Sahrdaya is an online donation app where users are able to create, manage and participate in different events, donate money, toys, clothes etc and also to buy online products from their stores. This app allows users to search different NGOs at different location and also their details like age of NGO, number of followers, ranking etc.


Sahrdaya is an Android app where donations are made through different NGOs.  Points will be awarded by participating in events through which users will get offers to buy online products from their store.

The app also provides news from different categories such as Disability, Disaster management, Housing & Slum, AIDS/HIV etc. You can choose categories of your interest and view real-time news happening around you. You would be updated about new content through the app’s push notification feature.


(1) Map

(a) For NGO

  • NGO list name
  • NGO category to be shown in map
  • Filter NGO list


(b) For Event

  • Event list name and details of event
  • In map show the nearby event
  • Filter event list


(2) Add To Cart

  • Quantity management
  • Data search and filter
  • Filter and search product


(3) Categories Selection

  • As per categories selection, show the NGOs name and NGO location view also
  • To show selected categories as selected


(4) Notification

If user, follow that event / interested for that event / if user not follow the notification to be shown.

(5) Event Attendance

The attendance should be marked thrice if the user attends the event and on this basis user will get points.

(6) Poll

Show the questionnaires in graphical form


As per the client requirement, the developers mainly looked at priority tasks assigned by the client and later implement those according to the analysis and objectives. This was the main strategy put forward. Client meetings and feedback sessions were conducted on regular basis for corrections if any.


According to the project plan, we developed a Donation app for NGOs which is available for all Android devices.

Users login to this application via Facebook, Gmail and mobile numbers. The data like name, gender, etc were collected from Facebook/Gmail and stored on our database.

Almost 26 categories were added to the home screen and implemented secured payment gateways for donation as well as purchase.

Our adroit developers and designers worked for 3 months completely on this project to fulfill the client’s requirement.

A very strong Admin panel was created who had the eligibility to add/ remove events, products, and information of NGO etc.


  • Create, manage and participate in events
  • Login via mobile number and social-media website
  • Pick interested categories
  • View real-time news and notifications
  • Donate for older/ aged person and poor
  • Allows filter and search by location, Age of NGO, Number of followers on app etc.
  • Allows purchasing online products like clothes, Health and Beauty, Food, Stationary etc.
  • Donate money as well as toys, wearable, households etc.
  • Manage and maintain profile with scores and badges
  • User access to participant list




The design for this app was very simple and elegant as per the client suggestion. Alterations were made till the client approval.


Sahrdaya is an Android Donation App. Django REST Framework was used to build WebAPIs.

The languages used to develop Sahrdaya app are:

  • Android: Java
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database: MySql



Completion of the project was made in 3 months where 2 Developers and two backend Developers worked with their full effort. During this period, the project was divided into 5 milestones.

At this time, most of the communication was done through skype and over phone. At the final stage, the client was invited and a demo was performed.

As per client suggestion, several alterations were made till the client satisfaction and a final version of Sahrdaya was successfully launched on both web and on mobile.

Agile model was followed throughout the process.


Manual Testing was performed to test the efficiency of the app. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, it successfully checks for bugs, if any, in the software system

Selenuim is the tool used for testing this app. The methodologies used for manual testing are

  • Black Box testing
  • White Box testing
  • Grey Box testing

Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which testers evaluate the functionality of the software under test without looking at the internal code structure.

White Box Testing is based on applications internal code structure. In white-box testing, an internal perspective of the system, as well as programming skills, is used to design test cases.

Grey box is the combination of both White Box and Black Box Testing. The tester who works on this type of testing needs to have access to design documents.


The power which made this project successful consists of a dedicated Project Manager, 4 Developers (2 Developer+2 Backend Developer), Quality Analyst, Tester and a Designer who were responsible to convert client requirements into reality. Completion of this app required tenure of three months.


Knowing that the client is fully satisfied and happy with the app we created and getting the feedback as this was the one they had in mind, is the greatest achievement that the Team Redbytes could receive.