how to create a learning app

During a casual talk one evening,
a friend who owns a teaching institute told me excitedly

“Man, we’re launching an app for our institute”
I was surprised. “Wow! Technology sure is growing”
“heavy competition, our mobile app development team just sent the app in”,
he said and showed me the app

I eagerly looked at the app,
only to be disappointed


What greeted me upon booting the app was a pathetically design. I didn’t know where to click or how to navigate. This should not happen to you.

Here are a few things from my experience that might help you.

The educational field is developing fast these days, and so is technology. Making interactive apps for education through eLearning has therefore become one of the latest trends. It is a great way to combine education with fun and excitement.

The only thing is that designing and developing an educational app requires a lot of patience and effort. It is not like any regular app, as the expectations are high. Here are a few checkpoints to keep in mind before developing an educational app:


One needs to do a great deal of research before designing an app. For instance, you need to keep the target audience in mind and develop according to their tastes and interests. You need to incorporate a lot of things like cultural values, correct usage of words, and so on.

Proper design

Before finalising the design of the app, you need to contemplate various factors including the age of the targeted audience. For example, you can add cartoons and vibrant colours for young kids, and may be a professional look with subtle shades for corporate learners. This one factor done effectively can grab a lot of attention to your app; eventually making it a huge success.

Interactive learning

Learning should be interactive to make it interesting. The learners’ attention needs to be captured at each stage to make the full impact of eLearning course. You can use tools to make it more interactive.

Challenge the learners

You could include challenges like milestones, puzzles, quizzes, or even small games to test the knowledge of the learners and build healthy competition among the users. High scores can be tabulated and friends could even challenge each other to make learning more interesting. This sort of gamification does help the students learn with more zeal, encouraging them to perform better.

Making the most out of technology can make learning more exciting. It is an interesting concept that can help improve the educational system to a great extent. After all, people perform better if they love what they do!

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