as on the App Store.

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The abbreviation for ELSA is English Smart Speech Assistant. This is a unique and first of its kind application which helps in improving the pronunciation of its users.

All you have to do is input the word, and you can know the pronunciation of it, which helps you learn easily. It is free of cost and is available in the Play store and App Store as well.

5. Apptus

Apptus is an AI-powered mobile application which is able to achieve e-commerce optimization by the integration of certain key platforms.

This app is able to enhance the afore-mentioned platforms with the help of streamlined searches, merchandising and finally, providing seamless site navigation.

The main value gained out of this app is enhanced operational efficiency which is not only a daunting task but gets even tougher when teams are tax leaned.

This amazing AI app is available for both iOS and Android-powered smart devices.

6. Polyword

Polyword is a unique app which is used to recognize objects around us. It is a great way to entertain yourself when you’re bored by identifying objects around you.

That’s not all, it’s also able to translate the object identified into 30 different languages. This app is able to support translation in real time as well.

All you have to do is face your phone camera towards the object and also specify the target language in which you want the object to be interpreted in.

This AI-powered app has been lauded by major IOS app development companies and is available for download on the IOS and the Android platform as well.

7. Clara

The first entry on our list is called Clara. It is nothing but an AI-powered app which helps in scheduling, providing conformations as well as provide follow-ups with prospective clients.

It is a great business utility app which can even help you reserve a conference room if required. With the help of this app, you can integrate with calendars to schedule appointments depending on the availability of your time.

You can also interact with the participants in case there is a change of schedule. It is a great utility app which has made strides in the business world. It is available for download on both iOS and Android-powered devices.

8. Google Assistant

It’s always best to save the best for the last. The Google Assistant is nothing short of an AI revelation. With the help of this app, you can easily use your very own smart assistant powered by voice control.

By simply pressing down on your home button or by just saying “OK Google”, you can activate this app on your phone. You can send texts, listen to music, set appointments and reminders, make calls, and write texts, etc.

without even pressing a button. You can now open apps, search for images online, schedule your favorite Netflix movie, etc. all with just one app.

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This unique app is available on both Android and iOS powered devices.


The above-listed apps certainly represent the best of AI technology in use today. The latest updates to the Google Assistant app were an indicator of the marvels of this technology.

It’s only going to get better with time as all of the major iOS app development companies have made it a point to include Machine learning and Artificial intelligence as part of their iOS app development projects.

2018 promises to be an interesting year for Apps as some of the major iOS app development companies have made huge upgrades to their existing apps. The sky’s the limit and only time will tell how further Artificial Intelligence technology is going to develop.

Artificial intelligence is being in the top trending list for quite sometime now. Good or bad, the fact is that AI is influencing us on a daily basis. A Stanford University’s study predicts that by the year 2030, we will see AI in almost every industry, from education and public safety to care homes.

While the future is so looking optimistic and hopeful for AI, the so far journey has also been quite impressive and commendable. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence is going beyond asking SIRI or Alexa to help find the nearest route to the office. There are some dedicated companies who are tirelessly working toward the central goal of Artificial Intelligence, cracking artificial general intelligence. On the other hand, mobile app development companies are also expressing great interest in building AI-powered apps.

What are AI apps capable of doing?

90 percent of the time, Artificial Intelligence is designed to perform so moderately complex activities. For example, AI apps can fix your meetings, answer to some common questions like where is the nearest restaurant or fastest route to home, notify you how long your metro train or flight is delayed for, etc. However, the usage of AI apps can go far, much far beyond this.

There are some robust AI apps that are capable of adjusting marketing campaigns and apps that can study and analyze consumer behavior. The point here I’m trying to make is that AI isn’t here to make any business’s tasks simpler instead, it is here to make the business itself better. The analysis and reviews of AI apps can be used differently to generate innovative solutions for business issues and improve the company’ growth.

Of course, IT companies are no less than when it comes to embracing new technologies and tools and AI is no unusual. One such company is Google. The company has been utilizing Artificial Intelligence through an algorithm, called as RankBrain, to filter all the Google Search results. When IT companies can utilize AI to achieve their business objectives then why can’t you use it to achieve yours? Yeah, you read it right. Don’t know any such AI apps that can help you at work? Don’t you worry.

Today, in this post, we will list the 5 trending Artificial Intelligence apps that completely transform your work style.


What better way to start your day than having someone to schedule your meetings in the day? Introducing Amy and Andrew as AI personal assistants, is an Artificial Intelligence app that will automatically schedule your meetings. This personal assistant will kick off all that never-ending email exchange that uninvitedly comes with scheduling meetings. All users have to do is just link their calendars and CC Any or Andrew whenever there is going to be a meeting and they will do the rest of the work (Organizing the meeting at the convenient rendezvous for everyone.

If they wish to try first, users will be provided a free version of the AI app which allows the users to set up to five meetings every month. More than 5 you need? Then you will have to pay for the unlimited plan. There are team edition and enterprise edition available who love to manage as a team or the whole enterprise. In addition, the enterprise edition has some additional features and that includes a dashboard for admins which provides an overview of their scheduled meetings in that week.

2. MyKAI

An AI-powered banking bot for customers that will keep a track on your money spending activities. This app provides an easier way to watch where your money is going and exactly on what you are spending more on a monthly or weekly basis.

There are two major advantages of using MyKAI app. One is that it is completely free. And the second one is that users can seamlessly connect to their chatbot over popular messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Slack. Without any learning curve, MyKAI is pretty much self-explanatory. The more users interact with MyKAI, the more app will know and analyze your spending.

And to do that, users have to register on the MyKAI website and then link their bank accounts. The chatbot is congruent with more than 20,000 US banks and credit card companies. When the question comes to data security and eavesdropping, MyKAI is extremely safe and secure to use as the company that built this app, Kasisto, is backed by Wells Fargo and DBS. In addition, MyKAI doesn’t store any sort of personal or financial information and uses read-only data so there’s nothing for users to worry about.

3. Quill

Are you one of the people who spend all day reading and analyzing reports? Then you must surely try this app, Quill.  The app quickly analyzes your report and provides you the summary within no time. This way you not only save so much time at work but also become more productive.

Primarily built by students, for students, Quill is used by many companies as well. The automatic process of reading and analyzing the reports makes it so much easier to work with. You should definitely give it a try.

4. Time

Time app will let you keep on your toes all day. This AI-powered app utilizes statistics to help you not procrastinate your tasks and finish them before your deadlines. With an interactive and engaging to-do list interface, the app allows you to add new tasks and activities, hold, and even reorder, without any hassle.

As the user taps on one of the tasks, an automatic timer starts and the on-screen color changes from green to yellow to red till the user end the program/task. This way, users will be more dedicated to finish the task than procrastinating it.

5. Hello Hipmunk

Do you travel a lot? Do you always find yourself checking flights and hotels in cities where you travel? Then Hello Hipmunk will be your rescue app. An AI-powered travel planning app. This amazing virtual assistant will focus on two channels. One is where people generally talk about their travel plans ie., emails and the other is where they mark their dates ie., calendars.

Users can either send a separate email to the service or just CC when you are emailing your plan to someone. Once analyzing the information you provided such as dates, timings, etc. Hello Hipmunk will try to find you the best flights to travel and their offers for the chosen date.

What do you think of these AI mobile apps?

The above-mentioned AI mobile apps are already becoming the right and left arms of several companies across the globe. The utilization of Artificial Intelligence is no more limited to big companies. Various AI tools are emerging precisely to make technologies like these to all SMBs that wish to have a remarkable presence on the internet to enhance their audience base and grow their businesses and sustain in the market.

The consistent growth of Artificial Intelligence is certainly bringing new possibilities for both iOS and Android app development. Began with the Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, a lot of AI mobile apps are taking birth, all thanks to mobile app development companies.