The government of India is now set to launch the Aadhaar Payment app which as the name suggests helps in Aadhaar linked digital payments.

The app was launched on 25th December and uses consumer’s Aadhaar card details and linked bank account details along with their biometric scans to authenticate transactions.

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Users no more need to download wallet apps as they can make transactions and s directly using their Aadhaar card number, with the help of Unified Payment Interface(UPI).

The Aadhaar Payment app has two sides to it, one is the merchants app, and the consumer app.

The consumer app is another form of a mobile wallet, which is linked to your Aadhaar card that can be used to make quick online transactions.

In the merchants app, the consumer doesn’t need to install that app on the phone to successfully make payments, like how you need it right now in case of mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge etc.

All that a merchant would need to do is to work on an Android smart phone and a biometric scanner.

When a consumer makes , they would just require to share their Aadhaar card detail, which would automatically list their linked bank account, and choosing the favoured bank account will process the payment from that particular bank. Further authentications are done through biometric scans.

The app aims to eliminate fee payments for service providers like card companies such as Master card or Visa. This can help people switching to digital payment, making it affordable for even merchants in remote villages.