The concept of Android TV app has evoked unbelievable interest among millennials who expect their favorite entertainment (especially sports and news broadcast) to be available anytime anywhere on any device.

Now all the rage, almost one-third of online content is consumed in form of videos via TV apps. Apart from amusement, live streaming applications also fulfill the intent of business marketing.

At times when 80% of consumers prefer live streaming material than reading blogs, the trend is shifting from pre-produced videos to live-streaming apps.

The Rise of Android TV Apps

android tv app

Basically, in its typical definition, TV app is a live broadcast of every action occurring somewhere while capturing them on a specific device you are taking video from.

The result is a rare opportunity to watch it in real-time on personal devices such as computer or mobile. From sports and news to live gaming and social media, Android TV app is prevalent across the globe now.

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Social media channels are thickly crowded with millions of viewers who want to relish the live streaming activity in real time. Streaming content also benefits businesses retain their existing customer base, acquire new ones, establish brand loyalty and seize maximum attention of the target audience.

A few live streaming apps seen as crowned to top are:

  • Facebook live
  • YouTube live
  • Instagram live
  • Twitch
  • Periscope

Statistics and Facts about TV Apps:

statistics and facts

  • 79% of people are convinced to buy a piece of software or an app by watching a video.
  • Social media videos are generating 1200% more shares than texts and images.
  • About 41% more traffic is added to companies using videos to explain their product.
  • 63% of people age 18-34 watch live streaming videos
  • 47% of viewers are increasing every year on live streaming.
  • 79% of people feel live streaming videos are more authentic than pre-recorded videos.
  • Of all internet traffic almost 82% of traffic is expected on live streaming by 2020.
  • The expected revenue from live streaming by 2025 is $ 125 billion.

Types of TV Applications

There are different kinds of TV apps popular in app stores. If you want to develop a tv app then, first of all, understand which type you need to develop for an android app or iOS app.

hire android app developers

Select the type of streaming app according to the type of task you want to complete. Based on the type of task the application is designed and categorized. There are three types of streaming applications:

1) Audio-only streaming

In this type of application you can play only audio like songs. The user can listen to music without preliminary downloading. This is a type of app is very simple to use. Some popular streaming apps you will find today are Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music.

2) Video On- Demand Streaming (VoD)

This app allows users to watch TV series, videos, and movies without downloading it. Users are allowed to pause, resume, rewind, and even can skip unwanted parts of the video.

Users need to pay some amount to streaming services for watching video content. Some popular video streaming apps are Netflix, Amazon, Vevo, Hulu.

3) Live Broadcasting

It is one of the most popular types of live streaming media on social media. This type of application allows users to watch the video in real-time mode. It is recorded and telecasted simultaneously.

On this, professional streamers, stream how they play games, how they talk about different things and simply answers all the questions online. The popular live-streaming apps are Facebook live, Instagram live, YouTube live, Periscope, etc.

Reasons to Develop an Android TV App

reasons to develop

1) Ad-Free Way of Interaction

Ads interrupts and ruins the experience of your online video watching. Live streaming provides users an amazing ad-free experience of online streaming. It will increase loyalty for your brand and engagement of old as well as new users.

2) Increases attention from the potential customers

The perception of users is different for live broadcasting. Live streaming captures more attention from potential customers as they are more interested in real-time streaming as they are developing more interest in real-time streaming.

3) Prolific content

Customers are more interested in watching than reading the information about your product. The detailed information about your product on social media will not push customers to use it.

But live streaming apps engage more customers and gives richer content to potential customers.

4) Increases Brand-loyalty

In real-time promotion, your product will look much more captivating and brighter. Live streaming helps to increase loyalty to your brand by giving proper exposure to your product. Live streaming gives a more detailed and bountiful way to tell about your brand to new customers.

5) Real-Time Engagement

Live streaming is the best option to reach more customers and engage in more potential customers. You can communicate directly to the customers through live interaction which will give a positive effect on lead generation.

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6) Basic features

The basic features should be interesting for users. Create an MVP version of the app with minimum features. The basic features should be:

7) Registration

The registration process should be simple; it should be implemented with the use of the mobile number, e-mail address, or password. Also, add forgotten password function by user e-mail or mobile number.

8) Personal profile

Ask users their personal information to add while signing up on your live streaming apps. A small amount of information is sufficient like full name, profile picture, username, subscriptions, subscribers, locations, and interest.

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9) Streaming

Scalability is most important in streaming app development. Implement the function of online streaming with a watch later and save option. Your cloud server should have larger storage for this.

10) Comments

Give the users to express their opinion and feedback about the streaming video which helps in improving the quality of broadcasts.

11) Notifications

Users should be notified by the app for their favorite and subscribed videos stream online, whenever a new video is uploaded or playing live.

Steps to develop an Android TV App

tv guide

Follow a few important steps to create a live streaming app:

1) Get license

The first step is to acquire a license and publishing rights for your content. If you want to upload ‘video-on-demand services’ to your customers, then you should have the right to stream such content.

Make a contract with a content provider to give you a right to distribute video content. Create terms of use and enable people to read and accept the terms before using or watching your content.

2) Choose your platform

This is an important step in creating live-streaming apps. Choose wisely your content delivery platform as this will ensure the smooth delivery of your content without any interruptions.

You really need to think ahead and may have to pay additionally for a content delivery network.

3) Choose a reliable host

It is also necessary to choose reliable server hosting that will ensure continuous streaming services for your customers despite the future surge in traffic.

When your services become popular, numbers of users will grow and thousands of users will subscribe to your services simultaneously. You should have strong server infrastructure to deliver quality live streaming video to your users.

4) Storage

Your content should be stored in a reliable place that enables users to watch your videos again and without any failures. Live streaming videos should contain a replay option and powerful SSD-storage with proper functionality.

5) Aesthetically stunning UI/UX

The appearance of your live streaming app means a lot because users usually judge and rate your streaming service based on the first impression they get after having a first look.

To create the best possible appearance of your streaming app, you need to hire highly skilled and experienced designers. However, with that said, it is wise not to overload your streaming service with tons of images and UI elements.

6) Testing

After developing a live streaming app, it’s important to test the app and its features in real-time. Only after testing you are ready to launch your live streaming application.

Many problems may arise while developing and marketing the app. And it’s also important to research constantly about what is going on in Live streaming apps market.

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Android TV app development is taking a shape of cool trend at the moment and building a successful live streaming app would be the best decision.

To ensure your live streaming app creates a huge turnout and blazes a trail while sustaining the millions of viewers, you will need to find a potent and technically sound mobile app development partner.

If you feel you can entrust us with all your project expectations, we will be willing to hear your requirements. If you seek consultation to develop an android tv app for your business, Contact

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