Proximity search is an application that show public events created on the Facebook. The events will be presented near the current location of less than 50 km. Within the app, the user will connect with your Facebook account and will search events such as Party, conference and concert. The user can click on a particular event where he can find all the details of this particular event to event image, owner, description, etc.

User can see this profile info as Photo, the user name and the number of friends he/she has on Facebook. The user can also view the friends on Facebook and can also invite any of his friends to any event. He may also see events that his friends invited him and can answer this event through our application. The user can create Facebook eventS through the app and also invite friends to the event created. Under this application, the current user location is shown on the view of the house, on the map.

C21screen is a free app that allows your company’s promotional video clips to be downloaded from a C21Media screening suite and then synced so they can be viewed on your iPad, even when it is offline.

Clapp app is a remarkable choice to change the way you watch TV and interact with it. This social app enables you to get some ease on enjoying different ranges of live streaming videos, popular TV shows, movies and much more.


In this application, user has to follow a very simple registration process. Details of the user should be added to the registration page or you can even register via a social network like Facebook. Every user is assigned a unique nickname at time of registration.


  • This app provides the finest results allowing users to enjoy live TV shows along with commenting on TV programs, movies, shows aired out or even out programming
  • Clapp app brings a smart idea for people where they are allowed to interact with programs they like simply by applauding with Clapp, respond, commenting or making a bu
  • Users can choose between the seven emoticons while writing reviews, making it easy to express their mood and share feelings with people
  • Interact and connect with friends by doing clapp/bu
  • The ‘bu’ comment a user have sent/received can be viewed within their profile
  • Allows to maintain a saved list of your favourite TV shows and also mark/tag programs that you have already seen
  • Receive instant notifications on TV shows you like which make the app more interesting
  • Users can mention other users with “@nickname” given during registration
  • In charts available, the top rated program comments of the day, month and year can be seen and also the most influential clapper of the week is highlighted


TV becomes more social through Clapp App, an app to revolutionize!

An Admin panel is also included within the app settings:

  • The home screen shows features such as latest version of the app and number of registered users. It also shows links to other menu’s i.e. home, topic, users, notifications and settings.
  • Topics for the app are set by the admin from the admin panel.  Admin can create categories, topics, titles and subtitles with specified start date and end date. The end user can comment, clapp & bu on topics created by admin.
  • Admin can view the total number of clapp, buuu, view, favourites and comments in the settings
  • Notifications to user accounts are also sent by the admin. There is also an image uploading option before sending notifications

Technical Information:

Important tools and technologies used to develop this project:

  • In Android– Android Studio (official IDE for android application development) and native Android (Java) is used.
  • In iOS– Xcode (integrated development environment for macOS) and Objective C is the object oriented programming language used
  • AdminPanel/Web-services – The powerful PHP framework Code igniter is used to speed up development of this application and MSQL is the database management system used for memory-efficient, portable performance
  • Project Management & Tool – Odoo is used as an all-in-one business software capable of covering almost all needs within the app.
  • Communication – Use of software Slack (a cloud based collaboration tool) offers a lot of app features for easy communication

Additional Information:

  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Interactive Elements: Users Interact, Shares Info
  • Language: Italian

Go Club is a complete sports team management software that makes managing any sport a much easier task. In fact, we help teams in over 10 sports including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse and more.
The main aim of this app is – Any sport, anytime, anywhere!

It basically includes gathers essential information with team roster management at your fingertips. It syncs personal and team calendars for easy team scheduling. Track who’s coming to each game or practice with team member availability.

Set who’s playing in each game, arrange players in any order, and assign positions with lineups. Send messages to the whole team or just select groups.

Receive real-time game updates, team messaging and chat. You manage easily the meetings, the training, the convocations, you communicate between players and educators.

GO CLUB adapts to all such practices whether professional, amateur, leisure, university, 5 or 15, club, whatever, GO CLUB will become your ally in your sport and will quickly be indispensable.


  • This serves to be a platform for creating, managing and communication between different stakeholders involved in various aspects of different sports.
  • Users can create teams, events for different teams for different teams
  • Create as well as manage club article
  • Manage a team player from a team or a club 5. Get statistics of the club
  • Share results on social media
  • Single as well as group communication is possible
  • Multi-language support
  • Real-time score update 10. Fee management
  • Check player availability
  • Manage composition for team or club
  • The coach can keep track of each player’s performance by filling up individual form and balance competence to measure player skills

Platform: Android, iOS, Web app
Backend: PHP