12 Trends That Are Affecting Mobile App Development

The increasing interest in smartphones is growing the mobile app developing industry day by day. This has highly increased the value of mobile app marketing as well.

Here are 12

  1. Rapid Mobile Development

Enterprises are struggling when it comes to managing mobile apps. With increasing consumer demands, businesses are keen on launching products as early as possible. Thus, this year will see a quick development of the app and not spending much time on the development of the same. In this method, Mobile app developers are always alert about customers’ demand and produce accordingly.

  1. Cloud-Driven

You will see cloud technology playing an excellent role in developing apps this season. People these days use multiple mobile devices and this has compelled developers to focus more on the ability to integrate as well as sync them in one.

  1. App Security

Last year saw many reports and rumors regarding hacking and leaks of information. Hackers are quite smart these days and they can easily pick up those security gaps which will let them get certain confidential information. Hence, mobile app developers should focus more on the security of the device as it is quite a serious issue these days.

  1. Beacon and Location-Based Wi-Fi Services

Thanks to Beacon technology, there is hardly any difference between online and offline service apps. Apple has been successful in integrating this feature in iOS. These days, users are making good use of the internet, which has compelled operators to increase the rates of data plans. In years to come, you can use Wi-Fi for a host of things, other than just internet. In the last month, a platform called Wi-Fi Max was launched to help customers to take help of all its services and content.

  1. Wearable Tech

You can now literally wear technology in your hands, mainly thanks to wearable watches. This year, wearable watches have been highly used by people to improve the productivity of their business. This can be due to the fact that mobile app developers are focusing more on developing such technologies rather than concentrating only on smart phones and tablets.

  1. M-commerce, Banking and Mobile Payments

As per the statistics, most of the transactions and sales are to be made online using smart phones. In coming years, you will see the advent of m-commerce and its extensive use. You will also see payments being done using mobiles instead of debit or credit cards. Apple Pay and Google Wallet would gain higher importance.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet can now be connected to almost every device. Apps would adapt to this with new features. It will compel mobile app developers to go with improved services and experiences.

  1. Big Data and App Analytics

Decision makers will give more importance to app performance tracking. They will now concentrate more on big data and analytics in this year. Therefore, they will focus more on data collection methods which help them to reach their clients’ expectations.

  1. The Growth of Enterprise Apps

As per the predictions of IDC, about one-third of enterprises will stress on mobile application development so as to deploy apps across organizations. This will surely help B2B application exchanges.

  1. In- App Advertising and Purchasing

As per a recent study done by Juniper Research, in-app services on devices are going to help a lot and this will spread across all the mobile devices by 2016. There would be various new ad formats in the coming days.

  1. User Experience First

With the number of smart phones and tablets increasing manifold, app user experience is going to gain more importance over time. Stress will be put on analytics data to create excellent experiences. Hence, developers will have to keep user experience in mind during mobile app development.

  1. App Marketing

With each passing year, you can see apps evolving even more. Therefore, marketers will now focus a lot more on user engagement. App Store Optimization will gain high importance and you will get to learn a great deal from them.

With so many trends on the rise, all developers need to keep them in mind and change their development process accordingly. There would be new trends in the coming days. You need to stay on top of them to remain relevant.

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