In case of Pizzeria operators, to make the ordering process streamlined and simple has become increasingly important for their success. In addition to the online ordering methods, people have started using another cutting approach which is the use of mobile applications.

For pizzeria operators, to make the ordering process simple and streamlined has become increasingly important for success. In addition to offering online ordering for customers, many use another cutting-edge approach i.e. mobile applications. If done correctly, a mobile app can integrate smoothly into the existing e-commerce strategy and become a pivotal part of the ordering process.

The main aim of creating such an app is to provide enhanced business value and help you to increase marketing of the product. Another major advantage of using an app is that it can generate more opportunities to up-sell the customer orders.

By promoting exciting offers, deals, new/featured items one can boost the average total of an order. This method can be more appealing to customers as taking orders through telephone cannot provide such opportunities. Phone orders are often rushed, and many customers have come to dislike the experience of ordering food by calling.

Apps offer the additional advantages like helping customers find special offers, new varieties of dishes etc. Today, as people carry their smartphone all time, push notifications are sent to customers based on their interests about new products, deals, and limited-time offers etc.

Convenience is one of the most important factors for customers to use apps as they can decide where to order their pizza from. Digital services like smart phones and apps make ordering easier by providing the customer the option to track their order and confirm delivery.

Keeping these things into considerations we have launched two applications:

1. FastPizza Shop(Pizzeria) 2. FastPizza App(Customers)

2. FastPizza App(Customers)

Characteristics of FastPizza Shop(Pizzeria) App:

  • First order management application for restaurants
  • FastPizz Shop App lets you view the map and place orders directly from your phone or tablet from your favourite pizzeria.
  • Fast pizza Shop app allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering your customers the opportunity to order online in a simple and quite way via smart phones and their tablets
  • The application allows you to increase customer loyalty by communicating with them with promotions, new products or any other information
  • It saves a lot of time, orders arrive directly on your smart phones or tablets

How does it work?

  • After registration, within 48 hours you will receive the access to your web interface, a user guide and a link to download the application
  • Enter your card on the application server
  • Fill in some other information such as your address, schedules, delivery areas etc.
  • Once completed, download the application for pizzerias that will allow you to receive orders and manage them and enter customer code that we will send you
  • Finally, all you have to do, is invite your customers to download the FastPizza App on their Smart phones and tablets, enter the client code flyers indicated on the flyers that we will send you and place their orders
  • At each new order of a customer, you will receive a message telling you who ordered and content of his/her order which you will have to confirm
  • Fastpizz app shop allows you to receive and manage commands sent by your customers from the Fastpizz application, directly on your mobile or tablet

Fast Pizza App Characteristics:

  • Simple, fast, efficient and user-friendly
  • Management of disconnected network with network verification and placing the command on hold if network coverage is insufficient
  • Order history: By simply one click, the user will be able to view the order history
  • Real time update: Time saving, update menu, schedules, commands in real time
  • Fast Pizza App uses OneSignal push notification service which provides a simple interface to push notifications, bringing quality user engagement instead of complex implementation

Mespizza is an app dedicated to pizza delivery specifically. Users can select pizza store near by or from specific location and also order pizza from their location.
While booking the pizza user can select delivery option as Pick up or home delivery and pay as cash on delivery.
Pizza store can manage the delivery up to certain km from the shop furthermore it gets charge. Some pizza store has facility like pre-booking.


  • Location wise search
  • Shop list with details like Time. Cost, Pre-order etc.
  • Track the order
  • Push Notification
  • Reviews, ratings, & feedback
  • User can suggest new restaurant by their choice
  • Add favorites
  • Time management

Platforms: Android, iOS

Web: PHP