Ranging from the demand and supply gap to available budget and marketing plan to sheer luck, there are many factors that contribute to the success of a mobile application.

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Mobile app development companies should adhere to the industry’s best practices and ensure quality control standards are given necessary importance. This can make the difference between your app’s failure and success.

Here are the top reasons that concludes why mobile app development fails.

1. Absence of Purpose


All apps should have a solidly defined and useful purpose first of all, in order to target its market and be successful. Be it for entertainment or staying connected, apps should address a real-world situation.

Apps like Baby Shaker is a clear waste of money and time which will only earn you defame and rejection.

2. The Complexity of Apps


Don’t design your mobile app like your website. Developing good mobile apps means you go forward with simple tasks, well written functions, minimum navigation and enough white spaces.

Do not try to solve too many problems with a single app. Stick to the priorities and give specific reasons for users to open your app. Simplicity is the key to app success.

3. Study Your Market First

study your market

One of the most common reasons that mobile app development fails are because of poor or lack of any market research and failure to understand the potential audience expectations.

When you set out to popularize your product on an over-saturated market, it is undoubted that you are going to face a lot of challenges and risks on the way.

If what you build and give is just a copy of an already popular app, you are at imminent danger. A good app will provide users with something new; like a great idea, a new perspective or a new solution to an unsolved problem.

There should be something that is interesting for the customers who have landed on your app for the first time to stay on it- something that will compel them to use it over and over again. It is important to build what people want, and not what you want them to use.

4. The Problem of Resource Scarcity

resource scarcity

Apart from the acquisition of budget, there are still many other affairs that mobile app development companies need to look into while developing your app.

The app development costs are huge and can range from $1K to 15K for basic apps. To complicate things up, finding talented workforce is a Himalayan task.

Experienced mobile app developers are too picky about the projects they wish to work with, as the market bears a high demand for their services.

When in-house developers are not available after signing up for a project, they will be forced to settle with less talented or beginner level developers.

5. Security Concerns

Monitoring whether all the security protocols are met is a headache that mobile app development companies face throughout application development. The app should be carefully tested for any security vulnerabilities and issues must be rectified.

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There is a high risk for failure, unless apps ensure a safe a secure experience for their customers. 2019 is predicted as a year when more businesses are going to adopt better security practices.

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6. Why Customer Feedback is Valued So Much

customer feedback

It is very important to track the feedback you receive from customers and take immediate action on any grave problem.

Even if you employ the most extensive and rigorous testing procedures, it is only natural for minor bugs and errors to show up during the alpha and beta versions or when the app is finally released to the public.

So the app behavior should be monitored soon after your app is launched.

As per statistics, over 75% of mobile apps are downloaded once and then never used again. If you receive a lot of negative ratings and reviews and are still not keen on taking any corrective measures, it will eventually lead to a very low number of app downloads.

For e.g., if your app is too slow to load or is too hard to use, users will turn away and look for other faster-loading and easy to use app alternatives.

The more frequently you release updates, there are more chances for its success. It is very rare that users will give a second chance for an app. Mostly, they will only keep using it if they have no other options available.

7. Spreading the Word about Your App

spreading the word

You may be relieved after months of hard-work, dedication and testing that you’ve finally transformed your app from a bare idea in your mind into a proper money making business. But that belief is very far from reality.

What your app needs next is the right kind of exposure to keep it well ahead of competitor apps. No, your app is not alone in the market.

8. Ignoring the backend support


You need to have a robust backend support to make your app more stable. Scalability is yet another feature to consider when looking for a robust backend.

In fact, a scalable backend service will adapt according to the traffic influx over a period of time. One of the finest examples of a scalable and strong backend is Twitter.

9. Making apps so complicated for users

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While enhancing the user experience, app creators usually make it a complex affair for the users. If a user cannot locate the right buttons in your app in one attempt, then definitely the app is not serving its purpose.

Nowadays, people around the world are busy. No one have the time to sit back and learn how to use your application.  If you want them to make an effort to do that, then you are certainly investing in an unsuccessful app.

You need to ensure that the design of your mobile app justifies its business value.  In order to make an app compatible with the user, you need to analyse your target audience’s intellectual understanding and their compliance towards changing trends. Design intricacies also cause mobile app development,  fails.

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The most harmful mistake that could be made while marketing is giving your customers the impression that, “we are selling this app to you because we want your money”.

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Even though monetary benefit is the sole and ultimate purpose behind most of the app development endeavors, it is not fit for you to openly advertise the idea.

The market is saturated, and marketing is a tough job. You can’t risk all your investment money with poor marketing efforts. The best thing to practice is make avail of every possible and available method for putting your app in the limelight. Before enter into mobile app development, aware of these reasons why they fails.