We Shop is a platform to connect the buyers & sellers to fulfill their needs. It’s an online shopping app which serves to be a one stop destination for all products within different categories. Buyers can order the products like clothing, footwear, accessories etc.

1. Seller App

In this app, seller first follows up a registration procedure. After the successful registration, the seller can update the required details accordingly. As there are categories and sub-categories, seller can categorize the products. He/she can add, delete and update the products according to the needs. While updating the profile, seller can also set the Payment & Delivery option. After receiving the order from buyers, seller can select whether to accept or decline the order. Seller must have subscription for the shop, which further can be renewed once get expired.

Feature list of Seller Module:

  • Create Shop
  • Define Categories & Subcategories
  • Create Product with Detail Specification
  • Create Advt (In App Subscription)
  • Delivery Option
  • Payment Option
  • Multi Language Support
  • Manage Orders
  • Order A/c History

2. Customer App

Customer can select products from variety of products available in the application. Customer can select language as per their preference. Even customer can select product and store into the cart.
Customer can set the filter accordingly to get desired shops or products, with the help of brand, location, offers etc.

Feature list of Customer Module:

  • Registration
  • Browse Shops
  • Browse Products
  • Add Products to Wish-list
  • Multi language support
  • Fav. Shop
  • Fav. Product
  • Order History

Platform: Mobile App (Native iOS, Native Android)

Web: PHP, Mongo DB

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t’s an Android & iOS app, used mainly to reviewing things. Users can Rate & Review product or services. Basically there are totally 15 Categories and sub categories as well. User can rate from 5, 4,3,2,1 use stars or thumbs down accordingly. Also he/she can give comments which can be replied using sub comments.

User can review the things by searching the product or services or even without searching it too. Categories include Airlines. Entertainment, Book, People, Sports, Furniture, Technology, TV shows, others etc. User can post review by selecting appropriate categories from the list or without the list.

Features of RVU:

1. Create/ Edit Profile:
– User can login through Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail

2. Create Review:
– Add 5, 4,3,2,1 starts or thumbs down, like etc.
– Add comment
– Select location (Optional)
– Select categories (Optional)

3. Preferences/ Categories:
– Select categories with location
– Totally 15 categories and subcategories
– User can post review without category also
– Search a review
– Search a user

4. Notification:
– People comment on your Review
– Likes, Dislike, Review etc
– Notification from followers

5. Profile:
– Set Bio and basic information
– Reviewers, Review
– People who follows
– People who following
– Media files (Images, Videos)

6. Timeline:
– Collection of Reviews
– Reviews created by Me
– Reviews posted by Followers
– Reviews posted by Following
– Reviews as Categories
– Popular Reviews around me
– Notification ON/ OFF

7. Other:
– Block User
– Report Review
– Privacy
– Security

Platform: Android, iOS
Backend: PHP

A un click is an online shopping app for both Android and iOS users that helps customers to have an easy shopping on the go. Users can browse products, discover stores, get offers, avail discounts and do many more with A Un Click.

A un click keeps you updated with new products or stores & ensures convenient & happy shopping it also, ensures safe & faster checkouts of products through multiple payment methods.


A un click enables shop owners to easily connect with their customers & engage them in frequent shopping. This app can gauge real-time feedbacks from the users & have unlimited hassle-free communication.


Our team had completed almost all functionalities but it was a bit challenging for the handling of multi-vendor type for single vendor in app.

It was also tough for us while handling advance search query for users. Still, we managed to complete the whole development process in 1 month.


The main focus of Redbytes is always the user experience & upgraded customer engagement. Integrating the app with supreme data security & cloud technology is one amongst the many strategy implementations of Redbytes. Improved usability & optimized app performance is ensured by Redbytes on each and every single one of our products.

What we did?

Considering all the client requirements, we designed a user-friendly app active on both Android & iOS.

Users can easily register via email and social media. They can search a variety of products & add them to cart. By one tap, users can buy cart products whenever they wish to.

We have designed a facility track orders & a separate panel for notifications. , Users also can get real-time responses through the instant chat option.


  • Login/signup facility
  • Registration (Sign Up) Facility
  • My Account
  • My orders
  • Order notifications
  • Chat options
  • Search products
  • Manage addresses
  • Shopping cart
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple payment options
  • Shows Available offers
  • Change Password Option
  • Language Options
  • Contact Us
  • Feedback Form

App flow



Design and Deployment

A Un click is a simple & innovative outcome of our well experienced development team. Our sole purpose is to gauge reliable customers through exciting UI designed as per client suggestion.

Two types of users can benefit from this app. One is the Vendor and the other is Customer.

Customer app

  • Customers can login or signup into app using email or social media accounts.
  • They get an account where they can add & manage delivery addresses.
  • Users can search products & stores via the app.
  • Once customer select the products, he/she can buy immediately or add items into cart for buying later.
  • Customers can place & confirm orders.
  • Select from various payment methods including COD, Gpay, Paypal etc.
  • They get notification immediately after order confirmation.
  • Customers can see detailed billing summary & pricing.
  • View order status & get notifications.
  • Instant chat options

Vendor app

  • Vendors can login or signup.
  • Manage users & delivery persons
  • Manage multiple payment gateways
  • Generate timely push notifications for users.
  • Order management
  • Adding or removing products or store
  • Manage reviews & feedbacks of users
  • Coupon & offer management


A un click works on both android and iOS platforms. It took about 2 months to complete the app including 1 month for testing .

The technologies used to develop this app is

Android (Java), iOS (Swift)

Backend: Python

Database: MySQL (Backend)

SqlDB (Frontend)

Web APIs: Django Framework of Python


Each stage of development was well-monitored and completed on deadlines. We brainstormed further ideas to incorporate on the app & it took almost 2 months for completion of the project.

We ensured frequent client communication via skype and reviews were made till the client satisfaction.


For this project we had manual testing. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, with successful bug fixes in software. The testing stage was conducted with unit test cases for each flow.

The Quality analyst too followed manual testing on each stage with written and validated test cases.

Investment in person

A  Un click app development team consists of 7 experienced & diligent developers working unitedly for many hours. They gave prime concern to client requirements & making it into reality. Completion of this app required a tenure of two months.