Apple Watch has got a miserly screen frame when compared to other Apple devices. Well! You can’t expect more from a watch.. Right?! But that doesn’t restrict developers from building gaming apps for Apple Watch and players from playing them.

Here is a list of the most popular gaming apps for Apple Watch that’s worth a try.

1. Lifeline

Lifeline is one unique gaming app that is really designed to play from the Apple watch. The main attraction is that the game happens in real time.

In this game, you receive push notifications from time to time, sent by Taylor, an astronaut whose spaceship has crash-landed on an alien moon.

He is looking for help and the only person that he seems to be able to contact is the game player. The player has to take crucial decisions so as to keep him alive.

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2. Runeblade

Developers claim that it is “the first award winning fantasy adventure game for the Apple Watch”. The game story is about the order of the War Mages faced with a serious threat, as the angry Arai is determined to destroy the world.

In this adventure game with mighty spells and magical artefacts, you are the armored heroine who fight against the rising darkness; grabbing your Runeblade and slashing away at mystical creatures & bosses.

3. Spy_Watch

Spy_Watch is a text based adventure game with a bewitching storyline. Your father, head of a spy agency, has been put to death by unknown enemies. Now you are at charge and your missions include enemy assassinations to rebuilding the organisation.

You have to complete operations by taking crucial decisions and giving directions to your fellow spy agent. The game notifies you of updates and action progresses in actual time.

4. Rules!

This cute and colorful puzzle game is a bite-sized mini-version of the same iPhone game with 10 different stages. As a simple picture sorting game with multiple sorting rules getting added on each turn until you lose, this app can provide you brain exercise on a daily basis.

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5. Trivia Crack 

This game tests your general knowledge whenever you can have a few minutes to spare. All you have to do is just spin the colorful category wheel – “Willy”.

You can start growing your knowledge by answering the hundreds of thousands of fun and exciting questions, touching topics from geography to entertainment.

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The game also allows you to pair up with random opponents that keep up the challenge.

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6. LCD Games – Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is a simple game that runs harmonious with one of those classic LCD handheld games in the 1980’s which are made popular by Tiger and Nintendo.

In this game, the goal is to collect/save all the little transparent aliens escaping from the earth’s atmosphere before they explode in the vacuum of space. You should use the digital crown to move your ship left or right.

There are also two optional modes A and B, by which you can increase/decrease the level of complexity by increasing/decreasing the speed.

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7. Tamagotchi Classic

The handheld game toy you obsessed in the 90’s is back with its digital pet game, the Tamagotchi Classic. In this game, you’ll get notification when your Tamagotchi needs anything like feeding, flushing their droppings or playing with them. You should give them more time if you want to raise them well.

8. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Although not available by itself as a game, SEGA’s Sonic runner has this sonic-themed pedometer companion app for the Apple watch.

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It uses Apple watch’s fitness tracking to unlock additions like rings and sidekick sprites in the Sonic Dash 2 game for iPhone based on how far you have walked.

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